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VIDEO: Oli Garch Explains How TPP Makes Labor Laws Disappear

Oli Garch says: “Good Morning Vietnam! What a difference three or four decades can make! And speaking of “make” the Vietnamese are ready, willing and able to make the products that you see in Walmart every day. The big attraction here? Low labor costs…You think the Chinese work for peanuts? Well the Vietnamese will work for peanut shells! And that is really the key to success for Walmart. Walmart is the single largest private employer in the United States…that’s a title that used to be held by America’s manufacturing giants– you know back in the day when the U.S. actually made things, and American’s had pensions, healthcare and really good wages…but you know, for guys like me– that wasn’t too profitable. So Walmart adopted those policies that we on Wall Street love: step one– crush the labor movement, step two– outsource manufacturing and step three– get squarely behind the ultimate global corporate coup: The Trans Pacific Partnership. Most people have never heard of the TPP, your Congressmen has never seen what’s in it, but Walmart has heard of it, seen it, and most importantly, they helped to write it! The Trans Pacific Partnership is the end game for corporate control of the world we live in. I love this! It would allow three “experts” to determine if a national law interferes with Walmart’s expected profit stream. And if it does– then that law either has to go or the taxpayer in that country has to pay Walmart their profit! Finally the world will recognize the correct order of things: profits before people! All those impediments to profit for the corporate citizens– things like minimum wage, child labor laws, worker safety laws? Walmart doesn’t need them, doesn’t want them and pretty soon all those protections for the actual breathing citizens will be Gone Baby Gone!”

Now that’s what I am talking about!”


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