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Worldwide #WaveOfAction Begins Today

The Worldwide Wave of Action begins on April 4 at “former occupation sites around the world.”

A music video was released yesterday by elements of Anonymous along with Ice Cube, Eminem, and Korn. , calling people to action at the former Occupy encampments:

They team up to splice together a nuance-eschewing, face-melting, testosterone-charged collaboration meant to incept a massive wave of action against the seemingly indomitable power of corporatist-totalitarianism within the world’s leading liberal republics.

The video features some hilarious spots of Rob Ford–perhaps the Western world’s most flamboyant symbol of transparent corpo-political stoogism–as well as the mainstream media’s two favorite tools of distraction, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. There are also a number of clips of Obama acting especially bourgeois while surrounded by animated cameras, implying that the spying-industrial-complex is an apolitical institution supported and grown by whichevever political party is in office.

Ice Cube, Eminem and Korn hit the peak of their musical careers within the mainstream musical establishment over a decade ago, which probably engenders them with a degree of freedom to partake in such an overtly political project.

It might be the most insane music video you’ve seen in a long time–and for some, it may inspire the visceral outrage necessary to orient toward a path of action. Others will just roll their eyes.

Check out the video below, and keep in mind the Worldwide Wave of Action begins on April 4 at “former occupation sites around the world.”


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