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We Are All Connected: Hearing The Message of Indigenous Tribes

The Anglo-European arrived on Indigenous tribal lands as an illegal immigrant illegally occupying the new lands. They eventually swindled the Indigenous tribal people out of the island land now known as Manhattan and which is currently the location of Wall Street. This was the start of the process of illegal occupation and resulted in what became a national cause for justice by the Occupy Wall Street citizens.

The Indigenous Tribal people who lived a healthy and sacred life before the Deinosanthropoids (“Terrible and Half- Human”) arrived became victims of the pathological process of their predatory life-path. The greatest Holocaust was one where the Deinosanthropoids premeditated an ethnic cleansing of an estimated 20,000,000 Indigenous people in the area that is known as the United States and in the Western Hemisphere, an estimated ethnic cleansing of up to or over 200,000,000 Indigenous people. History has not acknowledged or recorded this Euro-American mass murder and Holocaust.

We know that in the 1600’s the Euro-Americans looted the gold and silver of the Americas and used such to fund their new banks, colleges and create their sovereigns (coins) as their new currency. The Catholic Church received a minimum of 10% of that looting gold and silver for their services to convert the Indigenous people into Christians or to enslave them as workers. The silver and gold in the Vatican is all looted from Indigenous people and millions of them have died to provide a sustainable economy for the Catholic Church. This immoral looting was the economic foundation for the Euro-Americans and the European countries to begin their successful economic growth.

The people of the United States started a history to loot all of the Indigenous lands. Murder and mutilation of Indigenous women and children was the norm for the U.S. Army. Again, the looting of the Indigenous people’s lands was the economic foundation for the United States’ successful economy. This history of the largest ‘Holocaust’ in the world would be the foundation for a multi-generational path of pathology inherited and accepted by the leaders of the United States. The many contemporary Deinosanthropoids are multi-racial as a result of being programed into a non-sacred educational and political pathology.

Hegemony was and is the addiction of this euro-western political process. It has become an immoral code of the current United States Administration. We are now using our intellect to murder women and children sending predatory airplane drones to kill these people in far off lands. The Indigenous people understand this United States Army practice as they previously murdered Indigenous women and children and mutilated their bodies carrying the women’s private parts to parade around the country.

Indigenous occupy-mato-grosso-tuttacroanca

The United States Army used a far superior force to murder the Indigenous Tribal people, killing them as they slept in their teepees, and then looting them of their lands. They created new fortresses across the lands, such as Military Fort Laramie, and begin the systematic process to steal the lands. This process included writing laws that transferred the Indigenous people’s assets, land, gold, water, cultural integrity and spiritual sacredness into a Euro-American societal standard.

They created new legislation which was used to legally steal the land. The Dawes Act, the Wheeler Howard Act, all used national legislation to loot the Indigenous Tribal lands. Fort Laramie was built to enforce these laws and we can understand the Palestinian position where the circumstances replicate those done to the Indigenous Tribal people. Israel is the Fort Laramie (U.S. Military fort used to control & destroy Tribes, whereby they committed the largest Holocaust in world history against the Tribes and today store over 200 nuclear warheads/weapons of mass destruction) for the Mideast people. The United States still reaches out to control the region with Foreign Aid in military supplies, which is ammunition to kill more Mideast citizens. The United States lied to the Indigenous Tribes saying they would protect all lands agreed to under the Treaties and when a new substance such as gold or oil was discovered, those Treaties became meaningless. The looting of more land was always the predatory political goal and it is the same in the Mideast.

The Indigenous Tribal people honor the ultimate sacrifice of U.S. Army Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe who was the first fatal casualty in the Iraq Occupation. The Hopi are people of peace and they have a prophecy which describes the outcome of the occupation of the Indigenous lands since 1492 and the resulting consequence of greed and lack of sacredness.

The Indigenous people understand that all the gold and silver stolen from them has been used to create a history of hegemony In Africa and around the world for the Euro-Americans. They stole from Indigenous people to pay for occupation of other lands and more looting. The illegal military occupation of Iraq and the regime change policy of the west using covert operations in Libya, Tunisia and Ukraine will result in mistrust of Europe and the United States’ intentions, and, potentially, the creation of new international defense pacts such as a South Pacific Treaty Organization (SPTO) of China, Russia, India and Japan, a South American Treaty Organization (SATO), and an Africa Treaty Organization (ATO) for their regional and sovereign protection from western initiated military occupation.

These new treaty organizations may become a reality within this decade and will certainly represent over 65% of the world population. They will also have the largest growing middle class, which will create the largest growth of their economies. The West will no longer be the premier economies; the Chinese already graduate 20 times more engineers than the United States, India has the world’s highest quality university, and China/Russia are initiating the largest space agency on the planet. The United States and Europe are changing status from Developed Countries toward Underdeveloped countries as they are now debtor nations while the SATO nations are the lending nations.

The Indigenous Tribal elders always looked at the quality of the community and the provision of resources for survival. The community provision of foods and goods to make a strong Indigenous Tribe was the goal. A great chief was one who provided for everyone.

Indigenous 2013-may-bmd-occupation

The State of North Dakota has a state owned bank and it lends to itself without interest and lends to the individual citizen the remaining money. The U.S. government uses corporation to create vehicles which require interest on taxpayer deposits and any capital borrowed is carrying a large interest burden. The leaders in North Dakota are looking at the good of the community and wisely using their own vehicles to reduce interest rates and create a quasi-sovereign banking authority. They can and are sharing the buffalo for the community good.

In the current United States, from the Indigenous point of view, it is as though a Chief can have 99 buffalo for himself while he looks down at the community trying to live on 1 buffalo. This is a model for community or Tribal extinction. The conspiracy takes both the U.S. government and the multinational corporations to create this great disparity in community wealth and it is a Machiavellian machination imposing poverty. It is in the DNA of these two groups (Deinosanthropoids) to live without sacredness.

President Bill Clinton signed a bill in 1999 that repealed the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, which prevented banks from becoming owners of other investment vehicles such as derivatives. The bill was created by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and it became law and allowed for the sale of bundled sub-prime mortgage loans from a bank. Concurrently, the United States Congress authorized their members to take advantage of ‘insider trading’ on investments which were privileged to them as a part of their congressional duties. The Securities and Exchange Commission did not investigate any of these trades by members of Congress after the repeal under the HR10 Financial Services Modernization Act was enacted. Thus began the looting of the people through sub-prime mortgages bundled financial vehicles such a derivatives and opportunity for insider trading for members of Congress to aggregate the ill-gotten monetary gains.

This governmental and corporate conspiracy caused the downfall of the U.S. economy and required the United States taxpayer to bail out all those banks. These same banks had been using illegal robo-signatures to authorize the use swaps of newly created credit from those same sub-prime mortgages to make an additional profit for themselves. This new profit was then loaned back to the people they swindled from the mortgage commission grab. The current administration has not prosecuted any one in either corporate or government for those trillion dollar thefts.

The greatest national security threat to the United States is the corporate looting of the financial industry looting their institutions. The United States government ignored the people and the countries’ infrastructure needs as they were too busy orchestrating the massive profit swindle. The mismanagement of the financial industry, the government allowing the looting and the U.S. Supreme Court sanctioning the corporations to buy the elections with super funding vehicles and move elections into a ‘Merchandised Consumer Democracy’ caused the financial collapse of the United States and moved the country into an ‘Underdeveloped Economic Status’.

The Indigenous Tribes had Ms. Eloise Cobell who, as a Blackfeet Tribal financial employee, discovered that the U.S. Department of Interior was stealing individual Tribal lease revenue from Tribal members for decades. The amount is estimated to be over $40 billion in real actual losses to the many Tribes. The current United States administration agreed to a settlement of $3.4 billion for that illegal theft and there was not a single person prosecuted for that crime to protect a people who have historically lived in poverty. Ms. Cobell filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all the Tribes to secure some payment for this tremendous economic loss to each community member and died before she could realize her victory.

The illegal financial losses to the American people can be compared to the Tobacco class-action lawsuits and each person who owned a foreclosed house and been a victim of these illegal tactics or of having their homes/assets used by banks to make swap interest profit has every right to file legal action against both the government and the corporations. The Federal Circuit courts should be filled with these lawsuits as submitted as individuals or as class-actions. Since these corporations are designated a people, than, other people can sue them in any court system.

The Hopi Tribal Prophecy was told by the Traditional Interpreter, Mr. Thomas Banyacya, and states sacred declarations from some 500 years before the arrival of the European people to this Indigenous land, which was then called Turtle Island. In summary:

a. White skinned people would arrive b. The would bring strange things, lines that ran across the land carrying people on them (trains) c. Spider webs all covering the land (telephone lines) d. Two great shaking of the earth, one with cross as symbol, other with swastika (WWI & WWII) e. The whole world would fight and people with a yellow flag would have gourd of ashes fall from the sky and destroy their areas (atomic bomb) f. Black people would arrive and there would be fight between white and black and fires would be all around Turtle Island (race riots) g. An eagle would fly from the mother earth and land on the moon (space landing on moon) h. The black water would be stopped from coming to Turtle Island (oil stopped) i. People on Turtle Island would choose a path of material wealth or protection of Mother Earth and live with those consequences (society no longer sacred) j. The people with the Red flag from the east would become the world power and meet with the Indigenous Tribal people to repair the earth (China becomes powerful)

This is a short summary of the Hopi Prophecy and there are many others from Indigenous Tribes around the country and around the world. The path of seeking monetary resources for a few while the people are eating their one buffalo has fractured the United States Society. There are also creation stories for Indigenous Tribal people that number in the thousands while the Catholic/Christian Church has its one origin story. The Spiritual and Secular points of life have yet to come together in a sacred way.

The Hopi Prophecy predicted the rise of China as a world power. It is a country that will become the largest economy in the world in the decade and it has used diplomatic accommodation as an entry into regional and global international marketplaces. It is a major lender to both the United States and Europe and has not used military coercion as a process to control countries in the Asian region or in other parts of the world. A banquet was held for an international economic summit which was attended by Tribal people from both the United States and Tibet. It was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and that was a significant historical event. China has reached agreement with Tribal people for a decade of production of energy products. Indigenous Tribal people are now traveling to international meetings in Asia to begin this new economic and political association.

In 1492 the Anglo-European citizens arrived as a minority of illegal immigrant as they now are in 2012, returning to their original position as once again they again become a minority and are reacting to that realty by creating a fractured congress, a full political opposition to current immigrants, looting of the taxpayers treasury contributions and appointing a U.S. Supreme Court that is allowing the mega-profit corporations to buy elections. They have created a merchandised Consumer Democratic model versus the Iroquois consensus democracy model copied by the new formed United States occupants in the 1600’s within their new constitution.

Currently, the United States government is manufacturing several illegal wars and using the examples of their genocidal tactics which were used against the Indigenous Tribes. The United States Army is attacking the Mideastern, smaller and weaker nations to secure hegemony and oil resources. The history of stolen Indigenous resources; gold, silver, oil, land and democratic model of the Iroquois Confederacy, by the Euro-Americans, continues today as a destructive influence around the world. The Indigenous people had their lands stolen and the resources used to create European and United States economies to result in military force to artificially change the boundaries of Africa, South Pacific, Asia and the Western Hemisphere.

Today, the United States’ four largest banks hold 95% the the world’s derivatives trade, valued at hundreds of trillions of dollars vastly exceeding global output. These bundled financial vehicles are also comprised of both European and United States debt products. The U.S. banks also own a significant part of the European bank debt. Much of these debt instruments are tied to the illegal actions of the U.S. swap authority robo-signatures. These economies may all fall when resolutions are sought in the U.S. courts and, most likely, in the European courts as disclosure of financial manipulated mortgage data is also disclosed relative to illegal swaps.

Today, there is a Triangle of Evil conspiracy which has accomplices comprised of the U.S. government allowing its agencies to bail out mismanaged financial institutions, a supreme court that allows money to buy elections and a financial institutions that are lawless and can loot the United States treasury to bail their mismanaged corporation out of bankruptcy. All of these illegal activities happen without the United States Attorney General prosecuting violators and seeking justice and the return of those ill-gotten profits taken from the private taxpayer. This United States concept has been exported to Europe and soon, their citizens, verifying that the United States used their banks to create financial vehicles which caused the infrastructure of world financial system to collapse, will take proactive political action.

The Hopi Prophecy said that the ‘True White Brother’ would come and create a new sacredness among the people and tell the truth about all things. It is time for this true brother to appear and we all cannot continue to eat that ‘one’ buffalo while our United States leaders sit atop Ninety Nine. The Indigenous leaders understand that without sharing resources, our country will be extinct and others will replace us as a world power if we continue with a public policy of pathology. The return of the ‘Sacred’ is a start and the Indigenous leaders who live on Tribal reservations in the United States share their resources equally, as the Chief and latest new born baby receive the same share of new Tribal revenue.

The original Indigenous people have waited patiently for redress for the United States’ public policy of their contained and imposed syndrome of poverty. The Indigenous Tribes in the United States await redress for the largest holocaust committed against them when the U.S. Army killed men, women and children. The German army used these same tactics to commit atrocities during WWII. Three days of the capital used in the Mideast wars could be converted for rebuilding the Tribal Reservations, as our Marshall Plan would represent a form of justice to the Indigenous Tribes. A sacred message to all people that the United States has finally restored the constitutional message, ‘It is self-evident that all men are created equal’. Unless this is just another lie perpetuated against the 99%.

The Indigenous Tribal people’s historical last line of Homeland Security consisted of: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Chief Seattle, Captain Jack, Geronimo, John Ross, Chief Joseph, Sequoyah, and many other Traditional Warriors whose job it was to protect the Indigenous peoples’ “Inherent Natural Organic Tribal Sovereignty.” They paid the ultimate price with their lives, however their spiritual power continues to reach out to the many new Indigenous generations and stir the hearts of the new Indigenous Spiritual Warriors as they will now take on the role of a new Tribal Homeland Security. These rising new Indigenous Warriors will emerge as our Tribal contemporary protectors and join the protection of all people in the World. For, we are all connected and have only one home: Mother Earth.

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