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What’s Really Happening In Nicaragua; An Interview With Stephen Sefton

Violent protests have been going on since April of this year, forcing residents to stay indoors.  While the corporate media and an army of online trolls have been making false claims about the Ortega government, the reality is exactly the opposite.

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We speak with Stephen Sefton, who lives in Nicaragua and is a founder of Tortilla con Sal. He names the names behind the violence and describes what is really happening. We also discuss recent news and upcoming events.

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Steve Sefton is an Irish citizen, member of the Tortilla con Sal media collective. Lives in Estelí, Nicaragua where he also works in community education and training.

Born 1952. Worked in agriculture and construction. Went to Nicaragua in 1986 to build classrooms. Worked in solidarity and human rights activities in Nicaragua and Honduras. Has lived in Nicaragua since 1994 doing community work. Since 2003 has contributed articles to numerous online media outlets. Started Tortilla con
Sal in 2008.

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