Webinar Live From Caracas on Presidential Inauguration Day In Venezuela

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Thursday, January 10th at 5pm PT, 8pm ET


Join this historic moment in Venezuela.

Nicolás Maduro is set to be sworn in for a second term after winning reelection in May 2018. There is a multifaceted attack against Maduro by the US and its allies. Vice President Pence just finished visits to Colombia and Brazil, which share borders with Venezuela, urging regime change in Venezuela.  The Lima Group is telling the reelected Venezuela President not to take the Oath of Office. Listen to a live report from Caracas on Inauguration Day.

Hear how the voting population has responded to Maduro’s re-election and how US & Canada sanctions against Venezuela have affected the functioning of government institutions and the daily life of Venezuelan citizens.

Anti-Sanctions Campaign member and activist Dr. Akinyele Umoja will discuss his observations with Jeanette Charles, International Solidarity Liaison and journalist with Venezuelanalysis.com. Moderated Q&A session to follow.

This webinar will also be live streaming on the End Venezuela Sanctions facebook page


  • lcotler

    Russia must not mess in any way with U.S. elections!
    But it’s okay for the U.S. to mess with Venezuela’s right to exist and elect whomever they want to office. Or with any other country they choose to sanction.
    What hypocrisy.


  • It is a matter of totalitarian economic warfare. The wealthy oligarchs that make and own the US foreign policy establishment see their economic interests as being threatened by Maduro, especially I think over oil policy, but also over political ideology. The global US Economic Empire has had an especially tight grip on the Americas for more than a century. They are feeling besieged from many sides and from below. The economics of totalitarian capitalism are imminently self destructive both socially and environmentally.

    I don’t believe they see themselves as hypocritical. Their actions are totally consistent with the human motivational forces generated by the competitive, personal profit driven monetary market system that dominates our global economics. The environmental collapse that is irreversibly threatening these behaviors is the expression of the walls of natural law closing in on them, on us all. They are in denial and taking us all down with them. They drive human behaviors with a broad range of cultural conditioning that is perhaps most embodied in modern advertising over pretty much every media, even most of the alternative ones.

  • rgaura

    Not all humans are humane, unfortunately.

  • Jon

    Or endorse fraudulent elections as in Honduras and Ukraine, and kidnap a sitting president as they did with Aristide in Haiti or assassinate a predident as they did with Lumumba . . . . .

  • Jon

    This is utterly irrelevant “I don’t believe they see themselves as hypocritical.” What matters is reality.