Video: Sentencing Hearing For Drone Protester

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Video provided by Cris McConkey Productions

Mary Anne Grady Flores Sentencing Hearing following her conviction on the charge of ‘Contempt’ by a 6 person jury in DeWitt Town Court before Judge David S. Gideon.  Mary Anne was charged for walking in the highway in front of the access road leading to the guard shack, taking pictures of protesters who were protesting the piloting of MQ-9 Reaper drones from Hancock Air National Guard Base.  These drones fly over Afghanistan where they target and execute people on the ground.  Targets often include civilians in their homes and cars going about the business of daily life.

Click the times below to see specific segments of the video.  

Basic events:
@ 1:53 Defense lawyer Lance Salisbury makes a motion for a Conditional Discharge
@ 33:41 Mary Anne’s Sentencing Statement
@ 47:47 Judge Gideon’s justification for the Sentence
@ 58:36 Judge Gideon pronounces the Sentence
@ 1:03:25 Mary Anne is taken away and the crowd bursts into song

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  • jean boyd

    It is the system itself that is corrupt. In this court we witness the waning of power in the U.S. Empire. Where an old woman has the power to cause instability to the war machine. She had to be removed. The U.S. Military base is public property, built by money taken from the American people and used in a perverse way to kill innocent people in lands far away. Mary is free from the bondage of corrupt laws of men and lives by the laws of love. Let this conviction of this woman be a sign of the weakening of the U.S. empire. This judgement has been passed in ignorance. Inside these halls of injustice lie treachery and hypocrisy. The military poisons the souls of young men with submission who will view the world with sorrow. Mary is a much needed light in the darkness of a corporate run nation.

  • Aquifer

    I attended the trail at which the OOP was issued – at that trial Mary Anne and others were charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct – they were all found not guilty of trespassing because the boundaries of the base were not clearly delineated – so no one could know if they were trespassing or not. So how could she be guilty of violating an order that prohibited her from coming to Colonel Evans “place of work” – when that place of work was not clearly delineated …

    This against the background of a judge who had made it clear he wanted “this to stop” and he didn’t mean the droning …. The OOP is, IMO, clearly an abuse of discretion on the judge’s part and was issued basically because of the penalty for violation – a penalty an order of magnitude above the max that could be issued for the usual charges brought against demonstrators – in order to stop these folks from doing what they do ….

  • gwayne

    When we refuse to provide cannon fodder for the war machine and draftees refuse to serve that same machine,the end will be in sight. War does not solve wars and we have been lied to so often for us to continue to believe in the war machine. I am convinced that drones only create more rebels than we kill, so why are we continuing that program? I state that we must cut the pentagon budget by at least 30% to 22% of GDP for the sake of restoring the homeland to health.