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We Will Resist! #NetNeutrality

Above Photo: Twitter/ JoeDeGeorge

Note: On Thursday, March 23rd the campaign to protect net neutrality started. This will be a multi-year campaign to protect a victory the movement achieved two years ago — treating the Internet as a common carrier so there could be no discrimination on the Internet. Everyone would have equal access to the Internet and be treated equally on the Internet. Net Neutrality.
The Trump administration, with its new Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, wants to reverse net neutrality and let the corporations rule the Internet. This would be a disaster for free speech in the 21st Century, where the Internet is the primary forum. The battle to protect the Internet is a battle between the people and the corporations. It is a battle we can win.
The protest at the public meeting of the FCC this week was a simple one, it was a warning to the FCC that if they seek to undo net neutrality there will be an escalating protest movement. We won net neutrality with more than four million people getting active in the campaign. We need to mobilize millions again to protect the Internet. When Chairman Pai began to speak two dozen people stood up, turned their backs on him and were wearing shirts that proclaimed “Protect Net Neutrality.” Below is a Facebook Live conducted as people were leaving the FCC meeting after being ejected by the police.



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Link To Video Here

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