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Why Our Analyses On Powell And Iraq Matter Today

Above photo: Colin Powell testifies before the UN Security Council about Weapons of Mass Destruction. From the US Government.

CN on Saturday published three articles analyzing different aspects of a NYT story on Colin Powell & Iraq.

It matters because we live in the world the invasion has left behind.

Some readers may be curious why Consortium News on Saturday devoted space to three lengthy articles analyzing a single New York Times piece about events that happened 17 years ago. 

It is simply because we are still living today with the serious consequences of those events, namely:

  • Terrorism and continued instability in the Middle East
  • Continued, even worsened, political manipulation and corruption of  intelligence.
  • Continued, and even worsened, manipulation and corruption of the news media.

Iraq is still an unstable country. Extremist groups such as the Islamic State arose because of Iraq’s instability. The invasion of Iraq is now universally seen in the U.S. as the nations’ worst foreign policy blunder perhaps in history. To prevent another such crime of aggression, this needs to be repeatedly stated.

As Ray McGovern pointed out in his piece, the politicization of intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion manifested itself again in the Russiagate affair, when DNI James Clapper refused to conduct an NIE on the allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election. 

An obvious piece of opposition research (both sides engage in it) was taken as the basis of an FBI investigation into a presidential campaign, which was then amplified ad infinitum by a corrupted news media, that learned nothing from its admitted errors and distortions in the Iraq story. 

Both in Iraq and in Russiagate, ambitious journalists were not skeptical about what anonymous intelligence and other official sources told them, either being used or actively participating in the deception.

What we have witnessed is the normalization of the politicization and corruption of both the intelligence and media professions. This is why we brought three writers with direct personal experience to help make the story of Colin Powell and Iraq relevant to today.

RAY McGOVERN: Powell & Iraq—The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates

JOE LAURIA: Powell & Iraq—How One Resignation May Have Stopped the Disastrous Invasion

SCOTT RITTER: Powell & Iraq—Regime Change, Not Disarmament: The Fundamental Lie

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