With The GOP Tax Plan, A New Economic Epoch Begins

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Above Photo: Chris Baker/ Flickr

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Since 1980, government programs and policies have been failing America’s poor. The GOP tax legislation essentially re-engineers government to fail America’s middle class, too.

  • mwildfire

    I’m looking at it from a different angle than moral abomination. When you rip off that high a percentage of the population, to benefit a small minority–and we’re starting this new era at a time when the middle class already feels squeezed–do we not expect to see pitchforks and guillotines soon (somewhat metaphorically speaking)? Do they know something we don’t, about how they plan to deal with mass unrest–or are they just as oblivious as the pigs I used to feed, who’d scream and squeal when they saw me coming up the hill, trampling each other in their eagerness to get to the trough?

  • kevinzeese

    The future needs to be shaped and people need to take a role in shaping it. They could also be stealing while they can, knowing there could be transformational unrest. It is up to us to create that kind of transformation.

  • Jed Grover

    Republicans like Hatch demonize the vulnerable as they boast about their elite corporate tax plan. Recall the 1974 term “welfare queen” invented by GOP? Ronald Reagan employed this demoralization tactic of the “Welfare Queen” in order to rally support for reform of the welfare system. Reagan constantly made reference to the fabricated lie of “Welfare Queen” at his campaign rallies. Lets keep fresh in memory more lies like those Incubator babies in Kuwait, 9/11 and WMDs in PNAC Iraq in order to manufacture consent for whatever desired agenda. Divide & conquer lies.

    The pretentious Republicans here aren’t talking about shrinking the biggest drain the military budget which consumes 54% of each year’s discretionary budget. They’re talking about cutting social spending, or in other words the key elements still left from Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Next expect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.

    This campaign will also be based upon a shenanigan of Orwellian lies (republican truths) which the corporate media will likely repeat over and over and over: that Social Security is “bankrupt” and more importantly that it is the main cause of the nation’s $20-trillion deficit soon to be a $21.5-trillion or higher deficit after the new tax law works its magic. The true fact, Social Security benefits have always been and will through 2019 continue to be fully funded by payments made into the program by past and current workers’ FICA payroll taxes. The program has over its 81-year history contributed exactly nothing to the federal deficit. That deficit is the result primarily of the nation’s massive failure in foreign policy pursuing the Cabal of Banker’s World Order military budget (Full Spectrum Dominance) and endless series of wars and cold wars since the end of World War II as well as to a gutless Congress that continually adds to to the red ink by refusing to fully fund government programs preferring to borrow and push the costs onto future generations.

    The untold truth is that Congress has since World War II dastardly used borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund to finance U.S. wars without having to raise income taxes to pay for them. George’s war was estimated at $60-80 billion but the cold heart reality of Afghanistan and Iraq is now at $5.6-8 trillion while they attempt to now blame Iran to support the wishes of Israel. Colluding crooks, liars and thieves …… don’t believe them. GOP, constituents and regurgitating supporters have a polished history of stigmatizing using catchphrases like “starve the beast, lazy poor and free loaders.” Fox News is in the hen house.