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Video: Sentencing Hearing For Drone Protester

Video provided by Cris McConkey Productions

Mary Anne Grady Flores Sentencing Hearing following her conviction on the charge of ‘Contempt’ by a 6 person jury in DeWitt Town Court before Judge David S. Gideon.  Mary Anne was charged for walking in the highway in front of the access road leading to the guard shack, taking pictures of protesters who were protesting the piloting of MQ-9 Reaper drones from Hancock Air National Guard Base.  These drones fly over Afghanistan where they target and execute people on the ground.  Targets often include civilians in their homes and cars going about the business of daily life.

Click the times below to see specific segments of the video.  

Basic events:
@ 1:53 Defense lawyer Lance Salisbury makes a motion for a Conditional Discharge
@ 33:41 Mary Anne’s Sentencing Statement
@ 47:47 Judge Gideon’s justification for the Sentence
@ 58:36 Judge Gideon pronounces the Sentence
@ 1:03:25 Mary Anne is taken away and the crowd bursts into song

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