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Webinar: Making Money Work For The Common Good

The Future in our Pockets.

Thursday, February 23
5-6:30pm Pacific / 7-8:30 pm Central / 8-9:30 pm Eastern 
(90 min)

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For over three centuries, banks have been consolidating their power by extracting interest from people, businesses, governments and the planet. This power helps to explain why politicians and governments bend to their will.

Mainstream economists treat money as a neutral medium of exchange and never consider its origin and purpose.  Is it meant to serve the people, or to serve the interests of the monied elite alone? Exploring that question helps explain why there’s always plenty of money for military research and development and none for protecting pollinators…and always enough to finance luxury condos instead of affordable dwellings.

This webinar will examine how the bank credit system undermines our efforts to build peace and a sustainable environment every minute of every day and what we can do about it

Virginia Hammon, author of How We Pay For A Better World and Lucille Eckrich, founding president and Board Member of  Alliance for Just Money ( , will be our presenters for this brave and necessary conversation hosted by WILPF’s National Women, Money & Democracy Committee.

Learn how our money system undermines peace, equity and the environment both in the US and internationally, and how we can fix it. 

Register here ( to participate in this enlightening webinar.

WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom) is the oldest women’s international peace organization in the world, founded in 1915 by Jane Addams of Hull House.  It has been in continual operation since then, with branches across the US, working for peace, disarmament, nuclear abolition, human rights, environmental and economic justice.  For more info:

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