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Welcome to WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean, a PopularResistance broadcast featuring hot news out of the region with host Teri Mattson. Each weekly episode features a country and/or issue related to the affects of U.S. foreign, economic and/or military influence and intervention in the hemisphere of The Americas. Our guests include academics, policy-makers, journalists as well as activists recognized for their groundwork within local communities and movements.

WTF is Going on in Latin America & the Caribbean broadcasts Thursdays at 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET on multiple live platforms including: CODEPINK YouTube Live, TheConvoCouch and Facebook Live via You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Telegram and

WTF is Going on in Latin America & the Caribbean broadcasts in partnership with CODEPINK, Common Frontiers, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Friends of Latin America, InterReligious Task Force on Central America, Massachusetts Peace Action and Task Force on the Americas. Learn more about how to become a WTF Broadcast Partner here.

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Lula Da Silva: Victory Of An Immense Democratic Movement

This is the inaugural episode of host Teri Mattson’s weekly program, WTF is Going On in Latin America and the Caribbean, at its new home on Popular Resistance. You can watch the program live every Thursday on Popular Resistance’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel at 7:30 pm Eastern/4:30 Pacific.

This week, Teri interviewed Michael Fox, an independent journalist and the host of Brazil on Fire, which is a Real News and NACLA production, about the recent presidential election in Brazil. Michael was in Brazil to cover the election.

On Sunday, October 30, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva was elected to be the next president of Brazil in a stunning comeback following a tight runoff race against President Jair Bolsonaro. His victory is one of an immense movement returning democracy to Latin America’s largest country after four years of Bolsonaro’s far-right administration.

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