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World Citizenry Takes On Global Corporate Rule

1foodThe new issue of Justice Rising is here and with it the Alliance for Democracy has launched a campaign so that communities all over the world can stand up to rigged corporate agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and say “We will not obey.” The low down is that when these secret agreements are signed, they can change our laws even down to the local level that are harmful to our communities. These changes are negotiated without our input or permission.

To learn more about what you can do, join the April 22 – May 10 Stop Fast Track and the TPP Call to Action by joining the Alliance for Democracy’s campaign to Stop fast track and create municipal TPP-Free Zones at  And read Justice Rising: “TPP: World Citizenry Takes on Corporate Global Rule” for essential background. Order print copies to spread the word by writing to or calling the office in Waltham, MA (781) 894-1179.

You can see the table of contents by clicking here.


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