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Witness Against Torture Prison Hunger Strike

Above photo: Fast for Justice – Day 10: The Reverend Billy Talen marched with us to the White House and helped us hold banners during the vigil. Photograph by Justin Norman.

Keep Up the Pressure.

NC Prison Activist Joseph “Shine White” Stewart’s Hunger Strike is Working!

Shine’s hunger strike is now in its second week and the next few days of pressure are critical!  So WAT family:

Contact Shane Tharrington and demand Shine’s (Joseph Stewart #0802041) release from solitary even if you’re not fasting in solidarity: & 984-255-6100. 

The Call-to-Action gives you history and details to elaborate on.  Tell Mr. Tharrington: “As a member of Witness Against Torture, I stand resolute against the use of solitary confinement. Re-classify Joseph “Shine White” Stewart because solitary confinement is torture. “

NC Prison Justice Task Group organizer and WAT member Gregory Williams wrote us today:

“I got a letter from Joseph “Shine White” Stewart today.  He is in good spirits, though the facility continues to mess with his mail, so, if you write to him, do expect significant delays.  He shared some really good news with me which is that the classification committee has recommended his release from solitary confinement!  I would call this a major victory and a direct result of our and others’ solidarity actions with him.  Now, his case goes directly to Shane Tharrington, who will make his final decision on the nineteenth.  That gives us a week to really up the pressure on him.  It would be great if we had someone (or preferably multiple someones) fasting and calling Shane Tharrington every day between now and next Wednesday.  As a reminder, please share the call-to-action, which includes his contact information, with your friends and loved ones.”

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