Zuckerberg Suing Native Hawaiians For Ancestral Lands

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Above photo: Courtesy viewfromhawaii.com A view of the 700 acres Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased on Kauai’s North Shore.

Using ‘quiet title and partition’ billionaire attempts to complete his beachfront property

In an effort to make the 700 acres of beachfront property he purchased in 2014 on the North Shore of Kauai as secluded as possible, three companies controlled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are suing more than 300 people—living and passed on—with ancestral links to the land.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports there are close to a dozen small parcels within the estate purchased by Zuckerberg that are owned by Hawaiian families who have rights to be on the property.

The legal action Mark Zuckerberg is trying to push is called “quiet title and partition,” and according to the Star Advertiser it isn’t uncommon in Hawaii.

According to a legal primer called “E ‘Onipaa i ke Kulaiwi” by the Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law: “Quiet title and partition actions contribute to the diminution of Native Hawaiian-held ancestral lands by, among other things, disrupting traditional notions of ‘ohana and kuleana. Partition by sale in particular is highly problematic for the Native Hawaiian community because it severs a family’s connection to ancestral land.”

Kuleana lands refer to land acquired by Hawaii citizens through passage of The Kuleana Act of 1850, which allowed private ownership of land. The lands often pass down through generations without documentation. The Star Advertiser noted that the quiet title law can be used to establish legal title to kuleana lands, but it doesn’t happen often because it is expensive.

“This is a big problem in Hawaii,” a local lawyer told the Star Advertiser. The lawyer is not involved in this case, but chose not to be named because of how sensitive this issue is.

Zuckerberg’s lawyer, Keoni Shultz, told CNBC: “It is common in Hawaii to have small parcels of land within the boundaries of a larger tract, and for the title to these smaller parcels to have become broken or clouded over time.”

“In some cases, co-owners may not even be aware of their interests,” Shultz continued. “Quiet title actions are the standard and prescribed process to identify all potential co-owners, determine ownership, and ensure that, if there are other co-owners, each receives appropriate value for their ownership share.”

The Star Advertiser noted one suit that simply named Oma as the defendant, a Hawaiian woman believed to be the first private owner of a parcel on the land bought by Mark Zuckerberg. It was tradition in old Hawaii to have no surname. Another case names defendants who have long passed on: Kelekahi, Palaha, Laka, Lote, Luliana, Kapahu, and Kaluuloa.

  • Southern

    How selfish…… Zuckerberg ought to consider himself lucky to have native Hawaiians living nearby — Somehow I doubt he’ll understand why.

  • Mr. Evans

    Dark Fuckerberg Is Evil, and Without a Soul, but Evil $$$ $igns There. ;-0 One Day He Will Learn What It Means To Devoid Of Said Soul. ;-o

  • rgaura

    Genocidal globalists. Make the connection.

  • rgaura

    Sort of poetic justice down the line, as Kawaii is the place which has the most testing of genetically engineered crops in the world. Hawaiians have been fighting the consequent contaminations for a long time.

  • ywsf

    In San Francisco he is one of the most hated neighbors. He thinks he owns the neighborhood, blocked streets during his vacant remodel so people could not drive into their own garages. He blocked main avenues on the side of his house tying up neighborhood traffic for months. Rumor says he put a security system in his house that rivals the pentagon..He waltzed into a middle class neighborhood, bought a big old house from turn of the century and decided he was the Lord of the Neighborhood after that. The rich are all a bunch of bastards. Their ego’s know no bounds of any kind. They must be dancing in their living rooms now that they all own America.

  • Aquifer

    So why do folks keep using FB? Boycott the damn thing – if “movements” can’t find another way to connect and organize – bad sign. This isn’t the only BS that MZ has done ..

    So we point out what a schmuck the guy is – one of the richest folks in the world, then continue to glory in the services that make him rich – go figure ..

    Time for BDS

  • chetdude

    Zuckerberg is a poster-boy for the opposite of Aloha…

    And has the typical deadly European dominionist’s view of the Aina..

  • Dawn Wolfson

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Aquifer

    So what sort of “poetic justice’ screws them even more? Sound like bad poetry to me …

  • Aquifer

    So how far do you think we would get with a BDS FB movement? – Now let’s see where do we post it – on FB? – and how about all those other sites that want us to “like” them on FB – I would think that the pervasiveness of this thing in our lives under the control of this VRP who just swats little people out of his way would be a major cause of concern …

    Hey if you can figure out how to do this , let me know 🙂

  • Dawn Wolfson

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? I first signed up on a social networking site back in 2006. It was called Multiply, and it was so well organized. You could customize your own desktop, your photos and blogs etc. were organized by date, it was free, it was awesome. MySpace was similar. Then some guy opened up a site called Yuwie that was also similar, and paid you to be active. That one died because of spam, and all my Yuwie friends ultimately ended up on Facebook. So did my family. Then Multiply died, and MySpace for all intents and purposes did. There’s Tumblr, which my kids love, but I just can’t get into.. No idea why Facebook took off like it did. I suspect the games and the whole like and share thing you mentioned that interconnects with other sites. I don’t particularly like it but I’m there because of family and friends who are distant. Maybe I should go back to email.

    Now I’m a computer analyst, and I could probably write up a requirements and a decent high level specification for a site given time, but we need programmers. And money….

  • Dust of the Earth

    And my family just doesn’t understand why I refuse to get a Facebook account. I had one briefly (for about a month) six years ago, but deleted it because it was extremely annoying. And I was badgered into signing up that first time. I’m told I’m missing out on funny photos and losing touch with people who primarily communicate through the website, but if that’s the price I have to pay then so be it. I guess I hate Facebook that much.

    But what really makes me angry is the other websites (especially for activist organizations) whose comment systems use Facebook so only people with Facebook accounts can comment. Also once I tried to volunteer for a service event but the signup page was on Facebook and I couldn’t sign up… well I guess they didn’t need volunteers that badly.

  • Aquifer

    So if there are programmers out there who might be interested in collaborating, how would they reach you?

  • rgaura

    Mr Zuckerberg´s fabulous retreat is toxic. I support the non GMO movement in Hawaii. I was referring to the imperial Zuckerberg. (We pronounce it with an F). I have always maintained that Facebook is doing the AngloAmericanZionist project a favour by letting people gather all their information and contacts for them. How tidy. Less work for the intelligence agencies…

  • Aquifer

    Gotcha ..

  • Dawn Wolfson

    any programmer with half a brain could Google me and find me on Facebook (ick – for now) as I’m searchable… but there’s also dewolfson@ various mail servers, especially aol and gmail

  • Aquifer

    Though i think i have more than half a brain – i am no programmer, indeed i have a love/hate relationship with this “technology”, the latter more than the former – but I was thinking of suggesting you to someone I thought might be interested and wanted to tell him/her how (s)he might contact you …

  • Dawn Wolfson

    I should rope in my friend Jack (Analyst on web team). We could start a worker cooperative. 🙂

  • Aquifer

    I will suggest to my friend he contact you by e-mail, if that is OK …

  • Dawn Wolfson

    no problemo

  • Agree with all. I don’t have an FB account either.