What Is the Biggest Lie About The Syrian War? Western War Propaganda, Regime Change, Terrorism

Above Photo: From  Globalresearch.ca

In this episode of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, Cindy and Mark discuss criminal Western war propaganda, how it fabricates tacit “consent” from ostensibly “anti-war” protestors, and how it enables the current overseas holocaust that imperils us all.

Some of the issues raised throughout the interview include these:

  • “Anti-war” protestors embrace the “brutal dictator” myth, oblivious to known facts on-the-ground such as the multitudes of displaced Syrians in Lebanon who clamored to vote for President Assad and even a 2013 NATO survey[1] which demonstrated Assad’s massive support from Syrians.
  • The Washington-led, publicly announced Regime Change war was not and is not a “Revolution”. “Color revolutions” are CIA et al. operations. NATO snipers (reportedly from Italy) disrupted peaceful protests by murdering innocent people (as per the Kiev operation).
  • President Assad ordered soldiers and security personnel to disarm and to use batons only. Regime Change operatives slaughtered soldiers and security personnel.[2]
  • The White Helmets, key agents in the war propaganda apparatus, are terrorists.[3]