VIDEO: Dine’ And Hopi To Peabody Coal: Halt Commodification Of Sacred

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Above photo: Protesters address Peabody & NGS desecration of burial sites on Black Mesa, Indigenous Action Media.

Oct. 30, 2013 Flagstaff, Arizona. With less than a day’s notice, Bureau of Reclamation, Peabody Coal and other agencies announced their Programmatic Agmt. Meeting (CRUM) would be open to the public. The discussion was about Dine’ and Hopi sacred sites where coal mining is to recommence on the sacred Big Mountain. 45 years ago, Peabody Coal seized the land at Black Mesa for mines that continue to poison the environment, rob burial sites and loot cultural artifacts of the Hopi and Dine’ cultures. The people are rising up to say “No More Theft of Burial Sites and Sacred Ground”.

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From Indigenous Action Media: 

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Grassroots voices were initially excluded until an email announcement was sent from the Museum of Northern Arizona (not by Bureau of Reclamation) at 5pm the evening before the meeting. Residents from Black Mesa & other concerned community members voiced concerns about the process and threats of further desecration of burial & sacred sites by Peabody Energy’s Kayenta Mine expansion.