Will The People Of Bolivia Reverse The US-Supported Coup Against Evo Morales?

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Bolivia – On November 11, following victory in the October 20 presidential election and a vicious right-wing coup attempt, President Evo Morales resigned. Signs that a coup would occur if Morales won re-election surfaced before the election took place. Violent groups burnt buildings of Morales’ MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) Party and tried to cause chaos in the streets.

Immediately after the election, coup-supporters claimed there was election fraud without evidence to support the claim. The Organization of American States (OAS) demanded a recount, which Morales agreed to conduct. Then they called for a new election, which Morales consented to. And finally, as right-wing violence escalated to an extreme level, the head of the military turned against the President.

The resignation of Evo Morales is sending shockwaves across Bolivia, Latin America and around the world. People rallied immediately to reverse this US-supported coup using the hashtag, #EvoElMundoEstaContigo.

Popular Resistance joins social movements in Bolivia, around the world and in the United States in calling for Evo Morales to return to power. The people of Bolivia have the power to reverse this US-supported coup. Now is the time to act. People power can reverse this coup.

People outside of Bolivia are showing their solidary and calling for the return of Evo Morales to power.

Two presidential candidates have called for an end to the coup and return to power by Evo Morales. First to do so was Howie Hawkins of the Green Party:

Senator Bernie Sanders has also denounced the coup:

The world knows this was a US-supported coup:

US coup leaders stick together. Here is a Venezuelan coup leader meeting with a Bolivian coup leader just as the regime change campaign was about to begin.

The coup is being condemned by world leaders and social movements.

The US media is failing to report that the resignation of Evo Morales was a coup by calling it a “resignation”.

There were no voting irregularities in Bolivia to support the claim that the election result was disputed:

  • Sharlene

    Where is your evidence that the US had anything to do with this? Just because that country interferes often, doesn’t make it the bogeyman in every global situation. Furthermore, Morales was ILLEGALLY in power against the constitutional term limits even after losing a plebiscite years ago that did not allow him to simply change the constitution as he saw fit. I don’t understand where articles such as these get their “facts” from other than a few Tweets. The Bolivian people stood up to dictatorship, won, and now can’t even get the credit for it.

  • pajarito

    hundreds of millions in military aid and “training” for decades from US to Bolivia military is what “US had anything to do with this”; not to mention multinational/US corporate interference in Bolivian politics for decades; Sharlene, with all respect, please look at the facts. New elections should now be held.

  • voza0db

    How much did you guys (United States of Terrorism) invested for this lovely partycoup?!

  • voza0db

    Why did you guys DELETED the comment of Sharlene?

    I was about to ask if she had any evidence that the USofT wasn’t involved?!

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, like Mali in central Africa, and others, where I dont bother to drool something about socialist or capitalist where as both can be twisted to oblivion depending on how ignorant or knowledgeble one is, and stuf 10 persons onto an room and ask them and you will have 10 difference explanations, more depending on where than what, but Bolivia, made one mayore misstake, in fact some few more but for the sake of not buring fuses in the brains of comoners, I refere to just One, and that one is Lithium, where Bolivia have one of the largest natural deposits of it in the bedrock, and not only did EVO Morales wanted to nationalise it, and that by doing something so “horrible” as to make and take an marked price for it, but the second issue, was to refine it, an second step from just delivering the raw goods as we say it, and then can have an higher price range, to benefit the Bolivion people witch to me souldnt be an issue, but somebody didnt like that, where Bolivians could benefit from something that they posses as an nation.

    Infact, this narrative/issue is exactly what Brexit is about, Norway where we have fish, etc to hydropower and could deliver metals as Alu to Mag so we have an process where our people could benefit from having a process and then take the next step by manufacturing some products.
    I dont know if people actually care or is it that they dont understand when some of us claims we are hard core nationalists, what Bolivia did/do, is to take advantage of some of the few recourses they actually have, and Bolivia was doing good, compare it to whom you want, EVO M. have risen Bolivia from the ashes of scums whom treated the nation as their own and people like shit.

    THAT is what we see, the UssA did what their masters in the ranks of CorpoRats told them to do, take the mayore recourses back in their hands, so they can get it much cheeper and havr control over it, anything else, is pure bullshit.
    The only difference between Obamalama and Trump, as far I can judge now after 3 years, is that Obamalama was Black and Trump, oragne, nothing else.
    I was even surpirced Spain came so hard out against the coup scums, and they also stated the same as this article is doing, this was an bloody back to the 70s coup.
    The western MSM whom for years had Evo up on the peaks, is now drooling something about Him been an dick.
    Up as an hero, down as an vilan, that, is what we face every day if you read the western MSM, they lie about everything, all the time.


  • mwildfire

    Actually there was another difference between Trump and Obama besides color. Obama was smooth, loquacious, urbane, polite, calm and ready to deliver policy to the ruling class all covered with just the right pretty words for the rest of us. Trump is crude, apparently stupid, oafish, fails to deliver policies with the right covering words, and worst of all, occasionally runs off on some unauthorized whim, like to make peace or something. They stop him, but still–he can’t be trusted, like Obama could.

  • mwildfire

    Well, you could do a FOIA request for that information, but I doubt you’d get it.

  • Kevin_Carson

    I eagerly opened this article based on the headline, only to find it was a long string of quotes on the illegitimacy of the coup — surely something all your readership already agrees on — with absolutely nothing in the way of information on whether the Bolivian public will attempt to restore Evo. I already saw most of these embedded tweets on twitter. Highly misleading headline.

  • Jon

    His vocabulary is so limited, I suspect he does not understand the word “buffoon.”

  • Margaret Flowers

    Our experience with these pro-coup trolls is that they are not interested in dialog. They are violent, racist, fascists. We don’t give them space to tell their lies on our page.