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VIDEO: Investigating Venezuela’s ‘Humanitarian Crisis’: A Caracas Supermarket

Above: Max Blumenthal in a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, February 20, 2019. From the Grayzone Project.

The corporate media claims Venezuela has no basic food or supplies, so The Grayzone investigated — at a giant supermarket in Caracas.

This video was produced in collaboration with our friends at Mint Press

It is evident from this video tour of a supermarket in Caracas that there is no shortage of food or basic needs including pet food in Venezuela. The US media is telling people in the United States that there is a crisis and humanitarian aid is urgently needed. Blumenthal shows the real problem is hoarding and speculation by the wealthy in Venezuela who are taking advantage of the economic crisis created by the United States. The flood of dollars coming from Venezuelans in the US causing hyper-inflation is the problem. The Grayzone breaks the media blockade with their consistent reports showing people in the US the reality of life in Venezuela — the reality that US media and politicians are hiding in order to manufacture consent for US intervention.

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