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Why Is The US Rushing To Form A Force To Intervene In Haiti?

The impending occupation of Haiti is the latest example of imperialist aggression against that nation and others.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said it was necessary to send a “multinational force” to Haiti, precisely one day before the UN Security Council session and following the recent Caribbean (CARICOM) summit.

At that meeting of the 15 States of the Caribbean subregion, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for accelerating the new aggression against the Haitian people.

This happened just as Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic, is recriminating the passivity of the so-called “international community” supervised by the United States and the Allied Powers; urging them to “move from words to deeds” and to intervene militarily as soon as possible.

All very well orchestrated and coldly calculated to have an impact on the session immediately after the UN Security Council, during which Chancellor Roberto Álvarez, agent of the White House, and chancellor of the government of Ariel Henry, continuity of the mafia administrations imposed by Washington on this neighboring nation, have imposed themselves as great champions of the conformation of a “robust” multinational military force that reinforces the Police corrupt Haitian national.

Chinese and Russian soap in sancocho

The different note of this session of the UN Security Council came from Russia and China, in an attitude of significant defense of the self-determination of this Caribbean country mistreated, attacked and plundered, still under the yoke of Western imperialism and the military control of the Pentagon. Terrific soap in the gringo sancocho!

Why did they do it? They are major emerging sovereign powers under fire from the US and NATO; NATO has become a political-military instrument of the global, European and North American capitalist elites.

China and Russia have declared themselves in favor of a multipolar world and are the two pillars of the whole that constitutes the powerful global pole known as BRICS; and its reaction against the imperialist initiative to create a multinational force to control the process in Haiti is a valuable support for the Haitian people in their struggle to regain their self-determination.

One lie after another

In such circumstances, to speak of a multinational force is to once again cloak a new American intervention in a deceptive dressing, because we know that in these cases the United States deploys the bulk of the troops and weapons, at the same time as it is supposed to be the real command of the invasion. Other countries make up the choir and contribute smaller units with less power.

Also the “International Community” is a disguise to make believe that the US and its allies are the world that will “help” Haiti.

The pretext used is the attack on murderous gangs, which the CIA and MOSAD created with the participation of paramilitaries and the Colombian state and with the collaboration of Dominican intelligence services. Its modern weapons are constantly supplied from Florida-USA.

The real objective is to suppress the rebellion of a mobilized people who demand the removal of Ariel Henry, a sovereign transition to democracy, social justice and a constituent process.

The American turn has two fundamental reasons.

We are therefore faced with an American U-turn in favour of sending troops, a decision contained until the chaos escaped their control and CARICOM opposed the invasion.

This situation has changed: the Haitian people have decided to organize and arm themselves with machetes, sticks, stones and fire, to take justice against these criminal gangs and have managed to defeat some gangs, gradually reducing their territorial presence on Haitian territory.

This, in turn, led part of the police to join the popular resistance. And the U.S. is terrified of this and seems to have assessed that the situation is out of its control, which undoubtedly affects its strategy of domination over this imperial border and its plans for aggression against Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, as well as its iron control of the Dominican Republic and the entire island.

Incidentally, the empire managed to break the resistance of CARICOM, which facilitated its invasion; and for these two reasons – and for nothing else – that it has decided not to delay its military intervention in Haiti any longer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Abinader — in competition with other racist anti-Haitian factions — applauds Biden’s decision with his hands and feet; Without realizing what could happen to the controllers and associates during this sinister adventure, with the appearance of a massacre and terrible impacts throughout the island.

Another neo-fascist aggression is underway

On the political level, the White House – sprayed and stimulated with cocaine powder – finances and organizes mobilizations of the faction of the Haitian diaspora under its tutelage, as part of a global crusade pro-invasion of Haiti, in support of Biden and in favor of the “peace” of cemeteries.

Thus, another chapter of the infinite world war is underway, a product of the aggressive decadence of the United States and the current deficiencies of Western imperialism.

This time, this episode or chapter of the World War is under the command of one of the neo-fascist factions that controls the leadership of the Democratic Party, under the decisive influence of the globalist elites of Western transnational capital, connected to micro-electronics, computers, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, aeronautics and armaments.

This faction aims beyond the borders of the United States. Towards a deep world government, towards the control of geostrategic areas and the forced possession of vital resources to assert itself on the planet, including water sources and biodiversity.

This is related to our island and its two republics, where gold, nickel, cobalt, titanium, lithium, uranium and rare earths are strongly present.

This is not outside of this new interventionist conspiracy, preceded by the incursions of the Southern Command, its New Horizon Operations, its military control of the Dominican-Haitian border, concerning the construction of the Wall or the Border Fence with Israeli technology.

It is linked to the titanium exploration concession north of the border, the PORT OF MANZANILLO being converted into a civil-military base and an energy project under the responsibility of USAID and SOUTHERN COMMAND. And it converges with the ominous agreement between the Dominican state and the U.S. military, for the latter to explore rare earth deposits in Pedernales and throughout the strip between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The neo-fascist footprint of the Democratic leadership gravitates more sharply outward, presenting more limitations internally, given the social base of the black and Latino population of the American PD.

Trumpist neo-fascism reigns within the Republican Party, intense inside and out. The clash of the two factions is tearing apart this decadent society.

Similar things are happening in European powers shaken by migratory avalanches generated by their brutal colonies and great outbreaks of racism and outright neo-fascism.

In short, the crisis is not exclusive to Haiti, but rather a tiny expression of a global crisis imposed on humanity by the long decadence of several hundred years of Western imperialism, on all continents and in all spheres of life in society.

Originally published in Haïti Liberté.

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