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There is a lot of excellent stuff in this video, but one point I came to fully endorse after a lot of research, soul searching and after having to comprehensively reject one of the key elements of my family’s education, is that all empires are bad, all empires end up hurting the nations which produce them, and all empires end more or less along a few basic models.  When the authors of the video ask whether this empire will end with a bang or a whimper they ask the single most important question facing humanity today: can we, the world’s 99% (including the American people), bring down this AngloZionist empire without having it destroy our planet a hateful and rage-filled Götterdämmerung?

When I was still studying in college (getting an MA from one of the most Neocon-linked schools in the USA: SAIS, Johns Hopkins U. in Washington) I remember spending many hours with some very sharp students from all over the world discussing whether the US empire would collapse from internal tensions or as a result from of external factors.  At that time, the Soviet Union was collapsing and even to ask that question seemed crazy to most people.  I am proud to say that the students at SAIS knew better.  What we could not foresee is such watershed events like 9/11, the crazy war on terror, then Obama and his mega-betrayal of all his promises.  Nor, of course, could we in our wildest dreams have predicted Putin.  From being the world’s sole superpower the USA has taken only 15 years to become the hated laughing stock of the entire planet and Obama a President who literally failed at everything he tried (or pretended trying) to do.  The scary thing is that the next President might be even worse because, of course, the problem are not individuals or parties, but a system rotten to the core and run by individuals who have literally gone insane in their delusional and maniacal self-worship.

My maybe naive hope is that if the AngloZionist Empire does not go down in a big bang, countries such as the BRICS and the rest of the world will have the wisdom to finally recognize that the problem is not this or that empire, but Empire as such.  I think that in Russia the vast majority of people have learned this lesson, albeit at a truly terrifying price.  From my very limited knowledge of Chinese history, it appears that the Chinese do not have imperial designs and their way of expansion is trade and immigration.  As for India, I am always concerned about strident nationalism a la BJP party, but I also hope that it can be contained.  I might be naive, but I want to at least hope that no empire will rise to replace the current one.  I would be very happy to live long enough to see our planet finally empire-free.

I hope that you will enjoy this short video as much as I did.

The Saker

  • David Bensman

    The phrase AngloZionist is not only offensive, it reveals a distorted world view
    Is it necessary for opponents of neoliberalism to mirror the intolerance of imperial advocates?

  • Mary Wildfire

    I don’t like the video. It comes from a hyper-masculine perspective, critiquing the US empire for its military failures, repeatedly evoking the image of impotence, rather than the moral failure that is key to this ugly trajectory.

  • I’m going to link this video to my StopFascismNow.Org website. Another great video that shoves a finger in the eye of the hubristic united states of america (sic).

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  • Aquifer

    One could suppose that the impotence results from the lack of moral rectitude – as in right makes might – so, no right, no might

  • Aneova

    Well seeing as how Men are the majority during the current times of most of the problems. Lest us not forget though that the female members of our government are just as violent and are pounding the war drums along side the rest. Even calling war on wemen’s health. Impotence… is an apt word for why we go to war so often just to show we can still get our missile up.

  • Fabulous Photoshop piece….who’s the artist? Please inform!

  • I question whether from the perspective of one per center, geopolitics whether they consider Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq failures. We cannot believe their stated goals of “spreading democracy,” etc. yet that is the yardstick the film seems to measure their “success” with. But what if their goal was actually nothing more than to sew chaos and division among the people of those regions so that they would remain fragile and pose no threat to US hegemony. If that was the case, those wars succeeded in their unstated, inhumane aims. I think this is an important distinction because the idea that “the Empire is in inevitable decline” lessens the urgency of our role in confronting power and transforming it from within.

  • How many empires have gone down with a whimper?

    One, the Soviet Union. Every other empire has over-extended and fought its way into the history books.

    We need more than a mass movement; we need to take over in a revolution against the duopoly corporate party.