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VIDEO: Friends Of Cooper Union Renew Struggle For Free Education

During the previous academic year, students at Cooper Union took amazing action to prevent the school from charging tuition. For one hundred years, Cooper Union held to its mission of providing free higher education. Students, faculty and supporters marched and occupied, interrupted board meetings and raised funds to protect this mission. In the end, the board decided to start charging tuition.

The Friends of Cooper Union have not given up. The last occupation of the President’s office ended with a promise to create a working group so that student voices would be represented in the search for an alternative solution to tuition. The students involved do not see the school acting in good faith to work with them. Here is  a letter they sent to the board in late August demanding that the University stop firing administrators that are trusted by the Working Group.

We support the students and faculty at Cooper Union in their struggle. You can follow them on twitter @FreeCooperUnion.

Yesterday the Reverend Billy joined them to Keep Cooper Union Free!

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