Why The US Lets Israel Get Away With Murder

| Podcast

Fifty one years ago, the Israeli military attacked a US Naval vessel and, mysteriously, the President prevented the US military from protecting the people on that ship and the investigation was a sham. We speak with a survivor of that attack, Joe Meadors, about the efforts to expose what happened and why he currently risks his life to save Palestinians.



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We also cover recent news, including the cancellation of the military parade, the new Iran Action Group announced on the anniversary of the 1953 coup, next steps for North Korea, pipeline successes and an update on wealth inequality.

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Relevant websites:

USS Liberty Veterans.org


Joe Meadors is an American former U.S. Navy signalman, who survived Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. He has participated in four Gaza Freedom Flotillas since 2010, and was arrested by Israeli forces in 2010 and 2018. And he serves as the director of operations for the USS Liberty Veterans Association.

  • Excellent podcast !!!

    The military parade has been stopped….for now
    Was reading about about this, one of the most astute observations was that such parades should only ever be held when war is over.

    Parades are for ”victors”.

    Let that sink in…these lie based wars are not over, in fact they keep on getting worse like a bush fire that’s gotten way out of control.

    Neocon friendly regime changes are one thing — once accomplished it leaves very little for the war profiteers whom simply do not care whether the US wins or loses a war — the thing is to be at war non stop while the privatized defense industry grows fat supplying and manufacturing tools for fools, the trigger happy nincompoops whom have absolutely no idea as to what they’re really doing, useful idiots would be an apt description.

    To soon for peace with North Korea?

    Well spotted, it’s never too soon for peace, unless one has a financial incentive to delay peace for as long as possible, like the case with Palestine, the MIC has been earning staggering amounts of wealth simply because peace is not on the agenda.

    The thing about the flotilla’s to Gaza, while this deserves all the attention that it can get why are these announced in advance since it is playing straight into the hand of the occupiers?

    Each time a new ship sets sail for Gaza they only end up being boarded in an act of pure piracy, the reason why they are being targetted is primarily because they announced their journey in advance

    Little doubt the IDF have state of the art monitoring equipment at their disposal, used to monitor voyages only to pounce while still in internation waters.

    Treat em like mushrooms, don’t tell em what you’re planning, at the same time decoys are required to offer credence to exercising innocent right of passage as granted under the law of the seas.

    By not announcing these voyages in advance ships should be able to get a lot closer while remaining in international waters and exercising innocent right of passage.

  • Jon

    Good start, but even more effective would be a military escort by a powerful country like Russia or China, allowing only 2 unarmed Israelis on board to verify that no weapons are on board the flotilla boats. Huge boost in prestige of such a country, should it occur.

  • Syria would serve as an example where Russia and Israel have avoided each other, just like the US/Russia.

    Being escorted by a fully warship is far too obvious, not to mention how the Neo/Ziocons would leap at the opportunity to provoke a response.

    Better to go covertly, with armed guards, just not announced in advance.