We Need A Homes Guarantee. Now.

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Above Photo: Long Island Business News/Flickr

A grassroots-led effort aims to ensure every person in the United States has safe, accessible, sustainable, and permanently affordable housing.

  • Michael

    Every American citizen should have the right to own a house and all the steps to make it very easy to achieve. that could include
    -no interest bearing loans or loans with a fee attached to it.
    -Homes should have all the amenities for a middle class family and not some “cubicle”
    -Once a home is paid there are no taxes on that home. If one buys other properties taxes can apply. Some nations have this. As long as one pays taxes on the house one considers a “home” the government has control over it.
    -A home cannot be taken away for other issues such as breaking the law or failure to pay bills.