VIDEO: Waging War on Poverty Is About Class Identity – an interview with Cheri Honkala

| Resistance Report

The co- founder and national coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and vice president of the Green Shadow Cabinet. Cheri is nationally and internationally respected for her anti-poverty work. Honoring the legacy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign of 1967-68 Cheri inspires a new generation of leaders working to end poverty.

In this exclusive interview, Dennis Trainor, Jr. and Cheri Honkala discuss the Earth Day to May Day Climate Convergence, the U.S. Social Forum, and what motivates a life of social justice organizing.

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  • il corvo

    As long as humans, like all other species, walk this Mother Earth, every day must be Earth Day. When we look at future generations and the legacy we are writing for them today, which days should not be Earth Day? Do we see the degradation of our land, sea, water and air as just so much collateral damage? If so, then what is the purpose behind this damage that takes precedence over preserving life and all that life needs to thrive? Is money, wealth, power and consumption the necessity that trumps life itself? To celebrate Earth Day is a celebration of life.

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  • robertbeal

    $12 is a living wage? No, it’s a surviving wage, maybe.