Video: Trump Dumps NASA, ‘Reforms’ EPA

| Resistance Report

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. So in light of recent reports from NASA climate scientists, which for example reveal a gigantic rift in the Antarctic’s Larsen ice sheet, Trump is gutting their research and plans to put climate change deniers at the helm of the EPA. Once the ice sheet is set adrift, it will  be equal to the size of Delaware. An ice shelf on the West side of the Antarctic is breaking up from the inside, which is highly unusual. Temperatures in the Arctic are record-breaking. All of this adds up to warmer ocean temperatures and higher predicted sea levels. Scientists are calling this a climate emergency. There is only one thing standing in the way of continued climate destruction…

  • rgaura

    How many americans are aware of the fact that all of the planets in our solar system are heating up significantly? Or that magnetic anomalies are occurring? That the western hemisphere has 24% less magnetic field protection than it has had historically? Surely we cannot blame all earth changes on carbon fossil fuels. Stopping using them makes sense because they are toxic to all life.
    We are 200,000 years overdue for a pole reversal, and it may be in process. There is a political campaign to dumb down all this data in order to justify a carbon financial trading scam. We must see through that. The discussion that may be more profitable would be how to secure our nuclear plants from rising waters and have back up transformers on hand for the electrical grid.

  • DHFabian

    Trying to find a bright side, many nations have begun addressing this issue, reducing their contribution to climate change. The US itself has been tap-dancing on the edge of military, social, and economic collapse for some years. We already reduced our contribution to climate change by shipping out a huge share of our manufacturing jobs, and as the US has grown poorer, its use of fossil fuels has been shrinking.

  • DHFabian

    Or these are theories used as an excuse for doing nothing, since we’re all going to perish, anyway.

    Climate change isn’t a mystery. I remember learning the basics as far back as the early 1960s, in elementary school science class. When you burn fossil fuels, it releases soot and oil particles into the air. These particles don’t fly off into outer space, but are trapped in the atmosphere. The soot and oil particles built up over the past century, during which humans burned an extraordinary amount of fossil fuels. This buildup of soot and oil particles in the Earth’s atmosphere has entirely predictable consequences.

  • rgaura

    I don´t use this data, (its not theory, as we have lots of data coming in from satellites) as an excuse for doing nothing. Right now, we have much more of an emergency with methane releases. I am just saying it is a massively complex system, a planet. There are many factors. Those who seek to pin it on one factor are not being scientific. Also, the hype has produced a carbon trading scheme in the EU that was another roulette wheel for financiers, and did nothing to stop emissions. So, let maintain some skepticism here.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Now here’s something that could tumble the American Empire real quick: a sudden inundation of all its naval bases around the world caused by a split up of the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets. It would also mean flooding of nuclear plants around the world and core meltdowns.

    Sailing Through a Meltwater Pulse By Dmitry Orlov


    It’s January, and the Greenland ice sheet is melting. There was recently a winter hurricane in the North Atlantic, and another in the Pacific. On New Year’s day there was a thaw at the North Pole. Greenand is melting; when it melts, the ocean level will go up 20 feet (6m). This will be enough to flood all the coastal cities—permanently. So far, predictions as to how fast this melting will occur have proven to be worthless, with the actual melting rate outpacing them by a huge margin. And although many people still believe that the effect will be gradual—less than an inch a year—another view on the matter is that at some point there will be an avalanche-like collapse of the Greenalnd ice sheet, which will generate a meltwater pulse, sending ocean levels up many feet in a single step.