Worldwide Launch Of COVID-19 Global Solidarity Manifesto

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Washington, DC – The COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition will launch on May 23, 2020, unveiling a Manifesto signed by thousands of people and organizations worldwide. The launch will take place over a live video streaming through Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube. The goal is to establish guidelines, principles, and priorities for dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic to end the neoliberal assault on the environmental and social structures that protect the health and well-being of billions around the world. 

We call upon the global community to rethink the self-destructive path that humanity is presently following as demonstrated by the devastation and the continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existential threats of climate change and nuclear war, the waste of lives and resources due to ongoing warfare and unbridled militarismand the deplorable living conditions that billions of our sisters and brothers face daily.

The COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition is formed by academics, activists, writers, artists, workers, students, and professionals from 19 countries. Brief introductions of founding members are available here.

As the Manifesto states, “The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the urgency of changing global structures of inequity and violence. We, people around the world, will seize this historical moment … We declare our manifesto today to offer a vision of the world we are building, the world we are demanding, the world we will achieve.”

The Manifesto concludes with the words: “In a world where the gap between rich and poor is obscene, with the world richest 1% having more than twice the wealth of 6.9 billion people, a fundamental redistribution of wealth and power globally and within nations is imperative. Every human being must have the opportunity to live a healthy, creative, and fulfilling life, free from the ravages of poverty, exploitation, and domination.” 

The Manifesto (found here) will be publicly launched twice on Saturday, May 23 to accommodate people in different time zones around the world: 9:00 (9 AM) and 21:00 (9 PM) New York City time. It is available in 18 languages.

More information can be found on the Coalition’s website here.

We can follow-up press inquiries in these languages: اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ | CATALA | 汉语 |漢語 |DANSK | DEUTSCH | ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ | FILIPINO | FRANÇAIS | ITALIANO | 日本語 | 한국어| KREYÒL AYISYEN | PORTUGUES | SUOMI | TIẾNG VIỆT | RYUKYU

  • didactic1

    Doomed from start. No ommediate gain. People sitting home. If only they COULD work. Strike? Not exactly what people need! Of course if a few idle weirdo studies profs strike, who would know or care?

  • 0040

    “Singing songs and carrying signs , mostly say hooray for our side! ” Didn’t work in the 1960s certainly won’t work now when even milling about is banned and policed by the very people inclined to take part in peaceful aka pointless protests ?

  • 0040

    A better and more likely solution would be to slowly reduce human population to a sustainable billion either by hook or by crook . As it appears that will happen anyway with extinction as a strong possibility.

  • Mensch59

    How To Deal with Pandemics, According to Epidemiologist Donald Henderson:

    Let me introduce you to Donald A. Henderson (1928-2016). He was the twentieth-century’s most acclaimed disease eradicator. In particular, he is credited with ridding the world of smallpox. He was born in Lakewood, Ohio, son of a nurse and an engineer. He went to Oberlin College for undergraduate and graduated in medicine from the University of Rochester. He trained two more years at the Epidemic Intelligence Service of the Communicable Disease Center, and moved to Geneva to head the World Health Organization’s division focussed on smallpox.

    I encourage you to read his entire biography posted at Johns Hopkins, where he headed a brilliant epidemiological team.

    In 2006, at the order of the Bush administration, some computer science programmers with a small group of public health officials began to resurrect a premodern idea of quarantines, closures, and measured lockdowns. This way of thinking is not just premodern; it turned the logic of modern medicine on its head. It was based on a theory that we should just run away from viruses, whereas Dr. Henderson’s whole life had been devoted to implementing the great discovery of modern virus theory that we need not flee but rather build immunity through science, either natural immunities or via vaccines.

    At the age of 78, Dr. Henderson swung into action and composed a masterful response to the new fashion for quarantines and lockdowns. The result was Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza. Henderson, though listed last, was the primary author along with co-authors Thomas V.Inglesby, epidemiologist Jennifer B. Nuzzo, and physician Tara O’Toole.

    Here is the riveting conclusion:

    Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted. Strong political and public health leadership to provide reassurance and to ensure that needed medical care services are provided are critical elements. If either is seen to be less than optimal, a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.

    This is important:normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted.. Maybe Popular Resistance and Kevin Zeese and Dr Margaret Flowers are advocates for a great disruption of the normal social functions of community, thinking that after this disruption a better world will emerge. If this is true, because this site and its founders are advocating for the destruction of normal social functioning, then they ought to be upfront about their advocacy.

  • didactic1

    Phil Ochs was the true troubador of Left in 60s.

  • Who D. Who

    Classic namby-pamby pseudo-left nonsense. This silly manifesto amounts to saying ‘pretty please’ to the oligarchs. How about we propose immediate nationalization of all services and resources essential to life? Health care, water, sanitation, etc… No more financial speculation on foodstuffs and other necessities… 99% taxation on all income over 1 milliion annual…

    Radical problems demand radical solutions.

  • Who D. Who

    Complete nonsense. The combined force of the 60s hippies and student radicals put an end to the Vietnam War, coming hard on the heels of the largely successful civil rights struggle. We haven’t seen any sort of effective mass movement since.

  • 0040

    At best the movements of the 1960s , put down successfully by the Nixon regime were holding actions . As Communism a generational political/economic system died of old age it was replaced by a global elite that melded socialism and capitalism into the aggressive cancer we call neoliberalism , Materialism on steroids with no other options available Even religion is now based in materialism with the Abrahamic gods having become realtors .

  • 0040

    Resisting tyranny requires soldiers and the will to fight . The left in America has always lacked those necessities , except on TV.

  • Who D. Who

    There isn’t even the slightest whiff of socialism in neoliberalism. I think you’re frequenting too many alt-right websites, where they like to call identity politics “cultural Marxism,” when it has nothing whatsoever to do with Marxism.

    (There used to be forms of social democracy [“welfare statism”] tempering the ravages of capitalism in the West. No longer. This was the closest the capitalist countries ever came to socialism, though in fact it was still a far cry.)

  • 0040

    Redefining socialism does not make your beliefs reality? Taxes , standing armies , Civil Services , Pensions , Healthcare , and Insurance plans are all forms of socialism . Bureaucracy and socialism are synonymous.

  • dopfa

    I don’t blame people, especially physicians, for believing quarantine is right for us. The medical industry has been in control of our “health-care” system since the 1920s, when Rockefeller took over the medical schools and turned them into pharmaceutical dispensing factories. People in the medical profession have their hearts in the right places, but their minds have been indoctrinated into believing that immune health comes from vaccines and that surgeries and pharmaceutical substances with hideous side effects trump nutrition and natural remedies. Natural healers were blackballed from the medical industry. Health is just not profitable, and “dis-ease” makes them them tens of billions of dollars a year. Big ag also makes tens of billions of dollars a year pumping out disease causing pseudo-food, which sets up the medical industry to put people on pharmaceuticals for LIFE. Emergency medicine, where they’ve learned to sew arms and legs back on and how to save lives of injured and acutely ill people is western medicine at its best, but real health is not. And since big ag and big pharma owns and operates governmental departments like the USDA and FDA, we don’t have much of a chance at real health. The top pharmaceutical companies, ranked by revenue:
    Pfizer — $51.75 billion.
    Roche — $50 billion.
    Novartis — $47.45 billion.
    Merck — $46.84 billion.
    GlaxoSmithKline — $43.54 billion.
    Johnson & Johnson — $42.1 billion.
    AbbVie — $33.27 billion.
    Sanofi — $27.77 billion.

  • Who D. Who

    You are grievously misinformed. Those various services you list are merely forms of organized responsible government. Even medieval Venice had universal health care. (Needless to say, la Serenissima was not “socialist,” but an aristocratic republic.) To understand what socialism is, read Marx, Engels, Proudhon, Lenin, Lukacsz, Gramsci, and so on. But I’m afraid all that would be lost on you.

  • Mensch59

    Excellent post, dopfa.

  • Nylene13


    Sounds Good.

    PR-Can we do something about all the negative comments here?
    Sounds like they all came over from the Rush Limbaugh site.

    I bet Limbaugh and Co. would never allow their websites to be overwhelmed by OUR comments!

  • dopfa

    The sixties were different in that corporate media showed the truth about what we were doing in Vietnam. Every evening from our living rooms, we saw babies and children blown to bits and villages being destroyed, which spurred mass anti-war protests, which were also shown on network news.
    We prosecuted war criminals like William Calley for slaughtering innocents, and we didn’t send truth-tellers like Daniel Eslberg to high security prisons like we’ve allowed them to do to Julian Assange. If Edward Snowden had reported on the NSA’s spying on all Americans, we’d have come out of the woodwork to bring them down. (Obama prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all other presidents combined, but the Dems still worship him as if he were any better than his war-criminal predecessor.) We’re in a different era, where journalists and whistle-blowers are enemies of the state, and virtually zero effects of our daily bombing of innocents are shown. Even images of coffins containing soldiers coming home from Iraq were forbidden from the corporate news in the war on terrrrr. The military industrial complex owns and operates all network and virtually all cable news, so the national paradigm is quite different now than it was then. Corporate news showed the anti-war protests back then. I attended a 300,000 strong anti-Iraq invasion protest in 2007 that was barely a blip on the corporate radar.
    Also, we don’t have a draft stealing young men from their lives, forcing them to kill and die for the state in bogus invasions. We have a “volunteer” army in which poor kids who have no other job/career options in this capitalist hell believe it’s worth risking their lives for healthcare, money for college, and learning a war trade. Instead of drafting kids these days, risking dissent of millions, the military also supplements its ranks with mercenary soldiers, making billionaires out of psychopaths like Eric Prince.
    So yeah, we were effective in the sixties, but can’t be now because the corporate criminals in charge plugged up the “weaknesses” that led Americans to fight for what’s right like they did back in the day.

  • 0040

    Not true . In America truth has long been what our rulers tell us it is and profits always drive media journalism . Vietnam was a prime example of that . American was nearing revolution and the country had become bankrupt is what ended Vietnam . The invasion was called off and a scapegoat , Nixon was chosen. Now one has to pay a subscription fee to view atrocity porn , some difference ?

  • 0040

    Marx and Engels were Johnny come latelys to the French philosophes movement that attempted somewhat successfully to address the social disruptions the industrial revolution set in motion. during the 1800s. Marx was redundant before he finished Das Kapital. His resurrection as capitalism’s bogeyman under Lenin is just more propaganda.

  • floyd gardner

    and 100% taxation over 5 m

  • Who D. Who

    Wrong again. There was no industrial revolution to speak of when the French philosophes were writing. If you’d said Hegel I might have given you a point.

  • Veronica Roberts

    I have been wondering the same thing about what’s been going on with this site for a while. I had a comment that was not approved. I wrote in asked why but did not receive a response.

  • Mensch59

    On some level I understand why comments with links automatically go into pending.

  • 0040

    The mid 1800s were the heyday of the industrial revolution in Europe. Marx was of course an acolyte of Hegel’s , but even in those days his Jewish roots caused him problems wherever he went.