We Spend TRILLIONS To Make Sure We Die Soon (Seriously)!

| Resistance Report

Above Photo:Jonny White/flickr/CC

There’s a reason we ended up with ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and we ALMOST ended up with a Labor Secretary in Andy Puzder who prefers robots to humans. The answer is simple: We, the taxpayer, have always subsidized the costs of corporations to slowly kill us while making the pockets of corporate CEOs fatter. A closer look at fast food production in this country shows exactly that. Animal agriculture industries, such as factory farming, that contribute to us eating those artery clogging cheeseburgers come at the added expense of increased water and air pollution. We are paying the price for this environmental destruction literally and figuratively. Unless our nation wises up and agrees to subsidize things that could benefit society, such as healthier food and health care, then fast food companies will continue to be off the hook for crimes against agriculture and the environment that consumers will bear the burden of–unless they die from heart disease first. Lee Camp explores all of this and more on Redacted Tonight.

  • DHFabian

    I think that over the past 20-some years, tax payers (the middle class) have been so satisfied with their war on the poor that they haven’t taken much time to think about these issues. Regardless, you can’t expect people to take a stand against the practices of the very corporations that provide their jobs, knowing there’s nothing to fall back on.

    There is little chance of seeing the US “wise up and agree to subsidize things that could benefit society,” because there is no consciousness of “the common good.” Consider our former welfare aid, which had provided some 80% of recipient families with the means to work their way up out of poverty. The fact that we decided against subsidizing basic food and shelter for those who have been left jobless (after years of shipping out US jobs) defines us.