Yellow Vests “Get Back To Work” Of Protesting

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Above photo: From Twitter @bazouzabou

France – After a quieter period during the summer, the Yellow Vest movement hit the streets in larger numbers for Acte 43 on Saturday. Protests were held throughout France from Rouen to Paris to Montpelier. Police responded, as they have been, with tear gas and other forms of violence.

Permanent Revolution reports that hardcore yellow vest protesters continued to march every Saturday throughout the summer and also demonstrated at the G7 meetings in Biarritz. The increase in protests on Saturday was marked as a “return” in what the movement is calling a “Black September.” President Macron’s popularity is still low, and distrust in the government is high. They write:

The first visible lesson is that this Saturday marked a re-mobilization of the hardcore of Yellow Vests, from a few hundred to several thousand in large cities, or even making its return in a series of medium-sized cities.”

and add:

Another lesson, the social comeback of yellow vests was marked by new episodes of police violence. In Montpellier, “capital of act 43” where 5000 protesters marched according to the organizers, tear gas and flash-ball were out while a police car was burned, making headlines. Scenes of police violence are also to be deplored in Rouen. In Paris, 87 people were arrested and about 50 verbalized. Among others.”

Photos from Montpelier:

and Lille:

and Toulouse:

and Paris:

and Lyons:

and Bordeaux:

The Observatory of Police Practices condemned the incompetence of the police in Toulouse.

Here are some photos of the police violence: