Video: The Foundation Of All We Do: LOVE

This Heart Centered Flash Mob Is Catching On Around The World: The Love Mob!

The Love Mob is multi-generational movement that promotes love as a lifestyle. This benevolent “mob” began creating organized acts of love with a massive flash mob in Los Angeles dedicated to victims of Sandy Hook last December (video above).

After being featured in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine and KTSM9 (NBC), The Love Mob launched a successful clothing drive/block party on Skid Row with special guest speaker Michael Beckwith:

The Love Mob is committed to inspired action toward global transformation. They are a team of deeply committed leaders in the community that promote love and compassion through organized acts, smaller gatherings to foster community, as well as multi-media and social media efforts.

Everyone is welcome to join The Love Mob. Start your own Love Mob in a town near you!

Lovemob level 2


Lovemob level 3


Lovemob level 4