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Yemen Parliament Says US, UK, Israel ‘Top Terrorist’ Entities

Above photo: Yemeni parliament. Mehr News.

US officials said they see no end date to their bombing of Yemen in response to Ansarallah’s efforts to defend Gaza.

Yemen’s Parliament issued a statement emphasizing that the US, the UK, and Israel should be placed at the “top of the global terrorism list” in response to Washington listing Ansarallah on its own designated terror list last week.

Al-Maseerah TV reported on 21 January that “Members of the Parliament, in their discussions, pointed out the irony of the US designating its adversaries as terrorists while being the head of evil and terrorism worldwide. They emphasized placing the Israeli occupation entity and the US and British regimes at the top of the global terrorism list, asserting that they will reap the fruits of their evils and the crimes of Genocide committed against the Palestinian people.”

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the Ansarallah leader, condemned the US for its decision to redesignate his movement as a terrorist organization, stating, “The American attacks and classifications have no significance and are a step that occurs solely in the context of defending Israel’s crimes.”

Yemen’s Ansarallah-led armed forces began targeting Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea’s strategic Bab al-Mandeb straight in November in response to Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza that has killed some 25,000 Palestinians, and which many view as Genocide.

Despite these attacks, commercial ships and oil and gas tanker traffic for non-Israeli-linked ships largely continued.

“The Parliament reiterated Sanaa’s commitment to maritime security, clarifying that the targeting is limited to Israeli ships or those heading to the occupied Palestinian ports. They accused the US of seeking, through its alleged alliance, to militarize the Red Sea and threaten international navigation security,” Al-Maseerah TV added.

But on 12 January, the US and UK began a bombing campaign targeting Yemen, escalating the dangers of maritime shipping and travel through the Red Sea further.

US officials speaking to the Washington Post on 20 January indicated the US and UK bombing campaign on Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries, will continue indefinitely.

The Post reported the officials “can identify no end date or provide an estimate for when the Yemenis’ military capability will be adequately diminished.”

“We’re not trying to defeat the Houthis. There’s no appetite for invading Yemen,” a diplomat close to the issues said. “The appetite is to degrade their ability to launch these kinds of attacks going forward, and that involves hitting the infrastructure that enables these kinds of attacks, and targeting their higher-level capabilities,” the diplomat added.

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