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Who Says They Don’t Protest In DC: Protest Year In Review

Below is a month-by-month video review of activism, primarily in the Washington, DC region.  If you think there are no protests in DC this video will disabuse of that thought.

In fact, it was a busy year of protests on a wide range of issues. If these videos were shown on the commercial media or covered regularly by the corporate press it would look like the United States was in revolt. Luke who made the video is based in DC but he cannot cover all the protests that go on here. For example, few protests inside of Congress are included in this video, even though there have been many. 

Highlights of the past year include Black Lives Matter, the Baltimore Uprising, the TPP, the Pope, the climate protests and more. Below the video is a list of the protests covered by Luke, a DC independent media maker.

Luke is primarily covering DC-area protests. In reality, many cities across the country have regular protests on the economy, climate, racism, wars, low wages and more. In the last couple of years as pipelines and other carbon infrastructure is being put in place we are also seeing protests outside of urban areas.

When we are in the midst of the struggle, even if we are aware of many protests, we often can still not see how active the movement for economic, racial and environmental justice is. 


New Year’s Day Black Lives Matter at Wheaton Plaza
No to the Keystone XL protest at White House
Code Pink disrupts the GOP’s Congressional takeover victory party
Code Pink at Cheney’s house, one arrest
Gitmo opening anniversary march
Black Lives Matter marches right into MPD’s headquarters
National Mayor’s Winter Meeting hit by Black Lives Matter protesters
Protest at DOJ demands Darren Wilson go to prison for murder


Cove Point crane sit
March on 7D in Anacostia
Richmond-Dominions’s headquarters blockaded over gas export and pipelines


AIPAC protests
Shutting down 14th and U after cops kill man in Metro tunnel
anti-TPP action in Congress
BXE disrupts FERC monthly meeting over Cove Point
March 21 antiwar march
Pro-TPP Senator Wyden’s fundraiser chased away
Anti-gentrification protest at State of the District address


Fracking moratorium demo in Annapolis(this ended in partial victory)
DC Bike Party goes to Cherry Blossoms-at night
Cherry blossoms by daylight
Gyrocopter flies to US Capitol
IMF protests and IMF’s Greenwash concert
Ecuadorians protest at the World Bank
Big union “trojan horse” march against TPP
TPP “crazy train” against fast-track on the Hill
March2Justice from NYC to DC (Black Lives Matter)
Battle of Baltimore begins with stadium shutdown, failed attempt to kettle
Battle of Baltimore-cop car burns, Ace Cash Express (payday lender where legal)looted instead of looting
DC march to demand DC cops out of Baltimore


Mayday in Baltimore and the defeat of the curfew
Bike Party
FERC tries to evade protesters by moving up meeting, fails
Third Siege of FERC begins
Tripod on N Cap behind FERC]
FERC entrance blockades
ANGA (gas lobby) stormed by gas export protesters
Calvert County residents march on Dominion’s gas export site


Pride Week bike Party
Clarendon Cup bike race
Pride Parade-Stonewall mentioned 15 minutes from end
TPP protest on Capitol Hill
Black Lives Matter march on City Center condo project
Museum Square residents protest planned mass evictions
Rock Creek after heavy storm
March for the victims of the Charleston Masssacre
Street blockade resists, punishes homeless camp raid in Baltimore
Skanska exec gets home demo over U-VA animal lab project


July 4 cannabis parade
Occupy funeral remembers 3 fallen activists
Bike Party
Apache Stronghold sacred run and march against McCain’s Oak Flat copper mine
Shell No! kayak blockade against shell drillship in Seattle rammed by police boats


Protest at National Airport against shipment of animals to vivisection by Delta/Air France
Shutting down Chinatown(etc) for Mike Brown 1 year later
Bike Around the Bomb
Bike Party
Blackout DC shuts down I-395
Protest against Dominion on Cove Point beach
5 hour lockdown at SecState Kerry’s HOUSE over Enbridge tar sands pipeline
Mayor Bowser jeered for proposed increase in police searches in crime bill


“Southern Heritage” Rally disrupted, confederate flags burned and ripped up
No New Permits fast at FERC begins
Code Pink protests Cheney, Cheney supporters assault Code Pink banner holder inside
Code Pink counterprotests Donald Trump/Ted Cruz rally at Capitol
Skanska office protest: No New Animal Lab campaign (U-Wa vivisection lab)
Bike Party
NCNR marches from World Bank to White House, blockades press entrance
March from ICE detention center to Catholic climate change vigil for Pope arrives
The Pope addresses the Capitol, partially on climate change-as seen from rally jumbotron
Breaking the No New Permits fast at FERC
Massive march for Museum Square tenants as eviction deadline is defied (this looks like a probable victory)
Shell ABANDONS offshore arctic drilling after dry hole, protests


TPP protests in Atlanta-cancer patient arrested
TPP finalized-fight is ON to stop ratification!
Anti-TPP march on API
March on Monsanto targets TPP
Bike party-Wheelies
March on 7D in Anacostia, Mayor Bowser’s crime bill stalls next day
High Heel Race
Showdown with neo-Nazi National Policy Institute at press club


Banner hang at Bank of America Stadium in N Carolina against Dominion’s Cove Point gas export plant
Keystone KL defeated-protest WORKS!
Massive youth march/blockade against climate chaos
Bike Party: “riding the arch” riders pass under upraised arms between two bikes
Protest against Saudi executions-and Saudi support for ISIS/Daesh hours before Paris attacks
Vigil for France
USTR toilet-papered against TPP
LED torchlight parade storms Morgan-Stanley against TPP
Symbolic TPP text burned at Phillipine Embassy
Transgender activists blockade Wal-Mart
Black Friday Wal-Mart protest (the time to strike is now!)
Black Friday fur protests storm Neiman-Marcus, Miller’s Furs
Climate protesters (COP 21 climate summit) defy Paris protest ban
Global Climate March in DC


Protesters dragged out of corporate event at COP21 by undercover cops
Protest deters, drives off “deer removal” in Rock Creek Park for night
Bike Party in the Mass ave tunnel
People’s Climate rescue brings rescue raft to White House
Koran-burners shut down at the White House
Rally against killer security guards at Marbury Plaza in Anacostia
Anacostia residents protest at slumlord’s home over illegal attempts to evict Congress Heights
Homeless Memorial March with casket remembers 41 who died this year on the streets of DC
Get ready for 2016!

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