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Why There Should Be A Pivot To Peace, Not War, With China

Speech by K. J. Noh, Journalist, Scholar, Peace Activist given on July 11, 2020 for the launch of the Pivot to Peace Movement.

Full Webinar: Pivot to Peace Inaugural Webinar: Why there should be a Pivot to Peace, Not War, with China

A new international peace movement is being launched that opposes the new US military doctrine that is preparing this country for “major power conflict” with China. The doctrine of “major power conflict” will become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless the American people act to put the brakes on a doctrine/policy that is escalating global tensions, accelerating a new nuclear arms race, and eliminating accepted international arms treaties. While the Pentagon pivots toward preparations for major power conflict in Asia the non-stop demonization of China by the government and mainstream media has replaced an informed debate about the dangerous implications of the new US doctrine/policy

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