When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/Occupy.com

A special episode that looks at a grotesque statistic and asks the question – if you can judge a government by how they treat their most vulnerable and marginalized — how more pointed is that judgement when you look at the hometown of that government? DC and the practice of condemning predominantly black mothers to death.


    The worst part is that they don’t tell you anything. I have been paying into Medicare and Anthem Blue Cross for 30 years and have had NO MEDICAL ATTENTION for 9 months because the “insurance wont pay for it”. I am in desperate need but nothing happens. First it was “we’ll call you”- no calls for months on end. Then it was “We have to check with the other doctors”. No answer. WHY? NO answer.

  • subcomandante Felix

    Come along people, listen to me
    Don’t try to find no home in Washington DC
    Lord it’s a bourgeois town, it’s a bourgeois town
    I got the bourgeois blues
    I’m gonna spread the news all around
    Me and Martha were standing downstairs
    Bossman said “Don’t want no colored people here”
    Lord it’s a bourgeois town …
    Home of the brave, land of the free
    I don’t want to be mistreated by no bourgeoisie
    Lord it’s a bourgeois town …
    White folks in Washington they do know how
    Throw a man a nickel just to see him bow
    Lord it’s a bourgeois town …
    Come along people, listen to me
    Don’t try to find no home in Washington DC
    Lord it’s a bourgeois town

  • jwreitter

    The US is becoming a third world country now. In any other developed country this would be a crime and a national emergency! But all government officials have excellent care and “Cadillac” insurance coverage, mostly for free. However, even if we all get free health insurance some day, it is also the QUALITY of care that must be addressed, especially for poor women who are suffering the most.

  • Dick Burns

    Secrecy is a very large part of capitalist dogma. It’s called competitive advantage, thus there are winners and losers and a grand hierarchical scheme of dominance and submission. Capitalism must be dismantled and scrapped. The scientific evidence, let alone moral evidence, shows it to be played out. Finito.