Who’s Training Our Cops + How To Avoid Exploding Houses & Poisoned Water

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ Occupy.com

Did you know that showering less will save some water – sadly, not millions of gallons that fracking operations use in a day – nor will it keep your water safe from contamination – or your house from exploding. — Next, the deadly exchange between the U.S. and Israel that pedestals police brutality, racism and oppression. Benjamin Douglas from Jewish Voice for Peace gives us the scoop.

  • rgaura

    Fracking is a sneaky way for polluting industries to dispose of hazardous wastes. A commodity that is literally toxic and will be expensive to keep isolated forever, or break down via a chemical process, is suddenly sold to companies who can pump it under high pressure underground. Lovely. Legal. Lethal. Just like waste from aluminum and nuclear processing is recycled into our drinking water. Fluoride, the neurotoxin thats good for your teeth! And somebody’s fortune.
    The last time I flew over west Texas, it looked like Mordor. We were over a brownish haze, flying over miles and miles of grids of roads cut to wells. Endless. I was astonished when the pilot said welcome to Ft Worth, its a clear day. We descended over planes pouring blackish trails around 10,000 ft.