What Is the Biggest Lie About The Syrian War? Western War Propaganda, Regime Change, Terrorism

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Above Photo: From  Globalresearch.ca

In this episode of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, Cindy and Mark discuss criminal Western war propaganda, how it fabricates tacit “consent” from ostensibly “anti-war” protestors, and how it enables the current overseas holocaust that imperils us all.

Some of the issues raised throughout the interview include these:

  • “Anti-war” protestors embrace the “brutal dictator” myth, oblivious to known facts on-the-ground such as the multitudes of displaced Syrians in Lebanon who clamored to vote for President Assad and even a 2013 NATO survey[1] which demonstrated Assad’s massive support from Syrians.
  • The Washington-led, publicly announced Regime Change war was not and is not a “Revolution”. “Color revolutions” are CIA et al. operations. NATO snipers (reportedly from Italy) disrupted peaceful protests by murdering innocent people (as per the Kiev operation).
  • President Assad ordered soldiers and security personnel to disarm and to use batons only. Regime Change operatives slaughtered soldiers and security personnel.[2]
  • The White Helmets, key agents in the war propaganda apparatus, are terrorists.[3]

  • Mihailo Kostich

    FYI, I clicked the link to find out what the greatest lie has been but never did find out. Simply had a great deal of difficulty getting the audio to come on. Just clicking the start button to get my tablet to produce audio was difficult. Then had some more obstacles with a completely unnecessary prompt to log in to Twitter. The production values of the overly long intro to the podcast also got in the way. I finally just gave up. My suggestion is to include more text and rely on that for your introduction, with the audio clip not having to be the one and only gateway to your message.

  • Campbell

    Are we talking the same NATO that destroyed Libya ?