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With the First Shipment Of Insulin, Russia Becomes The Only Supplier To Venezuela

Above image from Sputnik by Vitaly Belousov.

The Russian pharmaceutical company Geropharm has sent its first insulin shipment to Venezuela. Insulin is a crucial hormone for people suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus and who cannot survive without its administration. US sanctions against Venezuela have closed the door to access to traditional suppliers causing incredible pain to the Venezuelan population

In this sense, Geropharm becomes the only provider of this vital drug in this country. In the near future, genetically modified insulin of short and medium duration in bottles will be available to patients across the country, according to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Up to 200,000 units of insulin exported to Venezuela will be sufficient to fully meet the needs of more than 166,000 people with diabetes mellitus for a month. In the years 2019-2020, Geropharm will deliver more than five million product units to the country. Shipments will be made monthly. This volume will allow the drug to be supplied to more than 400,000 Venezuelans.

According to the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Russia, Denís Mánturov, the implementation of this project will be an important step in the development of cooperation between Russia and Venezuela in the humanitarian field, as well as an important step in the expansion of non-energy exports.

“In the last year, we have made significant progress in this regard in Cuba, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In the near future, Geropharm plans to sign several more agreements with foreign partners,” said Geropharm CEO Piotr Rodiónov.


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ГЕРОФАРМ отгрузил первую партию инсулинов в Венесуэлу!🇻🇪 В 2019-2020 годах компания поставит в страну более 5 млн упаковок продукции и обеспечит 100% потребности пациентов Венесуэлы в инсулине. В.И.Скворцова, Министр здравоохранения Российской Федерации, прокомментировала: «Востребованность отечественных препаратов, в том числе инсулинов, на международных рынках – ключевой показатель успешной работы Министерства здравоохранения Российской Федерации по совершенствованию государственного регулирования обращения лекарственных препаратов. Можно говорить о том, что сегодня в России создана такая система допуска препаратов на рынок, которая соответствует самым современным мировым требованиям и позволяет не только гарантировать эффективность и безопасность лекарственных средств российского производства, но и дает возможность отечественным компаниям расширять географию присутствия». В стране будут доступны генно-инженерные инсулины человека короткой и средней продолжительности действия – Ринсулин® Р и Ринсулин® НПХ, Ринсулин® Микс, а также аналоги инсулина – РинЛиз® (лизпро) и РинГлар® (гларгин). Подробнее – по ссылке в шапке профиля. #ГЕРОФАРМ #GEROPHARM

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Geropharm has been in the medicine market since 2001. Its portfolio includes medicines to restore brain functions, perform diabetes therapy, and others. In addition to production, it conducts independent scientific research and invests in fundamental developments for its subsequent application in practical medicine.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune and metabolic disease characterized by an absolute deficiency of insulin in the body. It typically affects young people and children, whose pancreas is unable to produce this hormone.

Source URL: Mundo Sputnik

Translated by JRE/EF


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