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Will The People Of Bolivia Reverse The US-Supported Coup Against Evo Morales?

Bolivia – On November 11, following victory in the October 20 presidential election and a vicious right-wing coup attempt, President Evo Morales resigned. Signs that a coup would occur if Morales won re-election surfaced before the election took place. Violent groups burnt buildings of Morales’ MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) Party and tried to cause chaos in the streets.

Immediately after the election, coup-supporters claimed there was election fraud without evidence to support the claim. The Organization of American States (OAS) demanded a recount, which Morales agreed to conduct. Then they called for a new election, which Morales consented to. And finally, as right-wing violence escalated to an extreme level, the head of the military turned against the President.

The resignation of Evo Morales is sending shockwaves across Bolivia, Latin America and around the world. People rallied immediately to reverse this US-supported coup using the hashtag, #EvoElMundoEstaContigo.

Popular Resistance joins social movements in Bolivia, around the world and in the United States in calling for Evo Morales to return to power. The people of Bolivia have the power to reverse this US-supported coup. Now is the time to act. People power can reverse this coup.

People outside of Bolivia are showing their solidary and calling for the return of Evo Morales to power.

Two presidential candidates have called for an end to the coup and return to power by Evo Morales. First to do so was Howie Hawkins of the Green Party:

Senator Bernie Sanders has also denounced the coup:

The world knows this was a US-supported coup:

US coup leaders stick together. Here is a Venezuelan coup leader meeting with a Bolivian coup leader just as the regime change campaign was about to begin.

The coup is being condemned by world leaders and social movements.

The US media is failing to report that the resignation of Evo Morales was a coup by calling it a “resignation”.

There were no voting irregularities in Bolivia to support the claim that the election result was disputed:

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