Who’s Afraid Of Lula?

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In his brief trip to go to the funeral of his grandson, Lula was treated as the most dangerous person in Brazil. With the largest military apparatus ever arrayed for a ceremony such as a funeral. He was surrounded by hundreds of policemen, dozens of patrols, helicopters and machine guns.

Lula’s brief departure from prison was treated as a war operation. Whose war against whom? Lula inspires so much fear, in whom, who is afraid of Lula?

In his short time out of prison, it was evident that it is not the people who are afraid of Lula. It is not the people who is a threat to Lula’s security.

Looking at the military operation around him, it seems that the idea was to prevent Lula from being embraced by the people. The ghost in the head of the jackals who keep him imprisoned where imagining that Lula was freed, in the hands of his people. After the monstrous operation to process, apprehend, condemn Lula, prevent him from being elected president of Brazil in the first round and being in this moment, governing the country, they die of fear of a free Lula.

As one military personnel said, in order to justify the unjustifiable pressure on the Judiciary not to grant the habeas corpus to which Lula is entitled, the process would be out of the control of the military, who are again assaulting the state, as they did in 1964, in order to destroy Brazilian democracy, to prevent the popular will from being expressed.

Lula represents the loss of control of the political process on the part of the military, represents the threat to the process of militarization of the State, the establishment of a new type of dictatorship in Brazil. Because he would win the elections in the first round, defeating Bolsonaro and all the other candidates together, unmasking the leaderships that the right tries to project on the country, demonstrating to whom the people would hand over the country, to be led by whom the Brazilian people really desire and that  would be Lula.

It is therefore indispensable for Brazil to be discarded as a country, as a nation, for the interests of workers to be destroyed, for people to lose their rights, for Lula to remain in prison, even when there is not any evidence against him. Lula is the victim of the greatest legal farce in Brazilian history, which has changed the course of the country.

Those who fear Lula are afraid that the people will express their opinion freely and democratically. Those who fear Lula are those who have assaulted the State through absurd machinations of falsification of the will of the people, of lies, of deceit, of monstrous montages of images forged by sick mentalities.

Those who fear Lula are those who do not live off their own work, but from the work of others, from financial speculation, from the gigantic profits of the banks, which do not invest to create goods and jobs, but to obtain more profits at the expense of other people’s indebtedness. Those who try to impose their opinion on the majority of society are afraid of Lula through the monopoly of the media, by means of which they propagate lies on a daily basis, such as the one that Lula was condemned by a fair and honest trial, in order to serve the great fortunes that finance them.

Those who want to play Latin Americans against each other are afraid of Lula, in order to impose their interests of overthrowing governments and appropriating the wealth of our countries, as they have done for so long, until we united, a process in which Lula played an essential role. They are afraid that we will unite again and resist against their imperial claws.

Those who are not happy are afraid of Lula, those who feel threatened when the great majority of Brazilians, previously excluded, have gone on to have basic rights. Those who believe that Brazil is theirs are afraid, that they should treat those who diverge as enemies and not as adversaries, that they should be eliminated.

The fear of Lula is the fear of the people, the fear of democracy, and the fear of a dignified and sovereign country. Who else can fear someone who made the best government the country has ever had? What ended his term was the 80 percent negative media references, while maintaining 87 percent support?

Who can be afraid that Brazil will have a government like that again? It is those who promote the destruction of the country, kissing the U.S. flag and lending the continent to the leadership of the U.S. government, who are afraid of Lula. The ones who govern for the rich, for the bankers, for the interests of other countries, at the expense of the misery of the Brazilian people, of the destruction of the country.

That is why Lula is so loved by the great majority of Brazilians, who wanted him to be now commanding the reconstruction process of Brazil and not imprisoned by jackals armed to the teeth by security agencies  wearing SWAT patches as was the case of the guy that appeared in the photos next to Lula.

Lula was surrounded all the time by this type of people, to prevent the people from rescuing him and taking him to recover his freedom, or by putting him back in his place as a free man, which made Brazilians freer and more supportive. Instead of the best human being that Brazil has produced being detained it should by the low life usurpers of the presidency that should be the ones locked up.

They’re afraid of Lula, for a good reason; a free Lula would represent risks for their privileges, for their deceptions, for their prejudices and their violence.

The Brazilian people are not afraid of Lula. On the contrary, many love him as the most important person in their lives. And they want him to again be leading Brazil.

  • ThisOldMan

    I don’t understand why, if a majority would have voted for Lula, a majority did not vote for anyone-but-Bolsonaro, who is so clearly in cahoots with those who imprisoned Lula?

  • Matthew

    Very good comments and the story well displayed through your words this seems to be true they are afraid of truth

  • It appears to me(I did not follow the elections that closely) that what you propose IS what happened, and the vote was so dispersed among all the other candidates that Bolsonaro was able to eke out a plurality of votes, which was enough to win.

    Knowing the CIA and the USA’s past record of habitual interference with elections in Latin America, I believe it is entirely possible that the election was rigged by using the media to confuse the voters and to prevent them from a last-minute coalition to unite behind a single candidate in opposition to Bolsonaro’s considerable backing by the rich capitalist elites, whose interests were favored by his “win”.

  • Jon

    What I read was that there was the usual right wing media slander against the leading candidate once Lula was out of the picture and imprisoned. It poisoned the waters so to speak just enough to elect the fascist.