What To Do In An Age When Crossing The Border Is A Crime

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It wasn’t always a crime to cross the border, but now it is not only a crime but we are also housing immigrants in concentration camps under severe conditions and prosecuting those who try to assist them. As awareness of the inhumanity of immigration policy in the United States grows, people are taking action to change it. We speak with immigration attorney Heather Benno about how the laws have changed (hint: it started way before Trump) and practical advice for immigrants and human rights advocates about how to handle ICE raids, plus information about upcoming actions. Being a human and seeking asylum are not crimes.

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Heather Benno is an immigration attorney in the Washington, DC metro area, currently with Immigrant Justice Solutions. Heather has worked in immigration law for twelve years. She is an officer on the immigration court committee for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

  • jwreitter

    Refugees should not be treated like criminals. Ellis Island welcomed
    over 15 million immigrants between 1890 and 1915, and they were given
    free food and medical care. Many eventually became teachers,
    entrepreneurs and community leaders. That is what made America great.
    They did not take jobs, they created jobs. The same could be true today
    if we opened opportunities for refugees and immigrants to become tax
    paying citizens


    Expose the hypocrisy, the US lie based wars have crossed many countries borders without a mandate, even when politely asked to leave, the US refuses.