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Video: Is the U.S. on the Precipice of Revolution?

Acronym TV host Dennis Trainor, Jr. speaks with U.S. Uncut co-founder Carl Gibson about the possibility of revolution here in the United States.

“The struggle in Iceland is ongoing, but the nation’s people have achieved monumental results in a relatively short amount of time due to the nature of their movement building,” Carl Gibson, writes in his recent piece, “Five Ways the US Can Have an Icelandic Revolution.” They managed to arrest and jail the bankers who wrecked the economy. When the government privatized public banking institutions to their friends, essentially for free, and made the people pay for their bailouts, the people threw them out of office and refused to give the banks their money. And since Iceland only recently achieved independence from Denmark in 1944, their boilerplate constitution had never been updated. The movement in Iceland successfully used direct democracy to crowdsource a new constitution via Facebook and Twitter, and that crowd sourced constitution was widely supported by the people as the official model for a new constitution. While Iceland’s politicians have since ignored the will of the people, a budding new political force in Iceland is building a movement in parliament to change that. We can learn from Iceland and accomplish similar goals here.”


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