Video: Why Do People Keep Insisting #BlackLivesMatter?

| Resistance Report

The prideful limitation of white progressive allies’ tolerance for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement truly rears it’s ugly head when the golden boy, Bernie Sanders, is disrupted by BLM activists. Yes, the tactic of interrupting and commandeering the mic from the most liberal presidential candidate, who is spot on about so many important issues, is rude and disrespectful, but it’s certainly not as rude and disrespectful as a structurally racist state that is perpetrating a genocide against it’s black community. Activist/organizer, Dominique Hazzard, of ‘Black Youth Project 100,’ sits down with ‘Redacted Tonight’ correspondent, John F. O’Donnell, to explain it all like a boss.

  • rgaura

    Thank you! That was great theatre, educational and amusing. It so challenges the idea that we have to support another bad candidate, dimly for fear of one who is worse. Politics can be smart, and funny!

  • rgaura

    meant simply, not dimly, but maybe that works as well!I

  • I liked the woman interviewed but the snarkiness of the piece weakens it for those of us who do not think snarkiness is helpful long term