YES To Iran Agreement: Stop The Threat . . . From The U.S.

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We must uphold the Iran nuclear agreement, but upholding it while pretending that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, or is threatening anyone, will not create a stable and lasting foundation for peace. Upholding an agreement with both proponents and opponents threatening war as an alternative is perilous as well as immoral, illegal, and — given the outcome of similar recent wars based on similar recent propaganda — insane.

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Read our statement: World Beyond War Supports Iran Deal

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Outside the U.S., contact the nearest U.S. Embassy.

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  • KDI

    We have a Culure of Death in Amurica. We blindly manufacture enemies to follow Dick Cheney’s wet dream of unending war. It’s done in secret and with antiseptic preision so as to not offend the delicte sensitivities of rank and file Americans who’d piss themselves if they had to endure even a fraction of the millions of casulaties suffered in Russia during WWII.