Vigil Held Outside Juvenile Detention Center Where Teen Died

Above Photo: From Getty Images.

HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. —Mourners gathered in Hardin County Sunday night to remember a teenager who died shortly after arriving at a juvenile detention facility.

Dozens stood outside the Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center, praying and shouting Gynnya McMillen’s name as they called for answers.

McMillen, 16, was found dead on Jan. 11, hours after she was admitted.

She was brought there after a physical altercation with her mother.

The cries for information about her death come after an employee at the detention center was placed on special investigative leave with pay for failing to make all 15-minute bed checks during McMillen’s stay.

Also, protesters want answers after it was revealed that a staff member used a martial arts technique known as Aikido to restrain McMillen after she refused to remove her hoodie so she could be searched and photographed during the booking process.

“It’s just so hard and, you know, we think about her last moments and it just breaks our heart, it really does,” said friend Dana McDuffie.

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