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VIDEO: Poverty-Stricken Spanish Raid Store For School Supplies

A branch of French hypermarket Carrefour has been raided for school supplies in Seville. The ‘Robin Hood’ style operation was organised by a Spanish left-wing labour union to highlight poverty.

Unemployment is at 35.8 percent in Andalusia, some 10 percent above the national average. An estimated four million people live in poverty, and 400,000 families have no-one in work and are not in receipt of any benefits.

“The school year is about to begin and many parents have no money for school supplies. This a protest against the regional and national governments,” said Diego Canamero, from the Union of Andalusian Workers.

One hundred trolley loads were stolen for distribution to the poorest families, and the media was alerted to be on hand when the action was explained to the angry supermarket manager, and the police, who arrived later.

The same labour union organised a similar raid last year for food. The Spanish justice ministry has promised to take action against those involved.

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