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Videos & Photos: “Hey, National Security Agency: Stop Watching Us!”

A huge rally was held on Saturday morning, Oct. 26th, at Columbus Circle, directly in front of the historic Union Station in Washington, D.C. Stopping the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive spying/surveillance on its own citizens was the focus of the spirited protest action. Politicos, celebrity authors, NSA whistleblowers and Civil Liberty champions all made an appearance. What the spooks from the NSA have been up to is beyond Orwellian. Of course, musical ambience was provided for the event. After the rally at Union Station, the crowd continued protesting by parading over to the U.S. Capitol with their anti-NSA/surveillance banners blowing in the wind. To learn more about “Stop Watching Us,” go to:


Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODE PINK, shared her views with me about this controversial issue. She said: “The NSA is out of control!”

Carl Messineo is the legal director of the “Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.” He said that the whistleblower Ed Snowden is a hero.” Messineo added: “We oppose the surveillance state!”

McGovern is a former analyst for the CIA. He said that he was encouraged by the large turnout for the protest action and how many young people showed-up. McGovern underscored: “We won’t allow our Constitution to be vandalized!”


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