Wetiko: The Pathology Of Greed

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Above Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit or thought-form driven by greed, excess and selfish consumption. It deludes it host into believing that consuming the life force of others for self-aggrandizement or profit is a logical and morally upright way to live.

Wetiko hides in darkness.  Conscious awareness brings it into the light. Once we see it, in ourselves and the world around us we can know it, and tame it.  Here, artists, writers, film makers, poets and performers from around the world are seeing wetiko in their lives. Join us – see it for yourself.

All over the world, there is a feeling that something is deeply wrong. It is often felt more than seen, an unnamed darkness that keeps millions (even billions) of people disconnected from the reality of authentic life-affirming experience. Too many of our so-called leaders are asleep at the wheel—they talk about economic growth-at-all-costs as the only viable solution to mass poverty, wealth inequality, the climate crisis, and other planetary-scale crises humanity must confront in the 21st Century.

Those with a spiritual bend might say that a shadowy presence has shrouded much of the Earth. People are sleeping through the same nightmare, unable to awaken within the dream.

Every time someone is seen justifying the destruction of life for profit—it is wetiko.

Every time compassion is vitally missing during a time of suffering—it is wetiko.

Every time a privileged person uses another as a “throw away” toy—it is wetiko.

Every time, in every way a community or country is impoverished so that others can be rich – it is wetiko.

  • il corvo

    Very wise and insightful video. Awareness of our thoughts and actions seems to always hold the key to freedom. Thanks

  • DHFabian

    I believe we’re past the point where change is possible. Liberals spent another eight years implicitly praising our deregulated corporate state while ignoring the consequences (our poverty crisis). Think about what it means: They so strongly believe in our system that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Who would want to push back against such success? We’re dependent on the corporate state, our employers, and we aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds us.

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  • donwreford

    I am not sure about Wetiko? what is more a possibility as a explanation is the Tavistock Institute the psycho think tank as a political aim in explaining the strange corruption of our planet has a political aim of destroying the assets of the Earth to create widespread destruction of resources ensuing the destruction of most inhabitants of the Earth leaving approximately one billion persons, the controlling residue of and known as the elite, of around 400 families will control the billion people left who will be enslaved to the elite.
    Those who are within the controllers immediate circle will be more privileged as sort of trustees the remainder will be military, police and bureaucrats whose job is to control the slaves.

  • GC

    Wetiko could also be described as the pathology of normality