Zimmerman, At Gun Show, Wonders Why World Is Mad With Him

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George Zimmerman, signing autographs at a gun show in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, wondered why people are angry with him.

Here is one possible answer:

Here is the thing, George, people know that it is not an aberration for a wanna be cop like you to patrol a neighborhood with a loaded gun and, upon seeing an African American kid whom you did not recognize, assume that kid was a threat, and then tail that kid with your itchy finger on the trigger of your loaded gun and initiate and then escalate a situation that resulted in that unarmed kid murdered and killed by you, Georgie.

It is more than that, however. People are angry at the ALEC written stand your ground laws that, while it played no direct role in your not guilty verdict, played a very direct role in the culture that empowered you to cruise around packing heat. In the case of stand your ground, the NRA wrote the law, and worked with ALEC to grease it through the legislature and get it passed into law in 2005, and the rate of legally justifiable homicides in Florida has tripled since then.

You see this is America, where corporate profits drive legislation. So George, in some ways, you are a lightning rod for something much bigger than even your cowardly murder. Even more than that, people are angry with you George for something that you did not do- they are angry with you because you are the beneficiary of a justice system that at every level oppresses people of color in general and African Americans in wildly disproportionate ways. The fact that you, George, are a person of color adds some nuance to this previous point, but it does not change the fact that you must know in you gut that if Trayvon Martin was named Cody and was popping an Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie above his blond surfer boy lochs, he would not be dead, and if you were stupid enough to have killed him, you would be in a jumpsuit behind bars, having been convicted of murder in a case that would not have made you famous.

Aura Bogado writing for The Nation after the Zimmerman verdict noted that it was White Supremacy that acquitted George Zimmerman- a view that  “one that is suspicious of black men in his neighborhood, is one that adheres to white supremacy. It was replicated in the courtroom by his defense, whose team tore away at Rachel Jeantel, questioning the young woman as if she was taking a Jim Crow–era literacy test.”

We are angry with you George, because you are the face of a horrible cancer on the body politic of American life.

Like any cancer victim George, we just want our cancer to go away, even as we ask ourselves what we could have done to bring this cancer upon ourselves.

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  • Southernfink

    I honestly never understand the whole collecting of autograph’s thing, it’s nothing but a complete waste of time.

    However I understand that people cue for hours on end in order to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity, make eye contact, a spoken word, or even posing for a photograph together to fill their otherwise rather shallow lives.

    Wait, Zimmerman is not a celebrity, Zimmerman is a cold bloodied murderer who shot a young kid for the thrill of it, like I mentioned, I never understood the whole autograph thing, why would anyone want to be associated with a known thrill seeking murderer is simply beyond me.

    Zimmerman, poster boy for the NRA

  • johncocktoaston

    I am pro second amendment but certainly not pro “stand your ground” (what Zimmerman did was “stalk and kill” ). Gun rights advocates shouldn’t touch this P.O.S. with a ten foot pole, let alone having him signing autographs.

  • pfesser

    Look. Let’s get “real” here. By Zimmerman’s account (and, yes, I understand that his is the only account because he killed Martin, and Martin ain’t talking), this man was sitting astride him, repeatedly pounding his head into the pavement. Z never strayed from that account, though the political pressure, from as high up as the presidency, for the constabulary to get another story, was unbelievable. Whether he should have been there to begin with is another argument, but the fact is, he was doing what we are all encouraged to do: form a neighborhood watch and patrol our own neighborhood. And in doing so, carrying a firearm was not only legal, in this case it turned out to be prudent, didn’t it?

    I see you have also referred to Martin as a “child” and, like the media in general, used a much younger picture of him. In point of fact, he was a young man, in top physical shape, and apparently in possession of quite a bit of testosterone, by all accounts – attested to by his personal history of violence.

    Make no mistake: I think Zimmerman is a goober. Not a very smart one, either. But he broke no law, and I can tell you: if a grown man is sitting on your chest pounding your head into the pavement, the last thing you will worry about is his skin color.

    Really, you need to get out more. The real world of the street is a very different place from writing copy from your mother’s basement.