Wake Up While There’s Still Time To Stop TPP

| Resistance Report

Redacted Tonight explains the hard-to-digest Trans Pacific Partnership in a hilariously informative way that urges people to wake up and stop the TPP before it’s too late. Comedian Abby Feldman takes to the streets of Washington, DC, desperately trying to warn passersby of the secrecy, lack of congressional oversight, impending loss of sovereignty, and potential for serious damage that TPP poses – all while struggling to stay awake.

We must act quickly to stop this global corporate coup that will control our laws to protect ourselves and our communities. An emergency protest is being held in New York City on Monday, January 26 at noon at the Sheraton on 7th Ave. and 53rd St. Click here for the Facebook event page. And we have created a rapid response team for actions. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION TO GET INVOLVED.