Video: Military Police Join Protestors in Brazil!

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This video is from mid-June in Brazil It shows a group of police officers joining the protests, sitting down in public space. Research on non-violent resistance movements cited in “Why Civil Resistance Works” indicates that the chances of success increase by 60% when the security forces join the protesters.

This is the video governments may fear most.


Here is a scene from the mass protests in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. This megalopolis, just shy of 20 million inhabitants, leads that nation’s booming economy. It is a city Business Insider predicts will have the “second highest economic growth in the world between 2011 and 2025.” The only city in Brazil with higher per capita income is the nation’s capital of Brasilia — because the government crooks are stealing — and the people say they’ve got to go. A significant component to the widespread revolts in Brazil over the past few weeks besides the outrageous government corruption was the excessive use of force by that country’s states’ military police. Here, we see the the Military Police of the State of Sao Paulo, agreeing to sit down and join the protesters, who chant: THE PEOPLE, UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!