I Don’t Discuss Racism With White People

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What follows is the text of a “sermon” that I gave as a “congregational reflection” to an all White audience at the Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ on Sunday, June 28th. The sermon was begun with a reading of The Good Samaritan story, and this wonderful quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah.

A couple weeks ago, I was debating what I was going to talk about in this sermon. I told Pastor Kelly Ryan I had great reservations talking about the one topic that I think about every single day.

Then, a terrorist massacred nine innocent people in a church that I went to, in a city that I still think of as home. At that point, I knew that despite any misgivings, I needed to talk about race.

You see, I don’t talk about race with White people. To illustrate why, I’ll tell a story:

It was probably about 15 years ago when a conversation took place between my aunt, who is White and lives in New York State, and my sister, who is Black and lives in North Carolina. This conversation can be distilled to a single sentence, said by my Black sister:

“The only difference between people in The North and people in The South is that down here, at least people are honest about being racist.”

There was a lot more to that conversation, obviously, but I suggest that it can be distilled into that one sentence because it has been, by my White aunt. Over a decade later, this sentence is still what she talks about. It has become the single most important aspect of my aunt’s relationship with my Black family. She is still hurt by the suggestion that people in New York, that she, a northerner, a liberal, a good person who has Black family members, is a racist.

This perfectly illustrates why I don’t talk about race with White people. Even- or rather, especially- my own family.

I love my aunt. She’s actually my favorite aunt, and believe me, I have a lot of awesome aunts to choose from. But the facts are actually quite in my sister’s favor on this one.

New York State is one of the most segregated states in the country. Buffalo, New York where my aunt lives is one of the 10 most segregated school systems in the country. The racial inequality of the area she inhabits is so bad that it has been the subject of reports by the Civil Rights Action Network and the NAACP.

Those, however, are facts that my aunt does not need to know. She does not need to live with the racial segregation and oppression of her home. As a white person with upward mobility, she has continued to improve her situation. She moved out of the area I grew up in- she moved to an area with better schools. She doesn’t have to experience racism, and so it is not real to her.

Nor does it dawn on her that the very fact that she moved away from an increasingly Black neighborhood to live in a White suburb might itself be a aspect of racism. She doesn’t need to realize that “better schools” exclusively means “whiter schools.”

I don’t talk about race with White people because I have so often seen it go nowhere. When I was younger, I thought it was because all white people are racist. Recently, I’ve begun to understand that it’s more nuanced than that.

To understand, you have to know that Black people think in terms of Black people. We don’t see a shooting of an innocent Black child in another state as something separate from us because we know viscerally that it could be our child, our parent, or us, that is shot.

The shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston resonated with me because Walter Scott was portrayed in the media as a deadbeat and a criminal- but when you look at the facts about the actual man, he was nearly indistinguishable from my own father.

Racism affects us directly because the fact that it happened at a geographically remote location or to another Black person is only a coincidence, an accident. It could just as easily happen to us- right here, right now.

Black people think in terms of we because we live in a society where the social and political structures interact with us as Black people.

White people do not think in terms of we. White people have the privilege to interact with the social and political structures of our society as individuals. You are “you,” I am “one of them.” Whites are often not directly affected by racial oppression even in their own community, so what does not affect them locally has little chance of affecting them regionally or nationally. They have no need, nor often any real desire, to think in terms of a group. They are supported by the system, and so are mostly unaffected by it.

What they are affected by are attacks on their own character. To my aunt, the suggestion that “people in The North are racist” is an attack on her as a racist. She is unable to differentiate her participation within a racist system (upwardly mobile, not racially profiled, able to move to White suburbs, etc.) from an accusation that she, individually, is a racist. Without being able to make that differentiation, White people in general decide to vigorously defend their own personal non-racism, or point out that it doesn’t exist because they don’t see it.

The result of this is an incessantly repeating argument where a Black person says “Racism still exists. It is real,” and a white person argues “You’re wrong, I’m not racist at all. I don’t even see any racism.” My aunt’s immediate response is not “that is wrong, we should do better.” No, her response is self-protection: “That’s not my fault, I didn’t do anything. You are wrong.”

Racism is not slavery. As President Obama said, it’s not avoiding the use of the word Nigger. Racism is not white water fountains and the back of the bus. Martin Luther King did not end racism. Racism is a cop severing the spine of an innocent man. It is a 12 year old child being shot for playing with a toy gun in a state where it is legal to openly carry firearms.

But racism is even more subtle than that. It’s more nuanced. Racism is the fact that “White” means “normal” and that anything else is different. Racism is our acceptance of an all white Lord of the Rings cast because of historical accuracy, ignoring the fact that this is a world with an entirely fictionalized history.

Even when we make shit up, we want it to be white.

And racism is the fact that we all accept that it is white. Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in Star Trek. Khan, who is from India. Is there anyone Whiter than Benedict fucking Cumberbatch? What? They needed a “less racial” cast because they already had the Black Uhura character?
That is racism. Once you let yourself see it, it’s there all the time.

Black children learn this when their parents give them “The Talk.” When they are sat down at the age of five or so and told that their best friend’s father is not sick, and not in a bad mood- he just doesn’t want his son playing with you. Black children grow up early to life in The Matrix. We’re not given a choice of the red or blue pill. Most white people, like my aunt, never have to choose. The system was made for White people, so White people don’t have to think about living in it.

But we can’t point this out.

Living every single day with institutionalized racism and then having to argue its very existence, is tiring, and saddening, and angering. Yet if we express any emotion while talking about it, we’re tone policed, told we’re being angry. In fact, a key element in any racial argument in America is the Angry Black person, and racial discussions shut down when that person speaks. The Angry Black person invalidates any arguments about racism because they are “just being overly sensitive,” or “too emotional,” or- playing the race card. Or even worse, we’re told that we are being racist (Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed demographic has the ability to oppress those in power?)

But here is the irony, here’s the thing that all the angry Black people know, and no calmly debating White people want to admit: The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.

Ask any Black person and they’ll tell you the same thing. The reality of thousands of innocent people raped, shot, imprisoned, and systematically disenfranchised are less important than the suggestion that a single White person might be complicit in a racist system.

This is the country we live in. Millions of Black lives are valued less than a single White person’s hurt feelings.

White people and Black people are not having a discussion about race. Black people, thinking as a group, are talking about living in a racist system. White people, thinking as individuals, refuse to talk about “I, racist” and instead protect their own individual and personal goodness. In doing so, they reject the existence of racism.

But arguing about personal non-racism is missing the point.

Despite what the Charleston Massacre makes things look like, people are dying not because individuals are racist, but because individuals are helping support a racist system by wanting to protect their own non-racist self beliefs.

People are dying because we are supporting a racist system that justifies White people killing Black people.

We see this in the way that one Muslim killer is a sign of Islamic terror; in the way one Mexican thief is a pointer to the importance of border security; in one innocent, unarmed Black man is shot in the back by a cop, then sullied in the media as a thug and criminal.

And in the way a white racist in a state that still flies the confederate flag is seen as “troubling” and “unnerving.” In the way people “can’t understand why he would do such a thing.”

A white person smoking pot is a “Hippie” and a Black person doing it is a “criminal.” It’s evident in the school to prison pipeline and the fact that there are close to 20 people of color in prison for every white person.

There’s a headline from The Independent that sums this up quite nicely: “Charleston shooting: Black and Muslim killers are ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs’. Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?”

I’m gonna read that again: “Black and Muslim killers are ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs’. Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?”

Did you catch that? It’s beautifully subtle. This is an article talking specifically about the different way we treat people of color in this nation and even in this article’s headline, the white people are “shooters” and the Black and Muslim people are “killers.”

Even when we’re talking about racism, we’re using racist language to make people of color look dangerous and make White people come out as not so bad.

Just let that sink in for a minute, then ask yourself why Black people are angry when they talk about race.

The reality of America is that White people are fundamentally good, and so when a white person commits a crime, it is a sign that they, as an individual, are bad. Their actions as a person are not indicative of any broader social construct. Even the fact that America has a growing number of violent hate groups, populated mostly by white men, and that nearly *all* serial killers are white men can not shadow the fundamental truth of white male goodness. In fact, we like White serial killers so much, we make mini-series about them.

White people are good as a whole, and only act badly as individuals.

People of color, especially Black people (but boy we can talk about “The Mexicans” in this community), are seen as fundamentally bad. There might be a good one- and we are always quick to point them out to our friends, show them off as our Academy Award for “Best Non-Racist in a White Role”- but when we see a bad one, it’s just proof that the rest are, as a rule, bad.

This, all of this, expectation, treatment, thought, the underlying social system that puts White in the position of Normal and good, and Black in the position of “other” and “bad,” all of this, is racism.

And White people, every single one of you, are complicit in this racism because you benefit directly from it.

This is why I don’t like the story of the good samaritan. Everyone likes to think of themselves as the person who sees someone beaten and bloodied and helps him out.

That’s too easy.

If I could re-write that story, I’d rewrite it from the perspective of Black America. What if the person wasn’t beaten and bloody? What if it wasn’t so obvious? What if they were just systematically challenged in a thousand small ways that actually made it easier for you to succeed in life?

Would you be so quick to help then, or would you, like most White people, stay silent and let it happen.

Here’s what I want to say to you: Racism is so deeply embedded in this country not because of the racist right-wing radicals who practice it openly, it exists because of the silence and hurt feelings of liberal America.

That’s what I want to say, but really, I can’t. I can’t say that because I’ve spent my life not talking about race to White people. In a big way, it’s my fault. Racism exists because I, as a Black person, don’t challenge you to look at it.

Racism exists because I, not you, am silent.

But I’m caught in the perfect Catch 22, because when I start pointing out racism, I become the Angry Black Person, and the discussion shuts down again. So I’m stuck.

All the Black voices in the world speaking about racism all the time do not move White people to think about it- but one White John Stewart talking about Charleston has a whole lot of White people talking about it. That’s the world we live in. Black people can’t change it while White people are silent and deaf to our words.

White people are in a position of power in this country because of racism. The question is: Are they brave enough to use that power to speak against the system that gave it to them?

So I’m asking you to help me. Notice this. Speak up. Don’t let it slide. Don’t stand watching in silence. Help build a world where it never gets to the point where the Samaritan has to see someone bloodied and broken.

As for me, I will no longer be silent. I’m going to try to speak kindly, and softly, but that’s gonna be hard. Because it’s getting harder and harder for me to think about the protection of White people’s feelings when White people don’t seem to care at all about the loss of so many Black lives.

  • Eye-opening, hard-hitting article. What a mess. How are we ever going to fix this? We have to talk about it, openly and often. Let’s get it out.

  • Mari McAvenia

    “Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed demographic has the ability to oppress those in power?”

    The key word here is “intelligent”. I am an intelligent female human who has been called “misandrist” simply for asking why so many White men deny that their “white brothers” sometimes commit rape. The most common responses are attacks like these: “Black men are the rapists! You’re just an angry feminist. You’re a traitor to your race. You are a misandrist! ”

    It’s so bizarre that those with all the power and privileges, those who abuse others they deem to be inferior, all because they are armed with and protected by that “innate” power and privilege, turn the tables as a knee jerk reaction and bellow loudly that THEY are the real victims of systematic discrimination.

    I guess writing this in support of John Metta’s excellent article/sermon is my way of displaying solidarity with the oppressed Black community without directly addressing the “race issue”, either, but I freely acknowledge that we really are all on this messed up bus together at the end of the day. When we speak truth to power, power usually claims that it is the innocent victim being thrown under that same rickety, broken down bus. Go figure.

  • Bishadi

    The opening title in itself, exposes the ‘racist’.
    No one can ever say, that racism does not exist but without any doubt, the majority of Americans are not racists.
    The best method of correcting the problem is dialogue. Not violence, ranting or even articles that open up with a stupid title.
    I did not even read the rest of the article, because the baiting is rude.

  • Pete

    It’s not baiting. It’s a legitimate explanation of the author’s desire to avoid situations exactly like your comment.

    Did you notice how refusing to read the article is a refusal to engage in dialogue? If you really wanted to solve the issue of racism in this country you would have read the article instead of getting offended and slamming it based on its title.

  • Bishadi

    Fair reply.
    The author did not avoid, anything. He baited with a rude claim. Why not write something like, “I don’t discuss racism with racist people” but to insinuate that ‘white’ are the racist, is as ignorant as claiming blacks are oppressing America.
    I did not refuse to engage. I am here now responding and engaged. I didn’t read it because of the biased title which is reflecting racism.
    I know how to address racism. Biology and basic common sense.
    Violence will not correct the issue, neither will demonstrations, rallies or even political opinion. The ONLY thing to assist in the extinction of the racist is to enable the children with reality of exactly what they are as living processes, alive on this earth as of right now.
    Unfortunately that means, from racism, religion to political opinion, each will have a rude awakening upon comprehending the facts of life..
    Now are you ready for dialogue?
    I don’t play well with fools, so please be honest and fair as best possible and I will even eat my words, if you share material facts, that actually make sense.
    Compromise and rational discussion is best, so let’s try it.

  • emikoala

    Bishadi, I really urge you to read the article beyond the headline. The author isn’t saying he refuses to discuss racism with racists. He is saying he refuses to discuss racism with white people, regardless of whether they are racist or not – maybe especially when they are not racist. He’s saying that his lived experience has been that when he tries to discuss racism with good, kind, lovely white people, they seem incapable of admitting systemic and institutional racism and instead always try to reframe the debate about how they, personally, are not racist, and the other white people they know, personally, are not racist. They get so caught up in defending themselves against a perceived accusation that being white makes them racist that they never move on from that defense and begin to talk about institutional racism. Kind of like what you’re doing in your comment–busily defending whites as not-racist instead of having a conversation about racist systems.

    Maybe we need to invent a new word for systemic and institutional racism that isn’t “racist” in order stop triggering white people’s defense mechanism. Which seems ridiculous, and maybe even that wouldn’t work.

  • kevinzeese

    Let us know what you think of the article when you read it. Not reading it says enough to let us know your thinking.

  • Linde Knighton

    I am in the weird position of looking White without passing. Do I get privilege? I suppose so, but that’s until I open my mouth. I will NOT pass as 100% White. I am way more Native in my attitudes and so on, and I can see the Native in many Black faces. you get it both barrels all the time and it must be exhausting.. I think Racists are Idiots, and suspect they probably have Black ancestors (or Native or Asian) anyway. I see signs of Black ancestry in myself but I have Southern roots, so there you are. At any rate, I have been called racists by Whites–and BIA card carrying Natives . My attitude is I am who I am, and so are you. Let’s be the best whatever we are, and treat everyone else as well as possible.

  • Bishadi

    The issue, exceeds the article and I wrote my opinion of the solution, already.

  • Bishadi

    Wow …… what’s a ‘racist systems’.
    Perhaps the apartheid, called israel?
    A new word for it………. hmmmm. I like that approach, creating and seeking solution. Cool!
    Ok, the new new new………….. Equality.
    If you are conscious, you are MY equal.
    MY Equal…………….. there’s the new theme.
    Now teach the children the biological aspect of each of our lives. That all of us are born of the previous generations, evolving to comprehend ‘itself’.
    Example: procreation is to give of sperm/egg to live into the next generations. The life was alive prior, giving of self to live into the next generations.
    We are evolving with knowledge just as everyone of us came from the single celled life; sperm/egg of the previous generations.

  • Bishadi

    thank you for just being you!
    Great post and welcome to the jungle.
    Any ideas for solutions?
    How many know The Four Agreements?

  • Bishadi

    Mankind is Defining Itself
    The four colors of mankind are Red, Yellow, Black and White. Each contribute to the evolution of knowledge.
    Each have genetic benefits for their environment.
    The few lucky enough to have the genetic lineage of all four, are perhaps the most physically evolved on the planet.
    Make sense?
    My personal opinion is that the Huntington Beach beach bunny, is the most evolved as measured by good looks, that I know of. Does that make me a pig? Am I biased, racist or just a typical boy?
    I have an announcement to make: I have come to realize that the sky aint blue. It’s black will lil’ white dots about half the time.

  • Linde Knighton

    Thank you. Solutions? Tell the truth about history. I’d start with there was a lot of US history before the Europeans. Some great, some not so wonderful. Then, there was so much going on in Europe, including a fair amount of oppression by those we are taught to admire (Rome?) and so-called back waters with amazing accomplishments (Ireland), Asian history–long, loaded with accomplishments, and some nasty wars. Things happened in the Southern Hemisphere, and we should know that too….and Modern humans came from Africa—we are all African originally.
    So, for good or bad, everyone has ancestors who did great things, and mean things. And most of us by now are related to everyone else–and besides, we are not our ancestors.
    So what if your ancestor invented ________. What have you done?

  • Littlehorse Reynolds

    Good read, Whites are on the way out finally and it’s their own doing. Thier world is fading away with no future thought of their next generations as the love of money is a cancerous rot that is the white system. I feel sorry for a individual white but not for the nation that they set up. The ghost dance was a long time coming but only now can we see it’s impact.

  • Bishadi

    May I add and perhaps clarify; I comprehend that we are our ancestors. The cell-division/procreation is the natural evidence. The living process, is still in process as us.
    I didn’t invent the logic and the evidence is basic common sense, as soon as observing the literal aspect of the living ‘process’.
    My lineage is of Bacon. I have a whole bunch of everything from Dukes, to even the King of Turkey in my lineage but I could not answer that question as of now.
    Me? I wrote the theorem, 3 decades ago, that defines the process of that transition of mass (element), energy (em/light) and time. I call it ‘the name of god’ because the foundation does enable understanding how the universe works and is applicable to all of nature.
    I came up with a concept claiming, “Mankind is Defining Itself” based on the realization that man is from the garden, evolved to conscious experience, created words and has been trying to figure out how it all works, ever since. I figure that the pinnacle cap stone to comprehending what we are, is ‘the name of god’ (mathematical rendition of how the process works to the letter).
    Does that help?

  • Linde Knighton

    Laughing about your obvious cellular relation to Bacon….I don’t have all the answers, but I sure love looking for them, and trying my best to do better than we are now.

  • Bishadi

    Ella Bacon, “Book of Bacon”, is a family tree. In Utah, the bishop said that I had the longest single line that he had ever observed. The reason is prior to the 1600’s very few have recorded family lines, unless of royal or affluent families. That Bacon line will get you back pretty far in recorded history.
    But the facts are, that every soul alive, has lineage to the very first and that process of cell division/procreation is evidence of that very fact. Because if there ever was a break in the chain, the person would not be here.
    Basic common sense, as soon as biological fact is taken into consideration.
    Summary: a life must give a portion of itself, to live into the next generations; all cases.
    Fun: In genesis, Adam supposedly slept and a portion of ‘himself’ was used to enable Eve, ‘the mother of all the living’. Great metaphor that actually can be unveiled when combined with current knowledge.
    More fun: Man can enable more virgins to birth children, than all of the gods combined: test tube babies.
    Goofy fun: After this comment, you will now know how to walk on water……………………….
    hold it
    Just freeze it first!
    Stupid Easy!

  • Linde Knighton

    Reynolds? I had some relatives with that name. Seminole by way of Georgia and then to Wisconsin. If The White Man (The establishment) had stuck to the Great Peace (The original the Constitution was cribbed from.), instead of adding slavery and taking away women’s votes, where would we all be now? The money stuff is so sad. My political party started with the reaction to the Robber Baron Era. The economic mess that was the US in those days created the wage slave, tenements, the 16 hour day, and the 6 and a half day week. Private armies murdered Union members… If that sounds familiar, you will want to check out Some of these political parties: Progressive Party, Green Party, Justice Party, Socialist Alternative…

  • United_Dreamer

    I have a solution. Start referring to the “slave trade” as something less benign and start calling it the African Holocaust. The slave trade is like calling the Jewish holocaust the final solution, it’s the language of the oppressor. Start using the language of the oppressed.

    Refer to all European and American historical events during that period of shame to the Holocaust – that’s 250 years of shame right there. Let white people be silent about their history if they don’t want to hear about it. Remember this is what people remember about the second world war. Not about the politics but the terrible slaughter perpetrated on the Jews.

    Celebrate the contributions of African slaves in building this society that we all enjoy (to some extent). Stop letting white people define it as their sole creation. Let them know that this “civilisation” that they are so proud of would not exist without the efforts and sacrifices of Africans, that their wealth would not exist without the efforts and sacrifices of Africans.

    And make sure you celebrate the sacrifices of Africans each and every year. Proudly and visibly. Then you will start to believe that this society belongs to Africans. But that process of belief needs practice. But it will come.

    Then you will have the proud intellectual arrogance of the white man. Only your pride will be based on truth and theirs will still be in denial. Show them the quicksand their pride is built on and you will see their intellectual confidence dissipate. Once it has dissipated, then they will be weak and you can speak the truth and they will have no excuse but to listen.

    Remember this is a world created by Africans.


  • Marc

    Instead of focusing on white people oppressing black people, and a racist system. Why don’t black people focus on rising above it, and urging, and empowering, other blacks to do the same. I feel that black people being in the position they are now can be traced back to the tenements and segregation. People are somewhat products of their environment. That is why the black people that rise above the oppression also need to not forget about the other blacks who are and sometimes feel trapped. There will always be racism(ignorance). It’s not only in America. You pointed out that most serial killers are white, therefore you should also point out that statistically they commit less violent crime in every other facet, than blacks. The #1 killer of black males age 15 – 34 is not white police officers. It’s other black males. Too much time is spent focusing on whites oppressing blacks than blacks helping themselves to succeed. All the race baiting and talk about “the white mans world” does is give black people an easy out and somewhere to place the blame for unsuccessful lives. There are people who don’t make it in this world. Every sex and color. But here in the USA everyone has a chance. I also don’t understand why black people feel the need to speak to differently, wear clothes 3 sizes too big, and walk around with their pants around their knees (every race does this). If you look at black people in the UK for instance. Everyone dresses pretty similarly, and white or black everyone speaks in the same English accent. I don’t wear business suits because I enjoy wearing them. I wear them because that’s what is asked and that’s what I see the people who are doing better than me are wearing. Why try so hard to be different? There is something in conformity(in moderation) that somewhat eases the misconceptions associated with different things. I don’t believe I am a racist person. I’m sure some people will feel differently, and that’s fine. I’m just a 30 year old semi-successful white guy stating my opinion. I thought this was a very interesting, well written article. I thought it could benefit from some perspective.

  • United_Dreamer

    John Metta – thank you for this article. Never be afraid to speak the truth. And when they call you a race baiter just remember this is just another n word. Be confident – your African ancestors sacrificed much for ownership of this world.

    Remember this important fact. There is not enough money in the world to pay the reparations for the sacrifices made by Africans. What that means is that the world is yours because as every banker knows when you can’t pay your debts you lose the house! Send in the bailliffs 😉


  • United_Dreamer

    “I thought it could benefit from some perspective.”

    You were wrong. ALL we hear is the white perspective. Yours is very little different.

    The perspective we are missing is the black perspective unfiltered and uninterrupted. What you need to do is listen and internalise. Not get defensive and think you know the answers. Trust me you don’t.

    Your knowledge and intellect with regards racism is several years behind that of the black man. Accept for once that you do not hold the intellectual upper hand. The black man is the professor and you are the pupil.

    Your intellectual self belief will be affronted by my challenge to your own belief in your understanding, and no doubt you will try and vindicate your stance. I cannot help that.

    One day your eyes will open. But you need to open yourself up, without interruption, to black people witnessing their experiences.

  • United_Dreamer

    Racism is a cloak, not a person. You are either protected by the cloak or you’re not. If you’re white you are protected by the cloak. If you’re black, you’re not. And it’s not national, it’s global. That’s why there is no country on the planet where the average black person is richer than the average white person. This is a construct.

  • United_Dreamer

    Race baiting is just another n word. Stop using it please.

  • United_Dreamer

    Very true. But it would be a shame to let the good bits slide without trying to take ownership. Most people are not motivated by money, this is the “little white lie”, they are motivated by duty and community. It’s only those at the top that are motivated in that way. We are looking for leaders who intrinsically understand how to motivate and control from the “bottom”, the grass roots as the influence of money rots away.

  • Marc

    All I can do is give a white guys perspective. I thought there were some valid points that I made and was hoping to hear a black persons perspective on those. I’m not defensive at all. I just don’t see the racism that is soo rampant from the black perspective. But I’m white. Please forgive my ignorance, I’m just trying to understand. I live in a city with a black police chief, and a black mayor, within a country with a black president. Alot of my friends friends are black and they are doing very well for themselves. I just don’t understand…

  • Marc

    Can you honestly imagine what would happen to this country if all the white people just left in the middle of the night while you were sleeping???

  • Marc

    I can

  • Bishadi

    Uh…… I am direct lineage to 1849 slav, slaves called serfs of Prussian occupation. GGGGrand pappy killed a german soldier defending a neighbor and they dropped everything and left for America, just to survive.
    Each have some type of oppression.
    The article is about here an now, not the histories of each. Who knows, the Hispanic are getting the worse wrap as of today, and the Chinese ‘slaves’ practically built the infrastructure of transportation east to west, not to mention the millions upon millions of indigenous the dead and oppressed.
    The intelligent produce solutions. Reading a history book, is not creating anything.

  • Bishadi

    Excuse me?
    Race baiting is what whiners do. It’s about like an israeli claiming that to be against israel is anti semitic. The claim is blatant misleading and hypocritical to even insinuate without grounds.
    You calling me racist or even insinuating it, is about like telling your mother to go _____ herself..
    Wrong guy dreamer!

  • Bishadi

    Racist; is lying to the self.

  • Seriously? You respond to writing this insightful and heartfelt with a racist stereotype that broad and offensive?

    By the way, there have NEVER been riots by black Americans to rival the race riots of our white majority.

    Get educated. Please. No one needs another racist troll.

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  • vallehombre

    As a direct beneficiary of Honkey Power and life long white guy let me say… it’s fucking cake!

    Not fair, not sane, not realistic but hey, do I have to worry some thug cop is going to whack me for jay walking or looking the wrong way at his steroid fueled ass? When I get caught speeding, I don’t even get a warning much less a beating. I apply for a job I always go to the head of the line, qualified or not. You may be more qualified in every respect but you know who’s going to get the check.

    Here’s the deal amigos, bros and cousins – not one single honkey is going to give this shit up. Don’t believe it for a nanosecond. The deal is rigged, the dice are loaded, the fix is in and there is no way in hell you’re even going to get in the game anyway.

    Huey Newton, Muhammad Ali, Malcom X, Angela Davis and a whole bunch of
    other really smart folks before and after them told us all about it. There is no
    news in any of it.

    My kids know and do better. And their little white kids will do even better. But that is some really slow shit while folks are dying every single day. Do not expect anyone who is perched on top of a very shaky ladder to lend another a hand up. Most WMF are too busy just trying to hang on to ever look down. The fact is we’re caught in the same game. We’re just collectively stupid or willfully ignorant enough to pretend not to notice.

    My ‘people” were booted out of Scotland during the clearances so we came here and started our own clearances. We killed the folks already here took their land just as they had taken it from others and when they were all “relocated” or became scarce we killed the buffalo and when those were gone we went back to killing the ones who survived the first time around and we stole their kids and put them into “schools” in the bargain.

    We purchased Africans from Africans and worked them till they died or ran off and then we hunted them down with dogs and they died anyway. The Spanish did it, the Portugese did it and every honkey American that could did it and a whole lot of the rest wanted to. We fought a civil war over it ended up with a lot of dead citizens and the KKK. Haiti mounted a “successful” revolution for independence but still had to pay France until the end of the twentieth century which kept them suitably impoverished, so there you go. Oh yeah, some black dude found 17 thousand or so uses for peanuts so it all balances out, right?

    The anti colonial wars of the post WW2 era demonstrated on undeniable fact of humanity: No one gives another freedom. All that can be given is license and that is always conditional.

    We are, all of us, as free as we choose to be.

    It is what it is. Because we are as we are.

    That’s why, like Samuel Clements, I find the more time I spend with people the more I like dogs.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    First, a disclaimer: I am White. Now I will proceed.
    I live in a building that is populated by mostly Black people. The group that owns this building is trying to force Black people out by not repairing this that break. To be “fair”, there is only one maintenance man for 5 buldings…yet it seems that my stuff gets fixed while theirs does not.
    Why? It’s obvious to me…I’m White & they’re not…and that’s the essence of this “Christian” country: if you’re not White, you’re not alright.
    Makes me furious. Wish I wasn’t disabled—there’d be Hell to pay (and might yet be if I can get someone to listen). I’m sneaky…I’ll get a reporter here on the premise that it’s “my” building…then take them aroundto all the Black apartments)

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    …& I see that damn cloak every day..

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    “Instead of focusing on white people oppressing black people, and a
    racist system. Why don’t black people focus on rising above it, and
    urging, and empowering, other blacks to do the same.[sic]?
    Because they’re IN it…and if you’re IN it, you (generally) cannot “rise above it”…not without a lot of money (which they —again, generally—do not have).
    Your comment about “baggy pants” & the like shows your complete lack of understanding. Young Black men do this because their cultural heroes—the rappers, who have “made it”—do it. In the same vein, many young White men imitate Eminem.

    Get it now?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    It’s because you chose to have money. I face the same choice—and declined it.


    Because it’s more important for me to live with REAL people with REAL problems than it is to obtain IMAGINARY wealth, which I could use only until the economy collapsed.

    When I owned a cleaning/janitorial business, I gave away my excess money. Why? Because therewere/are people poorer than me. Perhaps I’m more sensitive because I’m a woman; then again, that’s an excuse a lot of men use to justify/ignore/explain away many things that women do that men don’t.

  • Marc

    I give away a good deal of money too. But everyone has to realize that money rules the world. The more you have the better off you are. Regardless of the economic state.

  • Marc

    I also said that the successful black people need to also urge and empower other blacks to do the same. Let’s be honest… There is just as much opportunity afforded to young black people in this country as there are whites. Most black kids can go to college almost for free. While I still have friends paying off their student loans. Hell they can go to an all black college if they choose. There of course are no all white colleges, because that would be racist. Not to mention the tax breaks given to companies that hire minorities, and the incentives given to minority owned businesses. It’s time for the blacks to stop blaming white people for their problems. They spend more time and effort blaming and attacking white people for the social injustices that have occurred, than stepping up and helping others to flourish. If anything, I feel that white people have gone too far in trying to help the “struggling black man”. At some point you have to realize you can’t help a group of people that aren’t willing to help themselves. How much do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jesse Jackson actually do to empower young blacks? It seems they spend most of their time spewing their racist, anti white, fight the power BS than helping their own people. This is the greatest country in the world! I dare anyone to go find one better. And I know someone is going to give me a list of countries that are better than the US. My question to them… Why are you still here?

  • Marc

    Really? You send me a link to something that happened nearly 100 years ago? This is from 8 months ago.

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  • Marc

    If Africans built this country?? Why are 19 of the 23 poorest countries in the world, located in Africa??? That doesn’t make sense?

  • kevinzeese

    Marc, is this a serious comment? What do you think that African slavery did to Africa? How about colonization and the stealing of resources by multiple European countries? This is just two of a long list of how imperialism and militarism from outside the continent has devasted their ability to advance. I hope you were just making a joke with this comment, trying to be sarcastic and the humor did not make it through,

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  • Rich Garriques

    lol this is a far cry from the destruction whites did to black communities even before L.A riots. whites destroyed black communities and predominate areas. lynching and murdering blacks in the areas for decades. they even bombed a rich black area in Oklahoma (google Oklahoma city bombing) that was a rich black area that had black wall street. they affectively destroyed black opportunities and today they complain about black people being like this they even paid whites billions of dollars out of home ownership money and turned their backs on black people (yes our monetary banks turned its back on a race of people to help their own people) that is why many whites today live in homes and better communities . whites are evil I’ll say this once more. they destroyed the home land of black people then enslaved them and brought them here and still broke their development. whites are definitely the true terrorists in this world it is not black people. history shows whites are world wide mass murdering terrorists. you can put 100 whites in a room and like 20 blacks and they will say there is to many black people in here and hate will spread. they do it all the time even in their gated communities they are well known for racial hate crimes. they use their law enforcement and prison industrial complex to punish and imprison black people. (modern slavery). so don’t talk to me about black people destroying a few buildings and killing a few white people is a FAR CRY TO WHAT YOUR PEOPLE DONE TO THEM AND THIS WORLD.

  • Rich Garriques

    yes it does since it was whites who destroyed the majority of africa and have stolen their culture and resource’s and still use their military in those areas till this day.

  • Michał Grzanka

    I’m not from USA. I’m from East Europe. I try to understand your (blacks) argumentation but i can’t understand one thing. Why many afro americans think that I, in person, owe them something? Because people who did terrible things to their ancestors were the same skin color as I ? Why so many black wait for some kind of “payday” in future?
    Honestly i think that “racial discrimination” is very overreted topic. It is just a banner like “freedom”, “honor”, “justice” attend as a excuse for executing private, very often political, interest.

    I understand that many blacks are criminals, live in poverty, that many of them has more difficult access to education or good job.
    But I know that this isn’t their fault. It’s social environments factors which white man started.
    Today’s glas cailings for blacks in many life areas are results of hundred of years of slavery, repressions or discrimitation etc.
    Society, try to “pay this bills” by different kind of social/starting equalization politics for black ( for example adding extra points on colleges recrutation etc).
    Why black people thing that white are focused on destroing their race? What did to people this same color skin Hitler in Europe? Stalin in Russia? What did Mao Zedong to Asian in China? What did Idi Amin to his blacks subjects in Africa (Uganda)?

    Race don’t generate evil and problems.
    Political leaders create them.

    It’s good to remember that before judging and condemn someone.

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  • Please don’t stop talking about it. Please keep talking about it. I need to hear it over and over again. I want other people to hear it. I want my kids to know it. I am learning and I am listening.
    Thank you for this post.

  • Kelli Marie Herbert

    I read this and I believe I understand. However, what I would like to know as someone who acknowledges institutional racism and the benefits it gives me, what am I to do more than I am? I already ask HR to guarantee I have at least 30% (preferably 50% or higher) POC candidates sent for review and I won’t let the pool be closed until I get the #s. I ask that race information be removed from the documents that I’m given so it doesn’t influence my decision and I ask for the standardized skill sheet and background so that writing styles also can’t influence which candidates make it to the interview and information rounds. I have filled 60% of my open positions with POC and it was always because they had the best skill set that we needed and interviewed the best over the phone. Our company has only 30-40% POC, so Im definitely not just going with the curve. Ive spent countless hours helping staff create solid, neutral resumes and profiles to apply internally and helped quite a few advance within the company. I’ve advocated for financial equality and gotten pay raises for POC who were transferred to me and their salary was lower than others of the same skill set.

    I guess I get frustrated because I have no idea what to do beyond what I’m doing which is confronting any institutional racism that I can when I am aware of it and actively thinking of it when making certain decisions so I can do my part in neutralizing it. I encouraged my daughter to make friends with the African American family in our building and with the others in the complex. She played with more children with a skin tone different than hers than the same. Our church has a mix of immigrants from Asia, Africa, South America and the congregation is less than 50% white. Our elders are 75% minorities (and mostly women).

    I guess that is my frustration. I listen but I’m being told that I don’t hear. I think I do both but the solution is in a language none of us truly can articulate right now. I hope we can communicate soon 100% on the same level because I truly believe we should be judged by skills and internal things not external factors like the color of skin. I don’t deserve more because my skin is light. I think everyone deserves the same chances but I recognize that it is skewed and do my best to unskew it whenever possible.

  • Threesided Orchid

    first, semi-unrelated, a lot of the bits in this article remind me of how I feel when the topic of feminism comes up. I can’t tell you how often i’ve heard or read comments from men claiming male/female inequality doesn’t exist any longer because *they* don’t see it and *they* treat their wives as equals.

    But that aside, what frightens me most about the topic of racism in the US over the last few years is that many (mostly in the media, but I often see it in comments too) seem to be trying to draw a sharper divide- to imply, subtly or not, that it is ‘us’ against ‘them’. That because whites don’t experience racism, or are the privileged class, that they are incapable of recognizing the issues or participating in the fight against it. What worries me about this kind of attitude is that it implies conversations can’t be had, that a protest against racism can *only* be attended by blacks and whites can’t attend too. I’m fairly sure it plays into the ideas expressed in this article too. Overall, it’s a dangerous, dangerous thing in my book; it not only hurts progress, it undermines it.

  • safewrite

    “Racism is so deeply embedded in this country not because of the racist
    right-wing radicals who practice it openly, it exists because of the
    silence and hurt feelings of liberal America.”

    1. This quote leaves out those who are not “right wing radicals” or liberals. As a moderate Christian conservative, who spent most of her 60 years in churches that were aware of racism and yet were not crippled with “white guilt” we did what we could. When I was a hiring official I chose people on the basis of their competence, and helped those who were disadvantaged become more competent. People like me are the mentors, who see black people as INDIVIDUALS who Christ died for. I’m not responsible for the sins of my fathers, but I am very responsible to love my neighbor in real-time, today.
    2. I lived in NY most of my life and moved to SC six years ago. In NY I had black relatives via marriage and lived when possible in racially mixed communities. Here in SC I also live in a mixed community. The big differences between the north and the south in race relations that I’ve observed is here there is less segregation. But then, the state is about 50% black and 50% white.

    It’s so necessary to see how you view the world and to hear your
    honesty. Thank you. Because of your article I may be able to avoid
    unintentionally frustrating my black neighbors, friends and co workers.

  • Lovinglife101

    Great article – well written

  • Lola K Francis

    Have you tried calling maintenance on their behalf, or writing a letter to the management?

  • Fail Burton

    Africans enslaved more Africans than anyone. They sold some to the Europeans on the coast and kept some for harvesting gold dust, gum Arabic, the N. African slave trade, trade to the near Middle East, field work, etc. Stop falsifying history. It’s not like history books don’t exist.

  • It’s entirely appropriate for black people not to talk about racism with white people, if they so choose. White people have been ‘putting upon’ black people to talk about racism for a long, long time.

    For white people to talk with white people about racism, however, is a categorical moral imperative; an absolute good.

  • Dje234

    You are 1. not from here. 2. are white. Time to take yourself out of this discussion, okay, hun?

  • Dje234

    You seem lost. The StormFront website is that way>>>>>>>

  • Dje234

    Marc, the StormFront website is that way>>>>>>>

  • Dje234

    You are showing your ignorance and white fragility. You, a white person, have no experience being a black person, so you have no credibility in telling anyone what is ‘race baiting’ what is not racist or not. Your response is equivalent to you going into surgery to tell a brain surgeon how to conduct his business: you have neither the qualifications or the experience to tell that doc what to do. You don’t know anything about it. And instead of acknowledging that a person of color knows more about it than you, has experienced systematic racism first hand, you dismiss it. WHICH IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE and WHY THIS PERSON DOES NOT TALK TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE. Your post is the perfect example of the point this person was trying to make. Good job!

  • Dje234

    You are showing your ignorance and white fragility. You, a white person, have no experience being a black person, so you have no credibility in telling anyone what is ‘race baiting’ what is not racist or not. Your response is equivalent to you going into surgery to tell a brain surgeon how to conduct his business: you have neither the qualifications or the experience to tell that doc what to do. You don’t know anything about it. And instead of acknowledging that a person of color knows more about it than you, has experienced systematic racism first hand, you dismiss it. WHICH IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE and WHY THIS PERSON DOES NOT TALK TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE. Your post is the perfect example of the point this person was trying to make. Good job!

  • Dje234

    . Your post is the perfect example of the point this person was trying to make. Good job!

  • Dje234

    Right wing news? LOL!!!!!! Funny!

  • Bishadi


  • Bishadi

    troll times 2

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    “Why so many black wait for some kind of “payday” in future?”

    I would imagine you are aware that the Nazis murdered many Jews in Eastern Europe and stole their belongings.Could you understand why the surviving Jews and their descendants sought reparations? Were you against the Jews being repaid for these crimes?

  • Dje234

    Takes one to know one.

  • Dje234

    Again: takes one to know one.

  • Sahara Briscoe

    Dearest Kelli,

    This is what the author means by “personal”. What people like YOURSELF needs to understand, that It’s not about you, but a system. I urge you not to be frustrated, but to thank our Creator for the challenges you win, and ask for fortitude for the coming ones––YOU ARE un-skewing the imbalance. Sorry for the caps, but I don’t want you to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Your actions stated in your comment is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE, than the arguments I hear. Instead of relying on lame assumptions and stereotype, you have made demands and positive changes in your life and the life of others. And you have done this with courage!

    I know whites who have been fired from their positions and ostracized in their communities for standing with their black associates, one of the reasons for white silence. Your skin may be white, but––you are part of the HUMAN race too. I think you understand that.

    Let the frustration go. I have a sign over my worktable that says “Everything Furthers.” This keeps me from dwelling on “the I haven’t done enough” internal voice.

    Just as planting seeds to grow TREES doesn’t yield quick results, every day they get taller; and they last for generations. Your daily actions will cause the lives of the people you help to get taller. That is enough. 🙂

  • zen-fil-a

    no response.. lol

  • The first comment was made 3 MONTHS ago, the question from Lola written 13 HOURS ago. Hardly surprising that there has not been a response from Lakewolf.

  • zen-fil-a

    you’re right, i was being reactionary. and for that i apologize. even if they never respond might not be a reflection of what they did in real life.

  • Phineas J. Cracker

    Just a great article, spot on. As a white Northern Liberal, it is easy enough for me to acknowledge the terrible violence visited on People of Color, by the police, to bemoan the unfairness and the loss of life, but much more difficult to see (or acknowledge) the myriad ways I benefit from the system that supports that violence.

    Reading through the comments, it is also clear that you touched a nerve. There are so many examples here, of exactly what you were writing about. Well done.

  • Libra_Lady

    Black people have been talking the whole time we’ve been here. It’s White who refuse to listen much less have an honest discussion that’s not filled with derailing techniques.

  • Libra_Lady

    Is that the same management I read is getting sued because of those practices?

  • moey100

    Please do not paint all white people with the same brush. I am white & of European descent. I am not a racist. You could be black, red, yellow or purple with pink polka dots…that does not matter to me. What matters to me is that we are all human beings. I am poor. I live in an old trailer. I live on a small disability pension. Even though I am poor, I would give the shirt off my back to someone in need. When a homeless person asks for spare change I scrounge through my little bit of change and give. I make things like hats, scarves etc from donated yarn and go through the streets and pass out to homeless people…no matter what colour they are or how old they are. Another thing, about wars and conflicts throughout the world, countries taking over other countries etc. My great grandfather was Armenian. In the late 1800’s Turkey was on the war path taking over lands around them and cleansing (murdering) the people. The Turks invaded Armenia (Armenian Massacre). My great-great grandparents were murdered in cold blood, leaving my great grandfather an orphan. The Turks continued their raids and in the history books now are named the Hamidian Massacres. Racism is as old as the hills but if one at a time the links of the chain are broken, PEACE can be found.

  • Here’s one concrete example of institutional racism. In the 1950s and 1960s, the FHA guaranteed about a trillion dollars in home loans. None of it went to black people. Even when it was finally made illegal to deny black people access to the program, redlining prevented black people from being able to buy anywhere except in poor neighborhoods. The result? A tremendous amount of generational wealth in white families from the appreciation of all that real estate which didn’t accrue for black families. That’s only one example. When you are ready, I’ll describe another one for you.

  • matthewdeaners

    Ironically, by not reading the article, you are proving the truth of the article.

  • singingsoprano

    Bishadi, you complete miss it then, which is kind of the point of the article. If you refuse to hear the cries of the oppressed because they don’t say it the way you want them to, you perpetuate the oppression. If it’s not about “white people’s feelings”, then it is about the cry..so listen to the cry, and don’t tone police the wounded.

    Also, I don’t know if you’re white, and I don’t know if you live in America…but again, the system here is a bit rigged, and it’s not all about skin color, but skin color does make a difference in how someone is able to proceed in the world. My experiences as a white woman are distinctly different than my brown immigrant husband’s or our son’s, and their’s are distinct again from the experiences that confront black men and women in America.

    But dialogue, that you are crying out for, requires listening even when we don’t like the tone of voice, and even when we don’t like the message.

  • Bishadi

    Thank you.

  • Bishadi

    Today is 2015.

  • Indy

    I don’t think I exhaled during the entire article. I’m keeping this under my belt, to read again and again. Thank you.

  • Yes. So, there has been 50 years of wealth accumulation by whites owning homes which blacks were shut out of.

  • Andrea Peloso

    Thanks for reaching out to me as a white person. To reiterate some of the points you have already made: racism is such a huge part of our society and white people are trained not to see and question it, even when it is apparent at almost every given moment to people of colour. More and more, I’m asking myself: what can I practically do every day to change this? I’d love if others wanted to add to/ change/ or improve this list. First: WHITE FOLKS MUST LISTEN!!! TO THEIR FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN FAMILY WHO KNOW RACISM, THEY MUST LISTEN AND TAKE ACTION BASED ON WHAT THEY LEARN, NOT HIDE FROM THEIR FEELINGS. White people must also work to encourage a shift in culture so that we are also the listeners to the real experts on racism: ANYONE BUT WHITE PEOPLE. Its important for white people to support join anti racist groups that speak out about race representation in movies and tv, to demand better than token, limited roles for people of colour. We can associate beauty with all skin tones, and speak out when we only see whiteness. We can realize that every time a black person is killed or imprisoned that WE are connected to this person and react, donate, write, protest. We can observe, as teachers, in classroom situations when our students of colour may not speak for fear or being accused of being “angry” or experiencing worse racism from other students and create safer spaces where racism is not enabled. We can demand that government resources like schools, hospitals, infrastructure be shared evenly. We can support actions that PAY BACK communities of colour the opportunities denied them by rectifying the balance now in terms of programs and funding. We can keep our eyes open every day to what is happening around us, to how we may unconsciously be treating people differently based on stereotypes, and instead act consciously to end this. I hope that one day I can earn the trust of people of colour and that they might want to share their experiences with me. I have a lot to learn.

  • Loki’s Mom

    What? Are you saying this is a “blacks only” conversation, then? That he is not from the US, fine; however, discrimination is everywhere, not just in the US. That he is white, does not make his opinion any less valid, regardless of how we may feel about it.

  • Marvin Martian

    Give me a fucking break. I swear I wish every dumb ass black person that believes this shit could be white for a damn year. You’d go back to being black in a fucking heartbeat just to have the excuses you no longer have. Jesus Christ. You know what’s great. We’re on the verge of genetic editing AFTER birth. Every damn black person that believes this bullshit should be required to be white for a year.

    If you don’t want to be pre-judged as a criminal race, STOP COMMITTING ALL THE DAMN CRIMES. Your race commits more crime BY FAR than any other race. OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO BE STEREOTYPED.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    More than once. Management here is well aware of the problems here, but I think the Boston management overrules them on most issues

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I wish I knew. The only thing i do know is that they’re based in Boston, and specialise in “diverse income” apartment buildings. Any info I could get would be greatly appreciated.
    Being disabled (and therefore not being able to be as effective as I used to be) is annoying, irritating…and VERY (physically) painful.

  • boredd

    Most white people who you think are racist aren’t individually racist, they are culturally racist, and looking at the culture how can you blame them? Selling drugs, pimping, guns, violence, theft, poor education are all worshipped in black culture. Change your culture and you’ll change the perception. Would you mind explaining to me how the number one killer of black people since the late 70’s, more than cancer, diabetes, heart disease and homocide combined is abortion? If the system is so skewed against you then why are you killing yourselves at such a huge rate? Is that systematic oppression or is that a cultural failure? And fuck off with the Lord of the Rings “observation”, it was written by a British man in the 30’s and really shouldn’t even be brought up, its a moot point. And the movie was produced by the Saul Zaentz company, a jewish company. Also, John Stewart is jewish, not white. And the owner of “the Independent” is jewish, as are the owners of almost all media, so who’s really the racist here? Its funny that you can’t succeed in the most opportunistic country in the world, a country that illegal aliens are dying to get into (literally), a country practicing affirmative action, a country with multiple social welfare systems in place. There are literally BILLIONS of people who would LOVE to be in your shoes but “muh racism” is holding you down. PATHETIC. Most white people aren’t racist anymore because we stopped giving a fuck long ago, you’re just so obsessed with victimizing yourselves and its just excuse after excuse. Fuck off.

  • boredd

    But dats rassiss you white cracka.

  • Gwynne875

    Powerful. Unsettling and thought provoking. Being upset about the carnage is not enough. You have planted an important “mind worm”. I will have to mull this over and think long and hard about what I can do to challenge the systemic racist dynamic. Your point is well taken. Thank you.

  • Bishadi

    let me guess, to you Katrina was white?

  • Gina Gamble

    Your article speaks to the very reason that I had my middle school students do research and write an essay on “The Lasting Legacy of Slavery.” They looked at incarceration rates by race for similar crimes, educational data, and employment data. Once you break it down you can see how our history of slavery, segregation, and basic racist bias have played a role in the continuing inequality.

  • DakotaKid

    Yes I experienced much racism. People telling me I cannot be hired because of my skin color. My bosses telling me I need to suck it up and get used to it while the others around me are helped with problems at work. I left Texas because I found it was no place for a white man to work.

  • I have no idea what you mean by that.

    Do you have any response to my example of institutional/systemic racism? The importance of it is that it is not an opinion or some kind of rhetoric. It is a fact that the systemic exclusion of people of color from home financing left them generations behind in wealth accumulation.

  • lhorwith

    Ok so I’m working on all of this beautifully articulated good sense in my head, but not there yet, and being white, so just asking…. is this inequality like bullying we allow by not knowing how to stand up to them, and calling a boyfriend abusive when we have no spine to respond on our favor. I’ve been guilty of this. I’m working on speaking kindly respectfully what I need/want. And hearing others when I’m not getting it, whatever the it is. Except that in all those cases it may not be the immediately right thing to do. Might have to work up to that. And its that gray area that I hear in this article is insurmountable. Until white people open the dialogue with humility. And I see the beautiful soul in front of me, or on a resume, or application, and put away the thoughts that culture taught me, to worry about me, to judge them, as bad habits. And make the divide smaller by reaching out as a daily priority. An agenda on the white individuals table. To open hearts. And replace the old filter with new filter, behavior, agenda of inclusiveness. As a verb. Embrace not competing, not better than anyone. Humility is biblical, after all.

  • jkstraw

    And I thought the Orcs were black..

    Fare thee well now, let your life proceed by it’s own design.
    Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I’m done with mine.

  • Bishadi

    No, not really as banking, business and law are some areas of US business, that if you ask anyone in the fields, no matter the color will represent that your rhetoric is a joke. It’s OK rick, you can keep whining as it is apparent that have skin in the game.

  • ltrainer105046

    Great article. As a young, white male, I am always asking how I can help. The biggest answer I get is to simply listen and stay the hell out of the way. Is that accurate? Aside from posting on social media the things that my parents’ generation doesn’t want to hear regarding race, what can I do to help the cause? I guess I feel like there is a lot of anger directed at white people, and rightfully so, but how can I, as a white male, be a bridge to help the minority community and show that many whites do want to participate in this discussion and work towards a solution?

  • Robert Miles

    “(Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed demographic has the ability to oppress those in power?)” Oppression is not racism but can be and usually is a byproduct of it. Yes a black American can be racist, ethnocentric and everything else. ” Racism is the fact that “White” means “normal” and that anything else is different.” When you can sit down and write what is white and normal, then we can talk. Black Americans are just as westernized and “white” as most white Americans. Majority of black Americans are middle to upper class Americans (Fact). You don’t need to shield me from my feelings, you seem to want me to be the bad guy and then offer no solutions except to say, “you’re the bad guy”. Historically, white Americans have even told other white Americans to assimilate and to me the conversation it’s coming off as the black community doesn’t want to assimilate (although it really has for the most part). So we stand on two different competing thoughts: pluralism vs assimilation. Is it Black Lives Matter? Or American Lives Matter, talking about it without being colorblind? Which one will compel the majority to speak up and take action?

  • Robert Miles

    A great deal of black Americans have white Ancestors. And no it wasn’t all rape.

  • Robert Miles

    Technically “our world” is being built in China and India as we speak. I’m not sure what you’re talking about? Democracy is a “white” system.

  • Robert Miles

    The UN decided to seed them land in Palestine. I dunno, what could go wrong? But I don’t disagree with your premise. The problem is it’s lacking historical perspective. They were offered reparations upon emancipation and even transportation to return to Africa. This “they” are long ago black slaves who were freed, “they” no longer exist.

  • I’d love, Mr Miles, for you to cite your source for your fact, that the majority of blacks in America are middle class or above.

    My posts in this thread are not about any individual racist behaviors, but the institutional racism which is built in to our society. And yes, it is uncomfortable for white people to hear about, and most instantly become defensive. It’s not about you, though.

  • Robert Miles

    Because they are American and live in a Westernized country with American customs? It doesn’t matter what race. That’s a sub-culture that crosses racial lines. To directly target your transgression, it’s the same reason “chavs” are not seen as professional in Britain.

  • j.lup

    The four colors of mankind are Red, Yellow, Black and White. Each contribute to the evolution of knowledge.

    Um, no. People come in shades of brown and pink. ‘Evolution of knowledge’ is a meaningless phrase.

    Each have genetic benefits for their environment.

    Again, no. Differences in melanin organization is a useful adaptation for humans, but environments aren’t static. ‘Genetic benefits’ are not for an organism’s environment.

    The few lucky enough to have the genetic lineage of all four, are perhaps the most physically evolved on the planet.
    Make sense?

    Nope, that makes so sense whatsoever. You don’t understand what ‘evolved’ means, not in slightest. Also, your incorrect use of commas makes your incoherent statements even more painful to read.

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  • Bishadi

    4 colors, from the main continental and regional divisions of the human race, before airliners.
    Airline is a word that evolved. Typical. The obtuse do not comprehend ‘evolution’ and knowledge being manmade.
    Sickle-cell anemia is a genetic benefit in a malaria region of the world. Or see the doma tribe and see a physical evolution for climbing.

  • Icewaterchrist

    And what is your point?

  • Icewaterchrist

    And that is related to the black experience in the US how?

  • Robert Miles

    This dichotomy of white vs black is getting tiring. Plus black Americans are far from being African.

  • Robert Miles

    Census 2010. It’s a stereotype that black Americans are mostly poor.

  • Icewaterchrist

    Try again when you come down from the acid.

  • Icewaterchrist

    Your gibberish is getting denser. Take a break.

  • Jared Prince

    To refuse to discuss something with a person because of that person’s race, or color of skin, is racist. By his own words, John Metta, the author of the article is racist.

  • Icewaterchrist

    A little more specific please?

  • Icewaterchrist

    How are jewish people not white? Do tell.

  • Icewaterchrist

    Maybe you should lie down then.

  • Robert Miles

    You could try providing substance with your comments.

  • Jeanne Deaux

    At one time we were all black (or shades of much darker brown). The lighter-skin thing didn’t begin in earnest until some of us left Africa and we didn’t see genuinely white-skinned people (OK, very very light brown–look at your skin, “white” folks, there’s color there) until about 10,000 years ago. Ditto blue eyes.

    Fred Flintstone is a myth in more than one way. He ought to look more like James Avery than Jackie Gleason.

    Where we whites got the damn stupid idea that light skin was a sign of God’s special favor, I wish I knew. But it’s more like we’re mutants. Weirdos. Misfits. And boy do we act like it.

    I’m listening. And I agree with your sister. Been saying it for a while myself actually, but then, I’m a transplanted Southerner now living in Ohio, and I spent four years living in a poor majority-black neighborhood. I have personally seen it. I suspect classism plays an important secondary role to your aunt’s racism in explaining why she can’t see it. She wasn’t ever so broke she had $500 a month to her name and whatever else she could scrounge on eBay. She never had to call the cops on a domestic abuser in the downstairs apartment only to have the cop on the phone laugh her off because it’s THAT neighborhood so of COURSE “those people” are going to get up to things like that. Maybe I should have mentioned they were white…

    Doesn’t mean I don’t find the South’s outspokenness about race especially offensive, though. It’s nice to not be blindsided just when a person thought they were safe but who wants to be called names all the time?

  • Jonathan Root

    Perhaps we can either embrace the terms or change the terms, when some calls a black person angry. Say damn right I’m angry and explain, in a cool calculated manner why you’re angry. Or change it to say, I’m not angry, I am passionate about the subject, here’s why you should be passionate too. Perhaps the White Privilege term could be embraced as well. Yes, I am part of the White Privilege because I was born white. But I’m fighting for equality just like you. I’m fighting for equality in a system that has acted to oppress and vilify minorities, but racism is unacceptable in my life and I will keep fighting for your rights. Perhaps we can change the term from White Privilege to Established Privilege so it’s less personal. We could do many things. The question is will we?

  • The fact that you are weary, Robert, doesn’t diminish the issues we face (or, in your case, turn your back to). You can deflect from those issues all day long, or until you weary of that, as well.

    I am curious why you spend time here. You don’t seem to have any interest in learning from the article this comment thread is attached to, nor do you bother responding to fact-based posts included in this thread. Admittedly, it is tough when faced with facts which are not supportive of your beliefs.

    Of course, you are entitled to believe as you choose. I won’t call you any names or belittle you, either. At the same time, why are you here?

  • Jonathan, one thing I have learned is that Black people, for the most part, are weary of explaining to, or educating, white people. In fact, it is a key point in Mr Metta’s sermon above.

    I understand that the most-important role I can play as a white person is to educate other white people. Of course, there are those who actively seek to remain ignorant. That’s okay. There are examples evident within this forum of folks making exactly that choice.

    I spend my time with people who wish to know more about white privilege, white fragility, institutional racism, the school-to-prison pipeline, and so on.

  • Libra_Lady

    I think it’s telling that those White guys are calling you “misandrist” even as they throw Black men under the bus. Guess men only come in White for them.

  • Smirking Ape

    Yes, there is institutionalized racism in this country (and it doesn’t just work against black people). Yes there is white privilege. That doesn’t excuse lumping all white people into the same category as clueless and oblivious to the world around them, and as incapable of imagine how it looks through the eyes of others.
    To argue otherwise is – wait for it –


  • The fact that Mr Metta is weary of talking about race with white people doesn’t make him racist.

    It’s also true that white privilege is a phenomenon which does involve every white person in America. Some realize that they benefit from the accident of birth which made them white, and a great many do not.

    Do you read far enough into the sermon to be able to make any other point?

  • Smirking Ape

    Sure. But having made the one point I intended to make, it would just be gilding the lily.

  • Robert Miles

    I actually did learn some things from what was written. My greater point to this comment is we’re (white and black Americans) are way more alike and have way more of a shared history than many care to admit. What I have said here is supported by facts (DNA testing centers and Genealogists). The premise being set by from the above is a Us vs Them. I want to change the dialogue to a We and we shouldn’t treat ourselves like this. Also, I don’t mean this by saying to be colour blind. I myself have used my privilege to speak out against racism I’ve seen, even among my family. But frankly, I was raised outside of the states so I have a way different world view. I was raised in a different culture (Japan) to the point that’s how I identified. So I come at this issue with a different perspective and with different experiences, I fail to see how much black and white Americans are different (speak to actual African Americans, which is akin to broad brushing Native Americans on this matter) and this bickering between “how different” we are just needs to stop. There will never be any progress until both groups accept to see each other within the other group.

  • Jonathan Root

    Thanks for your message, a buddy of mine pointed out that the use of the word minority is not a positive way of describing the situation… I reposted it on Facebook and it lead to a great conversation with a comedian friend of mine, he brought a lot of understanding to the subject.

  • Gilding the lily, lipstick on a pig…I guess we can agree to disagree as to the most-accurate metaphor.

  • Pat Stear

    Clever of you to malign your aunt and feel so superior. How about looking at character instead of color? We all make choices. How about just choosing to be love instead of pointing the finger?

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  • Forth Sadler

    And those of us who are white need to be having this conversation. Not with each other to demonstrate how good and enlightened we are but with unsympathetic listeners. With people in our lives who we have investment in our relationships with. Our partners, our colleagues, our family members and our friends. Being silent is being complicit. Call it out where you see it.

  • Annie

    Robert, the U.S. has a unique history when it comes to white/black relations. Yes, race is a social construct, we are all one human race, etc. And I don’t mean to make light of those facts—they are absolutely true. But our history is unique because the United States was founded as a nation during the heyday of the African slave trade. Our very roots as a country, our sense of patriotism, our national historical identity are all intertwined with slavery and racism from whites to blacks. It’s not like it was a blip on our historical radar as a country—it’s been a stark reality throughout the vast majority (like 80% or so if you count from 1776 to the Civil Rights Movement—though that doesn’t include the 100 or more years before 1776) of our history. And we’re really not that far from that history. The dichotomy of white vs. black may not make sense from a biological standpoint, but it completely makes sense from a sociological standpoint. In some ways, we’ve come remarkably far, but the harder work is yet to come. The Civil Rights Movement basically cut off the visible weed of racism in America by eliminating most of the more blatant racist policies and practices and by changing people’s conscious ideas about equality. It’s easy to look at the ground and say we’re past needing to talk in terms of race and racism, but that’s not the reality. Weeds have to be uprooted or they keep springing up. And that’s messy, grueling work.

  • Robert Miles

    That only talks about history and not addressing what’s happening today. Black Americans are not freedmen. Native Americans do not live in Tepees or wear buckskin now. Etc. Those things are in the past and can be driving forces for the present but they are not what needs to be addressed now nor should we be constantly talking about them. This gets everyone no where. We can talk about race but stop doing it apologetically. That’s the premise of the discuss post and I agree with it. Hence why I want to raise the flag, black Americans are not very different from white Americans. Why do I say this? Because it really does rear the ugly head of what privilege really means in this country. Until we identify each other as one group, American, the realities of why other Americans are not being treated the same will not be given the severity of what I just said. Instead, remaining in this dichotomy of Us vs Them only keeps reasons and excuses for each group to justify why one group is being wronged. Now I do understand what I’m reaching at is an underlying argument MLK jr was having with Malcom X during the civil rights movement but I agree with MLK. To illustrate my point, “I become the Angry Black Person” is the perception people have because they don’t see it’s an American being angry at the mistreatment of his fellow Americans. BOTH groups view it the way he says it.

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  • Susan

    If we do not discuss this problem, it will never go away. There are white people in the USA would like to see this go away, but if we ignore it, it never will. To assume that all white people don’t want to talk about it and get rid of it, is not very fair, and is counterproductive. I live in a very mixed neighborhood, and I like it that way. I would love to see this kind of neighborhood be the norm in this country, not the exception. It HAS to be discussed, and solutions must be found.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hispanic, so before you all attack me as a “White racist”, know that the shoe doesn’t fit.

    So while I could counter all of your arguments individually and completely I just don’t have 1/2 a day to do so, but this should suffice.

    First, what you identify as racism against you personally is based on *gasp* black on white racism. Perhaps it’s because it’s confused with black freedom or perceived equality, but for some reason you’re make it perfectly clear that so long as there is a white person prospering, it’s only there because they’re white. It’s assumed that it has nothing to do with his ability, it’s just because he’s white. Is that not racist? Isn’t that simply baseless speculation? That’s the standard you are promoting, review someone by their race first, then their skills. Essentially, the same thing you’re fighting is what you desire, but flipped to be opportune for you and your race. Evidence of this is strewn about this post but I find the section around “Best non-racist in a white role” to best support your perception. It’s not your belief that all people are good and should be judged by the individual, you believe white people are bad and should be judged as a whole.

    Something that’s odd is your idea of representation. You say that white people identify with themselves rather than their race, and you imply that is wrong. Then, elsewhere, you condemn your own ideal. You say you’d rather have the individual be judged in events that would soil black representation, but again you turn around and say we should identify white people as “bad”. I personally believe what I’ve done is what I’ve done and isn’t a reflection of anyone’s work but my own. I don’t wish to be judged by my race, location, or nationality, but the fact is everyone does it anyway, you just think it’s wrong that white people do it while doing it yourself.

    Lastly, if we are to follow your perception of white people being bad, then doesn’t that mean we should follow the perception of why black people are bad? There’s a history of black crime that goes widely forgotten, and I want to bring it to this conversation. Political figures, at a time, did try to soften the blow against repressed races, specifically black people in the ghetto. It was recognized that arresting someone for committing a crime sets them on the path to commit more crimes upon release, so judges issues more warnings to the black demographic (starting in the late ’60s). Over the three decades that followed, crime increased 5x in the ghetto, with a 1.5x increase elsewhere. What happened besides civil rights and this political change? This spike continued up until the early to mid 90s when that number peaked and slowly started falling so “vietnam riots” are likely not the issue. What happened is that some said they had enough and started cracking down on crime. What happens when you allow a standard to continue for 30+ years than you suddenly try to change it? You’re in the the wrong. So when police are met with aggression in the streets and they do something about it, they’re in the wrong. When it’s assumed that 30 years, now almost 50 years, of idolizing crime and promoting it is okay, and people want to stop that, they’re in the wrong. Why do you want to blame white people for the fact that 50% of all people incarcerated in the US are black males? Why do you believe that a mixed race jury is 100% comprised of racists? Why do you believe that an officer should sacrifice himself at the hands of people who have a history of violence and hatred against police and white people?

    You want one-sided treatment and I think you’re bland to to that. You see black culture as MLK, Malcolm X, Ali, but that’s not what black culture is anymore, it’s black history. As of current, the only representatives of black culture demand segregation through their music, through their political view, and through their own racism. It’s skewed, probably even more so than existing white racism is. Google black culture and look at the pictures, you get a lot of civil rights and then you hit rap videos, people with guns and the like. Google white culture, and you get almost nothing but racism and stereotyping of white people. Google Latino culture and you get n accurate portrayal of Latino Culture, without the bashings of white or black people.

    Do you see now, you’re no more innocent or and less blind that those who you try to offend, demonize, and attack.

  • I pointed out before that the census of 2010 included no economic data. For some reason, that post disappeared. It’s still true, though, Robert. Glad to see that your edited post now includes much of what my now-deleted message included.

  • If you read further than the first paragraph, Jared, you will see that Mr Metta is discouraged from attempts to have the conversations not because of the color of the skin, but because of the typical reaction. That’s not a racist response, it’s a human one.

  • Dje234

    I am saying that if you are not black or not from this country, you have neither the experience, nor the expertise to say anything about racism. It is the equivalent to you going into a brain surgery operation and supervising the brain surgeon on accessing the problem, telling the doctor what to do, and how to do it. You simply lack the education, experience and expertise to do so. Don’t speak on what you don’t know, and don’t have any experience in. It is the height of ignorance, arrogance and white privilege.

  • fenris23

    Maybe wanting it to “go away” is part of the problem. For privileged white people like myself it’s a whole lot easier for it to go away by ignoring it than it is to get it to go away by fixing it.

    Instead of that, maybe we should focus on making it better? Accept that it exists, accept that it isn’t simply going away, talk about it, LISTEN about it, and act to make things a bit better.

  • Steve Gustin

    “The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.” really? is that why nobody will ever talk about the iq gap? look it up. while your at it, look up avg brain sizes too. iq is not only the most important factor in determining how successful you’ll be in society, but also, people of similar iq’s do best socializing and interacting with each other.

  • Jared Prince

    I did read and did understand the reaction as human. Being a human reaction and being racist are not mutually exclusive but they are independent. It is racist behavior to make any decision based on the color of the skin or the race of the person about whom the decision is being made.

  • Susan

    I think you just misunderstood my entire post. I said we HAVE to discuss these issues, in order for racism and misunderstanding to go away. I am saying we CAN’T ignore it. We have to discuss it and get it out in the open and deal with it honestly, and find solutions.

  • Robert Miles

    ? What? I only edited a grammatical error and I deleted a post where it was basically me answering the same question you asked to another individual. And yes the Census 2010 does include income levels. They have a whole section dedicated to it.

  • fenris23

    I got what you were saying. What I’m saying is that framing it as wanting it to “go away” is a bit of a problem because we aren’t going to get it to go away. If we try and make it go away we are going to fail. And then people like us tend to fall back on the other method of making it go away, simply ignoring that it exists, because we have the privilege to do so. I’m saying thinking about Racism as a problem we can make go away just doesn’t work.

  • Keepacoolhead

    It’s getting so that I rarely discuss racism with Black people too, so I hear you.

    The main problems, imo, with the construct of “structural racism” and it’s viral dissemination on social media, on MTV, even on CNN etc is that it’s not genuinely open for discussion – or not “falsifiable”. In other words, White people can either agree with it wholesale and get with the program or they simply don’t get it. They can’t “get it” in the same way a fish can’t “get” water. It’s *that* pervasive and all encompassing.
    It fosters intensely generalized thinking that *must* disentangle itself from individuals and specifics in order maintain coherence. For example, as the author stated “Black people think in terms of “we” and White people supposedly don’t or can’t because the “structure supports them”. Another common theme within this particular discourse is that Black people can’t be racist because they are not an intrinsic part of the “power structures”, whereas White people can because they are “privileged” by the “structure”. In this construct, conventional hate, violence, stereotyping and prejudice are not meaningfully racist. Why? Because all races exhibit this behaviour but in order for structural racism to be a real thing, only White people can be racist. Racial minorities can be prejudiced, violent, ignorant, cruel and hateful as with any human- but not racist.
    So basically, never mind actual racist *behaviour and attitudes* – we must only focus our attention on a construct that can’t be challenged, or, for that matter, even detected by the “privileged”. Never mind that issues of class and economics or mental health or education for example, which affect Whites *along with everyone else* in the “structure” can’t be factored in without undermining the coherence of the construct. Never mind that in this construct, saying “all lives matter” is racist. Never mind, never mind….
    In the end it doesn’t matter what *I* think about any of this. There’s no point talking to me because I’m White, and because I take very specific issues with it, I don’t “get it”. Fair enough. But I will say, into the wind if I must, that the construct of Structural Racism is cognitive, psychological, spiritual, social and political poison for Black people. Even if the “structure” and the “privileged” buy in completely and lay down and say “have at it, it still anchors an all-encompassing victim-identity and deflects from cycles, patterns, problems and challenges that only Black people can and should address, and there would be no more external “structures” to blame. As well, within this construct, there is no room for individual difference and/or dissent among Black people. If Black People are a “we”, then the individual who *did* get out of cyclical poverty or went to “good schools” or clawed their way, like most everyone else had to, to the top of their field, or who might be a republican, or God forbid, a cop and has a different perspective on life in the streets than BLM, must be excluded from membership in the “we”. They are bad for the narrative. This is bad for Black people. It is bad for the soul. It has consequences and casualties. It’s just bad.
    There is a healthy percentage of Whites who in the face of police brutality for example, would gladly be right there, on the front lines, taking the pepper spray and beatings and gunshots. Not because of Liberal White Guilt, not to be trendy or cool, not so they can “virtue signal” about it on social media. But because they give a f**k about human lives and systemic abuse. They wouldn’t need a medal or a pat on the back. But turn around, wag your finger and tell them to check their privilege or whatever and they will walk away and wish you “good luck with all that”.
    This thing is probably going to get old fast.
    I miss the early 90’s.

  • James Luderus

    All this article proves is that the author is a racist.

  • Patsy Barrett


  • Patsy Barrett

    So sorry you are a “teacher”. How dare you?

  • Patsy Barrett

    Amen. Check out the latest in DNA research and what genes come from where and what and who. Surprise, but can’t be put out for public consumption because it is not PC. We know 1% to 4% of white DNA comes from neanderthals. What has been found in black DNA?

  • Patsy Barrett

    Great comment!

  • boredd

    Because they choose not to identify as white. They claim to be decendents of the Hebrews hence their claim to the “homeland” of Israel but genetic tests have proved that they are in fact European, jewish converts called Khazars with no genetic connection to the ancient Hebrews. The same study has also proven that over 85% of them are related, albeit distantly (5th or 6th cousins). But to answer your question they choose not to be identified as white, they claim judaism as an ethnicity and loosly as a “race” of Israelites of Hebrew descent.

  • Say it Again!!!!

    Wow….everyone listen….cuz this is the truth

  • Say it Again!!!!

    Its a fact that Jews have been pitting whites vs blacks for years. They run everything…media….banks….even the world. They quietly sit back and rake in all the money.

  • Bill123

    “The fact that Mr Metta is weary of talking about race with white people doesn’t make him racist.”

    While I recognize and offer my heartfelt sympathy to John Metta for the terrible tragedy and heartbreak the mass shooting in his beloved Charleston church has surely brought to him, and while I recognize his point of view regarding the white population, I have to take issue with some of his conclusions.

    Mr. Metta makes it clear that he believes white people are either racist, or complicit in allowing discrimination against blacks by racist whites, or complacent “liberals” who fail to recognize or admit discrimination against blacks that does not meet the “violent and bloody” test that would trigger their activism.

    He recognizes those three subsets of white Americans that do not define the whole. His recognition as such is terribly flawed.

    He sees that most whites are “good,” but he does not seem to understand that in every significant white population where racists and the complicit and the complacent reside, there are also whites who reject the social and economic pressures of the racists, and who challenge the complicit to stop enabling racists, and who seek to recognize and resist all forms of racial discrimination leveled against blacks by non-blacks in America.

    That subset of whites are not the majority. Regardless, it is a substantial portion of the white race in the United States, and probably larger than the number of truly recalcitrant racists that Mr. Metta and the rest of us recognize with no problem.

    So call that subset ‘white civil rights activists,’ those who consciously and actively bring attention to injustices committed against racial minorities in this white majority nation, whether the offense be profiling by authorities, murder by authorities, stereotyping by media, targeting by racist terrorists, or discrimination in public and on the job.

    Millions upon millions of white Americans that Mr. Metta denies exist actually do, some of whom, including myself, were here risking their own safety and security to ensure the rights and security of racial minorities long before Mr. Metta took a breath of life.

    Despite John Metta’s firm convictions, and regardless of whether he responds in his angry or soft-voiced character, we are here, no more noticed by John than upstanding African-Americans are noticed by racist whites.

    John’s motives are not the same as theirs, though, and he does not seem to be a hate-filled racist. Blinded by grief, perhaps, and disappointed in the majority of whites. And sometimes, the circle of hurt feelings goes around like the wheel of life.

  • Bill123

    No, it does not.

  • Bill123

    Mister Gustin, there are wide disparities of I.Q. within the white race and within the black race. You yourself demonstrate a low on the white scale, if you are indeed white. Whatever your race, you aren’t the brightest bulb on your racial tree.

    As Richard E. Nisbett, psychologist and author of “The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently and Why.” wrote in the New York Times, responding to claims that brain size effects IQ:

    “But the brain size difference between men and women is substantially greater than that between blacks and whites, yet men and women score the same, on average, on I.Q. tests. Likewise, a group of people in a community in Ecuador have a genetic anomaly that produces extremely small head sizes — and hence brain sizes. Yet their intelligence is as high as that of their unaffected relatives…

    “Important recent psychological research helps to pinpoint just what factors shape differences in I.Q. scores. Joseph Fagan of Case Western Reserve University and Cynthia Holland of Cuyahoga Community College tested blacks and whites on their knowledge of, and their ability to learn and reason with, words and concepts. The whites had substantially more knowledge of the various words and concepts, but when participants were tested on their ability to learn new words, either from dictionary definitions or by learning their meaning in context, the blacks did just as well as the whites.

    “Whites showed better comprehension of sayings, better ability to recognize similarities and better facility with analogies — when solutions required knowledge of words and concepts that were more likely to be known to whites than to blacks. But when these kinds of reasoning were tested with words and concepts known equally well to blacks and whites, there were no differences. Within each race, prior knowledge predicted learning and reasoning, but between the races it was prior knowledge only that differed.”

    If, as you say, “people of similar iq’s [sic] do best socializing and interacting with each other,” then you will be happiest at the stables, in the company of horse’s asses like yourself.

  • Jared Prince

    It is uncomfortable for white people…
    Do you speak for all white people?
    Or do you just find us disgusting and our attitudes consistently predictable?
    Maybe you are racist against white people.
    Why are some racists prejudiced against their own group?

  • Jared Prince

    “…Black people, for the most part, are weary of explaining to, or educating, white people.”

    That statement, for the most part, is racist.
    It also makes a false claim that falsely implicates “Black people, for the most part” as being racist against whites.

  • Let’s agree to disagree, Jared. The fact that you continue to miss the heart of the matter by deflecting says to me that I should allow you your opinions and I’ll continue my work with those more interested in learning than in accusing an historically oppressed segment of our population of something which is, by definition, impossible.

  • Jared, as you’ll see in my reply to your other comment to a post I made, I’m moving along. We’re not having a conversation about the issues raised in Mr Metta’s sermon.

  • Icewaterchrist

    oh i think they identify as white and jewish. And what study is this?

  • Bill, while I agree with much of what you said, it is also true that your criticisms are deflectional. Mr Metta’s heart is speaking, and emotional speech is seldom perfect in its logic or who it carefully defines or misses.

    My gut tells me that Mr Metta is more aware of the millions he didn’t credit in this sermon than he portrayed that day in church.

    I work to be one of those you call “white civil rights activists”, though I prefer the term, “ally to Black activists” because it reminds me of the first lesson in anti-racist action. When I first started my own journey to learning all that I had been blind to in this arena, the very first thing I learned was to be quiet and listen.

    It still stuns me how ignorant I was, and (to a lesser degree) still am. And then, there is lesson number two: it’s not about me. It’s not about you, Bill, and it’s not about the remaining millions who wish to help. The work getting done to fight racism in all its forms (structural and institutional are far more insidious than in-your-face racism) is about Black people and other persons of color. It’s about giving them the same rights, privileges and opportunities which you and I were given by virtue of our skin color.

    I don’t pretend to lecture you, Bill, as you are decades ahead of me in being part of the battle. It is important, though, to understand the vital, central message of Mr Metta’s sermon, even if it was imperfect in many ways: it’s time we stop valuing white people’s feelings more than we value Black people’s lives.

  • You are more intrepid than I, Icewaterchrist. I leave folks like boredd and Say It Again!!!! to the comfort of their delusions.

  • Patsy, if this cannot be put out for public consumption, how did you come upon it? And, would you please share your source?

  • One small quibble, Keepacoolhead. If someone is willing to take the pepper spray and beatings and gunshots, they don’t quit because someone said something they didn’t like.

  • Keepacoolhead

    As Trungpa once said, there’s compassion and then there’s “idiot compassion”. Life is short and there are many, many injustices to put your life on the line for. Best to go where you are wanted. Imo of course.

  • Jared Prince

    You failed to move along when you asserted that I “miss the heart of the matter” and implied that I am less interested in learning.
    Maybe you are not interested in learning, so I will comment for other readers.

    It is not at all impossible for oppressed persons to be racist.

    There are different definitions of racism.
    The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race,
    appears to be fairly consistent with them. If someone believes that members of one race have a characteristic giving them the ability to understand something that members of another race do not have and therefore cannot understand that thing, that belief fits the definition of racism and the person is racist.

    When a person’s prejudice is so pervasive as to apply across the board to all members of a race it inevitably leads to forms of separatism and exclusion.

  • Robert Miles

    What’s 100 minus “Keep in mind that 32.3% of all Black families earned incomes below the poverty line during the same period – 1994” and the 40 you quoted is “most put” and what’s 100 – 47? And this is 20 years ago. You can do your own research, at least I can do math.

  • I discovered a piece written by Clay Rivers which John Metta enthusiastically endorses. It is important because it takes a different starting point than Mr Metta did in his sermon above. There are also fewer triggers of white fragility. Mr Rivers’ piece is “How I Talk To White People About Racism.” Here is a link to it:


  • Making one dollar above the poverty line, Robert, doesn’t make one a member of the middle class. I say, again, the more-important issue is that TWICE as many Black people are classified as poor or working poor compared to white people.

    What do you think about white fragility, Robert?

  • Alyx Jolivet

    Whenever I talk to racist deniers, the best way to blow it in their face is to confront them not on their inherit racism, but their inherit narcissism and self-centeredness.

  • Keepacoolhead

    Whenever I talk to people who throw the word “denier” around – the conversation is over.

  • Bridget McKenna

    I grow daily more aware of the protective umbrella of privilege that has kept shit off me my whole life. But the white privilege umbrella is transparent, so you have to keep working to see it, and you can never see it if you keep telling yourself and others it doesn’t exist.

  • Robert Miles

    I already pointed that out and it’s why I raise it, it’s quite in your face how privilege works in our society. I really don’t know why you’re arguing with me? I was merely trying to ask, is there a better way to be delivering the message?

  • Yeah…you have a hundred reasons to be done. It’s okay, as we’re busy awakening those with no quit in them.

  • Keepacoolhead

    See this is what I mean. You SJW’s think you have everyone’s number. I woke up in the late 80’s, early 90’s to things you are apparently just discovering. I gave the majority of my adulthood to it. The quality of discourse then changed the direction of my life – but is now, almost intollerably toxic and in many cases just mean, stupid and self-sabatoging. No, I don’t have time for it and yes, I do quit when environments become sickening – and head for more productive pastures.

  • Keepacoolhead

    And btw, the article was actually about why he doesnt talk to White people about racism anymore. So I sorta thought being tired of people’s bullsh!t was at least a sub-theme. Pretty much the whole social justice movement has quit talking with people and instead talks AT them or down to them or tries to control them through bullying, public shaming and government policy. Some of the best minds I have ever known are leaving the “progressive/left” in droves because of it.
    You will probably “wake up” to this at some point too bro.

  • Steven Simmons

    Well, there are genetic differences based on region. To say there isn’t is basically a slap in the face to evolution, is it not? Tell me there’s no difference between an Eskimo and someone in New York City.

  • boredd

    Its common sense dumbfuck.

  • Keepacoolhead

    Hi Bridget,
    The reason it’s hard to see is because”structuralism” whether it be “structural” racism, sexism, power/privilege and so on is a philosophical construct which grew out of the likes of Foucault and other communist-leaning academics. It’s a rarified outgrowth of marxist “critique”. A lens, or a frame or a filter you can use to analyze anything – which makes EVERYTHING “problematic”. It’s a racket to keep academics in business sucking up research money (essentially anyone who doesnt fund them is “racist”, “sexist”, “oppressive” and so on, and so people will bend over backwards to avoid these reputation killing labels) and indoctrinating, destabilizing and confusing whole generations of college kids and has now become an astonishingly effective tool, co-opted by social engineers and diseminated through social media and popular culture to keep everyone in a state of shame, fear, mistrust, paranoia and conflict.
    The cognitive mechanism it employs is very similar to what is often termed “gaslighting”. Read up a little on gaslighting and see what you feel afterwards.

    None of this means that there is no racism, sexism, systemic abuse and so on. But where these things actually exist, you dont need to bend your mind to see it. Peoples actual accomplishments and progress are ignored and perpetually insufficient and the “discourse” (structuralism) ENSURES that there is no end in sight, and will always keep professional activists, whiners, losers and haters in business.

    Imo of course.

  • Robert, Your very first message simply struck me wrong. You sounded like a textbook example of white fragility. Rather than reading this piece as a means of better understanding Mr Metta, you seemed to take offense at every opportunity. Certainly, your more-recent messages have come across to me as more reasonable and indicate a deeper understanding than your first comment on this comment thread.

    I have asked several times in replies to you if you are familiar with white fragility. It was never intended as a point of argument, just an honest question.

  • Valium

    I have to say, that as a white person, I don’t discuss race with black people – not because I don’t want to or want it to be useful – but because it never is. I have tried, but it never helps. So I just try to be the best person I can be, be kind to all, and hope for the best for everyone.

  • Evelyn Banda

    All people are derived from one black man and one black woman. The fact that some lost the black pigment of their skin is strictly evolutionary. Be proud to be you and be respectful of everyone. The world is getting smaller every day, and we should embrace each other and respec our differences.

  • I’m following the advice of people who have decades of experience in this arena. I seek conversations with other white people to spread information about white privilege, white fragility, the school-to-prison pipeline, systemic racism, and the history of discrimination in the last 100 years.

  • Evelyn Banda


  • Libra_Lady

    When are you all doing to do some ACTION! It seems that this “discussion” mess is just another derailing and stalling technique. We’ve been discussing, prepping for discussion, talking about discussing this shit for 4 hundred gotdayum years! Again, you act like this is an equal dereliction of duty! It’s not! Black people have been prepped and ready from DAY FUCKING ONE! It’s YOUR side that’s been dragging it’s feet, hemming and hawing and straight up resisting and refusing. Don’t even TRY to put this on Black folks equally somehow. And no, I am NOT going to take a census of each and every White person out there to gauge their feelings on the matter of merely DISCUSSING this. I’m sick of making OUR LIVES constantly about YOUR COMFORT. If you feel a ways that I’m having the Black nerve to throw my hands up at the collective White population then feel ALL the WAYS! MY LIFE>YOUR FEELINGS AND COMFORT.

    And what is there to discuss? Whether or not Black people are human or human enough to have our civil rights respected?! if that’s the discussion then I see no point in Black folks engaging with such non-empathetic sociopaths.

  • Libra_Lady

    Sooooo, that justifies how Black folks have been treated in this country? That justifies the atrocities Whites committed in this country in the name of chattel slavery and later Jim Crow?

  • Libra_Lady

    This isn’t about “bickering.” This is about centuries-old systematic oppression perpetrated by one group (Whites) against another (not just Black folks but all people of color though here we’re centering on Black folks). To diminish it to just “bickering” is insulting and dismissive of the huge issue.

    Race is a social construct. All of the scientific proof including DNA evidence isn’t enough to put down a system that’s not based in science or biology outside of valuing and devaluing certain phenotypes in the first place. It’s an artificial construct set up to commit resources and access thereto to one group while denying them to others. That has REAL impact on folks’ lives.

  • Alyx Jolivet

    Denial is a real thing, friend. Its why its one of the five stages of grief.

  • Keepacoolhead

    If you are genuinely interested in counter-arguments to statistical truisms read Thomas Sowell (in particular) and Jason Riley.
    As I said earlier, much of what needs to be said and worked through here should be said and worked through by and among Black people. The problem is that people like Sowell and Dr Carson get ignored because they aren’t liberal/left. But they need to be listened to.
    That said, where racism and oppression actually exist, there is no need to throw up “structural” smoke. They don’t need new trendy names.
    And fwiw, i don’t walk from the “slightest” provocation, I walk from loaded, toxic, judgy bullsh!t.
    White people are no more fragile than anyone else.

  • Mustang Lucy

    “I am not racist because xyz happened to my own ethnicity and I am color blind.”

    I don’t know if you intentionally set yourself up to sound exactly like the reason why white people cannot discuss racism without making it all about them or if you just happen to be a case in point conveniently proving what he literally just said.

  • moey100

    Dear Mustang Lucy,

    The very last line of the author’s article was why I wrote my opening line to my comment. He wrote, “Because it’s getting harder and harder for me to think about the protection of White people’s feelings when White people don’t seem to care at all about the loss of so many Black lives”. I DO care a lot about the tremendous loss of black lives. It’s horrible! I just felt that he was lumping all white people together, racists and non-racists alike and I didn’t think that was fair because it’s not true. With all the shootings, beatings etc one can hardly believe the aggressors are even human. Of course there is history of slavery to boot. As I wrote in my comment my ancestors in Armenia were murdered because the Turks wanted to eliminate them and take their land. How about the Jews? What about Native Americans? Here in Canada the First Nations people were robbed of their land, culture, language and even their children. I could go on and on. It has happened all over the world, wanton racism, brutality and murder. Mustang Lucy if you are a black person, guess what? I care about you. If you were in a situation where racist remarks were made or some other racist issue was made against you, I would stand up for you. You are a human being with rights and should be treated with respect. I hope this reply finds you well. With peace, moey100 <3

  • j.lup

    The genetic variations among and between human beings who historically occupied different regions of the world are primarily cosmetic. We’re a surprisingly homogeneous species, genetically speaking, and we’re the only extant hominid species, unlike other animal orders like birds or marsupials for which there are numerous distinct extant species. ‘A slap in the face to evolution’ is not understanding what evolution is and how it functions. Humans as we are today are genetically identical to our human ancestors who lived at least 100,000 years ago; some minor mutations that have occurred in historically located populations allow us to track migrations and population isolation, but we’re all still the same species.

    The ancient ancestors of people in New York city lived elsewhere. Humans didn’t occupy the American continents until about 14,000 years ago, and those who made that migration were primarily of Asiatic descent.

    There are no ‘Eskimos’. There are Inuit and Yup’ik peoples, and again, they’re not ‘genetically different’ from other regional population groups except in ways that are common to all humans. Historically regional populations display physical variation that has arisen from breeding amongst themselves for thousands of years, and while those physical characteristics are definitely adaptive, and while adaptation is an element that can drive species evolution, adaptation itself is not evolution.

  • As an older white guy, I’d just like to say that I THINK I get it.

    I’m a racist. Not the lynching sort, just the taxpaying sort who funds a racist government, legal system, and society; who taught his kids to obey the (racist) laws, keep their heads down and their noses clean and themselves out of trouble.

    I think there’s a pretty simple worm at the bottom of this barrel of apples that keeps it going: entitlement. Not the so-called “entitlement” of the poor, but the entitlement of the rich, which “entitles” them to free income simply from their “ownership rights.” When the few have much, at the expense of those who have less, and having equates to getting even more in proportion to what they already have, it promotes fundamental instability. The rich figured out a long time ago that setting the poor at each others’ throats solves the whole problem (for the rich), and setting the conflict along racial lines makes it largely self-maintaining.

    Racism in what is now the United States was engineered and tested and re-engineered over the last five centuries, and it is carefully maintained for a specific, functional reason. Until that reason no longer applies, none of us will see it go away.

  • It will be interesting to see what responses this comment garners, Themon. I imagine there will be significant name-calling involved. Just my guess.

    What is baffling to me is how blatant and out-in-the-open the buying of the government has become. How in the world could we allow Citizens United to stand? Yes, there are efforts underway to remove this pox, but they are feeble and weak. Right now, the folks willing to spend billions to buy a president openly host opportunities for candidates to come kiss the ring.

    History would seem to hint at the eventual outcome for any society which allows such unbalanced ownership and control of the government by the same folks who own so much. It’s enough to tempt one into reading up on survivalist techniques. The end will likely be chaotic.

  • HeadNotInTheSand

    Vote for Bernie Sanders, who not only is discussing the abomination that is the institutionalized racism that still plagues our country in 2015, but is ready to take concrete steps toward equality, starting with fixing the broken systems that promote racial inequality such as our broken penal system.

    He promised Sandra Bland’s mom he would #sayhername during the first dem. debate, and then he did so, and unequivocally supported #blacklivesmatter. Yes we need to take steps beyond talking about racism in America and not continuing to permit those of us who benefit from white privilege to pretend such privilege no longer exists, and do so now… But we also need a leader, of any race/ethnicity, who doesn’t mince words, doesn’t fear “offending white people” by calling them (us) out on their privilege, and attacks the systems that allow inequality to persist in our alleged democracy… And Bernie Sanders will be that leader.

  • I’m guessing you may underestimate the strength of the concepts which you describe as being completely undermined by the reality of hugely complex issues that don’t play well with a simplistic theory.

    There’s plenty of nuance to systemic racism (your enthusiastic definitions of “systemic” vs “structural” are not ones I resonate with, but I’m going with “systemic”), just as you write above. I’d be tempted to term it “systemic oppression” in order to avoid any confusion.

    Where you lost me was in deciding that white privilege, as a concept, cannot exist within systemic oppression. I don’t pretend for a second that there aren’t millions of whites who have not benefited. The people you talk about clearly have not benefited and, in many ways, end up oppressed because of their circumstances. That’s not cause to decide it doesn’t exist. If I can drive anywhere I like in my town and never be stopped on a discretionary basis by the police (and I never have been in 46 years of driving) and every black person I know has been stopped repeatedly, that’s an example of white privilege in my own mind (I get to have my definitions, too!).

    I don’t subscribe to a definition of the term which is so inflexible as to lose the importance of idea. If you prefer, we can call it “advantages of being born white.” As far as I know, that’s not a trendy or hashtaggy phrase.

    Without using the trendy term for it, I have personally seen the resistance of some of my white acquaintances to discussing all of the issues you and I have been writing about. You see, they scratched and clawed, were never given a break, had to earn every chance they got to advance in life. Since they did all of that, they are NOT in any way contributing to, or guilty of, or benefiting from systemic oppression.

    The reason I’m working to overcome that resistance with those who exhibit it is that it will be possible to reduce the systemic oppression most effectively if those who benefit from it are active in seeking to reduce it.

    At your suggestion, I did some reading of Thomas Sowell’s and Jason Riley’s work. Theirs is certainly a different perspective.

    It bothered me to read Sowell explain that the right way to improve the educational system is to toss anyone who is disruptive. Not separate or discipline–kick out of school. This very abandonment of such kids contributes to the fact that we have a ridiculous percentage of our population behind bars. When kids who are already behavior-challenged are left to their own devices, they do stupid stuff often enough that we end up spending $50,000 a year on them as prisoners. Why not invest now, and see how many we can steer back to completing at least high school?

    I found Riley to be as trapped in his own version of reality as the left-most commentator of your choice. He tosses statistics out in his column as gospel with no reference to where he came up with the numbers. And, of course, he is equally guilty of deciding what the numbers mean as is [insert name of that lefty pundit from two sentences ago].

    Both of these guys are intelligent men, and both have a powerful drive to prove their conservative truth is the universal one.

    I have the same problem with that leftist we may or may not choose to name. Neither right-wing or left-wing truth is true for me.

    I’ll close with the same question I asked last time: what do YOU want to call the collection of systemic problems which exist in our society which serve to disadvantage a huge segment of our population?

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  • So far, one thoughtful and respectful comment. 🙂

  • Keepacoolhead

    I’ve said all i need to. I dont need a new name for systemic social problems. You do.
    I don’t need to prove myself. as I said, it’s up to you if you yourself want to take a simplistic view of “white privilege” and how society works. My point, take it or leave it, is that all of what justifiably bothers you has been described in less cheezy, self-sabotaging, victimy frameworks and language for many decades. It’s taken a bad turn which I dont trust at all. It seems manufactured, mind-controlly, socially engineered and proagandic towards other aims that WILL NOT help Black people. Im not missing a thing and Im not naive about what Black people go through. I suspect I’ve gotten my hands way dirtier than you, but I could be wrong.
    If you want just an example from today of the vicious hive mentality that only serves to hurt Black people just do a search on Steven Hildreth jr + Black Lives Matter.
    You are doing yourself a disservice by skimming Sowell btw.

  • Moby2010

    You have the answer, the only answer that we as individuals really can accomplish; “….talk about it, openly and often. Let’s get it out.” Unless the good people of this country decide to get off their asses and help; put better people into our government, the media starts reporting the truth and society as a whole decides to demand changes, without those kinds of thing happening the the best we can do is to try to change people one by one.

  • Susan

    MY SIDE? I am an American who lives in this country who is deeply disturbed by racism, so it seems to me that I am on THAT side. How DARE you basically call me a racist, without knowing anything about me, my family (we are mixed) or how I have lived my life. The subject of this article is actually about TALKING! . I don’t want to live in a state of comfort when there are serious issues to be resolved regarding race in America. What part of my comment made you think I don’t want to solve problems of racial inequality in the US. For pity sake. Go pick an argument with someone who doesn’t think we have a problem. Not with me. Damn, you are mean spirited!

  • Darcy of Coquitlam

    passionately defended.

    sometimes, i think, what we need to do is say less,

    and feel more. and if need be, live with that feeling.

    …defending our character does nothing to change a system or alter a neighbour’s behavioius.

    …so maybe we just need to live with that feeling a little bit more.

    …thats probably a good first step. let that feeling swell.

    Perhaps when we allow it to grow and mature into the natural emotional space that it deserves to occupy, more meaningful action will become clear.

    concerned white guy

  • Darcy of Coquitlam

    John Metta?

    I hear you. thank you.

    blessings to you for waiting.

    and sharing.

  • moey100

    Darcy, you speak very eloquently, with much feeling and very deeply. I agree, if people would feel more and let it multiply it would do a world of good. It would also be great if more folks would share a little bit more of themselves with others. There are hundreds of ways of doing this. It would foster compassion, empathy, love, enlightenment, education and sooo much more. This is to include people of different colours, religions, belief systems, economic levels…absolutely everyone. Everyone in this world needs something sometime. Let’s open our arms, ears and most of all hearts to them. <3

  • I’m talking systemic oppression, which isn’t at all defeated as a concept by class issues. There are many different scenarios where our society oppresses, and there is no restriction on who that oppression can be applied to, be it class, gender, race, sexual preference, or any of a dozen other categories which we haven’t talked about at all.

    You won’t see me claim that the attitudes and awareness of white people is the sole reason Blacks are under society’s thumb in many ways. The overall lack of awareness, though, is a barrier which white people can reduce or remove.

    I also don’t claim that only the actions of whites can solve these problems. Clearly, people are in charge of their own destiny. I’m just looking to open gates which are currently closed. They can climb over the fence if the gates are not opened.

    Two important points: I have not questioned your own experience or the years you have been working to alleviate issues for all kinds of people. At the same time, we have significantly different philosophies.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about this stuff, In fact, it is a richer conversation talking with someone who sees the world in a different way than I do. You can continue to apply adjectives to my views, but they don’t advance the conversation. I have seen way too much life to accept such characterizations.

    I hope you can allow for the possibility that others have different views which can be (not ARE, but can be) just as nuanced and widely applicable as yours are.

    There’s no one right answer or perfect philosophy, For me, the key is to figure out how to work with those with whom we may have significant differences.

    My guess is, you and I would be able to work together not unlike the opposing parties in Congress could decades ago. Today, too much effort and energy is spent in demonizing, and too little in actually taking productive action, finding areas of compromise, and moving the ball forward.

    What are you doing today to exercise the muscles you developed over the years you have been involved in helping oppressed folks? This is an opportunity to inform, not a challenge to your bona fides.

  • Darcy of Coquitlam

    Big hug.

  • Darcy of Coquitlam

    True story.

  • Sorry, I’m not going to support forcing artists (that is to say writers) with free will to put Black characters in their stories to appease your soft sensibilities. They are individuals with free reign over their actions. You are a collectivist, I’m an individualist; because of this you and I will fundamentally NEVER agree on any premise.

    I also reject outright the entire concept that White People everywhere have this magical privilege. It’s nonsense and patently false.

    I grew up mostly in a poor neighborhood that was overwhelmingly Hispanic. My folks are German immigrants and trust me, I got to play “pin the tail on the gringo” plenty of times. I routinely got my ass kicked for no other reason that being one of 10 white males in a Hispanic neighborhood. Where was my fucking privilege then? Nonsense.

    Instead of whining endlessly about it, I paid attention in school, did my work, and crawled out of the slum never to return. I earned every last cent and I did not turn to a life of drugs & crime.

    I cannot and will not accept your victim narrative. I reject it out of hand. You are an individual and are ultimately the master of your own life.

  • moey100

    Aww, thanks Darcy… 🙂 How did you know I’m a “hug bug”? Lol, lol. You know they (scientists) that an actual ‘hug’ is very healing. Human to human contact, physical touch can also touch the heart, soul and one’s emotional condition. BIG HUG back for you. 🙂 PS Keep being who you are. I think, no rather I know you’ve got the right idea. <3

  • It’s sad to read anyone write, “you and I will fundamentally NEVER agree on any premise.”

    We’re all in this together, and lots of opinions are seemingly in direct opposition. What if, instead of staking out the “NEVER” ground, we decided to spend some energy focused on how we are similar?

    It is precisely in one-to-one conversation with people whose opinions greatly differ from our own that we learn from each other.

    Now that we understand your tale of pulling yourself up through clawing and scratching with not even an iota of help from anyone, are you willing to hear the stories of others which may differ from yours?

  • There is no middle ground. There are collectivists and individualists. Collectivism by design assaults individualism as the rights, opinions, or beliefs of those outside of the collective thinking are immediately cast out of the ‘in’ group. It is what is best for the whole rather than the individual.

    Individualism surpasses this as it holds what’s good for the individual as paramount. In individuals there is no ‘in’ group, and thus transcends, rather than mired in, collective groupthink.

    I’m not in anything together with anyone, I’m in my own existence with my own experiences, with my own opinions, with my own worldview.

    I have utterly nothing in common with those who engage in Collectivism and groupthink. A collectivist and I will have fundamental points of view that will always clash. I don’t believe in victim narratives, they do, I don’t believe what happens to one person in a demographic or group happens to them all, they do. They believe what is best for the whole is more important than the individual experience, I do not. They believe in groupthink, I do not. They believe all white people have a magical privilege, I do not.

    We’ve no common ground on any of these issues and therefor a productive conversation will not take place. I will not convince them, and they will not convince me. The conversation is essentially over before it begins.

  • Wow. You are far too deep into your own narrative to see the great big world out there, with unlimited opportunities to engage others.

    I guess I won’t trouble you with any further attempt at dialogue.

  • It is what it is.

    I’ll not be preached to that I have some sort of “White Privilege” or how racist I am because I happen to fall out of a vagina with white skin.

    This article is naught be collectivist tripe trying to blame all White People for the actions of a few. I reject it outright. I’ll not humor it for a second.

  • In reading this again just now, another question emerges. You say that whites are mistaken to focus on white privilege. What you did not say–and my question this morning–is what should whites be focusing on in seeking to eventually eradicate barriers for those now oppressed?

  • Great article and it encompasses what most if not all Black Americans feel and experience in this country.

  • westernwynde

    Here’s an idea for all us white folks: If a black person has the decency, the grace, to talk to us about racism, we should thank them, then shut up and listen!

  • Yep.

  • Daniel Sasquach Mcilroy

    yet again stupid black crying whitie hates me na the world is just tired of black crying wolf. Work harder actually study in school quit listening to rap n idealizing thug life maybe then you all will rise in position

  • Libra_Lady

    I’m not mean spirited. I’m tired and frustrated that all White people have for Black justified anger is basically for us to shut up or teach them (for free always) or make nice. I’m not mean spirited, but your White ass is damn sure fragile despite your “mixed family” that you’re taking credit for.

  • Susan

    I am not taking credit for having a mixed race family. My family is my family. Period. You are a bitter, twisted, sad person. I hope hate gets you where you want to go. Doesn’t seem to be doing much for you at this point.

  • Libra_Lady

    And this is why so many Black people are giving up on talking to Whites about race. You just proved the author’s point. Your White fragility 1) made it all about you, 2) took no heed to Black anger and frustration, 3) prioritized your temporary emotional comfort over Black fears of DYING and anger and frustration and 4) labeled Black frustration and anger at White resistance to hearing us ON OUR TERMS as “bitterness” and “hatred.” Basically you want Black people to come to you on YOUR terms in a manner YOU prefer or else you’ll just throw us away with the label of “bitter,” “angry” (and shock using the Angry Black Woman meme against a Black woman who won’t toe your line–too bad, Miss Anne) oh and the hackneyed “hate.” What you really mean is “Quit sassing back at me, nigger bitch.” That’s what you all call “hatred” because calling it what you really mean, “being uppity niggers” would make you look bad but accurate. White fragility, like yours, is the reason why it’s futile to even TRY with y’all anymore.

    Don’t worry, you’ll find some Black folks dying for a pat on the head from you to put up with your ally performance and maybe even give you that cookie you want for it.

  • Susan

    I didn’t make this about me. I made the observation that you are a hateful person. I stand by that.

  • *Guest*

    Where are these purple people with pink polka dots that I always hear people talking about when racism comes up?

  • moey100

    Oh they pop up when you least expect it…..lol. 🙂

  • arugula

    I live in the city of Buffalo. I grew up in Portland, OR where I had never really had to think about race.

    I’m late to the concept of institutional and systematic racism because I didn’t have very many examples of it where I lived because the system was made for me and I didn’t know anyone who really had a horrible story to tell.

    When I moved to Buffalo, I quickly realized the lines of black and white in the city. The same lines sculpted where the poorest lived in the city. I asked myself how the hell can a city be 40% black and almost all of them be so damn poor?

    So I volunteered at a local under-performing school where almost all the kids were black. My black friends would talk about getting pulled over by a white cop going from the city to the suburbs.

    It just hit me that racism is alive and real but the conversation is not happening everywhere.

    I don’t really have any answers or solutions. The only one I’ve come up with halfway meaningful is to take the approach the LGBTQ community took by asking hetero-straight people to be their allies, educate them about their struggles, let them know what it means to be accepted and included and continue to include and invite them to fight for them.

    I didn’t really see my white privilege until I moved to Buffalo, NY.
    I’m currently trying to see what the conversation about racism looks like and who’s talking about and where.

    The kids aren’t taught about the racial history of Buffalo or about racism. They’re not given the opportunity to develop a voice that can shatter boundaries.

    I’m willing to show up and listen (something a lot of white people aren’t willing to do). Sometimes I have questions and I honestly don’t know how to ask them properly. For example, I had no idea using the term “Black community” could be offensive and the amount of scoffing launched at me made me want to say “Well, fuck it- what the hell did I come here for? Fuck you guys, you’re on your own.” It’s hard to keep showing up when you feel so unwelcome. I know that I don’t own the conversation. I rarely ask questions and mostly just listen.

    I wish kids could have a safe place in schools to learn and develop a voice especially for colored kids. I hope they can come back and develop businesses and sit on community leadership committees and advocate for their communities.
    Honestly, in this city if someone doesn’t mandate affirmative action hiring for minorities- they won’t get the jobs most of the time. Lawsuits never come to head because the people who make money in this city all know each other and they will make it impossible to get another job.

    You look at the situation and the city obviously needs better representation of minorities in local leadership roles. Yes, white people don’t have to think about it because they benefit from it unknowingly.

    Why care if it’s not you that’s being bothered by it?

    You see right now the black community being left out of the resurgence happening in Buffalo because they’re viewed as being too far behind and being too much work to get up to speed. So white people are brought in from the suburbs and out of state.

    It’s so wrong- so blatant. It’s disgusting and I’m trying to figure out how to help but all I know how to do right now is listen.

  • Suzanne Griffin

    I know you feel justified in your anger. You are. Absolutely. I know you don’t need my justification of your justification. But I’m giving it. Some of us are really trying. But you need to understand this, we will never understand what it’s like for you. Ever. ever. Humans can only truly understand what they have to live through themselves. You can only almost understand what it feels like for someone else when they lose a child if you’ve lost a child yourself. Almost. What the white people have done to you and the black people in this country is unbearably horrible. What we continue to do is so shameful. I’m trying to do better, think better, be better. I see people I love struggle with racism every day, and it breaks my heart, makes me angry, makes me sick, makes me want to fight and scream and tear down the world. I chose to love a black man and have a black son. I could walk away from it at any time and never have to deal with watching my loved ones struggle. I understand the freedom from this that I have. I choose to be where I am because I love. That is the truth. And the equal truth is I want this world to change with all my heart. I am one voice, and I’m speaking out. I am the “individual” white person. I’m hoping that some other “white” individuals will hear me and join with me, and the “we” will become a “we”. The world changes one person at a time. Just don’t expect us to viscerally understand something we simply can not. No matter how badly you want us to, or how badly we want to, we just cant.

  • xgwoman

    Ok. Everything you say here is true and well-said. That being as it may, I believe that racism will never end but can be somewhat lessened by frank discussion. More importantly, however, change needs to come from within the Black community as a whole. 1) Educate your children to do better than their parents at their profession; 2) Educate your children to respect the opposite sex and to refrain from having children until they can support them; 3) Teach your sons to respect and care for their children and their partners through commitment; 4) Teach your children to follow the law (always) and to obey the commands of law enforcement personnel without question and immediately. Arguments and complaints can be had later. I understand that this probably enforces your position not to discuss race with White people. So be it.

  • thinkingforyourself

    yes its useless for a white person to deny being racist, hes guilty by virtue of the very color of his skin. You can see looking at him that he is a white person, and he is especially bad if he lives in a white area, thats for sure, you can tell that because its got more white folks than an area that has less white folks….this is his distinguishing characteristic, not his beliefs, his personality, his philosophy, his actions, his intellect, nope. none of that matters, hes inherently as a white person incapable of understanding a black person or racism and its useless to even try, why shucks even the white folks reading or commenting upon this article are deceiving themselves about what it means because its about racism, and theyre incapable of formulating any real or true opinions about the subject. Hell, schools in New York are 60 segregated according to various studies and thats obviously proof of all the things Ive ever heard about white people. The fuckers.

  • Liza

    I am with Suzanne, 100% here. What a beautiful way to put my own thoughts into words. I have no idea what it is like to be a Black woman. I don’t understand your struggles, I don’t understand your fight or your hurt. But I try to. I try to imagine what it would be like to be anything other than a blonde hair blue eyed woman in America, because even though I am not perfect, and I acknowledge White privilege fully, doesn’t mean I believe it should be that way. I dream of an America where people are all just people. Is that realistically going to happen in my lifetime, probably not. But I believe in trying each day to be a better person. I like to discuss these topics, because I like to learn where my own downfalls are, so I can try to do better in the future. I want a world where my sons are equal. My children are all adopted, one of my sons is white, one is black. Although I don’t have the personal experience of my Black son’s struggles in life, I do have the experience of seeing the difference in how my two sons are treated. When the blonde one goes out with his friends, I don’t sit up worried all night for his safety. I want to help, I really do. I just don’t know how.

  • Stephanie

    See I can’t understand how the black community can feel that we as “White” don’t think in a group. WRONG. When I see a mass shooting on the news and I go to a large public event do I think wow someone could come in here and shoot “US” up. Of course I do. When I talk about the struggles and the stereotypes I have had to over come, I talk about my community. When I say I come from one of the worst school systems in the country I am talking about my community. My community is very large. I am not talking about my small area. My community spans across numerous states. When I say you don’t know what is like to grow up poor and white. I mean all the poor white people. Those in power who are white, I get no privilege from them for being white. Because they don’t want me or my people in that position any more than anyone of color. As far as jail/prison time, I don’t have to worry about it because I’m not breaking the law. As a white person do I acknowledge racism. Um yea I see it. But how come the author is denying black racism against white? Why is okay for a black person to say they don’t like white people because they are white? Why am I supposed to be held accountable for Europe coming in and taking the land from the Indians? When in this time in history this was going on all over the world, people fighting for land. Why am I supposed to feel guilty about slavery, when in fact whites were enslaved first and was the first slaves in America? Why am I supposed to feel guilty about black slaves when it was their own people capturing and selling them? Why am I supposed to feel guilty about black slavery when in fact black people owned slaves in America? Why can’t the black community see that we are fighting the same enemy and its called Corporate America? Why is when someone moves out of a neighborhood for better schools, it is wrong? Why can’t black people do the same thing? Why is when I express my frustration I am being racist, but your are not?

  • WV Coal Miners Daughter

    You’re not mean spirited you’re just an a$$

  • Susan

    How am I an ass, Coal miners? Be specific.

  • grumpygirl

    The hard part is getting people who have privilege to understand exactly what instructional racism is. Many folks say, “But everything is equal! Can’t we just go on now?”. No. We can’t. Just because one thinks they are not racist doesn’t end it. The people who contradict “Black Lives Matter” with “But ALL lives matter!” Don’t get it. They may not be bad people. They have CLEARLY no understanding of how greatly ingrained racism is. I was fortunate enough to hear Cornel Wilde give a sermon. As he very correctly pointed out, if HE couldn’t recognize all the aspects of institutional racism, a person of privilege certainly can’t.

    It’s not our fault that we are born into positions of privilege. We don’t need to defend ourselves for being who we are. But we MUST recognize that it’s up to we the privileged to VOTE up, SPEAK up and stop getting our undies in a bunch when OUR collective cultural racism is criticized.

  • Libra_Lady

    And you are a privileged WW play-acting like she cares. I stand by that.

  • Libra_Lady

    “Just don’t expect us to viscerally understand something we simply can not. No matter how badly you want us to, or how badly we want to, we just cant.”

    Then until that blessed day comes, don’t expect Black folks to trust you, much less blindly and wholesale. Don’t expect Black folks NOT to side-eye you especially when it seems so many of y’all are all about performing concern while trying to do the least possible to disrupt the White supremacist status quo. Here it is, if White people really wanted White supremacist racism gone in this country, it would be. So don’t get mad when Black folks wonder why it’s still here and side-eye y’all.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    …because if you love the people of this country, you don’t leave. You try to change it from within.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Black people were offered 40 acres and a mule by that fat liar named Uncle Sam. He never paid up, just like he broke every treaty with the remnant indigenous population that somehow survived his small pox and muskets. Old Thomas Jefferson is another one of those Founding Fathers that turned into a Deadbeat Dad to the black children he had.

  • Kim Bow

    Amen Libra Lady, I could not agree with you more!

  • Kim Bow

    What kind of human being does not have the ability to relate to someone else pain or struggle? You would have to be inhume if you ask me, as I can surely relate to the pain and misfortune of others. Even as a white woman that has a black husband and son you are still racist. I could image being married to an opposite race that my race oppresses and not fight, protest and kill in the name of love and utter disgust of racism. Lady please you are part of the problem and your husband is a fool to have be with you!

  • Kim Bow

    Shut Up!

  • Kim Bow

    How ignorant are you. Africa does not have the same resources as America, because you white demons stole that too. African were given the supplies and we built it.

  • Kim Bow

    I don’t care that Africans sold Africans to the so called White Europeans, the African had no idea the level of atrocities that their people were to suffer and still suffer. They did not know the level of demon they were dealing with. If they knew what we know now I do not believe they would have done so. My BLACK PEOPLE PLEASE UNITE AND TALK ABOUT OUR SURVIVAL WITH ONE ANOTHER, WE DONT HAVE MUCH TIME AS I FIRMLY BELIEVE THEY ARE SLOWLY WIPING US OUT AND SOON ENOUGH WILL TRY TO DESTROY US ALL AT ONCE! GOD HELP US!

  • Kim Bow

    If we are having as many abortions as you say we are, its because we do not want to bring more black lives to suffer as we are. Why should we bring more black lives for you and your people to destroy. Further, trust me white women by far have more abortions than black women. In fact I read an article about a white women who has had numerous abortions just for recreation!

  • Kim Bow

    you’re not black that’s for sure!

  • Darcy of Coquitlam


  • Darcy of Coquitlam


  • Darcy of Coquitlam

    Not another word.

  • Murph

    1) thank you for this. 2) I am saddened and sorry for myself and my people 3) you’re right. it isn’t your responsibility to talk to white people about it. It’s white people’s responsibility to take ownership, step up and talk about it with other white people. I am racists because I, a white person, benefit from a system designed to promote white people and keep everyone else out.

  • boredd

    White people have more abortion because blacks only comprise 13% of the population you stupid fucking ape. Per capita you have far more because you are subhuman trash not capable of supporting or caring for other life. Every other race/ethnicity has had success in this country except blacks. You guys do a good job of buying sneaker, beats headphones, and keeping our private jails full. Congrats. Now go whine some more and demand more entitlements.

  • boredd

    The poorest American blacks live better than almost all blacks in Africa. Your paranoid ramblings show how incapable you are of functioning in society.

  • Kim Bow

    What’s makes you think I’m incapable of functioning in society? I’m on my way to work right now to play your game for 8 hours and get a fat check at the end of the week. Are you kidding me.I function in your society everyday observing your sick racist ways and thinking to myself I can’t stand you. Notice I didn’t say hate. Because black people don’t hate you even with all you do and have done. We are not program like you with natural hate for another race that has done your race no harm. But we’re getting there.

  • tha1ne

    Maybe people should stop treating each other like groups (you are White/Black/Asian, therefore you are X, Y, Z) and more like individuals (you are John, therefore you are A, B, C).

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    EXACTLY! Thank you for saying what I was thinking!

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Remember…”divide & conquer” is the oldest play in the book.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I do!
    1) The White People were to be Guardians of Fire.
    Look at how that Agreement was broken…just look at the Atom Bomb.
    2) The Black People were Guardians of Water. Look at the desertification of Africa.
    3) The Red People were Guardians of Land…yet the Amazonian Rainforest is being stripped for farmland and fuel.
    4) Lastly, the Yellow People were Guardians of Air…but look at the factories in China belching out enormous amounts of coal dust.

    I am White…but, growing up, all my closest friends were American Indians (THEIR term…not mine!)

    Am I close with the Four Agreements?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    British Colonialism stripped those countries of their national resources…and left the People to die.

    Beware of the Invasion of the White Hordes…they bring death & destruction wherever they go.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    ..meanwhile, Apache land in Arizona (which, according to American law is a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY) is sold by Congress to an Austrailian company for copper mining,
    …and no one (black OR white) seems to give a flying f*#k, because it didn’t happen in THEIR BACKYARD! Can you imagine what would happen if White people suddenly decided that India belonged to them again?
    India now has nuclear weapons, so it would NEVER HAPPEN…but the holocaust of over 100 MILLION people n the Americas is barely a footnote in history.

    In other news, White Americans are getting ready to celebrate “Thanksgiving”, while the Native peoples mourn the atrocity that “holiday” marks

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    …and your “entitlements” as a White person, bought with Native blood, remain unnoticed and unremarked upon.

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  • Bishadi

    1 …… knowledge of the fire (life).
    That is what I do

  • boredd

    Keep victimizing yourself, its working wonders. My entitlements as a white person lol. Give me a fucking break. You’re just as entitled if not more than I am, you enjoy all the same benefits of the white people that I do plus you get all sorts of free shit handed to you. Last time I checked, Natives got free everything, no taxes, and still can’t get their shit together.

  • boredd

    Why don’t you get the rich casino owning motherfuckers to speak up for you? They have more power than most white people who are too busy paying into entitlement programs for pieces of shit that can’t be bothered to work for a living.

  • boredd

    If its so bad here why don’t you take that fat paycheck and go to Nigeria?

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  • Pell

    Ha. Respectability politics. So Blacks won’t don’t deserve to be treated like EQUAL humans until after they FIX all the residue of 450 years of white supremacy and failed liberal policy?

    While, I have no issues with such suggestions (for anyone, not just Black people……). It is not the reason for white racism. Between 1890 and 1950, blacks had higher marriage rates than whites, according to the U.S. Census and things were still racist as fuck. Before Blacks urbanized (so urban crime and wasn’t a thing); and things were still racist as hell. You are basically saying that white people are only racist because of black behavior and thats the furthest from the truth because racism can affect any black person….even ones married with children, with a bachelors and who makes 80K. Systematic Racism doesn’t only affect “bad blacks”. And even if we rolled with the false premise that it did. In that case it would still be inequitable treatment since “bad whites” aren’t being subject to the same race based circumstances. Your logic is absurd.

    Your solutions do nothing about white racism. Your entire comment is basically saying that white people are racist because they think some black people don’t follow the law (when millions do everyday) and until EVERY Black person “follows” the law they will continue and justifiably be treated like animals as a whole?? Of course white people don’t have to meet these requirements though. They can be an individual. Interestingly enough, all 200 million plus of them do not have to be perfect to gain humanity status? Do you not realize how racist that is? You are justifying racism, yet I bet you would claim you aren’t a racist.

    You and every white person that thinks like you is everything that is wrong with this country. You are racist and in your mind you actually think this is ok. You have completely rationalized the mistreatment of Blacks. Wow.

  • Pell

    And you shouldn’t be talking to Black people.

    You need to be talking to White people. Thats the ONLY way a white person can help. By not enforcing it themselves (which often takes conscious reflection and deliberate education on how you may do so) and having the courage to call out whites that do enforce it. Because as the author (and millions of Blacks have echoed). Most White American have an inability to wrap their heads around systematic racism and they can’t separate the white individual from the system. So they ARE defensive, which of course cause Black frustration. So its futile.

    Whites will only hear out (and truly listen) to other whites. Sadly, Blacks have very little “authority” to most White Americans.

  • Pell

    Well, for what it is worth. I am Black. And I do not think ALL white people are oblivious. I don’t speak in absolutes and I am skeptical of anyone who does.

    But I will say in my 25 years of life the MAJORITY of my interactions on discussing race with whites is just a no-go. And these aren’t bad people or anything. Its just they didn’t even have down the basics (like you do) and its just draining to explain white privilege step-by-step and they still not get it. And its even more debilitating if you are expected to do this with EVERY white person you become cool with. I would rather just avoid the conversation to maintain my sanity with such acquaintances. There are other things we can talk about.

    I also spend alot of time on the Internet and I see the comments from White people which tend to be everything described in the article. I guess one could argue that that the “non-oblivious” white people just don’t post as much or maybe they are scared to call out the ignorant whites that push silly narratives about “reverse racism”, etc. But my experience shows that the vast majority have a very limited of understanding of the Black experience and psyche (which I understand, they aren’t black). I really think the non-oblivious whites are in a minority. And that makes sense it takes an extreme amount of self reflection and education to not be obvious. They have taken an extra step. And tbh, I can’t really blame the whites who don’t take the step because when I put myself in their shoes, I imagine that I wouldn’t either. Not because of racism; but because understanding systematic racism doesn’t really NEED to be an agenda for a white person to survive in America. And people mobilize around their own interests, not others.

    Furthermore, this country (does not teach anyone about Black people in any real way. Most Whites (and Blacks!) think MLK is sufficient. For example, most whites and blacks have not read Carter G. Woodson’s The Miseducation of Negro, which should be required reading in elementary school (6th-8th grade). Every white person will understand white privilege after reading it. It actually explains how Black people got to where were we are. The US education doesn’t force Whites to ever see the Black perspective while white kids are growing up. (and i think if we started these conversations and ideas then, it wouldn’t be so screwed up now as adults).

    So I am not surprised that many whites get defensive when their whole worldview is blown up by some random black person as an adult. I actually feel bad for both parties.

  • Smirking Ape

    “And these aren’t bad people or anything. Its just they didn’t even have down the basics (like you do) and its just draining to explain white privilege step-by-step and they still not get it. And its even more debilitating if you are expected to do this with EVERY white person you become cool with. I would rather just avoid the conversation to maintain my sanity with such acquaintances” – Thoughtful and thought provoking.

    “I can’t really blame the whites who don’t take the step because when I put myself in their shoes, I imagine that I wouldn’t either. Not because of racism; but because understanding systematic racism doesn’t really NEED to be an required agenda for a white person to survive in America.” -As above.

    “I really think the non-oblivious whites are in a minority.” – Agreed.

    “Furthermore, this country does not teach anyone about Black people in any real way. Most Whites (and Blacks!) think MLK is sufficient.” – A black friend of thirty years standing came to me with a program from his church, featuring the images of a dozen plus famous black Americans, as part of Black History Month observations. He wanted me to identify them, because he could not. I did. He was surprised by the image of a young Thurgood Marshall, and more surprised that Marshall had done much more than sit on the Supreme Court. He especially enjoyed tales of Marshall pranking his clerks.

    “…most whites and blacks have not read Carter G. Woodson’s The Miseducation of Negro…” – Embarrassed to say I’m one who has not. A deficiency I plan to rectify shortly.

    “So I am not surprised that many whites get defensive when their whole worldview is blown up by some random black person as an adult. I actually feel bad for both parties.” – You are wise and perceptive far beyond your years. I hope you plan to do something great. I’ve little doubt you would succeed. Best of luck.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I am White. See my first post.
    I am also disabled, being “one of those pieces of shit” you talk about. Hitler had a shorter name: “useless eaters”.
    When you speak of “entitlement programs” in that way, remember that I and others like me paid into Social Security, thus giving us “entitlement” privileges.
    I would suggest that you turn off Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and begin thinking for yourself.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Again…I am White! See my first post here!
    Natives DON’T get “free everything”. They actually get LESS than the Treaties they signed stipulate. Read history…the REAL history, not the one pap-fed to you by your high-school textbook.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I live in a building that is mostly Black. I use my White Privilege to allow their voices to be heard by management, because mgmt KNOWS I can—and will raise ALL KINDS of hell on their behalf.

    Management also knows that I consider them more than neighbors…that I consider them as part of my family.

    The very first Black person I ever met was from a family of migrant workers. She was at least five years older than me, and, when I was threatened by anyone, would rush to my side…and stand there with her arms crossed. Since she was a good bit taller than anyone else there, this is all she had to do. Later on, my best friend—my doctor’s daughter—was Apache, & had been adopted.

    Until now, only one of my close friends was White. They do not—and cannot—understand my viewpoint, because when I was growing up, the kids who tried to kill me every day were White. I have severe PTSD because of this, which is now being treated by a psychiatrist.

    Am I racist? YES. I can’t stand White people in general…but, as my PTSD is treated, I have less & less of a knee-jerk reaction to Whites.

  • boredd

    I live 2 minutes from a reservation. They get free everything faggot

  • boredd

    I have literally never watched Rush Limbaugh one time. That is the one and only crutch liberal faggots fall on, the Fox News meme because in their mind all the media they watch is non-biased and factual. I haven’t had cable in10 years so sorry friend, no fox news either. If youre handicapped how exactly did you pay into social security?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I worked 60+ hours a week for 18 years. Social Security Disability (SSD) is for people who’ve worked for at least 6 quarters out of the past 2 years. SSI is the one you’re thinking of. It’s for people who could never work. I am and have been on SSD only.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Whatever. Goodbye.

  • boredd

    Waaaaaahhhhh waaaaahhhh

  • kevinzeese

    Boredd, your name-calling and mis-information are unacceptable. You are done commenting on this website.

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  • Shawn Allen Tindall

    i am white and i truly hope discussions of creating real equality for all, not just my kin, never cease. please don’t give up on all of us..

  • zoytron

    HELL YES. Beautifully put!

  • Marchalis

    You say you have several awesome aunts, yet you pick the white one as your favourite, despite knowing what you know about her…

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Maybe you are having cognitive difficulty understanding the difference between racial and racist.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    That’s an interesting usage of the word 😉

    Perhaps you’re thinking of the word racialist. That one doesn’t have an implication of power and control and the right and entitlement as a self deemed superior to have dominion of the subjectively deemed interior. This was the part that was missing from your definition. And if you look up the history of the word racism you’ll discover it’s only 100 years old and describes a system of racial dominance and superiority and the power to exact it. Racialist/racialism has no such component; it’s still based on the 500 year old invented concept race but more from an anthropological perspective. The path of the concept of race to racism in human society was centuries old endeavor that was fueled by early scientific racism and Darwinism, and Religion also played a crucial role doing the Age of Discovery. Now today we have word that people use in the way you did without knowing the history and sensibility of it all.

    Curiously, if a woman spoke against sexism in society and spoke about men (as a group) as not being able to get it. Would she be considered to a sexist ? Can women be sexist or are they misandrists ? How about the poor, will they be considered elitist or classist when they refer to the oppressor group as the elites ?

    When Metta (or anybody else) talks about “white people” he’s not talking genetical inability to understand (that’s what the racist did when they invented racism), he’s talking about memetic refusal to understand. Racism is a social construct.

  • rquez

    Racist always say, “Why don’t you leave?” instead of, “How can we fix this?” You klansmen keep giving yourselves away.

  • rquez

    Those aren’t exclusively black colleges. They are historically black colleges because historically, white people are crazy. White people excluded minorities from everything. Only white people tell minorities, “You can’t sit with us”, then get mad when we make a space for ourselves. Make up your minds. White people can go to those Black colleges if they want. Most just choose not to. You klansmen are showing your colors

  • rquez


  • rquez

    Thank you for saying this. It’s just so frustrating when we try to explain things

  • rquez

    This is why it is so frustrating to talk to white people about racism

  • rquez

    This is why we can’t talk to white people about racism

  • Daniel Wynne

    What I got from this article is that even if I (or any other white person) do not discriminate against others based on race, I am still racist because I participate in a society that is inherently racist. I see it as unintentionally racist, unknowingly racist, or perhaps more accurately ignorantly racist. What I learned from the article is that simply ensuring that I, myself, do not behave in a manner that is racist isn’t enough to combat racism.

    My feelings are not hurt by any of this, but I am not really sure what the solution is. I don’t know how to not directly benefit from a racist society as a white person. All I can think to do is share this article and then give it some serious thought. Maybe that’s a good first step.

  • Rainy

    Ugh ugh ugh #notallwhitepeople #colorblindracism
    This article obviously went over their head.

  • Jared Prince

    I understand the difference readily. Although the strict definition of racist has to do with power and influence, common usage and that throughout this thread and the article, as far as I can tell, has to do with prejudice.
    No, I have no difficulty, cognitive or otherwise with the difference, but thanks for your humorous attempt.

  • Jared Prince

    That was long-winded.
    Thanks, but I already addressed your difficulties in another response to another of your tedious comments.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    My difficulties ?! Okay then 🙂 … I’m glad that my “tedious” comment might have provided some assistance.

  • Jared Prince

    None whatsoever, but thanks.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Arguably, the “common usage” is perhaps deliberate so that racist can conveniently classify the victim’s defiance against the perpetrated racism, as itself racist … and some folks prefer to use the oxymoronic term “reverse racist”.

  • Jared Prince

    I will be happy to quote several lines in the article itself using the term in question in place of the term prejudice. If you think such references inconsequential, you prove your unfounded bias. If you fail to recognize the validity in my claim before I provide the quotes, you prove you have not sufficiently researched the issue in question. Go ahead with whatever you think prudent.
    I am personally against both racism and racial prejudice.
    Equal rights does not allow for preferential treatment as it is itself systematic inequality. I am for equal rights for racial and gender minorities. I am against preferential status or special privilege for any group.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    No problem dude … As long as we all know the meaning and sensibilities of the words that are being used to convey our thoughts to our readers.

  • Jared Prince

    As I said, my use, though I admit is not strictly the most correct, is yet completely consistent with the use in the original article.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    No, you can enumerate your selected quotes … I’m listening.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Hmm … I think that depends on whether or not you think that racism is symmetric, given the specific society under consideration.

  • Jared Prince

    My use is consistent with that in the article as quoted below (all of the following is from the article exactly as it appears therein):

    …said by my Black sister:
    “The only difference between people in The North and people
    in The South is that down here, at least people are honest about being racist.”

    She is still hurt by the suggestion that people in New York, that she, a northerner, a liberal, a good person who has Black family
    members, is a racist.

    Nor does it dawn on her that the very fact that she moved away from an increasingly Black neighborhood to live in a White suburb might itself be a aspect of racism.

    When I was younger, I thought it was because all white
    people are racist.

    To my aunt, the suggestion that “people in The North are
    racist” is an attack on her as a racist.

    And racism is the fact that we all accept that it is white.

  • Jared Prince

    Though your comment has no relevance to mine it is nicely abstruse.
    Well done.

  • Jared Prince

    The problem with the author is not that there aren’t any white people who will engage in constructive conversations about racism. There are many that are happy to do so. Most of us have no reason to have the negativity imposed on us. Come up with a reasonable solution, and we’ll work with you. If you just want to complain, what is accomplished? This goes for racism, sexism or any other systematic injustice, inequality or prejudice.
    Yeah, I don’t want to hear from the angry black man, the angry woman, the angry plumber or angry whomever. Stop complaining and start solving.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Okay, I’m not sure I’m see the issue, especially given the way/style the article was written.

    Regardless, let’s rewind a bit … Do you believe that there is such a thing as social privilege (in this case, white privilege) ? Do believe that in this context, racism (the exact definition) is symmetric ? Do you understand what people mean when the term “whiteness” ? Can you possible imagine removing your conscious self from your body, and placing it into some other body that wasn’t privileged ?

    Let’s start with those before parsing the meaning and context of the quotes you listed.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Abstruse ? … So I take it you think that racism is symmetric. Meaning both victim and perpetrator can be “racist” towards each other.

    Your usage is not consistent with the usage in the article, but you seem to think so. Hence the reason what we are actually having this conversation.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    I kinda tuned out when you voluntarily recognized “systematic injustice, inequality or prejudice” and then voluntarily categorized the defiance against and rebuttal of it, as “complaining”.

    That’s like saying if one was violently raped and/or abused. As a victim, to speak out against it (and in defiance) is perceived as “complaining” … That’s like asking rape victims to propose a solution to rape to the perpetrators … Yup, it’s akin to saying that it’s all the victim’s fault, and surely, they can solve the problem! Meanwhile the perpetrators continue to rape, and with impunity, because they are none the wiser, and all that are complicit to the injustice remain silent against its perpetration.

    Personally, if you were to ever fall victim to rape or abuse in your lifetime, it would be intellectually and empathetically dishonest of me (or anyone) to classify your experience and the words you use to communicate your pain as “complaining”… And furthermore, as to add insult to injury, to say to you (as you wrote) “Stop complaining and start solving”.

    Apparently, empathy is in very sort supply with some folks. Anyways, carry on with your (oh so familiar) rhetoric. You (given your thus far communications) are exactly the kind of person that the author (Metta) was actually talking about.

    That said, its all good 🙂 … and that is quintessential part of the process of acceptance, acknowledgment, respect and healing.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Yup! In this endeavor to irradiate racism (and many others isms and phobias in society), empathy is a crucial first step. The rest (with vigilance) will come naturally … WE ARE humanity.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    On a general topic about racism in society against POC. That’s your overall “take home point” that you feel compelled to post in a public forum for all to see ? Really ?!

    That said, I understand the point you’re trying to make, but your response is exactly the kind of response that Metta was talking about. It’s a defense mechanism (that we all have ; in various degrees and situations) that allows the perpetration to continue.

    Empathy and selflessness is a quintessential tool in the evolution of human society. We all have them in our toolboxes, we just need to learn how to use them.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Straw man arguments are not very constructive.

    When he uses the term “white people”, he’s not talking about genetics [That’s what the racist white folks used to classify non-whiteness], he’s talking about the memetics and the concept of “whiteness” and the presumption of “white supremacy” in human biological society.

    The color of one’s skin is of little matter when it comes to concept of racism. Obviously, you’re well aware that skin color, and eye color, and hair texture/color, are shared amongst all geographies, ethnicities, and so-called “races”. Right ?

    Racism is a deliberately created social construction that was intended to divide humanity. Consequently, it’s important to not voluntarily fall victim to its fatal grips.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Respectfully, you’re doing exactly the same thing that the author was talking about 🙂

    I know it’s hard to be empathetic or imagine your conscious self in the body of a person birthed to a black mother, but how about making a baby step and imaging you were Jewish during the Holocaust … Maybe then you’ll reconnect to the inhumanity of if all.

    As a man, I frequently pause to take a step to try to understand and reconcile the reality of women in society … Yup, it’s a difficult process to recognize my gender privilege in society, nonetheless, I endeavor to own and reconcile it, and it’s not my (individual) fault, it just is, and I battle whenever I see it ! … That said, I don’t need to make it all about me. That would be narcissistic 🙂 … Man/Woman Up !

    WE ARE humanity.

  • Jared Prince

    You picked a great time to tune out since you have no evidence to the contrary. When a rape victim accuses a person that is not the perpetrator, it is a good time to contest the false allegation.
    I can categorize your ridiculous comments however I choose.
    I am not asking your permission or anyone else’s.
    You can hold whatever opinion you choose about my empathy.
    I don’t control your insupportable thoughts or attitudes or any potentially supportable thoughts or attitudes either.
    You clearly don’t know the kind of person I am nor can anyone know such things about a person from a few online comments.
    Feel free to continue deluding yourself about what you think you know.

  • Jared Prince

    Don’t be changing the subject without acknowledging how ridiculous you’ve been in denying the sloppy use of the term racism or racist by the writer of the article in the OP.
    Once we get beyond that, I’ll be happy to discuss your poorly written comment above.

  • Jared Prince

    You are all over the place. Nothing in the comment I’m responding to is clear. Choose your definitions and be consistent or you cannot expect any more from replies. That is the very problem I objected to about the article. Let me know when you get a clue.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    As you well know, I wasn’t talking about wrongly accusing someone of perpetrating rape. I was talking about a rape victim speaking out against rape in society.

    In the case of male/female rape, sexism (and misogyny) is very real thing in society, and we as men would be complicit in its penetration if we don’t joint with our mothers, sisters and daughters of humanity to irradiate it.

    Are they required to (as you say) “Stop complaining and start solving” ? … They are powerless because they are the victims, and the solution rests on our shoulders, not there’s. So to claim that they should stop complaining and provide a solution means that we prefer to remain clueless/ignorant and consequentially are complicit in its perpetration. So in effect, we are also perpetrators.

    Surely you understand why I used that analogy? We are both men so there is a kinship in understandings about our privilege as men and the power that we have (as allies with women) to effect change w.r.t. sexism in society.

    All that said, when it comes to racism in this society, the same hierarchy, or power and control dynamic exists, and consequently the same social construction and psychology exists. Consequently, the same logic applies … So for any member of the historically and systemically racial privileged group to demand that POC (the racially disprivileged group) must “Stop complaining and start solving” is in my opinion, yet another representation of the same type of ignorance and complicity about the totality of it all.

    [BTW, I apologize for anything that I might have written that might have lead you to believe that I was attacking your person, and not your expressed thoughts/perspectives … For me, online conversations are about expressed ideas, concepts and thoughts, not individuals]

  • Andrew Anonymous

    There is (basically) one definition. Here’s a definition of the word ‘racism’ as provided by Google. I’m surprised (with your internet skills) that you didn’t find it :-). Furthermore, even if you do your own research against the various physical and online dictionaries, and the etymology of those definitions, you’ll basically find more-or-less the same definition.

    So my question about “symmetry” is basically whether or not you believe/think that the so deemed ‘inferior’ can be racist against the so deemed ‘superior’ ? … If so, then logically, the so deemed ‘inferior’, are presumed to feel that they are more ‘superior’ to folks that deem them as ‘inferior’ … Hmm, perhaps that’s the sensibility behind the oxymoronic term “reverse racism” 🙂

    Meanwhile, in reality, we are all equals in humanity, and the POC are simply requesting that the white racist folks amongst us inner society, simply just stop with the “forward racism”. Consequently and logically, there would be no need a defiance against it. Right ? … Curiously, some folks like to (and conveniently so) categorize that defiance against racism in society as “reverse racism”. (Sigh)

    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    As you well know, I’m not trying to change the subject. I’m just trying to establish a basis for future communications.

    The quotes that you’ve provided from the article have multiple dimensions, so I’m just trying to find a common “page” of sensibilities. Hence my questions.

    [BTW, there is no need for insults in constructive discourse :-)]

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Yup, I totally agree with all that you’ve written.

    That said, we also need to do something about sexism in society, and it’s totally up to women. You need to educate your mothers, sisters and daughters in society about how to avoid rape and not dress or conduct yourselves in a sexually provocative manor. That is the only way to irradiate sexism and rape society … The change can only come from you, and us men (i.e. the sexist and rapist, perpetrator and complicit alike) are totally not to blame. You women are the only ones who are capable of fixing this issue.

    And when it comes to “gender inequality” in society, you all need to just change you names to male name, hide your physicality, dress like men and be “smart” like men. That way, no one will know the difference and you’d have, in this meritocracy, just as equal opportunities as us “superior” males.

    Arguably, I don’t have a four point plan as detailed as you’ve written, but I’m sure you females can put your heads together to come up with plan to irradiance sexism in society.

    All that said “I believe that sexism will never end but can be somewhat lessened by frank discussion. More importantly, however, change needs to come from within the female community as a whole …. I understand that this probably enforces your position not to discuss gender issue with males. So be it.” …. You all just need to fix this issue!


  • Andrew Anonymous

    Your comment is a testament to what you can do to alert folks and assist in its irradiation …. Call out “a spade is a spade” when you see it … Ms warrior queen of justice and humanity 🙂

  • Jared Prince

    Uh, obviously I not only do not know that, but I affirm that your statement is false. That is, you are indeed changing the subject. What I don’t know is the reason you’re attempting to do so.
    I insult your comments.
    I have not insulted, and do not insult, you.

  • Jared Prince

    Claiming that “reverse racism,” a term I have not used until this sentence, is oxymoronic does not mean it is oxymoronic. You can imagine it is all you like, but such is the nature of conjecture. I see no reason to agree and strong reasons to disagree with your unsupported claim that “reverse racism” is an oxymoronic term.

    Do you have a reference to your use of the term “symmetry”?
    At this juncture, it seems quite obscure, but some valid reference(s) may provide clarity.
    As to your claim about a single definition to racism or racist, that is based on ignorance. There are other definitions if you look. You may not find them in some abridged dictionaries.

    Oh, wait a minute. You included a definition for racism at the bottom of your comment that is in complete agreement with what I’ve been saying while contradicting your own claims.
    Read the definition you provided and you will see it is synonymous with racial prejudice.

    Thank You

  • Jared Prince

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    You’ve got almost everything wrong or distorted in your comment.
    I do not have to use your example the way you intended.
    I am free to use your example more correctly than you used it yourself and did so.
    In your next paragraph, you jumbled together “male/female rape, sexism (and misogyny)” as if all of them together were a “very real thing in society.” What the hell does that mean? Real in what sense? (Rhetorical questions–it doesn’t mean anything of obvious value, and they are real only inasmuch as they are objective) I agree that people perceive being wronged and often that perception should be investigated and perpetrators punished appropriately. Some things are no more than thin skinned people complaining about trivial things according to their own misperceptions.

    No person is powerless that can speak or write with a reasonable degree of expressiveness and understand with both empathy and introspection. So, while I agree that those that complain without pursuit of a solution “prefer to remain clueless/ignorant” as you said, I do not agree that they “consequentially are complicit in its perpetration.”

  • Christina

    I’m white; I hear you; your arguments and position are valid, well thought out, and truthful. What can I do? How do I help? What can I do to change this world, our country, and this environment? I ask not to put the responsibility on your shoulders, you have carried our burden too long. I ask because I honestly do not know how to proceed or what action will have impact. But I am willing to take action.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    I think there is perhaps some reading and comprehension issues going here, or maybe it’s my writing style. I’m note sure either way.

    Regardless, I’m willing to discuss the kinds of usages of the words racism and racist in the context of the article and those quotes that you’ve itemized, but in order to do that we need to establish a common frame of reference for the meanings and sensibilities (and history/origins) behind the word racism, and especially in current society and particularly in America. That is why I asked those questions … I’m simply trying to get a gauge on your thinking, and once established, I’ll know how to proceed on how to communicate why the author used those words in the way he did. So I’m not trying to change the subject; I’m trying to get a better understanding.

    For example, if you believe that the word racism is any reference to one’s “race”, or any prejudice or discrimination base on “race”, then you are 100% correct and the entire article is racist. But as we all (hopefully) know, that is not the meaning or sensibility of the word racism.

    Anyways, unless we can clarify those things then I honestly don’t see the point of discussing this any further. Agreed ?

  • Rebecca Ore

    I have a Nicaraguan friend who told me I wasn’t like most of the white people down here who expect to be treated like gods. I mentioned in a white expat group that he’d said that and some white dude called him a bigot. You’re being a prat regardless of how many black nieces and nephews you have. I see white people who assumed that they’d be welcomed as the White Saviors fall apart because if you’re not dead fluent in Spanish (sound familiar), you lack credibility here and look silly trying to pull superiority with broken Spanish.

    Some Nicaraguans hate us; most just get on with their lives and ignore us.

    One of the more annoying white kinds are the people who pat themselves on the back for not excluding non-whites from their lives, but who expect to be the center of attention when they do connect with their POC friends.

  • Jared Prince

    If you acknowledge that the usage of racism and racist in the article was sloppy and my usage of the same words was consistent with it we can move on to more important things. Racism is not what’s important. Equality is what’s important. Once equality is established, the idea of racism becomes a historical footnote.
    Getting rid of racism without establishing equality is cleaning the toilet with big turds still in it. Establishing equality is flushing the toilet.
    It is then easy to clean.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Although you’d like me to concur with you and your perspectives, I will not because it appears that you don’t quite yet understand (and I say that with respect) the sensibilities of what was being communicated in the article.

    For you to say that “Racism is not what’s important” basically means that you’d prefer to erase everything to absolve the “original” sin of racism in order to address the issue of racial equality … Racial equality cannot be established without irradiating racism. After all, racism is what created racial inequality in the first place … And for you to suggest otherwise means that you don’t fully understand the magnitude of rampant racism that exists in society. That is the insidiousness of racism and its indoctrination of the perpetrators, aiders, abets and the complicit … As you erroneously say “It is then easy to clean” 🙂 … Sadly (and although seemingly expedient) that is so far from the truth.

    Maybe you should investigate some more about it and/or listen/read someone like Tim Wise. Perhaps then you’ll have a different perspective than what you’ve represented thus far to us all.

    As I’ve said, and also Metta has said in the article, these kinds of discussions about race and racism are very tedious with certain folks, so perhaps it’s best to not engage in further discussions … Agreed ?

    [BTW, I can provide some links to articles and video lectures on the subject if you’re truly interested. Regardless, most of it can by found as part of your own diligent research and pursuit of knowledge.]

  • Jared Prince

    Understanding and agreeing are not synonymous. I can and do understand while I disagree.
    The whole argument about racism is in my opinion pointless and counterproductive. I have seen no argument from you that is in any way persuasive. You seem to focus on trivialities as if they were of great import just as the author of the article did. Casting blame will accomplish nothing. If anything, it will sour the attitudes of those that would otherwise join you in a more fruitful effort. It appears you don’t want to accomplish anything at all.
    Good luck to you.

  • Jared Prince

    You have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding while demanding that others understand your poorly worded nonsense.

    “…irradiating racism” is a cute expression, but you have shown no clue as to how to go about it. You can’t go about it because it’s your fantasy and the magic wand you need doesn’t exist.

    I do disagree that racism created racial inequality. That’s one of very few things you got right. You will never get rid of racism, but you may be able to keep it in check. Actually, not you. Your approach is too counterproductive to accomplish any positive result. It will merely perpetuate or exacerbate the angry downtrodden.

    There already have been many advances towards racial and gender equality, but to have a clue, one must recognize the world will never be perfect. These advances were from laws and policies to establish equality (or greater equality) and not to irradiate racism. There has been and never will be any advance towards racial equality by irradiating racism.

    Perhaps your most preposterous idea is that of original sin. I can’t say it’s a foreign concept. It’s unfortunately familiar. It is every bit as stupid a concept for racism as it is for spiritual atonement. Maybe someday the angry downtrodden will realize that the blame game can never work. Until then, they will remain marginalized by their own risible presumption.

    You can blather on and on all you like about my lack of awareness of rampant racism without accomplishing anything or you can stop your whining and think of real solutions towards equality. Instead of real solutions you drone on about “indoctrination of the perpetrators, aiders, abets and the complicit” and other divisive nonsense.

    I did say it is then easy to clean. Your denial just shows how entrenched you are in the blame game. Such an attitude of victimization is tough to overcome. Sadly, I don’t see much hope that you will rise above it.

    I wish the best to you anyway, and do hope that you will have the courage to benefit from the efforts towards racial equality even though they don’t satisfy your lust for justice against the misguided concept of original sin.

  • Ina Plassa-travis

    I think that’s just it…’we’ have to figure out a way to fix it, we need to do the work ourselves, because it’s our side of the family that needs changing. My dad built a safe place for his black friends…but he still needed to call the police station when we were having a party, because cars full of ‘coloreds’ got the cops called on them in our township, even in the 70’s. We need to stop making the easy choices…most of all? we need to change the way we hire people, and the way we interact with people, and the way we learn from, and teach people.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Humm …

    “demonstrated a complete lack of understanding”, “you have shown no clue”, “your approach is too counterproductive”, “merely perpetuate or exacerbate the angry downtrodden”, “your most preposterous idea is that of original sin”, “is every bit as stupid a concept for racism as it is for spiritual atonement”, “angry downtrodden will realize that the blame game can never work”, “you can stop your whining and think of real solutions towards equality”, “you drone on about “indoctrination of the perpetrators, aiders, abets and the complicit” and other divisive nonsense”, “your denial just shows how entrenched you are in the blame game”, “Sadly, I don’t see much hope that YOU will rise above it”, “have the courage to benefit from the efforts towards racial equality even though they don’t satisfy your lust for justice against the misguided concept of original sin”.

    To me, it’s painful obvious that you’re desperately trying to protect “something” … Anyways, carry on ! … You need no assistance from me to wrap and lather yourself up in it all 🙂


  • Andrew Anonymous

    Good luck to you too 🙂

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Yup, psychological transference is a very real psychosis amongst some folks in society.

    Anyways, carry on.

  • Jared Prince

    Yes, interest in equality is protecting something.
    By the way, I know we haven’t achieved it yet and might not ever achieve it.
    There is a long way to go before we can claim we are even close.

  • Cherie Flint

    What you have to say is more valuable than you know. But I think you have one very key element wrong. I do not believe it is as simple as protecting white peoples feelings. Us white folks have never truly looked in the face our history with indigenous or black folks. On some level we are aware that what was done to result in our privilege and wealth was horribly wrong but as a people we have never owned it. I am sure you have heard the strong attempt to excuse ourselves, we were not the ones who…….But underlying that lack of ownership I believe is a tsunami of fear just waiting express itself. What if folks of color had power, what would they do? What would we do in their position? That is why black anger is so threatening and so not tolerated. Add to that there are many people who profit from keeping people separate, encouraging us to never know the “other’s” story. It is not so bad for black folks really. They just need to … fill in the blank and it will be fine. To heal these horrific wounds we need as a nation to go through a restorative justice process. We need to take ownership, listen to the real story, find a way to make amends. A tall order, but I believe that women can find there way to it. For me a huge turning point was seeing the photo of the beautiful boy who was Trayvon, who was so full of potential. My heart broke and it was days before I did not wake up wondering about his mother and how she could withstand this. I am a mother, I feel outrage and grief for a mother who lost her son. I wish I had a better, quicker more dramatic solution. The only thing I can think of to do is participate as fully as I am capable in this conversation.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Ever wonder why historically when POC talk about injustice and inequality, it somehow (and just like clockwork) turns into, or is rephrased as, “equality” 🙂

    That’s the cognitive dissonance of it all.

    Peace again.

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  • Jared Prince

    No, it’s no surprise at all that your cognitive dissonance is pervasive in your many comments. I don’t expect it to change, but who knows.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Humm … I think that is called psychological transference.

    Once again, Peace.

  • Jared Prince

    Psychological diagnoses done online are faulty and done by rank amateurs that pretend to know something they cannot know. Whatever you think it’s called, you are already wrong to call it that.
    Thanks for your repeated false offering of peace.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Yup. Understood. Thanks for the input.

  • Jared Prince

    Christina, did you get a response to your thoughtful offer?

  • AnnMarie Sharma

    Finally, a rational person. And you explained it wonderfully. It is not REAL to us because we have never lived it. We can only imagine, get close perhaps but never really KNOW how it feels. I think Kim Bowl misunderstood. We can feel for the struggle and pain of others, but we don’t really know a how it feels. That is not possible. We haven’t lived it.
    White people can and do have these conversations. Many stand and March in protest as well, being sick of it all. It is ingrained in the “system” , oh yes, to be sure. But change is inevitable and the upcoming generations are even more enlightened. I have literally, every single race in my family. We are a mixed bag of races and I have contributed to that bag as well. I’m hoping the world catches on so there is nothing to be racist against.l!! We will ALL be a little of this and a little of that… like me and my kids.

  • Christina

    I have not.

  • Maleesha Kovnesky

    Thank you for brilliantly illustrating the author’s point.

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  • Christina

    Not not yet.

  • Jared Prince

    I spoke with Andrew Anonymous through this discussion with many lengthy comments. He, apparently a person of color, doesn’t seem interested in pursuing a goal of equality for some reason. I would be happy to work with those that have a reasonable plan to achieve equality or progress towards equality. My impression is that many others would be happy to join in such efforts.

    I must admit, though, I am not interested in taking the blame for something that previous generations have done. I will not call myself a racist because I am not a racist. If there are those that feel that means I don’t get it, then I don’t want to get whatever it is they want me to get.
    Even if that means I cannot work with those individuals, I am sure there are others that would be happy to accept your help and my help in striving towards equality for people of color and all people.

  • Benny

    Sorry, but the lord of the rings cast were not “all white”. Fair enough the good guys are, but if a character was portrayed as being ginger in fiction is it wrong then to cast a person who is ginger? Besides, I thought Lurtz was badass!

    On the whole I tend to agree with this article, although I do think this article embodies half the problem with racism. Which is, although there is definitely still race issues that need to be tackled, half the problem is we are still seperating people by always talking about racism and race, which is also subsequently creating it. By referring to people as “blacks” and “whites”, you are inadvertedly promoting it. Not saying that something should not be done, it is just until we stop cosidering race as a divider, racism is always going to exist.

  • Benny

    Also to pigeon hole “white” people as all racist because they happen to exist within a racist system, is in itself racist. I do agree with many things in the article, and I think issues such as police brutality in particular need to be addressed.

  • Unreal

    Here is some irony for you:

    Right now, all over conservative radio, TV and websites, whites are denouncing so called “moderate Muslims” for not standing up to violence committed around the world against the West by Muslims.

    Yet when they are called to the carpet to denounce racially motivated violence against blacks and other minorities, they refuse and shift the blame to the victims.

    There will always be a different set of rules for whites and for minorities in America. It started with a bunch of slaveholders declaring the land of the free only for them. With stealing land from native Americans and calling themselves great “discoverers.” The racial hierarchy is too ingrained in our psyches to eliminate at this point. But as Americas proposeritunconties to decline, more and more whites will find themselves in the same boat as the POC they despise, because they won’t wise up and understand the game that’s being played at their expense.

    Oh well.

  • Unreal

    Tell them that according to federal government figures 60 percent of convicted rapists are white men. Yes, the majority of rapists in America are non Hispanic white men, despite the fact that that they only make up 1/3 of the us population.

    See how fast they start looking for excuses to explain it away. The best they can usually do is argue that white women lie about being raped in mass numbers.

  • Unreal

    European colonialism not just British.

  • Unreal

    Patently untrue and verifiable by the history books you cite. Africans selling each other into slavery was a very small part of the slave trade.

  • Unreal

    Free shit LOL. Statistically whites collect the most welfare. It’s not “free shit” when the check cashier is white?

    Native Americans are Americans and pay taxes. They get free health care based in treaties between tribal governments and the us federal government. They get no other “free shit” that you as a white person wins similar income are not entitled to.

    Please tell me what free shit I am entitled to as a black woman that you are not as a white person. Can’t wait to hear this one,

  • Unreal

    Blatant lie. These lies might get you up votes among your fellow uneducated cretins on Briebart and Natiional Review but it doesn’t fly here. See on sites that aren’t right wing circle jerks, we actually come with real statistics. FO

  • Deborah J Mann

    I’m white and I don’t put up with racism within my range of vision. I forget color – when I am allowed to do so. I’ll help, but I don’t know what to do except to confront people who say or do racist things. And to love people – regardless of color. The comment made by your sister was a generalization. Generalizations perpetuate anger and hate. Get specific. Tell us what to do. Yes bullies pick on blacks. There will always be bullies. How do we stop all bullies? Cameras on police cars? Society is surely trying. What can we do with your anger? What? Throwing out blanket generalizations is more problem, not more solution. Me? I truly have and have had black BEST friends. Not some of my best friends are black – but “Meet my best friend and next door neighbor Brenda, the one I told you about that helped me raise that baby squirrel.” Maybe black comes into the conversation because her mother refused to sit on the back of the bus and the army had to provide an emergency transfer for her officer husband to prevent race riots. Maybe we talk about her journey – and yes it is quite different than my journey and race will come into that. But blaming me? I hate your hate. I hate your anger. Yes, I do feel blamed by you. But I’ve done all that I know to do, including vacationing, teaching, loving, hugging, rocking, grandmothering, being a house guest, and being in sitcom worthy situations. So why are you mad at me? Because I’m white? Tell me that isn’t racism.

    Martin Luther King said that when black and white sit down together – well, I sit down together. And I don’t deny problems. I don’t watch silently. And generally, when I speak up, other voices do too. People don’t want to be the first to speak – but when one speaks others do too.

    Clean up your language. Get rid of the generalities. Yes there is racism in the north. But northern whites aren’t generally racist. Neither are southern. Watch how you say it – your anger is showing. “There is racism in the North” is a vastly different statement than saying “Northeners are racists.” The first is a fact – the second is an insult. One I personally do not deserve.

  • Libra_Lady

    The upcoming generations of White people are NOT more enlightened. A study showed that White millenials are just as racist as their Boomer parents.

    Progress in this area will NOT come about via the mere passage of time or of the dying out of older generations because those generations are 1) not that old (some of the White folks posing in lynching pics are STILL alive) and 2) have simply passed their bigotry along to younger generations and 3) have entire systems in place to make sure that anti-Blackness gets firmly inculcated. Also, interracial fucking is not the answer. If it were then Black and Native women would be the highest status women in this country. Interracial mixing didn’t stop mixed Black kids from being considered property during slavery. It didn’t stop them from being subject to Jim Crow laws. And it won’t stop them from being subject to what “regular” Black people have to deal with. Relying on the mere passage of time without concrete action (outside of the joys of swapping sexual fluids) is at best laziness and at worst figleafing apathy and trying preserve the status quo because of Whites’ psyche-deep investment in it.

  • Libra_Lady

    What I’m saying it that now Black people are asking for anti-racist ACTION from Whites, Whites seem to have fallen back into “discussion” mode. That feels like a dodge and a stalling technique now.

  • Libra_Lady

    So these same men calling her a “race traitor” are willing to throw their own White women under the bus to protect their IMAGE of themselves as White men.

  • Mike Loder

    Is it 94% of black people who are murdered in America will die at the hands of other blacks? Ten thousand lives a year yes? An annual genocide? Took the KKK 80 years to kill less blacks than blacks do every few months? That Pregnancy Outcomes” report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said that more black babies were aborted than born in the city. Is that true? Most dangerous place for a black in America is in their own mother yes? Oh and more whites are shot by cops than blacks yes? But its still the demon whitey who is the issue? Got it. Liberals are the worst thing that ever happened to strong, proud black people. The KKK was founded by democrats yes? Hmmm.

  • Mike Loder

    Derailing techniques… like ‘The truth’. Awkward.

  • Edward

    Funny hate got you where your ancestor wanted to go.

  • Edward

    I agree we need to stop talking to the very people who invented, created, and built an entire system around racism for their own benefit. Whenever I see a white person I see nothing else, but Dillon Roof no matter the sex.

  • Jon Low

    You make your choices about how you elect to engage or not engage with white people. As long as you accept that they have an identical right to either engage with you or ignore you utterly on their own terms. Your melanin doesn’t make you a special little salamander.

  • Matthew Phillips

    Libra, you are never, I repeat NEVER going to get the support of white people by insulting them. You may believe you have valid points and maybe you do. But that is not how white people respond to criticism. Even in the “white world” we kiss each other’s ass to get anywhere. We use and manipulate one another to get what we want and we never speak our true feelings for fear of backlash. This is white America. Your right fighting isn’t going to get you anywhere. If white people treated those whites in power like you are speaking, they would be thrown out with the black people. White people do not value other whites just because they are white…they value those that “play the white game.” Those few black people who get an inroad and play the white game often manage to do very well. You are not one of those. That is your choice.

  • Matthew Phillips

    I would also like to point out that white people do not derail the concept of race because it makes them uncomfortable. They do it because it is the white way of things….make you think they give a sh*t to keep you complaining instead of uprising. It is just another form of white manipulation. If you really understood white people, you would know that everything we do is calculated and not random. It is all very self-serving and narcissistic…not for the white “system” but for the white individual.

  • Steve

    Yes we do have to discuss these race issues and how bigoted and prejudice black people are to whites asians and indians ect. You see it everyday blacks are 100 times more bigoted and even within their own race! Light skin blacks are hated by dark skin blacks ect. You have a very radical liberal agenda which you only use your facts and not the total truth.
    For example 98% of black economic and social problems are caused by black people fact breskdown of black family 72% blk girls have 1 or 2 bablies no father in sight! 50% black men steal do drugs beat up innicent people ect and are in jail . blacks shoot and kill to rob and rape or just to satisfy their sick mentality with the knockout game against older frail white asian and other races . shows this violent nature . thug mentality and praising ignorance and violence and being loud and inconsiderate to others. All black caused and still liberals and radical blacks play the victimization card .this is why they fail and the world and african blacks hate and make fun of american blacks!#! You cant have a normal conversation about race with 98% of blacks because emotion and blame is what they use not logic and reason! Blacks are getting dumber and more lazy as whites asians indians are starting and running businesses getting smarter and not playing the victim or using excuses. Its 2016 .supporting thugs like mike brown and tryvon martin is pathetic . only blacks will support evil criminals no other race will. Bottom line there really is nothing to discuss till blacks clean up there own mess. Also black institutionalized racism is fact affirmitive action aka quotas proves blacks have an undiserved handout and discriminates against white asian indians ect . this is vicious evil discrimination for unqualified blacks given preferitial treatment for no reason shame on the liberals wigh your fake guilty conscious. And shame on blk people for partaking in this and supporting it.

  • davessworks

    I have lived half my life in the UK and half of it in the USA. Both countries have a history of troublesome racial relationships. Both were heavily involved in the slave trade. And yet . . .

    I see the UK as having made huge strides in racial equity and neutrality compared to the USA. How did this happen exactly? Perhaps out of necessity? Maybe out of placing a higher value on societal standards and values? You will find extremists everywhere, but I am not speaking about extremists and neither is the author of the original piece. This relate to societal behavior at large.

    I believe that the very high value Americans place on individual versus societal rights/needs is largely to blame for the disparity in attitudes in the USA versus the UK.

  • Seth Wilson Imvu

    black sould not kill other race thing thay do not understand other race problem matter fact black never understand white problem thay think white made of money think we sould whatever black becouse there god white obey black people treat them like god thay desobey in name of hate you would kill them like hearted bitch race going to .

  • Flavio Rocha

    I’ve always hated the idea of the “angry black person” You’re a human being that has every right to react to this bullshit the same way any sane, living being would. You’re not playing the race card, you’re not being sensitive. You’re reacting, you’re experiencing it first had. It’s real and it needs to be made aware so it can end.

    I really hope people learn how insignificant skin color really is. I hate seeing my brothers have to deal with this bullshit, I hate that my friend has to worry about things I’m not even aware of. It bothers me so much and I wish I could do more than just tell my white friend to shut the fuck up whenever he says nigger or something ignorant.

    Sow your seeds, speak up when you see something unjust, don’t be afraid of the crowd. Stand up for what is right. Slowly but surely we’ll get over this. Beautiful article. Thank you

  • Libra_Lady

    It definitely is my choice because I am prioritizing my sanity over the bottom-feeder ways White people communicate. Black American communication values frankness and honesty and having the courage to speak your mind. White America values lies and subterfuge. And your accurate description of how you all communicate just only bolsters the argument that it’s pointless for Black people to talk to you all about race.

  • Libra_Lady

    So if y’all don’t give a shit then why bother engaging you?

  • tucky

    John, white privilege, as is stands for those aspects of racism most deeply (and often subtly) embedded (or institutionally practiced or unexamined) in our society stands in the way of eliminating racism. And until the people benefitting from white privilege understand that, even if they are sincerely color blind in aspiration and in personal interactions, racism will remain. I regret that many people enjoying the privilege don’t see that. I will personally advocate for measures to change this state of affairs, and raise awareness of white privilege as an obstacle to social justice. I promise to do so regardless of whether my feelings are offended. But when someone labels me a racist for existing as a white person in a society that includes white privilege, I am offended.

  • tucky

    Libra Lady – I’ll acknowledge white privilege, discuss and work for ways of eliminating it, and teach my children to be conscious of it and work for social justice. But I will be offended by being labeled a racist for being white while white privilege exists. It won’t stop me from examining, advocating, and acting to combat racism. But it will stop me from interacting with individuals who insist on labeling me a racist.

  • David

    I’ve read through all your comments, and you have framed every single statement as all whites versus all blacks.
    So I have to ask: what are you doing, personally, to not be racist? Because it looks to me like that’s exactly what you are.

  • David

    Did you read that article? The author makes excellent points about gender inequality and power imbalance in sexual relationships.
    See, that’s the thing: equality runs both ways. All I can say is thank goodness I’m gay – I don’t have to deal with the nasty minefield of heterosexual courting.

  • David

    Hey, you know what’s really fun? That almost all of us from all walks of life are descended from slaves. Congratulations to all of us – we can all join in on the pity party! And the neat thing is that all of our ancestors who were slaves in Canada and the US have turned to dust.

    So can we please get over the fact that there were slaves in North America, and instead commit to creating a world of equal opportunity?

  • David

    The problem is that when you use words like “white people are xyz”, you’re saying that ALL white people are a certain way. Discriminatory statements like that cause many white people to tune out.

    It’s become clear to me that many of the people screaming out “racist!” have no idea that their own language is discriminatory. Or maybe they do know it, but they just don’t care.

  • Unreal

    Yeah I read it. And telling women that men should be able to do whatever they want to womens bodies whenever because she consented to speak to him or spend time with him has fuck all to do with your definition of equality. If you defend that shit, you’re fucked up, pure and simple.

  • sully2 cosmo2

    would you and the author prefer to talk to ME the individual? or WE the white people? I think the WE is the root of the problem, as the author so eloquently articulates. if whites think as individuals then surely it makes sense to talk to whites as individuals. this US and THEM obviously isn’t working. my limited race conversations with black folks I receive a receptive ear on the subject of Tamir Rice, but a closed ear on Worldstar racial “knockout the whitey” games. I receive an open ear about employment discrimination but a closed one when I talk about my being nixed twice by my black college instructors for an internship in a predominantly black, city-based large corporation – apparently “a high GPA doesn’t make for a good intern” (despite the official requirement for it..).

    if you’re going to copy your “oppressor” then guess what you become…?

  • Libra_Lady

    Be offended all you want. My life>your feelings over not being deferred to.

  • Libra_Lady

    If you’re still butthurt about not being chosen for an internship by your Black profs then you should take gleeful comfort in the fact that American society has punished your instructors and all Black people everyday since.

    And I can see why you’ve had limited experience talking to Black people.

  • Libra_Lady

    Living my Black ass life. That’s all I need to do.

  • tucky

    You miss the point. Your life is more important than my feelings. But it’s not necessary to offend people who want to see the same just result. I’ll cheer the result, and flip you the bird.

  • Libra_Lady

    And I won’t care about your pasty finger and your petty attempts at tone policing. You claim to care about Black people but only if we know our place and grovel to and plead with you for our rights and humanity. You all really do think you carry the stamp of approval on Black life and freedom. Damn, White so-called progressives are just as eaten up with anti-Blackness as their right-wing relatives.

  • tucky

    This isn’t tone policing, it’s calling out a rude person. There’s nothing in what I’ve written here, or in how I live my life, that supports your baseless accusation. Either you’re a troll, or you’re a jerk. Just judging you by the content of your character.

  • Libra_Lady

    Oh please quit thinking that your White ass trying to use MLK’s words to silence Black people is new or original. Why don’t you read Letter From A Birmingham Jail and see what he thought about you White fauxgressives? You would’ve called him an uppity nigger who was causing a ton of needless bother if you were there back in the day.

  • tucky

    I neither consider myself original, nor am I trying to silence you. I have read MLK’s Letter (and have just re-read it). I’d like to think I’d have been one of the “white brothers” who “grasped the meaning of this social revolution and committed themselves to it.” But those days were before my time, so that is speculation. However, from the time I became aware of the movement that Dr. King led (as a child in the 60s), it was very clear to me that the people riding busses, sitting at lunch counters, and attending school “were in reality standing up for the best in the American dream.” Does your worldview not allow for sincere support of social justice (backed by action) by white people?

  • tucky

    In the real world, it’s all middle ground. In the real world, no one will miss you.

  • tucky

    No, rquez, that’s why it’s frustrating to talk to a**hats about pretty much anything.

  • sully2 cosmo2

    hypocrisy is hypocrisy. if you’re going to be dishonest in your arguments (lil whites lies for the greater cause) then you’ve already lost the war. the current narrative suggesting black folks cant be racist for example: you show me a non-racist and I will show you a liar. time to quit whining and wallowing in self-pity I’m afraid. the opportunities are there; if you’re not a butthurt who wilfully chooses to wear the victim crown, on behalf of your dead ancestors…

  • Rodney Bunkley

    My biggest problem with racism in America to me is the fact that whenever Black people create a new look or trend, White people always follow. When Black people wear braids, gold grills and chains, now White people are doing the same. When Black people are TWERKING, now White people wanna twerk. When Black people come out with a new dance move, now White people wanna learn how to do it. When you see all these Black girls with full lips and big, round asses, now White girls also are trying to get the same thing. Whenever Black people invent something that’s trendy and entertaining among the Black youth and Black people in general, White people wanna do it too. White people love taking all these things from our culture and making it their own, but they don’t give a shit about Black people in general when it comes to racial discrimination and oppression. After all of that borrowing and adapting from our culture, when it comes to us being abused because of the color of our skin, they ignore it like it never happened. THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE BIGGEST SLAP IN THE FACE.

  • Sander Kooger

    “I Don’t Discuss Racism With White People” Thats fine I refuse to discuss racism with anyone who thinks in black vs white anyway 😉 Why do you think its called racism you racist.

    PS kudos on tackling your chances of a decent column in the title. Job well done!

  • José J. Bronze

    Look at us discussing racism with white folks in this comment section… -_-.
    It’s almost funny to see folks that fell for the ‘see no color’ and ‘all equal’ looking for words and ways to make them see.


  • wb7ptr

    This article is a great explanation why black lives matter. It gets to the root of the problem. And it points out the ignorance of most of white America to the problem even existing. As far as I’m concerned, what better reason is there to discuss race than the death of Trayvon Martin, or the shooting of an innocent black child. In short, black lives matter and they should matter as much as our very own lives regardless of what race we belong to.

  • Mary33411

    What exactly is the black community looking for? Specific list. And be fair, no way in hell will I give up any of the things I have worked for, nor will I ever apologize for being ‘white’. So, what does this community want? Serious questions because this has been going on forever.

  • Mary33411

    Well said. There are many people who want to move the discussions to action in rectifying or removing obstacles to social injustice. I struggle to find, in all the articles I have read, this one too, that outlines 1 specific thing we can all work on together. Otherwise the discussion is fruitless.

  • USA black folks can’t. Although our brothers & sisters in Zimbabwe perhaps. You disagree, let me ask:Lemme ask you 1st: what do blacks stand to gain in a system of white supremacy?
    What vehicles to blacks have to severely alter & ruin the lives of other races with impunity in USA?
    What long history do blacks have holding back the progress of other races as a whole?

    Entities created to combat racism or owned by whites dont count.
    Blacks can be “reactionary bigots ” at worst.

  • “One of the more annoying white kinds are the people who pat themselves on the back for not excluding non-whites from their lives, but who expect to be the center of attention when they do connect with their POC friends.”

    Correct. 2015 wasnt the year for those friendships: what wastes of time in the flesh.

  • James Letchworth

    ..talk, talk, talk…blah, blah, blah. not about color. about culture. will work itself out in another 400 years or so.

  • Tom N.

    Racism in United States is part of wider system of oppression directed at poor people of all races. Racism is instilled in poor whites just so ruling elites can manipulate them to vote against their own best economic interest. Since long term survival of e.g. Republican Party depends on racism it is particularly hard to eradicate it – GOP controlled media pump in the fear of black man into viewers brains 24/7/365.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The author gives us the sad truths in the article above.

    Let me point out something, however, regarding the Liberal v. Conservative debate and the reason why very few minorities are Republicans: while Conservatives say, “It didn’t happen to ME, so I don’t care”, Liberals say, “that shouldn’t happen to anyone.” The last of the Southern Conservative Democrats (“Dixiecrats”) became Republicans in the late 1960’s. So, nearly all of the racism comes from Republicans. This Non-Affiliated voter has seen the “false equivalency” argument so many times from GOP Progressives and Moderates (who should know better) that it drives me batty sometimes.

    It’s not a mistake or a coincidence that more than 95% of Republican politicians are white men (usually older white men) and that the Democrats are much more diverse. In fact, minority and female Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for being Republicans. Progressive and Moderate Republicans should take their queue from Gen. Colin Powell, a Moderate Republican who remains a registered Republican but votes for Democrats to “piss off the Tea Partiers”.

  • Garnett Beard

    This entire article is racist! Racism is alive and well but only anti white racism is acceptable.

  • CleverBev

    Sorry, hon. You are welcome to your belief, but you also need to be open to the fact that your belief is incorrect. An “ism” can be applied to whites because of white “ownership” of the political and economic structures of power. You cannot own the “ism” if you don’t wield the power.

  • CleverBev

    My husband, who posts by an unpronounceable username, asked me to post this response on his behalf.

    are, of course, right. What’s called institutional racism or (the zingier
    version of the term I prefer) institutionalized white racism (and I like to
    insert white because I’ve noticed that a lot of whites whiplash a bit when they
    hear white racism instead of just
    racism) is the American norm and has been from the beginning of European
    expansion into the Americas (although White and Black appear to have been
    categories that evolved in the context of African enslavement).

    what does it mean for me to agree with you on this point? Am I, as a “white”
    guy born and bred in Iowa just trying to get myself off the hook by agreeing
    that I am complicit in the American mental institution, Institutionalized White
    Racism? Perhaps. But, for the moment, maybe we can agree that one can
    articulate a true proposition independent of one’s motives for doing so.

    yes, no doubt whatsoever, I, personally, have reaped the benefits of the Rigged
    Game, Institutionalized White Racism and, by agreeing that this is the case,
    must also follow the inexorable logic of my agreement and admit that these
    benefits are ill-gotten gains which I don’t deserve.

    of course, saying that doesn’t really mean anything if it functions as a ploy
    to say, “Yep, my winnings from this rigged game are ill-gotten, but I’m still
    going to keep them in my pocket and go home!”

    the other hand, I (= Every[White]man) can’t summarily strip myself of these
    gains, give them back, redistribute them and, in so doing, somehow cleanse
    myself of… of what?…. of being a robber, a thief, a card shark?

    I could do this, what would I become (remaining, of course, in the context of this Rigged Game)?
    Black? No. Unprivileged, poor White from whose eyes the scales have fallen?
    Perhaps. A White even whose whiteness, as Michael Patrick McDonald says, cannot
    save me? Maybe. Am I then an enlightened wigger? Perhaps. But, still, I am
    defined as such, still, by the game I see through and even in my outsiderness
    on the game will still sit and stand in a privileged position. Likely I will be
    hated by some as Race Traitor. But this, too, is a definition within the game.
    It seems I can’t escape it.

    even being defined in these ways, it is better to show that the game is rigged
    than to remain silent. It is better to work for some modicum of fairness and
    “level playing field” than not.

    game, you say, and I agree, is a We-against-They-creating-a-We-against-Us. The
    They, the We-against-Us, is the side the White We must always fight; the
    Black-They-against-Us, a sort of Frankenstein as my wife likes to say of our
    own creation, an It, an aberration, a monster we now fear and must subdue and
    kill at all costs lest it turn on us and destroy us. This paradox and irony of
    slave-holders remains contemporary.

    the White Righteous Gentiles find themselves in the positions of Luke’s Jesus’s
    listeners (only Luke tells the Good Samaritan story; scholars are divided
    whether Jesus did since it’s not cross-referenced in other early traditions;
    those who think he did note that it has the world-turned-upside-down, deeply
    unsettling quality that seems to have characterized his story-telling; if he
    didn’t, Luke understood him as well as he understood himself). They are shocked
    at the story because it piles on the shock of “love your enemies,” love
    everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do in imitation of God whose
    rain and sun falls on the good and bad, righteous and unrighteous. Here, in
    your text, the Samaritan is the enemy of Jesus’s listeners, an apostate, an
    infidel, a pseudo-Jew not that they are
    to love but who loves them! And he loves them—in the man left on the
    shoulder of the Jericho Road—more than their
    religious leaders! My enemy loves me who have made him an enemy!

    I saying Black People should love their enemies, White People? No. I’ll leave
    that to those like Dr. King. But I would say that Black Enemies like you who
    continue to try to open the eyes of Blind Whites do enact that saving therapy.

    just maybe, if there is a note of hope in all this—as there certainly was in
    Jesus’s announcing of the inbreaking of God’s rule—it may just be that Wiggers
    who jump the fence around the Rigged Game, get outside of it, may, in so doing,
    be jumping outside the We, not now as
    individuals but as members of a Wider We that encompasses all comers. And,
    if their former enemies, “Samaritans,” can find it in their hearts to forgive
    and join them, perhaps there is yet hope of Martin King’s Beloved Community, if
    not totally realized, then episodically so—sort of like the episode on the
    Jericho Road.

    back to the Individual and the We. White Racism cannot be understood without
    understanding its underlying economic dynamic and attendant social theory, that
    of capitalism generally, whether pre- or post-industrial.

    economic dynamic, of course, is that the only value anything possesses is
    market value; everything is a commodity. Locke says quite clearly in his 2nd Treatise of Government that “nature”
    itself has no value, it is a “wasteland” bereft of value, until it is turned
    into commodities.

    seems historically clear that basic concepts of “race” and “white” and “black”
    emerged within the context of the
    enslavement of Africans, itself resulting from the intersection of a
    combination of historical and geographical accidents, e.g. the Portuguese
    acquisition of the Lateen sail, voyages around Africa, Factories established on
    the Gold and Ivory coasts of West Africa and the discovery by Europeans of the
    Americas and the need for a stable work force there. As Barry Unser says so
    well, the humanity of African peoples and their commodification could not be
    held together in practice; practical and theoretical dehumanization was the

    also articulates the basic social theory or ontology underlying capitalist
    economics, what his great interpreter, C.B. MacPherson calls his “possessive
    individualism.” In short, the basic building block of society in his 2nd Treatise is the individual who owns her/his body, hence
    his/her labor, who “mixes” this labor with x from nature, thereby coming to own
    x, who freely exchanges labor for compensation and so on. As we know, Locke
    despairs of reason restraining these self-interested acquisitive individuals
    and ultimately resorts to strong central government to which they “consent” to
    synchronize and regulate their self-interested economic aggrandizement.

    I preached a follow-up sermon to Mr. Metta’s, I would cite the primitive texts
    underlying Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount and Luke’s Sermon on the Plain, i.e. a
    revolutionary series of sayings, tightly integrated, enjoining members of the
    Kingdom of God not only to love enemies but to give whatever when asked by
    whomever, to give more than asked—hyperbolically, perhaps, even to the point of
    standing naked—and to do so with no thought of return or repayment. Here
    private property dissolves in the mutual satisfaction of needs; each person
    enjoys equal priority, as it were, with all others. Luke’s Acts Pentacost
    community also clearly practices this sort of radical communism under the aegis
    of Jesus’ brother, James.

    as Dr. King saw, racism, racialism and capitalism (to say nothing of
    militarism) must all go down together in transcending modern western
    individualism in the Beloved Community.

  • Sean Donnelly

    “white people are on top cause of racism” I dont even know where to start with your article, i feel like a mosquito in a nudest colony. First, blacks are still slaves in the millions in the world, 2) jews were slaves for 400 years. 3) Whites were slaves. 4) blacks invented slavery. 5) slaves stand for slavs which are white. White people are on top cause they build this country and worked hard ( rockafellar, ect) So, yes we earned our privilege.. racism is a cop out and scapegoat when your prepackaged biased view doesnt comport with an alternate idea. Racism accusations are from small minded people who fail to do a deep rooted analysis of the issue. Furthermore, racism is a smoke screen for “have and have nots” guess what? and you will hate to hear this.. whites created millions of jobs, further, if not for whites there would be no ambitious leading organizations or groups. Even when the white man is reduced, its about the mentality of success not color your racist. Anotherwards. when the black or mexican are on top, they will have the same mindset as a “white man” now, and therefore called a sell out and white washed. right? BOOM. Now, moving on.. You sound like a whiney brat, and keep playing “victim” no one wants to hire a complainer and self proclaimed victim. You dont see jews or chinese who had it worse in the 60’s still talking about over a 100 years ago lol.. how funny will you look in another 100 years when you are in the same position? because you will then realize its about mentality not color. When you keep committing most of the crime and failing, its not another persons fault. Factual studies show its a failure of the black family unit, we all know. The gov and system is a easy scapegoat, we dont live in a utopia and never will. So, complain all you want on social media, while in the real world you follow rules and keep your unhappy given special beneifts hiring to jobs and school acceptance mouth closed in the real world and work place , run by the “white man” you hate.. BOOM

  • Rich Saunders II

    “But racism is even more subtle than that. It’s more nuanced. Racism is the fact that “White” means “normal” and that anything else is different.”

    Definition of normal : the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

    Ethnic make-up of the United States according to the CIA World Factbook: white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%

    That means roughly, 8 out of 10 people you see in the United States will have white skin, or more clearly, the average American is white.

    Definition of different: distinct; separate.

    By virtue of the definition of normal, yes, things outside of that concept would be different.

    This statement is misleading and fails to recognize the proportion of populations within the United States. Equality is a frame of mind and should absolutely be applied to law, reason, and community. Beyond that, equality enforced on the population through programs such as affirmative action can be destructive to that end. The fact is, without the population being 50% white and 50% black you’re not going to see perfect representation of black America in every corner of the country. YES, there is discrimination on both sides of the aisle and neither side is innocent. Yes, both sides are contributing to greater and greater racial disparity. No, not every white American or black American is racist, YES institutional racism through discriminatory policies still exist to the detriment of BOTH ethnic groups. So what is the solution? Blaming one side or the other? No, that’s what we’ve done for hundreds of years and it has not and will not succeed. Accepting responsibility for our CURRENT actions and situations and addressing solutions TOGETHER, as one United PEOPLE. Personal responsibility, accountability, and leadership are the only way forward.

  • Gravincas

    I think what makes explanations like this so hard to understand for someone like me, is that when speaking of white people you are generalizing the whole race, which is exactly what black people don’t want done with their race. So then we see it as an attack on us as individuals. You don’t know us, you don’t know what we’ve done or haven’t done to fight inequality that black people experience, but you sure are assuming a lot.
    Now you’ve given your explanation of how black people see things as a whole, and I even feel enlightened by your explanation of that. But here’s the thing. I understand systematic racism, I completely get that I am a participant in that. But the words your sister used to describe “white people” in the north compared to those in the south is not a convo about systematic racism. Its a statement that all white people are the same, racist and unsympathetic, and that some just hide it better. Racism and systematic racism are two different things, and it frustrating when people use them like they’re interchangeable. Why do you do that? I think a lot of the backlash and misunderstanding you’ve experienced with white people having conversations about race is simply because of that. I’ve seen people question this, and in reply have gotten that they can define racism however they want to since they experience it. Sorry, definitions of words don’t work that way.

  • Gravincas

    All different cultures use each others ideas and no one seems to have a problem with it except some black people. In fact its a great way to learn about other cultures and be more accepting of them, making something different or unknown want to be learned about and thus more well known and understood.
    Who says all white people don’t give a shit about black people in general? That is a fairly wide assumption you got going on there. I know you don’t like to have all black people lumped into a group of violent thugs like some people do in this country. So why do it to all white people? This right here is why this whole togetherness thing isn’t working out. You seeing us as a whole instead of as individuals. Giving a shit about a hairstyle instead of how someone treats you. It blows my mind that we’re all lumped in together as hateful, oppressive, beings who ignore what happens to you. Open yourself up to people, you’ll find you have a lot of things in common, instead of assuming we’re all out to hurt you.

  • Gravincas

    Yes, this. So much this.

  • Gravincas

    I think a lot of the problem here is the definition of racism, and systematic racism. They are two different things, and are apparently interchangeable to black people like you and this author, and many white people I know . You don’t get to change the definition of words to make your points.
    We understand that systematic racism exists, and our part in it. We understand that simply being white gives us privledge. We DON’T understand the implied statement that “white northerners are the same as southern ones we just hide it better”. That just lumped us all together as hateful, spiteful beings, and labeled all southern whites as crazy out there racists as well. No talk of systematic racism there, it was singling out people as individuals. Then the explanation given was some bullshit about systematic racism. They aren’t the same things. This is what makes us difficult to discuss race with. You can’t label a whole group as racist, and then expect them to not be upset about that. Stop grouping us all together. You don’t like it when its done to black people, we don’t like it either. It does nothing to enlighten us, or make us listen. It just makes us defensive-as it would you when you are lumped as a violent thug for your color I’m sure.

  • Mary33411

    So, I move to Nigeria, forever, what ‘ism’ does it become there?

  • Mary33411

    A voice of reason. However, I cannot help but think this blog, and many others, are about stating the problem only. Rarely do I see concrete solutions. When the black community explicitly states what it is we should do, I will consider what I can (do) without losing myself or my life.

  • Mary33411

    Another voice of reason. Must have been a mass emailing to whites only. To what end?

  • Shawna Redman

    WOW……Here’s a thought…..Christ says, take the hate filled “LOG out of your own eye” and start loving and treating your neighbor (black, asian, hispanic, white or otherwise) as yourself, putting their interests and needs BEFORE your own. When LOVE and COMPASSION instead of HATE and self righteousness, is offered freely, EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN, then and ONLY then will there EVER be any semblance of true, lasting, respect and peace for ALL MANKIND.
    Maybe take a week off the self justified” hate wagon” and try practicing this concept. You just might be surprised by what a little less “self love” will do in bringing you and those around you the peace you are looking for 🙂

  • Rodney Bunkley

    See that’s the problem right there…YOU DON’T GET IT. You take from our culture but you don’t contribute or give back. “It’s a great way to learn about other cultures and be more accepting to them”? You’ll wear braids and not realize the fact that black women wore them in order to help their hair grow and to keep it maintained. You will wear grills, baggy jeans, Timberland boots and think it’s cool and be accepted like it’s the fad and not realize how many blacks were racially profiled or called “a thug” or harassed for dressing the same way in their neighborhood. Africans have been twerking for centuries…black girls in any hood have been twerking for decades…yet it is only accepted when Miley Cyrus does it. That’s happened on many different occasions with many different things and we’re sick of it. You say you care, but let me ask you something…what have you done to show that YOU care about black people? Were you at any protest rallies to fight against police brutality? How about at any organizations that work towards stopping gang violence? Or how about this…have you been to any YMCAs or recreational centers in the urban communities to assist in helping young kids get involved in extra-curricular activities so that they can stay out of the violent streets of their community? No? You’ve never been an assistant coach for a youth basketball or baseball team? Never held a science event for the youth? Never done anything for the youth or urban community am I right? But you care about us…am I right? EXACTLY MY POINT. “Borrowing” from us is as far as you will go, until it comes down to the serious shit like racism, violence, and oppression. “SOME BLACK PEOPLE” have a fucking problem with it because THEIR FUCKING PEOPLE ARE DYING AND GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK WHILE YOU HAVE FUN DOING OUR TRICKS.

  • Pingback: #Problematic – hit/snare/kick()

  • Gravincas

    What makes you think we don’t know that about black hair? And where are all these white people wearing grills? White people wearing baggy clothing are looked down upon as well cause it just looks ridiculous. And once again I do realize that black people are harassed or killed for their clothing, Trayvon is s perfect example.
    What do I do to help the black community? The only thing I can do is vote for people who understand the problems the black community faces. And every chance I get talk to my children about racial inequality and the reasons behind it. I’m very socially phobic and don’t go anywhere, and because of my violent childhood especially no where where there are angry people. Plus because of discussions like this I don’t feel is be welcome or listened to. I’ve seen numerous black and white people state trying to insert ourselves into your communities is seen as insulting-we’re using our white privilege again. That in particular is frustrating.
    Let me ask you. When was the last time you went to a women’s rights rally. Do I assume you hate all women because you don’t do anything about domestic violence, while you sit back and watch thousands of women die at the hands of your gender? Nope. Do I get pissed cause some men wear our clothing, or wear their hair the same way? Nope, I applaud who ever wants to be like what they want to be like, and fight for their right to do so with my vote as well. I don’t go to any women’s rally or LGBT rallies either and I’m a bisexual woman. I can assure you I give a fuck about both. What I would want you to do is not hurt women and gays and if given the chance explain to people and your children how not to hurt and marginalize gays. And if you do, thank you.
    I agree you have a lot to be angry about. Hairstyles and dance moves though? You really need to start looking at individuals instead of groups as a whole. I think you would see common ground and realize not every white person thinks nothing of you.
    Thank you for your insight, have a good day.

  • Al Effendi

    There are other races other than black and white. When I bring this up with activist white folks, they act like how dare I try to define THEIR fight against racism. When I mention this to activist black people, they act as though I’m in some way minimizing their struggle.

    While white-on-black racism is by far the most prevalent form and the most pressing issue in the US, defining racism as being only against black people is both deeply hypocritical and frighteningly dangerous.

    When a white man murders Indian Sikhs or Arab Muslims, those are hate crimes motivated by race. All of the vitriol and violence against Latinos are hate crimes motivated by race. Yes, I know that most Latinos are technically Caucasian, but in the US, they are considered a different race. Even the portrayal of Asians, Indians, Natives, and Arabs in our media is, while not violent, it is absolutely racist. If a black character were portrayed with a bone in his nose and tap-dancing, the racism is blatant, obvious, and unacceptable. So how come the TV Asian who can’t say his Rs and is a bad driver, or the Indian geek kid who gets bullied, or the Native who’s just a drunk who has lost touch with his shamanistic roots are acceptable? How come when the news reported on the cop who raped multiple victims, there was a need to point out that he is half-Japanese? How would it have gone over if it were reported the he was half-black? Muslim stereotypes are not only rampant, they generate ratings–see last week’s episode of the X-Files.

    I’m not saying that Asian, Arab, and Latino epithets necessarily have the historically violent impact that those against African American people do (though I can’t say the same for Native Americans, who victims of ongoing genocide), I am in no way putting everyone’s plight on equal footing.

    Again, the amount of hatred and violence is nowhere near that of white-on-black crime, and of course that is where the focus and resources need to go most. But acknowledging racism against people of color who are not black in no way minimizes the struggle or black people.

    If people of conscience continue to allow the definition of racism to be defined only as white-on-black, then we are clearly, absolutely committing an ongoing act of racism.

  • JA Pendergrass

    Loving the conversation on this. We may not agree but our willingness to discuss honestly (for the most part) is refreshing.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Indeed, the definition of racism is a fundamental part of the problem. Quite a lot of folks naively and ignorantly like to assume that the word ‘racism’ simply means racial bigotry, or prejudice, or discrimination. Sadly, or conveniently, that deliberate re-definition is so far from the truth. Racism is fundamentally rooted in the racially chauvinistic presumption of (implicit) racial superiority, and the right and entitlement to hold dominion over all other so-called races that are deliberately classified as ‘other’, and to institute systems, policies, and behaviors (individually or collectively, overtly or covertly, implicitly or explicitly) to that end.

    Even your choice of words of ‘systematic’ verses ‘systemic’ is actually facilitating that end because those words have slightly different meaning and implications … In the long history of the concept of race, and later with the help of racially chauvinistic pseudo-scientist disguised as anthropologist, they ushered in an age of racially self-aggrandized understandings of the right and entitlement of racial superiority of the so-called ‘white’ race, where everyone else is fundamentally classified as ‘other’. Truth be told, there is no scientific or otherwise definition of the ‘white’ race, there are only definitions of non-whiteness, and to add insult to injury, it’s subjective and has constantly mutated over time (i.e. temporal). Sure, it was systematic and deliberate at some point in the past, but now it’s just systemic and implicit.

    Arguably in the past, the concept of royalty likely went through similar machinations in history, where a (seemingly) enlighten monarch would you use the word ‘systematic’ to describe the social hierarchy and evolution of their birth and heredity and privilege, but for masses that eventually deposed them, it was simply classified as ‘systemic’ … Meaning/implying without justification or merit and simply as subjective/classification opinion based with no concrete or legitimate information other that a notion of an implied subjective narcissistic self-aggrandizement and an unwillingness and fear of give up their implicit privilege in human society … Now as the eventuality of time would have it, and with human evolution taking its natural course, such understandings about its totality birthed the concepts of democracy, social contract, meritocracy and human rights, and eventually the monarchs capitulated to its humanitarian truth, and they were no long considered or classified as societally “special” or “unique” or “divine” or “entitled” … And as time would have it, many other societal understands have followed and are following (more or less) similar evolutions in human society.

    Consequently, when people of color speak against racism, they are not talking about you, or your family, or acts and behaviors or explicit racism and white supremacy, etc., what we’re talking about is the collective, systemic and institutional behaviors, policies and acts, that perpetually exact racism of people of color. So folks like Dylan Roof and the KKK or Aryan Brotherhood (and although egregious) are of little matter … In totality, what’s at stake is the systemic and institutionalized pervasiveness and systems that support the ideas and perspective and ideologies of the illegitimate and racially self-aggrandize notion of the concept of the supremacy of the so-called “white race” … Furthermore, when anyone of color portrays that overall human and ethical sensibilities, and especially using language that is not palatable or offending to “white” folks, then they are labeled as the “angry black person” and ‘racist’ … Are you now seeing the systemic-ness of the societally cancerous and dysfunction disease of the mind that is called racism, ‘whiteness’, and ‘white’ supremacy ?

    Again, and as author points out, you all tend to think about self and your personal perspectives, behaviors, and attitudes, etc., but as a people (of color), we think about the collective (i.e. “us”) that includes this generation and (far into the) future generations.

    Yet you think about generalization that may, or may not, include you as an individual … People of color are far beyond that, and have been for generations … We’re thinking and acting and advocating for our kin (and everyone else’s), and for our (and everyone else’s) children, and their (and everyone else’s) future children, against the perpetually perpetrated racism, the concept of ‘whiteness’, and ‘white’ supremacy in human society.

    Regardless, and as the author suggests, the conversation always devolves into a discussion about protecting ‘your’ feelings, and not about the utter inhumanity and systemic and institutional dysfunction of racism on society.

    Racism is a social construct, and it’s an insidious disease of the mind that renders the infected beyond recognition of any sort of moral and ethical and humane understandings, and (individual or collective) ‘cognitive dissonance’ and ignorance is its chief and only mechanism for incubation and cradle that exacts its perpetuity.

    As a man present in a room full of feminists that are allowed to tell their stories and experiences and try to enlighten to us/me/men about the reality of the rampant sexism in society. I’m so not going to step to them and say “What a minute, why are you likening ‘me’ as one of ‘them’?” … That’s completely male chauvinistic, narcissistic and self-aggrandizing, and totally defeats the purpose of our presence in that room. We know that (as a function of privilege) we have other spaces to occupy, but for this one, we should remain silent and listen and learn. Perhaps something tremendously good can evolute that we share and enlighten with everyone.


  • Gravincas

    Thank you for your reply. I try and try to wrap my head around how you feel and I just cannot do it. Even your analogy with women I don’t agree with, and I’m a woman. First because I don’t blame all men for the behavior of some of them. All I want from you instead of staying silent and learning how I feel, is to simply not treat me like a piece of meat, and not to hit me. You already seem to realize you have privilege simply being a male, so there’s no need to tell you that. Because that right there, you not feeding into societies views of women, and acting out on them is the ONLY way the whole system is going to change. We have to change the individuals in the system to change the system. We can’t just get pissed and hope that men stop beating us by inferring all men are misogynists, some are just better at hiding it than others.

    I understood the authors reference for why black people think as a group when referencing themselves. It made a lot of sense to me. What doesn’t make sense, is doing it to other races. You see this as white people wanting you to protect their feelings, I think its just simple common courtesy, how HUMANS should feel. Nobody likes to be lumped together with hateful people when they haven’t done anything wrong, and that is where the dialogue stops and the defense mechanism comes in. It seems like you forget we are people, with feelings as well. We’re just your oppressors. I know this is going to continue to gall you cause I’m making it about me, but its this one point that really, really irks me. I am not a collective whole. I am not all white people, I am not all women, I am not all bisexuals, I am an individual. Treat me as one. That’s what I would like to do to you as well. Coming together on this issue doesn’t mean you have let black people down, it means you’ve helped bring humanity closer together, furthering your goal of getting rid of systematic racism.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Here’s what, why don’t you tell us what you think the definition of ‘racism’ is ? That way, we’ll all be on the same page …. And no, it’s not defined as racial bigotry (i.e. you know; kinda like xenophobia).

    BTW, no one is looking for sympathy, POC are looking for empathy. The two cognitive processes have fundamental very different sensibilities, motivations and results.

  • Wardemon

    Reading down the thread of your comments is so annoying. Someone goes through a lot of effort to make a post that poses the issue in a way that is understandable and breaks through and when it is acknowledged we get those people who come in and just want to take out all the pent up anger and frustration on the few non black people who actually acknowledge the problem.
    What you are doing is actually counterproductive but you don’t care because you just want to vent.
    For those responding to Libra_Lady I hope you understand that you will run into people who just want to vent, just like we run into people who deny there is any issue at all, but don’t let that stop you from talking and working with people who actually want to have productive conversations and look for solutions.

  • Wardemon

    That’s not cool. It makes it real hard to push the ideal that people should not treat each other badly or discriminate against the “other” when people from the “oppressed group” jump in and show the same type of bigotry and tribalism.

  • RIchard

    No one can stop you if you are a determined person. Ben Carson was not stopped. Oprah was not stopped. Bill Cosby was not stopped til he stopped himself. Asians, Jews, hispanics, atheists, woman, gays, the 80% of poor to iddle income whites being lumped in as racists are all trying to fighting and working hard to survive. These endless stories about having to be black to feel any form of discrimination or hard luck or whatever is nauseating. I know a single mom spanish lady working 18 hours a day to survive with a little kid. Hard times for her but she is doing it. I know of another 20 hispanics living in the same apartment all getting up to try to find work every day. Same with Asian brothers trying to run a restaurant with 12 family members between them in a tiny house. There are no protests, finger pointing, bull sheet excuses or any other nonsense. Just people living, working, surviving and doing it without finger pointing. Hard to watch these isolated incidents happening once or twice a year turned into a circus. GO get a job, an education, pull your pants up and stop whining.

  • Gravincas

    What I think it is? NO what the actual definition is, defined by the dictionary, the book that gives us the definition of ALL words, defines it as “Full Definition of racism


    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race


    : racial prejudice or discrimination

    rac·ist play -sist also -shist noun or adject

    Anybody can have this particular trait that they believe their race is superior than another. Prejudice is also part of the definition, once again, by the dictionary, the book that gives us the definitions of words.
    By lumping all white people together in the statement the sister made, she is being prejudiced, which is included of the definition of racism. You’re failing to realize we’re people man. Society has set up how people should behave and act and clearly judging a whole group based on their color is wrong, no matter what group it is. That doesn’t change because one group as a whole systematically oppresses another. We all have a duty to society to try to follow the social constructs, it betters society.
    You are looking for sympathy, if you think you can change the definition of words, and the social construct of a working society because you are oppressed.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    As you well know, racism is not defined as “white-on-black”, and technically it can be perpetrated by any race as long as they are indoctrinated into believing that their race is superior to others, and have the right and entitlement to hold dominion over any “race” that they classify as an “other race”. The history, evolution and legacy of the concept of race and its pursuant racism is long in the making and spans more or less 5 centuries, and in this reality, is it chiefly perpetrated by white people against all other races.

    Curiously, there are no real definitions of “white” (and btw its been a moving target over the centuries), there are only definitions of non-whiteness. That’s the reality of our current society, and its been deliberately constructed to be an exclusionary system of exacting and associated privilege to anyone not considered as “other”. Even within societies that are predominately POC, there is still the same societal mechanism in play where “lighter” is preferable to “darker”. That’s called shadeism, and it’s an internalize manifestation of racism that is perpetrated amongst people of color … So basically, the whole world has gone utterly mad with a totally illegitimate and unscientific mental preoccupation with the concept of “lighter” is better that “darker”… Who would have ever thought that in the true gamut of human biology that the recessive genes that causes lightness of hair, eyes, skin or albinism, etc., would have ever tuned into a dysfunctional social construction that targets and oppresses groups of people that biologically (and by happenstance of birth) possess the dominate genes that make them ‘darker” … Yup, whiteness (or lightness) is a dysfunctional disease of the mind, and its history is long in the making, and unfortunately, quite a lot of us are utterly infected.

    So here’s what’s actually going on; black people (the darkest of the bunch) are totally and utterly feed up with this racial nonsense and are speaking our against its immoral and unethical evil on humanity, because as the system would have it, they are the ones most egregiously affected. So I stand with them and identify, and it’s not because of my African ancestry, it’s because whiteness/lightness is a disease of the mind that need to be irradiated. Consequently, all others (i.e. shades between light and dark) with benefit.

    So the reality is that this conversation isn’t about African or Asian or Latino (i.e. those are based on geography), nor Muslim or Jew (i.e. those are based on religion), nor Hispanic (i.e. based on language), nor any another classification. This conversation is about in the insidious and dysfunctional and debilitating disease of the mind that is called racism and whiteness/lightness, and humanity has been far to long in the making to let, or continue to perpetuate, this ignorant and racially chauvinistic and self-agrandizing, and delusional mental psychosis, to persist.

    [BTW John Metta (the author) is Latino (i.e. brown) :-)]

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Please, please, please, and also for the benefit of the rest of us, do yourself a favor and just ‘out’ yourself as a racist!

    Apparently and by your comment, you believe, or are indoctrinated to believe, that race is a legitimate (and probably scientific) determinant of traits and abilities. Consequently, your random, happenstance and unearned membership in the so-called “white race”, somehow gives you automatic privileged and dominion over all other groups of people that you (and your racist ilk) so deem to classify as “other”.

    Yup, the history, evolution and legacy of the concept of race, and its pursuant development into racism, and the concept of whiteness and white supremacy, has totally and utterly infected your mind beyond recognition by the rest of humanity, and frankly, has done quite a number on you.

    Anyways, carry on with your epic ignorance and indoctrination. Peace.

  • Sean Donnelly

    Again, with “race” being every other word, you lack credit. Further, in the real world, will act civilized.. Il wait for an educated rebuttal verse, neurotic race rant (yawn) thanks for proving my point to everyone.. AGAIN, when facts don’t comport to your liking, lets throw the conversation and scapegoat of racism.. sorry doesn’t work. Oh, guess what i don’t have privilege, i served our country lol.. so actually you are privileged and haven’t earned your spot. Second, white people are privileged, thank you for realizing that, cause we earned it and built this country. (rockefellar, carnegie, etc) Again, in 100 years what will be your excuse? … good day racist. .il wait for facts with out race..Im curious, is 90 percent of people racist that give you stats on facts of your crime rates and lack of positive social impact? is the FBI racist? what about black women, who fear black men on the street more than any in a study? or what about black bank owners who give out loans to white people twice the rate of blacks? i can keep going? enjoy…;) i love education

  • sully2 cosmo2

    black folks make up 12% of the population of the USA. why should 12% get special treatment over the multitude of other races in the US? you think Joe the white repair guy owes black folks special treatment? a lot of white folks are struggling to get by, but they don’t go blaming another race for their woes. they just gotta keep running the wheel while being crapped upon from 1%ers and spat upon by other races. my black neighbors drive a Porsche Panamera, I drive an old beat up station wagon; know what I say about that? Good for them. I like black folks, get on with them, maybe cuz I grew up in adverse circumstances and had to bust one to try get up in life. us white folks are mere human beings, you’d find that out if you invite us over for a beer sometime…

  • Andrew Anonymous

    BTW, just because you’d have sex with a POC female doesn’t mean you’re not a racist … In the past, white slave owners used to copulate with their then considered black ‘livestock’ but then not claim ownership of the biological product and still considered their children as chattel slaves. In fact, even if they did claim ownership and bequeathed their property to their mulatto descendants, the state usually relieved them of those assets and simple because they were black. That is the reality of the vicious mental disease of racism.

    Anyway, ‘racist’ is bad word in current day society and even though the racist don’t like outing themselves or being called a racist, they still have very obvious racist attitudes and behaviors (i.e. like you). Consequently, because of that cognitive discomfort of being representation of an immoral and unethical member of society (and collective humanity), they need to create rhetoric and narratives (and anger and rebuttals; like you) that justifies their indoctrination into the evil. That mental psychosis is called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

    Sir, I don’t know whether you (or are able to) realizes this or not, but you too are a victim of the vicious and dysfunction grips of racism and whiteness and/or white supremacy.

    BTW, apparently and by your comments, you are making all sorts of assumptions about me, and that very likely has to do with your distain for POC … I didn’t serve in the military (btw, thank for you service!), but I am decently educated, and worked for one of the largest companies on the planet for 20 years, and am the author of 3 US patents, and have contributed to internet/software technology and published/documented standards, and my lifetime of professional work “positively” affects multiple millions of people (and everyday), and all you need to do is use a computer or smart phone or look at a web page … [surprise! 🙂 ] … and btw, I grew up in the Caribbean and very far away for the racist likes of you and your Ilk.

  • Sean Donnelly

    You went on about a slave owner the whole time? Cognitive Dissonance, is not believing facts.. LOL.. Racist is a word and used like , remorse, hate, love, etc.. always there, therefore never an excuse for failure..

  • Sean Donnelly

    BTW, your default is racism.. “its your go too” therefore, you have internal issues with it, as can bee seen.. i understand now, that you being in another country

  • Andrew Anonymous

    My living in another country that was not subject to likes of the rampant racism that exists in America (and to the likes of you and your ilk), is yes, my realization … So yes, I choose to de-indoctrinate and de-conlonize my mind and simply call a spade a spade.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Perhaps that’s your “cognitive dissonance” talking again ! … And by your comment, now you’re actually outwardly projecting/imprinting your mental psychosis on others. (SMH)

  • Sean Donnelly

    Another fact il educate you… racism is more rampant in other countries.. America demolished slavery before any other country..racism is the minority , not majority.. you went on about slave owners your whole lecture.. Yes, but i don’t let the past of racism determine my future;) The “victim” card only hurts you, causes resentment, therefore acts of aggression and even terror.. as we see with riots recently

  • Sean Donnelly

    Cognitive Dissonance is delusional thinking.. hence ignoring facts for feelings or bias, when you are conflicted with evidence. Now, what you have is the “dunning krueger effect” not believing evidence facts from someone who worked and studied in the field. No need to redirect or ad hominem, I’m still waiting for facts to rebuke all the stats i gave you.. otherwise.. good day

  • Andrew Anonymous

    You simply don’t understand and are recalcitrant, and your ignorance is playing out in your mind exactly as the author describes it.

    I don’t play the “victim card” because I laugh racist folks like you directly in the face. Consequently, this perhaps disturbs you (immensely) and jeopardizes your presumption/indoctrination into the belief in race and racism and whiteness and/or white supremacy.

    Anyway, peace .. I know that there are people who still believe in race and racism. So carry on.

  • Sean Donnelly

    Again, we are waiting on the stats and facts for you to dispute… (yawn) (and for a sentence that doesn’t blame racism) No presumption, tis easy, you are the one that keeps mentioning racism, instead of facts, calling people”racist” doesn’t solve problems..i could care less about you personally

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Obviously, there is not point continuing this conversation.

    BTW, I didn’t state that I studied social sciences. Did you ? … Furthermore, any attempt to discuss your so-called “fact” is quintessentially a fools errand because you simply don’t understand anything, but guess what, you think you do 🙂

  • Andrew Anonymous

    I’m still trying to get back to square one before discussing what you call ‘facts’.

    The anger and hate runs very deep and epic with you!

    Anyway, it’s pointless discussing anything with you, because you are far too gone and indoctrinated to have any kind of reason, rational and understanding with any kind of future constructive exchange.

    Peace, and carry one with your (clearly exhibited) epic racism.

  • Sean Donnelly

    That was poetic.. now lets see the facts and stats again… feelings and ad hominem attack doesn’t solve problems

  • Sean Donnelly

    I see you confuse facts for emotions.. as you been doing.. facts don’t get indoctrinated.. show me that over 50 percent of murders in America are not done by blacks..?? Future? you are the one gleaming and saturating yourself in the past of racism.. again, name calling won’t save you…

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Specifically itemized and legitimate and substantiated “facts” are something I can deal with, but for you, its becoming painfully obvious that it would be a never ending conversation, and probably because of your clearly demonstrated (lack of) mental capacity.

    Peace … again, there is no point continuing this conversation … Now we’re just annoying our readers in this public forum.

  • Sean Donnelly

    Uh again… you need facts to rebuke to criticize or slander.. if you have none, STOP SLANDERING people and sounding like an undereducated fool.. you make intelligence look like a challenge.

  • Libra_Lady

    If you don’t want to deal with Black anger then you really don’t want to deal with the problem. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you do. I find it interesting that you all need to be pleaded with, begged, cajoled and complimented to death over this.

  • Libra_Lady

    And you can carry your mediocre, anti-Black self on.

  • Libra_Lady

    “I neither consider myself original,”

    Good, because you’re not.

    “nor am I trying to silence you.”

    Yeah, you were as if MLK were the ultimate trump card having been Grand Poobah, High King of the Negroes, but oops, he wasn’t.

    “I’d like to think I’d have been one of the ‘white brothers’ who ‘grasped the meaning of this social revolution and committed themselves to it.'”

    No, you wouldn’t.

    “But those days were before my time, so that is speculation. ”

    You don’t have to speculate. Just look at how you’re treating a Black person who isn’t doing what you want right now.

    ” Does your worldview not allow for sincere support of social justice (backed by action) by white people?”

    I’ve yet to see any. What I have seen is more about self-congratulation and demands Black people kiss ass than any inkling of sincerity.

  • Libra_Lady

    And the replies from White people here only further strengthen the author’s argument.

  • Gravincas

    Why is that definition of racism the more correct one? There are two different words to describe the two things. Why not use them?
    The article posted, and your explanation of the history of the word was interesting, but like me, most people aren’t going to know the history and evolution of a word. They simply know what they’ve been taught as its definition for decades, what dictionaries say it is, and that there is another word to describe what you apparently think it is.
    I still don’t see how you can’t see the sisters remarks aren’t racist in nature, even your definition describes them as. And while its appropriate to “bite back” against a system that keeps smacking you, biting someone who has done nothing to you usually ends up with with a different consequence. Although I find you mostly interesting, and educational, your cleverly veiled insults are really starting to bother me. I’d ask you to stop, but I”m not sure it would make a difference. You seem to think its appropriate to once again label someone as a whole, instead of as an individual.

  • tucky

    Your projection is apparent, as is your hiding behind race to cover your rudeness.

    Are you sure you read King’s letter? You can check there (14th para. from the end) for examples from King’s life of sincere white people.

    What I want from you is reason and logic – which know no color. What you’re giving is insult and invective. Grow up.

  • sully2 cosmo2

    oh! I do apologize for spoiling the narrative here – you were saying something about all the white devils keeping all the brown angels down…?

  • Andrew Anonymous

    On the contrary, intelligence IS a challenge, or at least, for certain people 🙂

  • sortafly

    Did it ever occur to all the people who repeat the lazy canard about how “The only difference between people in The North and people in The South is that down here, at least people are honest about being racist”, that maybe the problem is that we Northerners just don’t like the implication that we’re dishonest?

    I mean most white New Yorkers that I know are pretty goddamn aware that racism still exists and how de facto segregated our schools and neighborhoods are, and how white flight and now gentrification have made a mess of our city. But we just don’t like the implication that we’re “dishonest” about it. We understand full well how the system is rigged and how racist it is: but that doesn’t actually make US racists, too. See how that works?

    Maybe the author SHOULD talk to more white people about race, she might actually learn something about her preconceived notions…

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Now were talking! … some “real” information instead of racist rhetoric 🙂

    Ever wonder why POC riot ? Is it because the just want to, or have a genetic propensity for violence, or was there some genus or frustration or reason that spurred it ? … By the way, a slave rebellion is a riot, but what were they rioting about ?! Any guesses ? … Perhaps that’s a question that (and just like the racist slave owners of yesteryear) perplexes you ? … They too were too epically concerned with their loss of “property”, than with the reason why they were rioting in the first place … In their minds, everything was “cool”, and owning another human being (simply because they were black) was expected and normalcy; “So how dare they revolt ?!”

    The clueless (and racist) dude in the video explained the overall sentiment quite accurately by saying “The fact that … the more outraged your are, is the more justified you must be, is absolute nonsense!” … That is a quintessential example of cognitive dissonance. In his mind, and using (seemingly logical) arguments of morals, ethics, and understandings of civility, social contract and democracy, and presumably some semblance of understandings of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. He believes (or is indoctrinated to believe) that any acts that defies or rebuts (in any fashion) another far more egregiously perpetrated act of immorality and unethical-ity and inhumanity, is somehow more egregious that the original (and epic-lly) perpetrated act that caused the uprising/defiance.

    Consequently, in order to ease his cognitive discomfort about the fact that (he consciously or subconsciously knew that) immoral and unethical acts were being perpetrated by him, he needs to create all sorts of justifiable (and seemingly logical) thoughts in his mind that any kind of defiance or rebellion against those initially perpetrated acts is morally or ethically far more egregious that the original acts he explicitly or implicitly perpetrated … That mental psychosis is called “cognitive dissonance”.

    For example; let’s say he “owns” a dog, and keeps it in utterly horrific conditions, and beats it bloody every day or whenever he feels like. To him, and for whatever reason (i.e. mentally unstable or otherwise), he feels morally and ethically justified in his actions and believes (or is indoctrinated to believe) that it’s a state of normalcy, and his supposed “pet” should be treated that way and just because he is “man” and they are not (i.e. speciesism). In his mind everything is as it should be – a state of normalcy … Consequently, if ever the dog, out of frustration and anger, ever decided to bite him in defiance or rebuttal against the totality of their treatment, he would be angry and perplexed and would very likely shout “How dare you ! .. That’s animal abuse!” as he, yet again, beats the animal bloody … And all the while feeling totally justified!

    Yes, I know that an extreme example, but the absurdity and egregiousness is not the issue in that analogy. It’s the overall mental psychosis and psychology behind it all … He simply doesn’t understand the absolute totality of the situation. To him, he (in his mind) is morally and ethically in the right, and the dog is wrong … And the same is true for psychopaths, serial murders, rapists and pedophiles, etc. All they see is themselves, and no one else on the planet matters to them … Yet they are the first ones to claim moral, ethical and humanitarian grounds when the tables of justice are turned against them. That is what is called “cognitive dissonance”, and it’s a dysfunctional cognitive “disease” of the mind … And it doesn’t matter whether or not they found God and/or repented, or simply had a change of heart/mind, or became enlightened … Regardless, the only thing that could propel or dislodge (or de-indoctrinate) them from their anti-social, narcissistic and self-aggradizing behaviors/perspectives/actions would be someone or a group of people that stood up to their utter and absurd immorality, and sort atonement, retribution and justice. Otherwise, they would simply keep on doing what they did, and simply because they thought/believed it was expected behavior and normalcy.

    In the video, the idiot with the mic (and apparently the only one able (or edited) to hold the mic) when on to talk about the current statistics with respect to the plight of African-Americans in the rampantly racist American society … I don’t know what planet you live on, or whether you travel to other countries, but no matter where you go, and no matter what race or ethnicity, poor and socio-economically disenfranchised people have far more likely to resort to crime as means to sustaining themselves and/or their family. They are systematically and societally deprived of education, employment, healthcare, and basic resources that are suitable for a good and prosperous living as a citizen … History and humanity has proven this so many times before, yet the ignorant assholes (with the mic!) isn’t quite able to expend the necessary brain cells to realize this very obvious truth.

    Then the idiot with the mic when on to express questions about whether or not American society is more racist than in the sixties during the Civil Right movement than now … Doesn’t he not understand why the Civil Rights movement was necessary in the first place ? … Hint: America was, and still is, a rampantly racist society! … Curiously his statements/question invoked unanimous claps from the audience!

    Then the video was purposely edited to exclude any sort of substantive response, except for “Any human being is going to have racial prejudices” and that was coming from the black dude that was other wised silenced for the whole video.

    Then the idiot with the mic asked the question “Show me a law that was racist in intent” …. Well, that’s a fairly complicated question that includes and understanding of the rampant racist that exists in America … We’ve all read the Constitution in its entirety, and obviously it all applied to all people and citizens … So remind me again about why there has been to so many additional amendment/acts necessary to establish legitimate citizenry for all (i.e. the 14’th Amendment (1868), Equality Rights Act (1923), the Executive Order 10925 (1964), the Civil Rights Acts (1957, 1964, 1968, 1991), the Voting Rights Act (1965), the Fair Housing Act (1968), etc.) … I’ll give you hint: America has historically been a fundamentally racist society.

    And then he continues to spout of some more nonsense that represents an societal understandings of a meritocracy, yet that understanding, from inception, didn’t include anyone that wasn’t considered “white males” … And the crowd applauds.

    Then the video was edited again (so many times before) to exclude any kind of intelligent response, and then continues again with his totally clueless and utterly ignorant racist diatribe.

    Where did you find this video ?! From a KKK or white supremacist website ?! … Really ?! … You watch this and are intellectually in agreement with this utterly and deliberately racist propaganda ? … WOW!!

    Is that the kind of stuff you purposely watch to subdue your cognitive discomfort/dissonance about being a racist ? … Arguably, tt’s really not your fault, you’ve simply been exposed to a lifetime of indoctrination into the dysfunction cancer of racism .. The historical racist want to memetically pass it on to you to continue their racist legacy, but you have a choice to simply say “No! That’s immoral and unethical! We are all human beings”

    Are you up to that challenge ?!


  • Andrew Anonymous

    John Metta (the author) is a “he” 🙂 … talk about “actually learn something” :-/

    Maybe his sentiment is correct; for quite a lot of folks there is simply no point.

  • Wardemon

    I’m a black man and lets be real there is nothing that any of the people you are venting at could say to “deal with” your venting.
    You are not trying to “deal with” any problem yourself either. Anyway my post was more a warning to anyone who is against racism that if they want to gain understanding or try to find solutions engaging a black person who just wants to vent legitimate anger or frustration is probably not the way.

  • Tara Patten

    Has it crossed your mind that YOU are the racist here? Generalizing, sterotyping, and blatantly perpetuating racial division is the whole problem! You say all white people are racist, that is a RACIST COMMENT! Trying to force your aunt into a category you have created in your mind is oppressive and ignorant! You reference movies not being diverse enough but there are all black films that exclude white people, can you say double standard?! How exactly does police brutality relate to you just because you are Black? That is the most ridiculous argument I have heard yet! This is an entitled, uneducated, and hate-filled post that has so many holes in it I don’t know where to start. Instead of playing the victim, why not make your dreams come true by working towards something positive for yourself and your family? Say what you will but in America anything is possible and this is the only solution.
    And do a little research on slavery while your at it. Black people sold and owned black people too! Just because your black doesn’t mean you are in some special culture where you are all really nice to each other! I say you write about an actual oppression YOU have experienced instead of referencing an argument you have simply pulled from your imagination. How have you been held back? Who has treated you so wrongly? I suspect the only person holding you back is YOU and your mindset! Stop complaining and do something to make the world a better place already! Oh and STOP BEING RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!!

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Wow! … Perhaps you don’t quite understand the genius, history, evolution and manifestations and perpetrations of racism. Maybe you don’t don’t even understand the meaning of the word ‘racism’, nor the reality of the indoctrination and systemic-ness, nor the implicit or explicit or individual or collective dimensions of it … And to add insult to injury, you are a women; also a victim of a oppressive, dysfunctional, and systemic social construction that is constantly perpetrated against women in society.

    Racism is a system of indoctrination into a deliberate oppression based on the notion and illogical and unsubstantiated believe in the supremacy of the so-called white race, and no, the word ‘racism’ doesn’t simply mean racial discrimination/bigotry (i.e. like xenophobia). In this reality/universe, it’s one sided and directly targets anyone deliberately considered or deemed (by the oppressors) as not-white (i.e. “other”), and its a system of societal exclusion and oppression based on the illegitimate and ignorant concept of race, and the rampantly exercised notion of racial chauvinism and sell-aggrandizement, and an indoctrinated believe in white supremacy … And depending on your exposure into the indoctrination, it seeps very deep into your conscious and subconscious mind (as it was intended) to the point of non-recognition, and (individual and collective) cognitive dissonance allows it fester in perpetuity. [Hence your (like many other likeminded) comments].

    Show us a genius, history and evolution, legacy and system of indoctrination into a belief that black people are superior and have the presumed right and entitlement to hold dominion of any other racial group classified as “other” (i.e. not black) and on all continents. Then and only then, can you call articles that talk about experiences of black people as racist against white people … Otherwise you’re simply suffering from cognitive dissonance when faced with utter discomfort of the truth about the vicious and dysfunction cancer on society that is called racism. Again, that mental psychosis is a quintessential part of the indoctrination into the concept of race, racism and white supremacy. That’s why you think (as a white person) you have the knowledge and right to be ignorant about it all, and in turn, are justified to call Metta’s article racist toward white people.

    Don’t you understand the you too are also a victim … De-indoctinate and de-colonize you mind, and learn and educate yourself about this very complex part of humanity, and not just be a lackey in its generational and perpetual perpetration against humanity.


  • Mary33411

    So, if I move to Nigeria, then the black Nigerians become racist? Ok.

  • Sarah Gerber

    Man that’s gotta be frustrating, but I get it.

    When I chat with another parent at a store while we’re waiting at the counter and he’s voicing frustration that his son wants a “girl’s toy” and I try to point out that his son is 5 and doesn’t know the difference between boy’s toys and girl’s toys …. My point went nowhere. Because I’m a mom. And ‘women don’t get men’s stuff.’ It’s that whole idea that to shape a movement you have to be inside it. To really comprehend a radical idea it needs to come from someone who looks the same as you (in whatever you’re comparing — white, black, male, female, Christian, Jewish or Muslim, gay or straight). It’s garbage, but it’s also human nature.

    I’m listening.

  • Reema Chowdhury

    How is it that you still think of yourself as white? Forget about what others see you as. Think about it, do you feel angry and shocked when you see that never mind where you are in this country, if you are ‘black’ you are the ‘other’. I’m sure you notice that your son is always the ‘other’. At that moment, who is more shocked, you or your husband? Consider the fact that he always lived with it, whereas you are a newcomer to this world. Here, I’m assuming that since most people don’t see themselves as divorced from their family, surely your identity too has changed. I, for one, would be very very angry if my child had to grow up with this. How does it matter how I am treated? Ring a bell?

  • Mary33411

    As I have felt for many years when I ask for the black American to state simply, clearly and precisely whAt does this community want done to stop racism?

  • Andrew Anonymous

    In America, black people only make up about 13% of the population, and white people (including Hispanics that self-identify as white) make up around 77% of the population. So basically there are 6 times more white people for every 1 back person.

    If you want a reasonably clear answer then it’s probably going to be something like “Help us keep your racist ‘Dogs of War’ and bay”, and wake up from the generationally perpetuated racism and the denial. Racism isn’t going to just go away, it takes conscious effort and education … It’s been going on (overtly, covertly, implicitly, explicitly, complicity, systemically and institutionally) for far far far too long in America.

    Racism and the indoctrinated belief in the concept of race and the supremacy of the “white race” isn’t a black people problem, it’s a white people problem. Black people are simply the victims in this evil system.

    Curiously Mary33411, I do like your question (i.e. “precisely what does this community want done to stop racism?”) because its a representation of the mental psychosis and cognitive dissonance in the minds of the infected … You (a woman) would never ask the question “What ‘precisely’ do women and rape victims want done to stop sexism and misogyny in society?”, yet that exactly the question you are asking of black people.

    Are you now seeing the intellectual dishonesty with that oh-so-familiar denial-ist rhetoric and narrative of asking/demanding that the victim supply solutions to fix the problem ?!

  • Andrew Anonymous

    It depends … do Nigerians believe in the concept of race as a determinant, and belong to a race that has self-proclaimed that they are superior to all other races, and believe that they have the right and entitlement to hold dominion of all other races in all other lands, and institute (individual and collectively, and implicit and explicitly) policies and laws (and systemically) to exact that presumed racial dominion ?

    If your answer to that question is yes, then yes, they would be racist. 🙂

  • Andrew Anonymous

    I think we all love what you’re saying and fully indorse it and have been advocating for it for generations … However the reality is, and the sole genus and reason why the author wrote the article in the first place, quite a lot of people (and we all know exactly who they are :-)) don’t seem to agree with you, and that has been going on centuries and generations and is systemic, and its the reason why we are here now and having this very long overdue conversation.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    If you knew the definition of ism, then CleverBev would be quite happy to furnish the answer you’re look for.

    Maybe the ism that you’re looking for is nationalism or patriotism, etc? Or maybe, because you’ve referenced Nigeria (i.e. an African county that is predominately black), you are naively or ignorantly and/or preposterously thinking of ‘racism’ ?

    Surely, you’ve never been to an African or Caribbean country (or even an Asian country), nor understand that in most post-colonial countries with the lingering legacy of white racism and the idiotic, ignorant and indoctrinated belief in the supremacy of the so-called white race, that so-called white people actual have relatively significant socio-economic privileges in those societies … And even if they are criminals or degenerates or outcasts escaping their dysfunction in their own societies of origin, and regardless of how welcoming those counties are to visitors from other counties, they are still treated with relative amounts of privilege because of their happenstance of birth to white parents … What’s up with that?, you might ask. Well, that’s the legacy of white racism that has practically and historically (and by epic force) infected every continent in planet like an epic pandemic of syphilis or H1N1 or Zika.

    Racism (in our current reality on this planet) is memetic disease in the minds of white racist, and has acted just like all the other European biological diseases that in some cases wiped out entire populations of Indigenous peoples of other lands. Curiously, they all clap and salute it as some sort of racial right of passage that is akin to Hitler’s ability to convince an entire population as they shouted “Death and annihilation to anyone that doesn’t look like us!”.

    But don’t worry, and as time and any (individual or collective) biological creature would have it. This memetic disease of race, racism, and racially chauvinistic and self-agradizing notion of white supremacy, and its history, evolution, legacy, and currently day reality will eventually be eradicated. And the so-caled “white” people’s delirious presumption that humanity should be dominated by people deemed or classified as “white” people, we eventually come to an end … Categorically, these self-proclaimed “white” people have no biologically and legitimately right or entitlement to hold dominion over anyone they so conveniently choose to deem as “other”. And once collective humanity heals and rids themselves of this centuries long scourge on humanity, the sooner we can get back to real issues that matter to humanity.

    Quite a lot of people have been mimetically infected, and especially by the ubiquitous white racist rhetoric, narratives and propaganda … So which one are you ? …. A racist that believes in the concept of race as a legitimate and significant determinant in humanity, and the racially chauvinistic and self-agandizing concept of the supremacy of the so-called “white” race to hold dominion over all “others”? Or do you believe in equality for the full and total gamut of all members of humanity and its evolution (i.e. as a species) ?

  • Mark

    As an old white guy, having read the article and, I believe, “got it”, I would say that you’re right, there’s nothing anyone could say. That’s the main point I see Libra_Lady making. We just want to say stuff. I’m even feeling it right now, like what can I say to make myself feel better about contributing to racism? What are we going to do? I’m not sure yet what all to do, but I’ll start by admitting I’m part of the problem. And I’ll just stop getting my feelings hurt by angry black people. Maybe just say Amen, instead.

  • Mark

    I have to agree with you. Having only read the article, I would have just wanted to talk about it, but reading the comments, I see I need to do something. That feels scary.

  • James Owens

    I have no problem with all white lord of the rings. I have no problem with all black movies either. I just watched an a net flix original that was all Australian aboriginal and loved it.

  • James Owens

    Oh, and I PREFER all asian Kung fu movies!

  • HenryT2

    Saying ‘all white people are racist’ is no different from saying ‘all black people are criminals’. EQUALLY racist. There IS a BIG difference in participating in a racist system and being the type of person who won’t consider the individual in front of you as anything more than the color of his skin.

    If that’s the way you think, no wonder you don’t discuss racism with white people. It’s the same reason members of the KKK don’t discuss racism with black people: because they are racist.

  • HenryT2

    You mean derailing as starting off by immediately saying that White people refuse to listen? Why don’t we start a conversation by saying that black people are criminals and can’t be trusted, and then we can proceed with your calm, rational rebuttal.

  • Andrew Anonymous

    Humm, lets actually examine the context where Metta wrote that. Here’s the paragraph where wrote “all white people are racist” ;

    “I don’t talk about race with White people because I have so often seen it go nowhere. When I was younger, I thought it was because all white people are racist. Recently, I’ve begun to understand that it’s more nuanced than that.”

    And especially in the overall tone and expressed sentiment of the article … And you think that’s racist ? Really ?! … He simply stated that when he was younger and actively experiencing racism, his dumbfounded-ness about why white people are so recalcitrant about racism was naively justified by a blanket statement/claim that “all white people are racist” … What, did you not get that ?! [Reading and comprehension are two very different learnt skills ;-)]

    Now you wrote;

    “Saying ‘all white people are racist’ is no different from saying ‘all black people are criminals’. EQUALLY racist. ”

    Equally ?! … Lets try to put it another way so you can further muse/comprehend the totality of it all; Lets say that a woman wrote an article about why she doesn’t like talking to men about sexism and/or misogyny. Then she when on to write (and in the same tone as the article) that in her youth (rape victim or not) she attributed the seemingly ubiquitous recalcitrance of men to “all men are sexist”. As a man, would you call her statement sexist ? … And furthemore, equivalent to a man saying “All women are bitches”, then go on the spout some nonsense about some men not participating (presumably you) in the system and being not the type of person (as some sort of act of individual self-defense) that discriminates based on gender ? … Really ?!

    Don’t you understand that by your comment you’re actually doing the exact thing that the author is talking about, and the reason why he wrote and toned the article in that way.

    Then you when on to spout some epic nonsense about the KKK not wanting to talk about racism with black people. Guess what, the KKK believes in racism and white supremacy, so any kind of conversation about racism with a person of color, will very likely result in their hanging or burning …. And you’re trying to suggest to all of us, that the reason why people of color prefer not to have a conversations with racist white supremacist, is because they are racist ? Please!

    All that said, arguably, I’d be very willing to have a conversation with a racist white supremacist as long as they’d be willing to listen. Curiously, the one’s that are willing to have the conversion are themselves already in the (long and arduous) process of de-indoctinating and de-conlonsing their minds … Consequently, and although my assistance might be helpful, in reality, it is their mental and cognitive process to go through to completion.

    Curiously, they too are victims, because once they realize the truth and reality of their indoctrinated dysfunctional mental disease (i.e. memetic), and subsequently change, they too will loose status, and friends, etc … This is what the system of racism and white supremacy promotes ! … to decrying or abuse anyone that speaks out against its utter and abusive immorality, unethcal-ity, inhumanity and total evilness … That is what keeps it in check, and perpetually penetrated.

    So NO, identifying or calling out someone, or a group of people, acts of racism isn’t itself an act of racism. It’s simply calling a spade a spade … but as time and history and ideology would have it, they prefer to call that expressed communication and/or revelation of truth, racist … Yup, that’s exactly how systems of oppression work! … Blame the victim!

    I’ll leave you with this quote/statement from a totally unrelated article/topic that cleverly, humorously and sarcastically sums it up;

    “Psychologists call it “cognitive dissonance,” a condition in which the subject, unable to reconcile their own understanding of reality with the facts, retreats into the preferred reality rather than endure the acute discomfort to which they would otherwise be exposed. In a fully dissociative state, the subject becomes more or less completely disconnected from reality.”


  • Robert Anonymous

    We’ve been through this exercise in history before when POC advocated against injustice and for equality … Some, the educated, and sympathizers and demonstrative empathics, and lovers of humanity, embraced its dark reality, and stood with POC to that end, whilst the others continued to tow the racist party line and continued to parrot the rhetoric and narrative and self-protective ignorance and nonsense and epic cognitive dissonance with respect to the more palatable and preferred narrative of blaming the victims for their own victimhood.

    To me, that’s like a sexist or misogynistic (or pedophile or serial killer) individually blaming the victims, and asking them to explain and educate and provide solutions to the problem. Really ?!

    Perpetrators (implicit, explicit, complicit or systemic alike) don’t like looking themselves in the mirror because its far too cognitively disturbing … Instead, they concoct reasons why their (self-reflective) image of themselves is good, and their unsubstantiated and illogical and indoctrinated perspectives and believes are more valid and righteous and pure and moral and ethical, than the “other” … That is what’s called “cognitive dissonance” and amongst certain groups of people it’s an epidemic … They simply don’t wan’t to be cognitively inconvenienced by the truth or reality. So instead they place responsibly on the victim, and to them, life is far more simpler that way, and they simply don’t want to “lose themselves” in the totality of it all.

    Arguably, quite a lots of them feel totally “helpless” but instead of speaking out against the utter societal dysfunction, they prefer to protect themselves and their socio-economics … In principle, they are well-meaning and have good intentions, but in action, they are hypocrites and fearful of retribution by the establishment … Arguably, that’s exactly what oppressive ism establishments are for; not only do they victimize, they also victimize the members to keep any possible dissension in check … That is was feed the monster!

  • aaron

    Everyone is inherently racist. As human beings we crave familiarity and putting things into categories, yes that goes for other people. I’m a white male, I’m not going to self flagellate myself for the satisfaction of another. when people tell me to check my privilege or call me white boy, cracker, honky, etc. I don’t get all bent out of shape and expect an authority figure to make things right. I take responsibility for my own emotions and I move on. I cannot help that there are bigoted people in the world, but I’ll be damned if I become one through some feel good self righteous political movement. I know that I only touched on the tip of the iceberg. And I’m going to get some serious hate for this post since it isn’t your typical leftist ‘oh you poor victim, here’s a cookie for all the harm you and your ancestors endured’. People are stubborn, you cannot as an individual or even a group change a culture of 300 million people by shaming them (US population excluding our western cultural siblings). If you want to see the world become a better place, then treat people the way you would like to be treated, with respect, kindness, and dignity. If everyone did just that, it would be surprising just how much positive change could be had.

  • Kamill1

    Again… in light of the nasty comments on here, is it all right for me to be angry with Black people because their ancestors kidnapped and enslaved my Irish ancestors? How useless and foolish that would be! Also, there are SO many Black people in America’s history that have done nothing but promote goodness and wisdom for all; this current rhetoric makes their sacrifices and wisdom seem as if it were unimportant to some.

  • Wayne

    So saying this on this website, will definitely get me labeled a white racist, but then my very existence and skin color labels me that to the author (which is not oppression, but it is undeniably racism).

    Since 1964 when the super racist Democrat, LBJ, joined the Republicans in supporting and eventually signing the civil rights act of 1964 black Americans have consistently, as a group, voted for the party that keeps them segregated, props up racism, and keeps black people poor. Even though black people tend to be morally more conservative than the Democrat Party. LBJ is quoted as saying, “I’ll keep those niggars [sic] voting Democrat for 200 years.” And so far he’s been right.

    The social programs of Democrats look very kind hated and caring toward poor blacks, after all, they’re helping black people get food, entrance into college based on lower grades, etc., but it serves to keep them separate and dependant, it tells them to always think of themselves as disadvantaged and makes them, as the author points out, think of themselves as a group, not an individual. This is self defeating thinking and has been a major cause of the racism today.

    When you cannot think of yourself as an individual then you cannot improve your situation until everyone in your group changes their situation. Problem is, most change happens incrementally. When you become an individual, you can improve your situation then help the next guy improve his.

    Even in this article, the author illustrated my point, he saw all white people as a group, who happens to be able to keep from being thought of as a group, while all black people are a group who cannot see themselves as other than a group. Why can’t they? Is the road steeper for a black person? Unfortunately, yes. But refusing to, as individuals, tackle the road, preferring rather to stay in the oppressed group and belly ache about how oppressive our society is will do no good. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

    The author proposes that white people need to recognize and talk about themselves as a group of racist people in a racist society. How will that actually help any black people? There is nothing a white person can do to change the black opinion of group think and victimhood. There is nothing a white person can do to be no longer seen as a racist. And telling everyone that they’re racists in a completely racist society, one serves to widen the divide and make it harder for a black person to believe they can see their situation change.

    I know a lot of Africans who have immigrated here directly from places like Kenya and Zambia. They look very much like African Americans, but do not want to be associated with them. They say their experience is so different that they feel more comfortable in a white society than and African American society. They still face prejudice based on looks, because they look very similar to African Americans, but they see the USA as a land of opportunity rather than a land of oppression, and that’s exactly what they find. As individuals and families they strive for success and they find it. Then they help others. America is still the land of oportunity for all. But that opportunity must be embraced with its challenges one person at a time.

  • Robert Anonymous

    No sir, everyone is not inherently racist … Perhaps your confusing the meaning and sensibilities of the word ‘racism’ with something like xenophobia or racial bigotry … No one is born that way; it’s learnt and indoctrinated behavior. Some folks (implicitly, explicitly, individually or collectively) perpetuate it (and obviously their socio-economic advantage), whilst others decry it … Which one are you ?

    That said, I do agree with your last (but only) two sentences.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Kidnapped and enslaved your Irish ancestors ?! … Please provide references/links and justify/rationalize that with all the went on during that period in history that you are referring to.

    Before I say something, I’d rather learn something new from you that I may not know about history, instead of responding with some kind of vitriol about stuff I might know that you don’t.

    Waiting ….

  • Robert Anonymous

    I liked the words that said in your fifth paragraph, and its utter implied duplicity, but except for the last sentence and everything else that you said in all the other paragraphs.

    If you understand the dimensions of racism (and its proper definition), and reread what you wrote with the colors and sensibilities exchanged, perhaps then you’ll see the true nature and genus of what you wrote.

    That is the utter and epic insidiousness of racism, because it fundamentally seeps into everything that some people (i.e. the cognitively infected) think, express, and communicate. In effect, their thoughts, actions, behaviors, convictions and their subconscious bleed heavy with the sewage of racism.

    All one needs to do is read the Constitution, then wonder how could that not have apply to all people (of all races). Yet, that was what it was, and thousands had to die, and laws had to be (relatively recently) established to re-inforce that which was already clearly and plainly stated centuries earlier. Yet some folk still don’t recognize or identify the utter hypocrisy and cognitive distance of their seemingly well meaning words. It’s pretty sad, and it’s epic in American society.

    Anyways, and stretching back for centuries and generations of many folks (and some being great minds) …. Carry on 🙂

  • Sharon Harmon

    This is a joke right? You are reacting in
    the very way that the article states “good whites ” react and that is the problem.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Well said sister.

  • Sharon Harmon

    You nailed it again, they just don’t get it and maybe they never will.

  • Sharon Harmon

    What you “see” as hate is rage, the rage we of African descent live with daily as a result of the racism we are subjected to on a regular basis. The problem is our rage is vilified rather than understood and accepted as a natural response to systemic racism.

  • Sharon Harmon

    You make me proud! Stay true to what is real even though it can be painful. It is not on us to make them understand. Let them play the games they feel they need to.Let us do what we need to.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Another perfect example of why no discussion is possible or even worth it.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Again you make me proud.I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I have tried having discussions myself and get the hateful black racist tag for being real. Most who know me say I am one of the fairest and most compassionate person that they know, yet I am very frank and white people can’t take black truth that isn’t sugar coated, for whatever reasons. My observations lead me to believe that they tend to be very pretentious as a way of life which is basically what Mr. Phillips said.

  • Sharon Harmon

    You sound very white. I am a black women who agrees with everything Libra lady has said, Our rage is real and if others can’t appreciate that fact, then there can be no honest discussion. It is not simply about venting and it is insulting for you as a black man to suggest such.If there is to be any “real talk” then whites have to be willing to meet us where we are and not where they want us to be.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Amen to you Mark, you may very well have “got it”.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Thank you.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Thank you vallehombre.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Gays don’t get raped? Just asking.

  • Sharon Harmon

    Never heard this, thank you.

  • Sharon Harmon

    What nonsense, bigotry is not persecution. It is not the duty of the oppressed to show the oppressor the way.

  • Sharon Harmon

    grumygirl, well said.

  • Sharon Harmon

    You seem to be on the right track, give yourself a break. It begins with honesty and awareness and letting people tell their own story in their own voice. It is an ongoing process not a race (No pun intended).

  • Mark

    Wardemon, I have to agree with Sharon. You sound white. I’m white, and you sound like one of us. I wonder if you finished reading to the end of Mr. Metta’s sermon, to where he ends with,
    “I’m going to try to speak kindly, and softly, but that’s gonna be hard. Because it’s getting harder and harder for me to think about the protection of white people’s feelings…”
    I suspect a lot the people commenting here didn’t finish it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reacting the way you do to Libra_Lady’s anger. Metta said he would try, but also said that it would be hard. He was warning you that he, himself might have to get pissed off sometimes. Not venting. Expressing anger at the fact that white people just wanting to talk it all away! Yes, some people listen better when you’re not angry. But if angry is all that is there then angry is what you’re going to get. People who are oppressed, and worse, have a right to be angry. If you want to talk to them about why they are angry at you, don’t demand that they not be angry. And some people need to to hear some anger to be jolted awake from the dream that their white privilege doesn’t contribute to racism.

  • Kamill1

    Robert Anonymous – are you still reading? I did send you a lot – and if I could send you that little bit, just think what you can find on your own! Why don’t people know about what happened to all races?

  • Robert Anonymous

    Now I’m reading …. Truth be told I’ve observed that disqus takes a lot of time to post comments when links are involved, so basically, I’m only just got this now.

    I will follow with another reply with links so that you know I’m listening.

  • Wardemon

    “You sound very white” is a ignorant statement. I shouldn’t have to tell you Black people don’t have to be monolithic.
    Your comment on my other post seemed to be a defense of bigotry and tribalism so I get the sense you are the type who doesn’t determine right or wrong based on ideals that apply to all but just who you identify more with so we will just have to agree to disagree.

  • Mary33411

    So, living in Sudan for 3 years does n count living in Africa? Or, living and working in other countries several times cannot possibly, provide me with a perspective, that use you cannot grasp. The point is, if I lived in a country where I am a minority, then the position is ‘ism’ changes.

  • Mary33411

    Denalism……hmmm, me thinks you believe your own rhetoric. Interestingly, you have not responded to my question….what do you want…it is simple, ask just that without the fluff.

  • Mary33411


  • Mary33411

    wait until robert anonymous discovers there were black people who owned slaves in the southern states before the civil war….

  • Mary33411

    You are correct Aaron. I lived I Sudan and traveled for many years in northern and central Africa and noticed that racism is very much alive there. (Sadly) As well in Asia Minor, where I lived for a time, too.

  • AJ

    What irks a lot of us from other minorities is that black people so often think that its only them this happens to. I’m of Southern Italian Catholic and Eastern European Jewish ancestry. Now if you’re black, you’re thinking, “She’s white”. Maybe in 2016 I am seen as white but not in the 1920s when my ancestors came here. Back then we were seen as and called “non-white” by the White, Anglo Saxon Protestants who established this country. They refused to hire us, treated us like garbage, said we were criminals, thugs, spoke no English, and needed to be “Americanized” (which actually meant Protestantized.) Protestant missions were established in Italian communities and Jewish communities to convert us to Protestantism, the favored religion of the WASP. It was a way for them to take away our faiths but also to make us like them.

  • Robert Anonymous

    I know very well about the “black people” that owned slaves. Do you ?! … Do you even know how “black people” were classified during that time ? … Anyone with “one drop” of black blood was “black”. That’s how so-called “white” people of the time classified races (i.e. “white” people and everyone else!) … Did you even read that 1860 census in detail, and/or understand and comprehend the history, geography and socio-economics during that time ?

    Honestly, it’s like a game a wake-a-mole of mis-information, propaganda and utter ignorance.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Epic cognitive dissonance !

    Are you not a woman that understands/comprehends sexism and gender inequality in society ?! [Another systemic oppressive ism in society]

    Let’s start with trying to keep “your” perpetual, generational, systemic, political, soco-economic, etc., racist Dog of War at bay … That way, we can all just try to be human beings on this planet, instead of some idiotic notion of a race of “races” to the top of some deliberately crated ignorant, ideological, immoral and unethical notion of “power”.

    This is not rocket science ! … Only the recalcitrant are unable to de-colonized and de-indonretinate their minds … Which one are you ?

  • Be Human

    I think the world would be a better place if all white people assume they are unconsciously racist and all men assume they are unconsciously sexist (including men of color). The difference is, that a lot of women are unconsciously sexist, more so than blacks are unconsciously racist. You don’t hear a lot of blacks endorsing opening racist candidates, but look at the numbers of women supporting Donald Trump, an overt misogynist. Internalized sexism in women is more prevalent than internalized racism in blacks.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Yup ! …. But that’s part of the problem; the concept of “white” and “whiteness” is social construction that has evolved over time and is deliberately and historically perpetrated as an exclusionary system (i.e. ism) that purposely excludes those that are subjectively (and temporally) deemed as “other”.

    Unfortunately, once one becomes accepted into the nexus of “whiteness”, then their shared history, experience and empathy disappears and is forgotten, when they begin to take on the perspectives of the oppressive group.

    It’s called Stockholm syndrome, and quite a lot of folks that were previous classified as “other” constantly fall victim that its psychosis to the point where folks like you write these kind of responses on public spaces, as if, once accepted to the group, the door must be closed behind you so you can feel special once again, and not a piece of garbage like you once were treated.

    The concept (as we know it today) of race, and whiteness, and racism and the illegitimate presumption of the supremacy of the so-called “white” race is a disease of the mind … It’s not genetic, it’s memetic, and it’s passed on from generation to generation. It’s immoral, unethical, and against humanity, and the reality and diversity and true (biological) gamut of humanity.

    No one is saying that people of color have sole purchase on oppression, subjugation and disenfranchisement. And you as a woman, and with respect to sexism in society, have a more or less 50% chance of being born a woman. But for people of color, or those that have been subjectively or temporally or historically deemed and “non-white”, for people being born to parents of color then there is 100% chance of being a person of color. Does that warrant systemic subjugation and oppression ?!

    Yet you, previously classified as “other”, want to make a point that it “irks” you when people of color speak out against the utter injustice of the systemic oppressive and subjugating system that is based on the illegitimate, ignorant, and racially narcissistic and self-aggrandizing concept of racism and “whiteness”.

    This issue of racism and “whiteness” and the illegitimate presumption of the supremacy and entitlement of dominion and privilege in society, isn’t an ignorant and naive notion of “minority” in society. It’s about a certain group of people classifying themselves as “better” and entitled and privileged as a consequence of their random birth, and establishing a system, ideology and indoctrination protocols, to immorally and unethically reduce other people of color to subjugation and oppression, and simply because they are a person of color … That is the reality (and only reality) of it all.

    So no, don’t feel irked about people of color trying to communicate there experience and reality of immoral, unethical and systemic injustice constantly penetrated against them … You should outraged at the fact that in this society they actually have do that !!!

  • Robert Anonymous

    Agreed … though might I suggesting the replacement of term “people of color” instead of “black” when appropriate in your comment …

    Furthermore, I’m not too sure that any group of people of color, as a racial group, feels that they are superior, or have a right or entitlement to hold (individual or collectively or systemically) dominion of any other group people that they subjectively classify/deem as “other” … Sadly, that has been traditionally and historically the perspective of a “certain” group of people that continues to penetrate racism against “other” groups of people 😉 … And the same goes for men in society with respect to sexism.

    You see, this isn’t just about people of African descent, its about all people of color when speaking about the insidious and pervasive and lifetime of indoctrination into the concept of a race as a determinant, and racism, and “whiteness” in society.

  • Sharon Harmon

    You have it all wrong and I get the fact that blacks are not , nor have to be monolithic. I also think we should not ignore history. I stated “you sound white” because of the way you “chastised a black woman. And it is” an ignorant”, can we get a new world? What I said may have been offensive but, not really ignorant.

  • Sharon Harmon

    P.S Perhaps you need to re-read what I wrote, because it certainly was not a defense of bigotry etc. But there are some blacks who like some whites that can look at something that is clearly racist and pretend not to see it………I am not that kind of person. It is alright as a black person to defend the rights of blacks, that doesn’t mean we won’t defend the rights of non-blacks.

  • Wardemon

    Thank you for pointing out the incorrect grammar in my post. Hopefully people will still be able to understand the meaning behind the words. Have a great day.

  • Robert Anonymous

    What that a question, or was response motivated by your seeming inability to comprehend all that was said and all that you’re read and learnt about the topic ?

  • Robert Anonymous

    No it counts to some degree, but it all depends on whether or not you know the history or are able to comprehend what was actually going on, or you’re suffer from recalcitrance or cognitive distance.

    For example; If you lived in South Africa during apartheid (and was part or a perpetrator of racism), even though you (and they) where a numerical minority, the concept of white supremacy and racism was still epically exacted against black people … So NO, just because you are part of a group that is a numerical minority doesn’t mean that you are a target to any kind of ism … That’s like saying that the very few super rich (and privileged) people of this world are somehow targets of some sort of ism perpetrated by the billions of oppressed and disprivileged people. And yeah, I get why they feel that way, but really ?! Where is the empathy and humanity in that perspective ?

    Arguably, what’s going on you mind is just illogical or emotional nonsense that you made up in your mind (like quite a lot of people) to suppress that cognitive discomfort and dissonance that you are feeling when presented with the factual and logical arguments about your lifetime of indoctrination into the concept racism and “whiteness”, and the narcissistic and self-agrandizing presumption of the supremacy of the so-called white race.

    Personally, I find it very sad that anyone has to spend this much time trying to represent these very obvious truths to you … Fortunately, education and rehabilitation is the key but the question is; how much time does anyone really want to spend on ignorant and recalcitrant people?

    This is your challenge (not mine) to de-indoctrinate and de-conlonize your mind from the dysfunctional cognitive cancer of racism and the presumptions of entitlement and privilege of “whiteness” … No one can do this for you; only you can. And I have confidence that you’ll be able to do it.

    I know you’re interested in understanding it all, otherwise you would have read the article, nor felt the need to comment to express your perspectives. But at least you want to make an effort [That a good thing]… and I can imagine that it’s very difficult and uncomfortable and perhaps painful, but nothing good has ever been gain without a little bit work or elbow grease 🙂

    God’s speed and peace.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Yup, that’s exactly what the racist white supremacist have be saying for centuries!

    Yeah, they all (over time) eventually agreed that racism was immoral, unethical, inhumane, and against God and humanity, but they all said in the same breath; “I’m not giving up my (stolen, raped, pillaged, genocid-ed; evil motivated) shit for any n*gger! … For God’s sake, I’m white and divinely entitled to have dominion over of them !”

    Yup, to them it’s not “Black Live Matter”, or “All Lives Matter”, or even “White Lives Matter”. It’s “ONLY White Live Matter!”

    Anyways, carry on with your representation and perpetuation of the societally dysfunctional cancer (and mental disease) on human society that is called racism, and the delusional presumption of the supremacy of the so-called “white” race.

    Truly (seriously), what humanity wants, is for all of you to simply not have children to infect with your racist disease of the mind, and more importantly, to simply hurry up and die out! … That way, humanity can start addressing more legitimate and important issues for the benefit of us all, instead of having to deal with and feed your narcissistic self-aggrandizing racist egos.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Oh, I get it! … You think it’s racist (as a person of color: the author) to discuss the truth of the systemic and historically perpetrated societal disfunction of racism in society.

    I wonder what you would say if the same words/article was written by a “white” person ? … Would you call that racist too ?!

    Yup, that’s called cognitive dissonance 🙂

  • TheWHITEMan

    How is the war against the white man going guys?

    Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing!

  • TheWHITEMan

    What’s the matter? You don’t like the white man?

  • TheWHITEMan

    You are all racist SOBs, you sit here bashing the white race, and deleting comments that don’t kiss your black feet. I wait patiently for the day when the race war that you want so badly begins, so I can smash as many black heads as possible.

  • Robert Anonymous

    Don’t you know ?! … It’s the same war that the folks that like to call themselves white have been fighting for generation and centuries against anyone they classify as non-white.

    Every wonder why there are no definitions of white, and only definitions of non-whiteness ? The concept of race and its pursuant racism has a very long and ugly history that is fundamentally a social and political construction that is deliberately exclusionary to folks conveniently deemed as “other”.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I’m just trolling I really hope things get better.

  • Robert Anonymous

    On the contrary, it’s the self proclaim “white man” that has historically and perpetually hated on anyone else that they deem as non-white.

    Ever wonder why there are NO definitions of “white”, and only definitions of “non-whiteness” ? And BTW, that exclusionary non-definition of “whiteness” is a temporal moving target, and at some point in the history, not even the Irish, or the Jews, or the Eastern Europeans were considered “white” … So you tell me; who’s got a insidious and obsessive and dysfunction mental psychosis and preoccupation with the illegitimate concept of race and racism in society ?

  • TheWHITEMan

    So what is the answer? Kill us all? Sounds a lot like Hitler to me.
    I have been hearing a lot of that recently, the take over, the reappropriatipn, the elimination of the white race, etc.

    I have to say, from myself, you would be reappropriating about $195.00 and a shitty Jeep. And clothes with holes in them. Also, far as whiteness, there are names for it, you just choose to use the racist term WHITE, instead of the hundreds of designations that exist that you do not care to know. I am just curious, you consider defining your root culture and origin as offensive? Because that is how it sounded.

  • TheWHITEMan

    This guy is a loser. There are people who give a shit. Those are the ones who will be pissed at what you are saying. The ones who try to act like they are your buddy when you spew anti-white rhetoric are the ones you have to watch out for.

  • TheWHITEMan

    This woman is opening up to you and you are being ignorant, more roadblocks for peace and ending racism thrown up by the blacks.

  • TheWHITEMan

    You are just wrong. I agree about a white system. But that system is not for ANY of the regular people. It’s for the CEOs, the Elitists, the blue bloods, etc….you need to see that truth. We need to be fighting this system, together or nobody is going to move up. I get it man, I’m fucking broke. I busted my ass my entire life and I have nothing to show for it. Where is the white stepping stone? If you are pissed because you are not a CEO making 100 million dollars a year, or because some asshole won’t hire you, blame the lawyers, business leaders, and politicians that eat so much of the pie that there are nothing but crumbs left for the rest of of us. This blaming the white guy who works 50 hours a week and still has $200 in the bank is political manipulation at its finest. And will not change anything. What I know though, is that you all mostly just want us all eliminated, and behind closed doors you plan for it. An all black world, so beautiful right? Just remember that is what Hitler said about a world with all blonde hair and blue eyes. How will you feel once the killing is done?

  • TheWHITEMan

    You will never get through to someone who does not want to be reached. You have to realize that the people on this board right now are psychology manipulated to shoot down any white person with pre-registered rhetoric. They are part of a modern anti-white agenda that won’t end until one side is all dead, if they have it their way. This is about subtlety spreading anti-white propaganda, and when their numbers are sufficient, to eliminate us. You can choose to grovel at their feet (I recommend against this), or you can live your life as a good person and interact with people who are awake to what is actually going on in America.

  • Robert Anonymous

    No brother, as fellow citizens of human society, we all now our ethnicities. It’s those that created the concept of race, and white, and white supremacy that call them “white” are the one who refuse to acknowledge the true diversity and gamut of human biology.

    Read a book, do some research about the history and legacy of race and racism over the past 5 centuries. Then you’ll realize and discover the utter and total ignorance of your statement.

    BTW, you wrote “your root culture and origin as offensive” ? Really ?! … Do you even understand the true gamut and diversity of biology and the concept of recessive and dominant genes ? … Why is that indoctrinated racist feel that dark is bad, and everything light is bad ? … Yup, you guess it! Racial chauvinism, narcissism and self-aggrandizement of racism and white supremacy.

    BTW, why don’t you inform us all about what the definition of “white” is ? … Trust me, there are no definitions, and only definitions of non-whiteness ? Any clues why ?! … It’s a social and political construction and has no place in reality, and its that dysfunctional disease of the mind that is meant to be an exclusionary system to elevate one group of people, and suppress, subjugate and oppress all other groups of people.

    What’s that answer ? [You ask] Well, let’s start with not having racist and white supremacist and racially chauvinistic and self-aggrandizing perspectives [as though anyone has any clue whatever the heck “white” means]

    Wake up! Decolonize and de-indoctinate your mind. Read a book or articles, engage with people, discover your humanity and morality and ethics, etc.

    Take the “red pill” ! 🙂

  • TheWHITEMan

    LIBRARY LADY, I do not want you to grovel. I do not want anything from you other than for you to be happy, and be free to do what you desire. I am fighting against this system that is the enemy every day, and spreading the word against tyranny.

  • Libra_Lady

    They care infinitely more about making Black people choke down their racism and their condescension than they are getting rid of said racism and condescension. They care more about Black people servicing them in some way (here emotionally, constantly reassuring them that they are “good” White people and kissing up to them) than they are about eliminating racism. Explains everything.

  • jaydeee

    If I had read this article when it was written, I may not have caught the subtle racism in the headline article about “killers” and “shooters.”

    I’ve paid a lot more attention since then, though, and I caught it right away. The author is right – once your eyes have been opened, you see it everywhere. And having seen it, it’s y/our duty to challenge it and open more eyes. That’s the only way we will progress.

  • Tiger

    If you have bad parents you tend to fail.

    It’s not racist America.

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  • TheWHITEMan

    I feel rage too, for different reasons. I am an individual oppressed by a system of elite government scum who have enslaved us. I have been unfairly oppressed by police, and I have been bankrupted by corporate corruption. We may face different problems, but our solutions should be right in line with each other. You need to direct that rage at the pink elephant everyone avoids.

  • TheWHITEMan

    This is agree with very much. The upcoming generations are brainwashed and totally ignorant of the world around them. You won’t get any progress there.

  • TheWHITEMan

    How about being friends with people and not colors?

  • TheWHITEMan

    Do you like being generalized, and pigeon holed into categories with no regard for your individual personal? Because that is what you are doing to people here.

  • TheWHITEMan

    He has a point.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Libra lady is angry with her life, maybe she faced these issues, but then again I know a lot of black people who faced oppression, racism and poverty, and they are now very happy with their lives and successful in their own definition. I don’t think happiness comes from success in the elitist system, but it proves that some people choose to not be happy, and blame their problems on the man next to them, rather then open their eyes to the actual problem.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Thank you for that…I would like to hear from Libra Lady exactly what would make her happy. I suspect the answer lies within her though, not with any actions on everyone else’s part.

  • TheWHITEMan

    If you want to end the system of oppression and division of race, you have to take out the Fed, break up the conglomerate corporations that have corrupted our country, arrest the politicians and Lawyers, completely revamp our law enforcement and justice systems, destroy the private prisons companies, and step up as team to take back the country. You want a fair system? It is nothe going to change unless we change it.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Hate to say it, but it’s not difficult to tell white from black in this discussion….

  • TheWHITEMan

    You going to “fix” people’s brains? You can’t stop people from thinking what they think. What you can do is go after the biggest causes of inequality and what is being referred to as black rage here. Maybe we ought to stop trying to change how people think and start asking ourselves how this white system is oppressing black people, and why we are letting it happen.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Yeah it’s a shame that all being the same species, that we have become so divided by such small cosmetic differences.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I sure don’t agree with that bullshit. Anyone who thinks women are slaves to men is psycho.

  • Wardemon

    I just want to clarify that I do believe she is justified in being angry but there is a point where that anger is counter productive. If someone hits your car, tells the police you hit their car and everyone believes the other person that is something to be angry over. The thing is when the video comes out and everyone comes back and says sorry you were right what can we do to put things right. There is a point where you have to stop yelling at them and let them know know you paid X amount out of pocket for repairs that needs to be reimbursed to you. You don’t scream at everyone trying to find a way to at least attempt to put things right until they all go away and no longer want to deal with you to even make things right. I know this isn’t the best analogy but hopefully it is good enough. This issue is too important to just have it devolve into a back and forth of pointing fingers because people could not contain their emotions.

  • Robert Anonymous

    The answer is for “white” people to simply get over themselves. The recessive genes that give so-called “white” people their light skin, eyes and hair color is nothing special in the human species.

    There are hundreds of ethnicities in all of humanity, but “white” folks preferred to ignore all of them to create the illegitimate concept of “race” in society. It’s a deliberately created exclusionary system (i.e. social construction) that’s racially chauvinistic, narcissistic and self-aggrandizing.

    There is no such thing as the “white race” and there is no such thing as “white” ethnicity ! … It’s all just a made up concept to socio-economically elevate them in human society.

    No one wants to kill anyone, folks simply just want the so called and self proclaimed “white” people to get a clue, and kill the concept of “whiteness” that they’ve all been indoctrinated into believing in … That’s all, and it’s not rocket science.

  • TheWHITEMan

    On the money there. See this is someone I could talk to because he brings up real shit.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I understand that part but this is going way beyond the answer you gave me.
    I live in NYC and the black on white hate and violence is rising fast. This is a direct result of the white privlage movement and BLM. I am getting called names and shouldered as I walk down the street, and I’ve been surrounded by young black males and asked if I’m racist. Yo come in my personal space and we have a problem. Hence TheWHITEMan name and my current attitude.

    Just look at the comments and tell me you don’t have a hatred that goes beyond the scope of this article.

    Kim Bow Marc
    5 months ago
    How ignorant are you. Africa does not have the same resources as America, because you white demons stole that too. African were given the supplies and we built it.
    1 Reply

    Demons huh? I wish I had a piece of those African resources buddy so I could PAY MY BILLS and eat a decent MEAL. Get a hair cut and buy a new pair of shoes. Do you have those problems? cause I’m cutting my hair in the sink with a pair of weak ass scissors and I’m eating baloney without bread.


    I watched a documentary that explains to me that African Americans are still treated like slaves and that they don’t know it? When, he explains that Democrats prlmise social reforms…what they’re talking about is preventing you from getting out of the hell you started with which was caused from slavery. The promises are. Stay were you don’t get jobs. We will give you what you need to survive. Just vote us in office and we will tax the rich more. There’s a problem with that. The more a company gets taxed the less jobs and less tax revenue. As Trump explains the more jobs available the more you can spend. That increases tax revenues. Democrats signed NAFTA’s bill pushed through by Bill and Hillary Clinton. I’m sure their Clinton Foundation received millions in donations for that. By having less jobs you are slaved into excepting handouts as long as you vote for me. Trump wants to create jobs so people can leave their slavery.

  • Wardemon

    Do I get a prize if I prove to you that your stereotype of black people is off and that we are not monolithic?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    TheWHITEMan…nobody’s listening. The overlords have done it again…”divide & conquer” works every time.

    …meanwhile, in North Dakota, a ragged band of Lakotas spend their days (and sometimes their nights) fighting to stay alive. Instead of being permitted to cut timber, they’re put on a BLM reservation in buildings that would make the tenements in NYC look like palaces. I remember some dude who brought up the old 1800’s “40 acres and a mule” horseshit. Fool, WHOSE FORTY ACRES ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT TAKING??? It sure ain’t the white hordes that invaded this continent 600-700 years ago…they annihilated ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE…and I got news for BOTH you whites & blacks …you’re both so narcissistic, you think you’re the only two races on the whole fucking continent. Get a life, & get a heart…others are having their children stolen in neighboring Canada for medical experiments that would make Dr Mengele proud.

    Somebody ought to put both of you (so-called) “races” (another lie, because the ONLY TRUE RACE is the HUMAN RACE) in a spaceship to some godforsaken place in the Solar System, & let you kill each other there.

    The shit is getting so thick i this country that soon I’m going to need a scuba suit and a subscription of oxygen bottles just t go about my daily business. It’s no use trying to have an intelligent conversation with either of you groups. Once I open my mouth, you see how much of an outsider I am (& I hope to God that He takes this shithole of a backwater planet & cleanses it of the detritus human infection it harbours…and makes it fit for sane beings to live on again).

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Either they don’t care, or they’re too stupid to understand what you’re saying. I’m the only one here who seems to understand what you’re saying, or I’m the only one paying attention to you. You’re trying to put out a forest fire with one-eighth a teaspoon of water.
    My advice to you is to find like-minded people & form a coalition…& they’re having too much fun here sniping at each other to pay attention to either one of us. The only thing that cures hate is love, and while I’m guilty of screaming my head off about a group of people who are undergoing genocide, nobody here—white or black—cares about anything except their litany of wrongs, or their attempt to communicate with others who aren’t interested in listening. They have their pastime…leave them to it.
    Please…go somewhere that will help you accomplish your goals. You’re dead right…but this is THE WRONG forum to address these issues in.
    As for me, as far as this particular thread goes, it no longer exists for me. I’m done.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I feel pain inside and a great weight on my spirit that was difficult to quantify until I grew older, and could clearly see the world for what it is. I try not to be afraid. I try to love. I express myself and make connections, only to find what I was afraid of finding. Maybe, like the dinosaurs, we have run our course. The way I see it, we don’t have much time left.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Sounds like you are ready for a revolution. Kill whitey? Or take on the system with all of us regular people who are struggling under the system you call white, and that I call elitist? If you’re ready to revolt, we can throw all those rich white fuckers in a cell and hang them for their crimes. Politicians too they are traitors. But you have to be willing to let the race thing go man. You are being played by the system, they got you focused on race while the real end game is power. Let’s get together and revolt.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Come on dude, it ain’t his game or mine or yours. Seriously it’s like we’re all stranded on a boat in the ocean and you’re telling me the ocean is “my game” and you’re mad because you have to paddle through it. Fucking shit, I hate it too, most people do, except the people who get rich manipulating the poor and distracting them from their criminal behavior while simultaneously making you blame some poor guy who busts his ass because he has to eat too. Seriously man we all gotta eat and I don’t know what you heard but white people aren’t getting any free meals.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I’ve tried to inform people of the cultural and religious genocides that preceded us, but nobody wants to listen. We “discover” America, and somehow entire races of people vanish, with bullshit reasoning for it in history books. It’s fucking disgusting, and what we have done to this land is disgusting. The earth is being destroyed, and there is nothing I can do but scream. Nobody hears me.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Fuck you man 🙂

  • TheWHITEMan

    I would rejoice at the end of this system. I will fight for good and die when the time has come for the end.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I was in a room with 6 black guys, and they were like “who’s this white mothafucka”. Lmfao.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I am. I think Germany suffered enough after WWI and WWI I, if you care to research the history. Germany was destroyed and the people executed who did these things.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Yeah well now a days it would be .09 acre lot with a 6 floor walk up .

  • TheWHITEMan

    I go down south, everyone seems to get along better. You go up north to the cities, and you got a bunch of hate. And they say the south has a lot of racists. I think the suburbs in NY have them.beat personally.

  • TheWHITEMan

    They don’t want your validation, and they don’t want to have to tell you what to do. They want you to figure it out and do it on your own, and for all of us to do something ourselves.

  • TheWHITEMan

    I like dogs.

  • TheWHITEMan

    You can’t fix other people, man.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    So you are against reparations for the Jews and their descendants that had their labor, lives and wealth stolen?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I do.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Don’t be afraid if you can find ways to conquer it. I seem to be watching everything from the vantage point of an observer rather than a participant. For me, this is unusual, as I suffer from a major anxiety disorder.
    It’s not that I’m numb—I see things that anger and disgust me—but for some reason and on a very deep level, I am NOT afraid.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I’ll be right beside you, I promise…and I KEEP my promises.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Dichotomies are all over the place: white/black, liberal/conservative, Republican, Democrat, Christian/heathen, etc. Nobody seems to remember that our primary identities are the same…we are all human.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Any time. I’m easy to find.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Unfortunately (for you ), he’s right.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    That’s like saying it’s a whole lot easier to ignore cancer than catch it before it kills you…and that’s what all of this is—cancer of the soul.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I live in a building that is primarily Black. Because I’m white (and because I raise HELL), if one of my (black) friends notifies me of a major problem that management won’t fix, I call & just casually bring up a “hypothetical” situation, and speculate on the myriad negative consequences of ignoring it ( like a major lawsuit brought by the State, since the building owners don’t live in this one).
    “Hypothetical situations” are unusually effective if framed in the right way. I’m white, and I take advantage of my white privilege to benefit my Black friends. It’s also proving to be an education for management…I’m seeing things actually being done in this building now instead of being ignored.
    I love all my friends dearly…and would sacrifice my life to protect them.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Let’s not forget the ones who were originally here (as most blacks and whits do. Both black and whites are responsible for the extermination of millions of people.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow


  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    My skin is white, but most of my friends (all of them in my childhood) are indigenous people. these are the people I identify with, hence the username.
    I KNOW what advantages “being white” gives me…and rather than let it send me into a tailspin of anger, I use it to benefit my friends who are non-White (which is most of them).

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Take the poisons out of the food, the air, the water, and the medical medicines and procedures and they might have a fighting chance. Truth is, this started when Alcoa had a fluorine disposal problem…and it ended up “being good for the childrens’ teeth”, even though a toxicological expert testified that fluorine in any form is one of the most toxic neurological poisons in existence. Them came the “mercurochrome” for cuts and burns, followed by dental fillings leaking mercury ( which is also a neurotoxin…what a coincidence!), lead in the paint (also a neurotoxin)…I could fill three pages with examples.

    Given all that, how can anyone expect today’s children to make it through without significant brain damage? The easiest way to control a population is to a) cause irreversible brain damage in childhood, b) teach to tests, not to individuals, c) remove civics classes so that they aren’t educated in citizenship and the responsibilities the government is supposed to fulfill towards the people (HINT: it is NOT by starting wars with every 3rd world nation in existence) and d) show them by example how “normal” narcissism is.

    Get me OFF this planet…please! A nice planet with forests, animals and REAL humans would be nice as a vacation…but then I’d have to come back here…

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    You people are complete idiots. You’re doing EXACTLY what they’ve boxed you into. Get outside of that damn box!

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    The guy above you gives a shit. Why do you keep ignoring him? He speaks truth.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Until you get at the root of the problem (that this was all PLANNED), you’ll never, EVER get anywhere. Why aren’t you ranting and raving about the white narcissist who’s running for President?…or the Trans-Pacific Partnership that, if passed, will make us ALL slaves? You don’t know what’s coming…but I GUARANTEE you that once it comes, you’ll be pining for the “good old days” (that is, if you live through it).

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Meanwhile in Arizona, a group of Apaches face losing their ancestral land (which will be like ripping out part of their soul…forever…), and if you have a place to live and food in your belly, you’re better off than most of the people on the Rez.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    That’s a good start (if you can get past the packaging).

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Do you want solutions, or do you just want to complain? Go live on a reservation for a year, then come back & tell me how much fun it was.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Can’t see past your nose, can you? Do you know that RIGHT NOW in Canada, Native children are being used for experiments that would put Dr. Mengele to shame?
    Get outside of yourself and help others. That’s how you start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Do I get a prize if I can prove to you that there are more people in this country than blacks & whites? You both make me sick.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I do something every time I leave this apartment. What’s the matter?…are you afraid of losing your palace in the suburbs ( because to 80% of the world’s population, that’s EXACTLY what it is…a palace)? Remember…Blacks and Whites COMBINED still comprise a MINORITY on this planet. Looked around lately?

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    …and just WHOSE “forty acres” were they getting, hmm? Not Uncle Sam’s…he stole it…and anyone who would have accepted it would have also been a thief.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I am Jewish on my mother’s side. I can trace my maternal ancestry back to Poland.
    Therefore, I technically could make aliyah (return to the homeland)…but I despise Israel.
    Because they’re doing the same thing to the Sephardic Jews in Palestine that the Whites did to indigenous peoples in the Americas.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because Hitler killed 60,000 (*) Jews doesn’t give the Jews the right to be transported to a FOREIGN country (where they were welcomed until they started killing the native population) by (again) Europeans (in this case the British…look up the Balfour Declaration. This happened after WWI. btw. Remember…I’M a Jew, & I’ve STUDIED this.)

    (*)German Zionists claimed 6 million Jews were killed in WWI, but nothing was going on in that war to make the lie convincing enough to believe. It was only after the concentration camps and the typhoid epidemic that the story about 6 million Jews in Germany was written as history. Funny, because there weren’t 6 million Jews in EUROPE at the time…the majority of them fled to America during the pogroms of the 1800’s.)

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Short answer…yes. I am…and I’m a JEW. Exterminations have happened all over the world. Look at the Arminians, for example.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    We can all work on learning what love is…and applying it to each other without conditions.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Black are responsible for the extermination of millions of people? I call bullshit on this one.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Yeah, I think I covered that point about the broken treaties.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Calm down. Seriously, take a deep breath. I brought up the broken promise to black people AND the broken treaties with indigenous peoples in response to someone who didn’t understand what there should be reparations for slavery. Uncle Sam is the one thread running through the long tapestry of misery in North America and now the World.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    So you’re a Jewish Holocaust denier. Mom must be so proud.

  • Wardemon

    I’ll offer a prize to anyone that can help me understand this response and reaction lol.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I was raised to find the truth, wherever it may lead me, and unpleasant as it may be. I have been researching WWI since I was 5 (1963), since much of my family was involved.
    If you look at the records from right after the war, the truth is apparent. I won’t try to convince you of anything. If you REALLY want to learn, do the research yourself.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I didn’t say they were responsible for millions of deaths. What I said was that both white and black people have cheated the original inhabitants.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    To even put the descendants of slaves in the same boat as their erstwhile captors, rapists and torturers shows a stunning lack of historical perspective.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Really? So let’s say, for the sake of whatever, the number is closer to 3 million rather than 6 million. Does that change anything about the crime and that reparations to the survivors are any less justified?

  • Arawak

    neither the Out of africa hpothesis or modern Genetics postulate that the native americans are asiatic(they arent 20,000 yrs ago asia wasnt even mongoloid,it was filled with native american like people whos remnants are the Jomon of Japan )and the modern neomongoloid race is pretty new in asia,its northern half being native american like,and the southern half being largely Black like papuan and one type folks.

    Secondely,native american genetics say that their maternal line is Hapotype X wich is Westasian and Q paternally,a subclade indegenous to the americas,but a sibling of the R haplogroup..

    lastly,the out of africa model has been largely debunked bby modern anthropologists,its much more likely indegenous peoples were the first anatomacally modern hominids,and spread out from the americas into asia,then africa and also europe,all Genetic evidence and most skull evidence supports tis notion.

  • Arawak

    actually all humans have varying degrees of either neanderthal or Denisovan admixture.Anyway,its sad you buy into the eurocentric old world models of human anthropogenesis and have bought the idea that natives are asians,when skull studies and any basic sight can clearly see they arent mongoloid,caucasoid or negroid but their own race,have their own features,different follicles than asians,bodytypes,limbal proportions,midfacial protrusion,Skin colour and any similarity is completely surface and when you study actual mechanism they seem to dissappear(for example the illusion of asian Cheekbones ,when their cheeks are low and have viscaral fat,their slanted eyelids being a symptom of heavy eyelids and fat tissue orbit rims instead of bone development,their hair being much thinner microscopically etc)

    all genetic studies show asians andnatives dont even share much of the same ancestors population wise,if anything natives would have predated them by 1000s of yrs,but recent studies show they are a result of native migration to the old world and not vice versa,similarly with Africans,a eurasian population wich mixed with african Subsaharan humanoids .

  • Arawak

    natives range from yellow to Black and many colours like bronze and goldenlthey arent ”red”although their dark brown skin does have a red tone to it,take it away and most are as dark as african people.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    I do not see any conclusive evidence to doubt the 6 million number. Where are these “records from right after the war”? Please show us a reference.

  • Eleanor

    I agree with you, except for one count–the Civil War was not only fought over slavery.

  • Sahara Briscoe

    Equality is NOT special treatment. Guess what? I don’t drive a Porsche either. And whites DO blame other races for their struggles. In fact this foolish blame of a small population, is what helps to enact legislation to keep us from attaining that equality. If you are tired of struggling, and belong to the dominant group than maybe you should think about becoming more active in the fight against the 1%er’s; you don’t have to keep turning the wheel. And please don’t ask me what you should do. You’re an adult, you know what would raise your situation.
    After all, Joe the white repair guy doesn’t owe me special treatment, but he doesn’t have to charge the me the higher “black rate” and give me less than equal service, simply because he’s mad at the corporate structure who he feels “owes” him a better deal. This is not mature thinking.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Give me a bit…I’m swamped. Do me a favour & reply to this, so it’s n my inbox to remind me.It comes from the NY Times, & I have to look it up.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    I am ONLY TOO AWARE. Thank you for the link. I knew the “Out of Asia” “theory” was BS the first time I saw it…laughed myself silly.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    If you do your best to love, you have nothing to worry about. It’s the ones who don’t that are in trouble.

  • gypsyrose

    This is how race *should* be addressed, in a calm manner that allows
    discussion rather than the blame-game I see a lot in the news or over
    social media. I hear the same arguments and I instantly get defensive.
    However the way you wrote this and approached race is a lot more
    accessible and points out ways that life can be improved between all races and not just “black” verses “white”. How can people learn about each other, truly, if you just sling insults at each other or demand change without letting the other person understand where you’re coming from? EVERYBODY has a different history with this topic. I get upset that it is a “white” vs “black” issue and not an “everybody” issue. Racism goes in every direction and on top of that or behind the scenes is sexism. I often feel shut down if I offer a different opinion or ask a question.

  • Andreas tuubster

    and another article that tells only a half story, no only the white people are racist, how racist is that? besides racism is everywhere. white people are not that much wanted in afrika either.

    they will help us and all in afrika because we bring money, but behind our backs, they are just as racist as the white and the asian people.

    Once a black woman told me all dutch white people are racists and i het to explain her that that comment was racism en she did not understand. aslong we only keep looking to the white people in racism we never gonna resolve the problem. because the the hate goes two ways, not just one.

    like most people try to believe us. only difference is that we white people don’t give a fuck as we get racism or discriminated at our heads. thats what maybe the rest of the world should do too. and please stop the stories that white people or atleast give the impression that only white people are racists, because they are not. now suck it up.

  • ConcernedTeacher

    Seems like many of us have had similar experiences: https://medium.com/@ejuc8or/why-we-cant-talk-about-racism-8007efc83561

  • extravaganza

    …while black people get murdered by black people. For every black man killed by police there are 40 black men killed by other black men This gangster culture is a product of black adult men who get rich from it, singing songs about it. Hey, blame the white man for ‘racism’ ,

  • Robin Clune

    Well, I’m an Angry White Person. I may be (no doubt am) late to the party, but ever since Oscar Grant I’ve been so angry I can’t stand it. Unfortunately, I have very few people to talk to about it. I don’t want to burden my Black friends and acquaintances…and my white friends and acquaintances may sympathize, but they don’t seem to be as angry as I am.

    Unfortunately, I am also observing this from a distance, living overseas, and feeling pretty helpless to be able to personal do anything except rail against the wrongness of it all.

    What do we Angry White Women do? How can we help bring the change that I’m tired of waiting for?

  • Cleogrrl

    Thank you.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    You & I agree on every point.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    It is 2016. The US has given Israel several trillion dollars over the years, and they have EXCELLENT social services there. If I wanted to make aliyah (return to the homeland), they would welcome me with open arms.
    But even today, the WWII survivors live in abject poverty. THEY are the ones who should receive reparations (and Germany has been paying Israel for at least half a century), yet the WWII survivors see NONE of it.
    I am ashamed to be a Jew.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Israel is not the issue here. It is reparations to the survivors of the extermination camps and their families.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Explain how this is proof of 3 million versus 6 million dead. I don’t see it. The Nazis kept records of those killed, the most cited of which was probably the report by Korherr which showed about 4 million Jews murdered through 1942.

  • I carry myself with swag so I don’t get touched.

  • alycat

    Why not talk about solutions, how to lift each other up, how to give opportunities to people, especially children in impoverished conditions. Why not talk about how everyone can help each other and also how people can help themselves! That said, I will never apologize for being white nor will I consider myself a racist because I grew up with different circumstances than others. This mindset is only deepening a divide and the media is having a hay day with its manipulation of everyone

  • Deb Lewis

    I don’t have a problem with racism I have a problem with you doing a sermon using the F*ck word!!!

  • Survivor 1

    Libra_Lady, I am waaayyy late on reading this, trying to learn what mistakes I should avoid when talking about all that has happened and is still happening, as a white woman, feeling like what I have been saying needs to be said, but feeling like I’m not doing justice to the topic– trying to learn more to adequately represent folks in my discussions in the classes I teach. And after reading this article and all of the comments up until this point, I just want to say I’m sorry. It won’t do much, I know, but I am trying to do much in my daily work and life to combat racism, still I’m sorry– we haven’t gotten anywhere close to where we need to be yet and you’re right– most whites aren’t receptive to this topic or if they are to some extent, everything does seem to go back to their feelings of denial or white guilt, while people are losing their lives and struggling day to day with an oppressive system that was made by and for an oppressive society. I wish I could speak on behalf of all white people, but I know many are not behind what I have to say, but for what little if anything it is worth, I am sorry. I am sorry that this is your day to day reality and that change has been incremental at best. It’s not fair, it’s not right and of course for these reasons and more, you’ve had enough.

    Beyond talking about these things openly and calling out racism and injustice when we see it, being aware of and also discussing our own white privilege for context, if you feel up to prescribing further action, I am interested in what you have to say. It’s not your job to educate white folks, but so help me, white folks need to be educated, and not just by other white folks like myself. I’m with you– there is not enough action to create change, just talk, which I suppose can help some but hasn’t done enough. Again, if you feel up to imparting action items for those who are listening and receptive, this would be appreciated. It’s not the same, but as a survivor of sexual assault and as a woman, I have grown tired of trying to explain sexism and why sexual assault is so horrible to men, mostly who are not actually receptive. But I think they need to hear it and I think they need to talk about it and I think they need to call out sexism and participate in Walk a Mile in Her Heels events and without telling them this, I don’t think they would know what to do if they were receptive. I want to help more but I don’t think it’s appropriate to assume I actually know what to do without several members of the black community weighing in and so many of the folks I know and talk to seem to think the things I have mentioned are actions, but I definitely think you are referring to more and I am all ears if you have the time to note this.

    In the meantime, I really am sorry on behalf of any other white folks who agree that what we have done historically has been unspeakably horrible and then trying to mute folks who react to this is in some ways even worse. A million sorries aren’t anywhere close to enough but I do think it needs to be said, and a lot more often, because a key step to change is acknowledging what has been done and I think an apology is in order. Sorry for my ramble– I just felt I needed to say sorry and to ask about your thoughts on the action items we need to take on, rather than just talking. I think a big piece of why you are on here is to be heard and again, I am all ears. Thanks for your contributions to this forum– I want you to know that some of us are benefiting through what you are imparting.

  • You and I grew up benefiting from systemic racism. And, guess what? It is not up to the oppressed to solve a problem which white people created. They are not the problem–systemic racism is the problem.

    You don’t have to exhibit racist behavior yourself to be a beneficiary of it. You don’t have to apologize or feel guilty for being white.

    It would be great, though, if you would be willing to participate in the creation of solutions.

    So, alycat, let’s speak of solutions, you and I.

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  • Melchizdek

    This article reminded me of the one time i being multiracial gave a sermon to an all white pentacostal church, that was actually thought of as leaders in the intergration of Races in and out of the church. I joked with my TN pastor asking hi. To make sure he had my car gassed up and already running in case i needed to make a quick getaway. Then i showed him my notes. He shook his head as beads of sweat came trickling down. Needless to say,i was preaching about Noah. Not the curse of his sons and grandson. Nooe,i wanted to talk about his wife. The “Cushite”. You would have dies laughing and running with me after i said this:”Regardless of whatever race you invision Noah being the Bible makes no bones about his wife. She was a Cushite. Cush in Hebrew means Black. No way else to interpret it. With thta said if repopulating the Earth was through Noah and his family it would stand to reason,if yo7 believe 4he word of God,Then you must be real and honest that we all were essentially birthed through the womb of a black woman,a Cushite,Noah’s wife. Science even backs the Word up. 2 Africaans can have genetically any race of child they want it’s just a matter of taking out certain traits. No other race can do that. 2 Asians cant have black or white kids. All other races need traits added, all except the 1. Needless to say Alter call was pretty short that night.

  • Sorn55

    Though I agree with what some of this author is saying, it’s masking lies.
    For starters, for a white person to say that they want to live in a majority or white only neighborhood is not racism. It is preference.
    I do not agree with some of the prison terms or punishments that black people are receiving in this country, but it is also equally untrue to say that none of the African Americans who are pulled over or arrested by police were simply racially profiled. Some of these AA’s are bad people.
    The one line too that yeah one Mexican does a bad thing like a thief and the need for border security, well here is the point. Though it is wrong to judge a whole group of people for one person’s crimes because that person shares the same ethnic group, the reality is that most of the worst gangs right now originated or are in Mexico.
    This was all stated in Gangland (a documentary). MS 13 etc.
    To expect normal day white people to not make judgements in order to protect themselves and their families when more often than not the “bad guy” or “bad guy’s”are not white, and are tan or black, and in this example say are tan, is just politically and humanely naïve. In other words you are expecting too much from white people who are human beings to not want to protect themselves from threats, and the quickest way for them to do that in certain situations is to make associations because the real life threats do carry the same ethnic badge.
    Now that is wrong, but that is also human, and actually every human group has done that throughout history and still does today.
    Furthermore, I was actually just reading an article where black Africans in South Africa are targeting white farmers and their families for execution, and in really horrible ways (such as pouring boiling oil down a three year old’s throat simply for being white, or stabbing a white man 151 times in front of his white wife and daughter) because they are being forced to watch); come on, that is not simply because of just a very bad person, these horrible crimes were done out of total racial hate, and these horrible crimes are promoted through anti-white hatred for past crimes that a few bad white people did a few centuries ago.
    So in this case, and many others than asking white people to not be able to defend themselves against people they absolutely think hate them for their white skin color is not only politically naïve it is their right while they live in a world that doesn’t politically protect them and has a good population of non-white people who hate them simply because they are white.
    This leads to my final point. I wouldn’t say that no white people do not think about their race a-lot. I certainly do as I am promoting work right now that might allow in the future for white people to have their own separate nation.
    And a-lot of it is based on reasons I just said.
    Every group in this world right now can politically and socially do things to promote their interests representing a group of people, all except white people, but at some point when some white people who live now need economic and political support to not just live but thrive again they are told they are racist for suggesting it.
    This is actually then doing exactly what the author is suggesting is wrong to do for black people, enclose all white people in a social political category to not allow them or make it very hard for them to promote their own interests, in a world that is not only becoming increasingly non-white but has a growing population of non-white people who hate a certain group of people simply for their white skin.
    Yet at the same time totally ignores other realities in the world that are not just affecting themselves in a bad way but everyone, including white people.
    Such as technology change, and different statuses of power, and or other groups now keeping down Africans (such as the fact that the Chinese are building colonies right now in Africa), so it is seen politically as a horrible thing that happened when white people did this, but somehow now the Chinese (who are non-white in America, but a-lot who are just as pale as whites) somehow get a pass?
    This is why everything in this article makes me believe that the work I recently wrote a short fiction piece might actually become reality in the future.
    Where European Americans, followed by other whites around the world becoming an ever increasing minority and living in social and political environment that is increasingly allowing people to have anti-white hatred feelings forces them in my story to form their own Nation called Ivory.
    The first short novella of a possible future series is called, Beginning and it is on Amazon Kindle right now for 2.99 by Stephen Crowe

  • Guest

    You represent the worst of humanity right there in that post. I suggest you think about that before considering yourself on the side of the angels.

  • TheWHITEMan

    God its gotten so much worse out here. Now looking back you’re all just a bunch of evil kneegars. Can’t argue with the ‘gars. I hope it’s gotten worse for you like it has for all of us, kneegar.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Nope, spew it out kneegar.

  • TheWHITEMan

    Keep running that kneegar lip, you watermelon eating beluga.

  • Ineeda Mann

    That’s some self-serving bullshit. That’s why whites won’t talk, because Black people like you have already decided that everything is their fault.

  • Ineeda Mann

    Well, we could discuss why NO NEIGHBORHOOD anywhee, ever, has improved when the Blacks have established a majority. We could talk about that.

  • Ineeda Mann

    Yeah, great, another coddler. Oh no, white people cannot possibly have an opinion about racism that runs counter to the “mea culpa” song of the pseudo-liberals like Maleesha.

  • Ineeda Mann

    My opinion on your “justified anger” is that you find ways to justify it anytime, anywhere when you don’t get what you want.

  • Ineeda Mann

    White fragility? Lord, you people (yeah, I said that) have all the liberal bullshit terms ready to throw out there.

  • Ineeda Mann

    and then you have the bleeding-hearts who ignore reality…sigh….

  • Ineeda Mann

    blacks have slaughtered millions of their own in Africa for centuries…black on black crime in the US kills more blacks each year than white people have since the beginning of the country.

  • Ineeda Mann

    and you are correct…Libra will blame whitey for anything, anytime….

  • Ineeda Mann

    and each post has contained at least one derogatory remark towards whites…that is how Libra shows her willingness for dialogue….

  • Ineeda Mann

    And we finally come down to “I keeps it real.”
    Boring and predictable.

  • Ineeda Mann

    Can’t help it, the flouride is eating away at my brain!
    Must stop…brushing…teeth….

  • Ineeda Mann

    yeah sure…

  • Ineeda Mann

    no point….and you really don’t engage anyway, do you? You throw out labels and insults and pretend, but really you aren’t doing anything other than spewing your hatred.

  • Ineeda Mann

    Sorry, the mercury in my tuna is making it tough for me to type much longer…must…press…key….

  • Ineeda Mann

    the rage you were born with as primitives.
    the rage you experience because your low IQ’s cannot process why you don’t get everything you want exactly when you want it.

  • Clint Eastwood

    This essay essentially boils down to, “I don’t talk to white people about racism because I refuse to consider their perspective when constructing my arguments”, which is counterproductive. If white people are in a position of absolute power, and they are sympathetic, then the only way to make meaningful change is to reason with them. The only way to reason with them is to construct arguments that are persuasive to white people. If you refuse to look at it in individualistic terms, you’ve already lost any hope of persuasion.

  • Janice Perrino

    Race is a myth. Most people know this. This article perpetuates the myth that color = culture. It does not. Until you get this you are the problem. There is no “black” way to be, or black way to think, no matter how many times the Huffington Post or BLM tries to perpetuate that lie.

  • CanofSand

    Yeah, those white people are such eeeeevil racist scumbags!!!111!!! Every single one of them! Stupid racists!!111Everything is their fault! I never say anything racist ever! and don’t tell me calling all whites racist and evil is racist cuz it’s a fact so it can’t be!!!111

    Am I doing this right?

  • CanofSand

    When the “action” you call for isn’t absurdly racist in and of itself, maybe those eeeeevil white people will take your “discussion” more seriously.

  • CanofSand

    Thank you for illustrating how the author is wrong. No sane, non-racist person would complain about what Susan just posted. So stop projecting.

  • CanofSand

    “I know you feel justified in your anger. You are. Absolutely. ”
    Anger can be “understandable,” but it is NEVER justified. Anger is a negative emotion. “Normal,” understandable, predictable, or otherwise, there is nothing GOOD about it.

  • CanofSand

    You know what shows a lack of perspective? Blaming people TODAY for things that happened BEFORE THEY WERE BORN. Stop pretending you are moral and logical when you are simply bitter and looking for excuses for your own problems.

  • CanofSand

    You keep saying you want action. What action? Reparation (stealing to punish the sins of the father)? You’ve already got a systemic bias in your favor, with affirmative action and quotas. But let me guess, you think it’s not racist so long as YOU are the ones favored.

  • CanofSand

    So not being a despicable jerk is a “white game”? What ridiculous spin.

  • CanofSand

    David: “what are you doing, personally, to not be racist?”
    Libra_lady: “Living my Black ass life. That’s all I need to do.”
    In other words, the good ol’ “blacks can’t be racist” fallacy.

    You are proving our point. What’s next? Going to tell me that using logic against you is bad because logic is some sort of white supremacist thing? Yes, hateful people like you have told me exactly that before. What a joke.

  • CanofSand

    “What you ‘see’ as hate is rage”
    As if the two don’t intersect.

    “racism we are subjected to on a regular basis”
    Nonsense. Unless you happen to live next door to a blatant racist who harasses you all the time, or some such thing, but that would put you in a very small minority. Studies have been done and there are documented absurd perception problems going on. Everything is racist to you, and that’s YOUR fault.

  • CanofSand

    “opening up”? You can’t be serious. If unleashing that evil racist filth is “opening up”, then she needs to close down. Maybe she should take the racist author’s advice and stop talking about racism with white people *or anyone else* since people like her are a HUGE part of the problem.

  • CanofSand

    So a racist article predicts someone is going to react in a certain way, and the article calls it bad but is unable to give a coherent reason why, and it’s that person’s fault for reacting that way and not a sign that the author of the article is messed up? Since when?

  • CanofSand

    So if I tell you 2 + 2 = 4, you insist it’s 5, then someone else ALSO tells you 2 + 2 = 4, you get to dismiss them out of hand because they weren’t “original”? MLK Jr. will be brought up again and again because he fought exactly the kind of DESPICABLE EVIL that you are so intent on spreading, racist.

  • CanofSand

    Sorry for what, exactly? Is it your fault that Libra_Lady is a racist? Is that what you’re apologizing for, “failing her” by letting her become a self-destructive anti-white scumbag? No really, WHAT are you sorry for? Sorry that “whites aren’t receptive” to scumbag racists? Come off it.

  • CanofSand

    There is something horribly wrong with you two. You’ve got gullible people siding with your lies and you STILL attack them BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE. You even admit that’s why. YOU are racist. *YOU* ARE. You know it. Admit it to yourself. And get help.

  • CanofSand

    Saying you “sound white” is so-called “black culture”‘s way of attacking getting an education. It’s also how they dismiss arguments they can’t deal with. They use nothing but emotion and cannot deal with logic. The people who are manipulating them, black and otherwise, who profit from this hatred, know that if they were educated in reason, and if educated arguments were allowed to exist without being shouted down, their stranglehold would be threatened.

  • CanofSand

    What, exactly, are you doing to contribute to racism? Y’know, besides enabling race-baiters like Libra_Lady and the author of this racist article. Since you offer nothing, what are we supposed to think but that you think being white is inherently contributing to racism? THAT is racist.

  • CanofSand

    “I am a [any race person] who agrees with everything Libra lady has said”
    Then you’re a racist. See how that works? It had nothing to do with your skin color. Libra_Lady says people who have white skin are inherently bad. Wouldn’t matter WHO said it; the CONTENT makes it racist. You’re agreeing with very racist rants, therefore you’re a racist. The CONTENT of your character is racist.

  • CanofSand

    The people who are most bitter about these things tend to be the people most brainwashed into the victim cult, NOT those who really lived through oppression. Especially when they outright LIE about said “oppression” and tell us how eeeevil people who dare not have their same skin color are.

  • CanofSand

    Anger can be understandable. It cannot be justified. It is inherently wrong. Nothing that is inherently wrong can be justified. Heck, I’m not perfect, I get angry, too… but she is FRINGE in her anger. Her rants are outright evil. Even by a lax interpretation of “justified” that we might apply casually to many other people’s anger, we cannot call her level of anger justified. Not remotely.

  • David F Mayer

    Hatred will not fix anything.

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    I don’t talk to black people about racism because they think all white people are racist, while saying they can’t be. What’s there to talk about? You’ll never get a black person to discuss racism honestly. As a white person, if you defend yourself from an accusation of being a racist, you will be told that in itself is proof of your racism. To them, not admitting you were born a racist is racist.

    Also, you’ll notice any so called “discussion” is always black folks doing all the talking and saying racist things and white folks listening and scared to say what they really want to say. It’s not an honest discussion when only one side gets to voice an honest opinion. What you get is a lecture. White people are tired of the lecturing. We’re all out here struggling to get by and you have racist black people who at every turn want to level accusations of “white privilege”, “white fragility”, “white racism”…on and on and on, while they can’t handle even basic criticisms.

    The truth is the most racist people in America are black people. You can ask every Asian, Hispanic and even anonymous blacks and they’ll all say black people are the most racist.

    White people are done listening. We’ve been ready to move past color but many black people don’t want to because then they lose their victimhood status and have to start taking personal responsibility. We are going on decades of white people kissing black people’s asses and walking on eggshells afraid to offend one. It’s tiring.

    Black people can’t even define why they’re angry so how is anybody else supposed to help them. They always scream about their rights but can’t define which rights they don’t have that white people do. The perfect example of black racism is Libra_Lady down there in the comments. In response to a white man saying we need to talk about race openly she goes on a multi post racist rant against white people and how they don’t want to talk about it and “white fragility”. Who is trying to derail the discussion?

    Personally I’m not one of these people that feels the need to discuss race with people who aren’t interested in having an honest discussion. It’s a waste of time and more likely than not when the lecturing is over everyone is just left with more distrust and animosity for each other.


    Every race has suffered at some point in time. Get over it.

  • Libra_Lady

    Go wait for Trump to make your ilk “great again.”

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Again, you fail to grasp the problem. We are all a product of our collective history and the past has huge implications for the present and future. The slave owners sold off their own slave children. Legally, they were deadbeat dads and the money made through slavery was not passed on to the children and the labor was never repaid to the children of slaves. That wealth laid down the foundation of the current economy. This is the historical reality you fail to see.

  • OhioHands

    I think the most important issue you stated is the need for blacks to be reflective of themselves as a “we” while asking whites to do the same. Some are and do try to reflect on the accumulative stumbling blocks built by the black community itself, but often these people are shut down with labels like “uncle Tom” or “house N” when suggest and criticism of the black community/culture. Hell, even conventionally successful black persons who do manage to “claw their way out” of the poverty and social binds of “white oppression” are often touted as trying to be white…as though success and social mobility are inherently white qualities. Its hard to discuss issues of race when one side refuses to be as reflective as they are asking the other side to be.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Quit projecting, oh fragile canister of white tears. Let me give to you oneThomas Jefferson as the poster boy of the slaver/deadbeat dads. How many Black children did he father? How many Black people are descended from him? How much wealth was built into his estate from their labor and how much of that family fortune was kept from them? That legacy f centuries ago very much lives on TODAY, despite you and your ilk trying so desperately to remain blissfully ignorant of it.

  • Amy

    Do you also mean child abuser, mass shooter, rapist and drugs user in the USA? Because we all know majority are whites that comment those crimes.
    Whites by far commit worse crimes in bigger scales.
    Don’t get me starting in the bombing in the middle east and taking African majority of wealth.

    So don’t act like we do the Worse as a Whole in crimes and denial whites bigger scales crimes.

  • Childofthesun


  • Childofthesun

    Nothing we could say would make you feel better theres almost no point in even discussing until humanity wakes up and realizes we are all one as we all come from the same soul pool. We live many lives and incarnate many times as all races. Also I think bother white and black people need to research and find out your true history. You came here with power, take your power back. Love yourself. All of you regardless of race, love is the only healer that can save our mother (earth).

  • Sharon Harmon

    My comment was in response to a blatantly racist response to one of my comments. Your response suggest you are not following the thread. No discussion is possible with diehard racists and they do exist. I am 58 years old and certainly don’t need to be lectured on black on black anything. Studied metaphysics probably before you were born and don’t need a lecture on that as well. I don’t have a problem with black men or women or myself . I know my true history and know race is a myth biologically, but, a
    social truism. Thank you and bye.

  • Walter Obsherkite

    But he’s white, so it’s irrelevant.

    Me? I’m just an account on the Internet. I am whatever your browser displays me to be – currently it looks like a grey, vaguely humanoid shaped entity in a lighter-grey field.

    Also, I dabble in necromancy.

  • Carla Denise

    Well for NON-privileged Black people like myself, there is no such thing as “better” racism and it is in fact UNacceptable for you to even SUGGEST that I simply “accept” racism as a fact of life because your privileged ass is too lazy to do your part to eliminate it. How noble of you to think I finally deserve a “bit better” life than the one I have now although it will never be as privileged as yours cuz, well…..just cuz *shrug* GTFOH!

  • Carla Denise

    I want to learn more. Please do tell. You’re the first white person to convey it in this way. (Seriously, you should publish this…seriously.)

  • Carla Denise

    Amen. Although, I partially disagree about him saying white people don’t do things for white ppl because they’re white. White people (cops and civilians) who have shot and killed unarmed Blacks said they did so out of “fear.” Fear that wouldn’t have existed in the presence of a white shooting victim.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my classmates from 4th grade until my senior year in high school, I have severe PTSD, and am afraid when a gang of white kids approaches me on the street. I obviously don’t kill them, so I have NO sympathy for cops who shoot unarmed Blacks.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    It won’t be much longer if Trump has his way. I know of only one person now who will admit voting for him. Since there wasn’t a choice between the two candidates of the party with two faces, I voted for Jill Stein.
    Just ONCE, I’d like to see a politician stand up for Native rights! I know they’d probably lose, but it’d be nice to see.

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? Did you not read her post at all? She basically said we do not have the ability to understand what someone is going through in their individual situation, because we dont. We may be able to feel something for what they are going through or remember what it was like for us when we went through a particularly bad situation. But we will never know what it is like in their brain from their perspective and that is what she was saying. White people will never know what is is like to be black because we arnt and black people don’t know what it is to be white because they arnt. But we can all make observations. And that’s fine, we should all be happy to be living, breathing, beautifully made humans. Instead of people creating a divide maybe we should focus on coming together as a society. You are shaming this women when I did not read one cruel thing that she said in her post. And you say she is the problem.

  • Anonymous

    I love how you are speaking the truth and no one is really addressing it. If everyone was raised to be kind and respectful to everyone else regardless of the amount of melanin in their skin and their culture, we would not have too much of a problem. It’s the people that spread hate that are the problem. There is an agenda and most of peoples comments make that come to light. There are more and more divides being created when we should be coming together instead.

  • Rebecca Flaming-Martin

    Read the book THE NEW JIM CROW and discuss it with other people. Our criminal justice system is racist. Opening our eyes and ears and speaking up might gradually change things. DR KING said “Infustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

  • Snagglepusbucket

    Okay. Have you seen the excellent cartoon online, that shows side-by-side key moments in the lives of a white boy/man on the left, and a non-white girl/woman on the right, showing how the boy has a whole serues – – a whole system – – of subtle advantages all the way along, and then at the end he’s a successfull businessman at a party, telling his friends that he’s successful “because I worked hard – – I never had anything jabbed to me on a platter” – – at the very moment he is literally being handed a glass of wine from a platter held by the non-white woman?

    I’m a 50ish, suburban, professional-career white male, and although I’m not quite what *I* think of as “successful”, my life overall looks exactly like the lefthand side of that cartoon. I had all those advantages. The difference is that I *know* I’m here mostly because of luck-of-birth, easy more than “hard work.” I’m not even very *good at* “hard work.” (Which would undoubtedly appall my Italian-immigrant grandfather (maternal) and great-grandfather (paternal), who epitomized the stereotype of “coming to America with only five dollars in his pocket” and worked so hard that they literally couldn’t comprehend the idea of my father getting “paid vacation days” when he stayed work at Kodak in the 1950s.)

    So I get that I have privilege. And it’s ironic, because for most of the time that my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were struggling to “make it”, Italians (and Irish) in particular were themselves the subject of great prejudice and bigotry – – in the early 20th century, if I’m not mistaken there were even serious debates at the highest level of society as to whether Italians and Irish were even human. That seems unbelievable, but some of the “alt-right” white supremacists have publicly voiced the same questions about blacks and Jews in just the last year or two. (For the record, I consider those people… well… *assholes*… of the greatest magnitude.)

    So, out of the Love For All Mankind, and respect and compassion for “people who may not have it as good as you do” that I was raised with, I’ve been working hard (well, as much as I can, given the above!) to understand and “own” what I can (I have further to go) of the issues raised in this article. At first it was, indeed, hard *not to* feel attacked by the accusation – – “the very idea!” – – that I, who will *talk to* literally *anybody*, and who *like* almost *everybody*, and whose philosophy on race has always been to *not hate entire groups* of people, could nonetheless somehow be racist for “not doing [blank]”.

    For me as I read this article, the crux of the matter is that that [blank] *is* nlank. It is entirely unclear just *exactly* what I could do as an individual (let alone what white people as a group could do), to be eventually finally seen as *not racist*. Put another way: what *exactly* does the idealized “non-racist white person” look like, in the minds of black or other non-white people? Be specific enough, and I, for one, will make every effort to work toward that. As a lifelong complainer with a negative attitude toward most things, trust me when I say that it is much easier to point out a problem and complain about it, than to have a concrete solution in mind. “This has to change! ” is easy to say – – but change to *what*, exactly?

    I suppose this would become much more clear if I myself were subject to racism, bigotry, prejudice, and ill-treatment by non-whites. And I admit that the very idea frankly terrifies me. There are places in my own city, indeed just about 2 or 3 miles from my nice, safe, almost entirely white suburban neighborhood – – an area that even my parents, loving and friendly as they were, always referred to as “the slums” – – where I would be afraid to park my car and get out and walk a block on foot. I don’t even know whether, statistically, those neighborhoods are particularly dangerous – – but the houses are run down, the gas station has a sign on it saying “no drugs allowed on this property”, the storefronts all have metal cages on them to protect the buildings when the stores are closed, and are there signs that the crime rate is high. That would bother me even if the neighborhood wasn’t predominantly black, but the fact that it *is* predominantly black is what makes me worried for my personal safety where I to hit the pavement on foot: what do those people feel about whites, that they might try to take out on me? I’m not afraid of, and I don’t hate, blacks as a group – – but the neighborhood just gives the feel that there are many *individuals* whom it might be wise to avoid, for reasons that just don’t seem to arise in my neighborhood. I’m certainly grateful for the invisible line that magically keeps the people from that neighborhood from coming into mine. So it is difficult to sort out at what point reasonable self-preservation and the sense of “difference” that makes a *neighborhood* scary, shades over into racism. I have to assume that the fact that I’m concerned about the Blackness of the residents, they constitute racism even though there is a legitimate reason to worry about how they would treat me.

    So, what can I actually do? I already give my pocket change to beggars outside my local gas station, and any spare food in my car to people holding “Hungry, please help” signs by the side of the road, and so forth. Is that helpful, or is it patronizing? I don’t know. They seem grateful, but is it just an act? (For that matter, rumor has it that certain people already well-off will dress and shabby clothes and stand out there like that, and make a pretty decent living at it. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that if they are scamming me, it isn’t a matter between me and them as long as I am doing what I considered to be the right thing semicolon it is a matter between them and whatever God they may believe in, as to whether their conscience lets them sleep at night.) Would it help, if I stood outside the gas station for 5 minutes and engaged that beggar in conversation, by way of showing him some respect for his basic humanity?

  • Kaine Chandler

    Despite the terrifying possibility of any post devolving into a flame war in the comments, I want to thank you for writing this. I had a lot of fall outs with white friends who became angry, defensive and even belligerent when I tried to talk about systemic racism in the US. It was hurtful and confusing, because many of them were people I thought of as kind and good. I’ve been working on the hypothesis that it’s about the definition of racism as “systemic racism” as opposed to “personal racism” and how to help more white people understand why those aren’t the same thing. This article not only supported my hypothesis, but said it far more eloquently than I was able to. Thank you. Let’s all keep working.

  • Fredrik

    “And White people, every single one of you, are complicit in this racism because you benefit directly from it.”

    This is why you lost the argument with your aunt. Why she feels like she needs to protect herself. She, as an individual can help change it with voting. Your sister saying that the difference about the openly racist people in the south, and those that do not see themselves as racist in the north, is that they say what they think out loud, makes it even harder for them to grasp the problem. You are also judging every single white person as one, which is what you yourself is against. It isn’t racist as in you having power over them, but you do separate yourself from someone of another skin tone and say that “we are better, because we do not think that way”
    “I don’t want people to get sent to prison or shot because they are black, so why am I a racist?”
    It isn’t really the people, but the laws, the norms, and so forth, which are the problems. Change your aunt with arguments about society. Explain the laws that make things hard. Explain how black people can have problems buying houses in certain areas.
    Do not say someone is acting racist, even if they do not know it, because they bought a house in a richer neightbourhood. Because they have better schools there, only because schools with higher amount of whites get more money. She didn’t elect any of that. She chose the area to ensure a future for her family. Does she deny any person of another color the same, only because they are different, or because it might give the shcool less money? No? Then nothing of what she did is racist. The fact that it is like that is racist, but she did nothing racist there.
    If yes, well then she is racist.

    As to the angry black person (and I know that it is a stereotype). Any person raising their voice, right out screaming, or losing judgment in any other way in a debate has already lost. No matter the skin color. A white person screaming at someone for something has lost that argument, and most bystanders would agree. No matter who the other person was.

    “White people do not think in terms of we. White people have the privilege to interact with the social and political structures of our society as individuals. “
    This is the opposite of racism. Your whole argument there seems to be that “white people do not see race. They only see the oppurtunity that they are given. They have a hard time understanding that black people might have it harder, because they do not understand that they are different from them in any way.”
    And then you go on and call that racism. Which is the least racist thing you can do.

    “And White people, every single one of you, are complicit in this racism because you benefit directly from it.”
    That, is not how anything in this world works. If you were thrown in jail, because you turned yourself in because of a crime you regretted. Someone else destroyed the evidence and you are let free. Are you complicit in it, because you benefitted?
    If there was a company with a monopoly on water, and you drank water everyday. Are you complicit in their monopoly, because the water makes you survive another day? You did not benefit from their monopoly, but you did benefit from the water?
    And I hope you do understand that, that kind of thinking is the same that has created ISIS and other extremist groups.
    “One person of that country did something to someone I do not even know in my country. THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER! KILL THEM ALL”
    Every single American is to blame for the Iraq war. Everyone of you killed everyone of the civilians down there. You did all the rape. Every. Single. One.
    Because you could potentially benefit from the oil.

    And I agree with you on the problems. They are huge in the US, and all countries have them to some degree. And it should stop!
    I am for laws that make it easier for anyone to get a job. I am for laws that makes it impossible for people to refuse someone a house because of their skin color. I do not think that schools with more white people should get more money.
    But you seem to turn people against you, with accusations first, then explanation afterwards, and ending it with once again accusing everyone of being racist. It doesn’t solve it, it only makes your, and everyone else that wants every-day-racism to ends job that much harder.

    An extremely long post, sorry about that.

  • Snake Plissken

    So racism can only be explicit, or else it doesn’t exist. Like you are going to invalidate what is a daily, visceral EXPERIENCE for millions of people. STFU Trump troll, you’re clueless.

  • Snake Plissken

    That’s the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever read. You must be one of those white people that are 1/4 Cherokee when they’re drunk.

  • Ann Cavlovic

    Hi – great article.
    I wish the examples of “discussion” below could be calmer, but i also understand why they are not.
    Still, clearly more talking is needed, and that racism big or small needs to be called out. I also totally agree that ‘white people’s feelings’ may indeed get hurt. Only nuance there perhaps is to keep the focus on the goal, which is the cessation of racism. Just like with child raising: you need to give kids a good place to direct their behaviour, not just always punish bad behaviour only, otherwise kids get the label that they are ‘bad’ and rebel further. I wonder if a similar thing happens with race issues. There is a distinction, I think, to be drawn between calling out racist comments/actions (which is totally necessary), and calling people “bad” inherently (which makes them defensive, and gets you further from the goal).
    The latter is totally understandable, given the incredible violence that has happened, but for all but the very worst racists (who are unchangeable), the more moderate ones will only change if they have some moments at least of not falling into defensiveness.
    This is undeniably putting some responsibility on the victims to take the high road, but an eye for an eye really does make the whole world blind.
    (And yes, I am seen as a white person, and yes, conversations (comfortable and uncomfortable) have helped shake off the racist views I was raised with. And I continue to take my own responsibility to use my privilege to call out the racist comments/actions of my peers).

  • Snake Plissken

    Go to Alex Jones with that paranoid shit, you’re the one derailing now

  • Snake Plissken

    Bitch, this isn’t about Native children! Stop making every stinking post about YOUR cause. Classic derailing. You must be one of those white people that are 1/8 Cherokee when you’re drunk.

  • Snake Plissken

    If you mean trolling… then no. Not even that.

  • Snake Plissken

    But we’re not talking about that here. Find an appropriate discussion

  • Ann

    I think that most people have some prejudices and race feelings. Most project, which does make them understand it to a degree but not completely. No one knows what the other really feels, they only know what they feel. So a black person or a white does not really know what it feels like in the others shoes. Only what they project. Morality and educated belief in equality is completely different. Being smart enough to understand that regardless of individual compassion and empathy, and the feelings people of different races have towards each other, we will be the smartest and happy when all people are at their best and have the best opportunity to succeed. So… school districts with different budgets and neighborhoods with different levels of attention does not put us in the same category for success. It’s not a matter of people just doing it by their bootstraps, it’s about developing the people to do it. This is something we’ve yet to learn as a nation.

  • Susan Raby-Dunne

    I get it. It does not intrude into almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, not at all.

  • AugustineThomas

    Late to the game here, but… As soon as blacks are ready to talk about raping 20k white women a year and murdering white people disproportionately for over a hundred years now.
    All of those raped and murdered white people don’t mean anything? Only the feelings of contemporary blacks (who are more likely to be helped because they’re black than discriminated against)?
    I’m non-black mixed-race so I experienced all the same racism, but I have a “white last name” so I never got any of the affirmative action perks. And if you say that racial quotas in American institutions don’t exist, you’re just as stupid as someone who says that racism doesn’t exist.

  • AugustineThomas

    It’s hard to listen to people who rape 20k white women a year and murder white people disproportionately preach about how you should feel guilty for the crimes of other people. We’ve talked a lot about the crimes of dead white people. Let’s talk about the crimes being committed by blacks in America right now.
    If you’re going to make excuses for this behavior, don’t be surprised when whites make excuses for theirs.

  • AugustineThomas

    British Colonialism added 30 years to the average lifespan in Africa and gave Africans Christianity and modernity (the latter having proceeded from the former). It was actually a pretty good deal for the colonies, given that they’ve now been taught how to exploit those natural resources, which would have otherwise remained worthless to them given their own lack of technology.
    People are tired of Secularist Leftists such as yourself trying to pass off the Myth of the Noble Savage as reality. We’re all broken children of God who need his salvation.

  • AugustineThomas

    They didn’t vanish. They were already fighting and annihilating each other and they allied with Europeans to fight each other. It was European diseases that harmed native populations and they had no control over that.
    They were harsh to the natives, yes, but they were harsh to each other by our standards. The ironic thing is that it’s only because of their Christian beliefs that we now try harder to protect the rights of minorities.

  • Joris Heise

    Have not read all 700 comments; my view is that the person (let us say white) who says I am not racist is way way gone into his or her racism; the person (white) who admits I am a racist alongside many others (of a variety of skin colors) has some idea. Secondly, People like Mitch McConnell who radiates racism is fair game for constant pointing out that fact.

  • DWill

    Thank you for this excellent article, well written, thought provoking. I need more of this. I am encouraged to open my ears more. I want to listen to the Angry Black voice better because now I begin to understand why I need to do this. I sincerely hope you continue to speak and write. Thank you!

  • Linda Gryczan

    Yes, it’s easy not to notice when I haven’t been pulled over for driving while white, how they cashed my check when I forgot my ID, and the many, many other ways we’re given a free pass just for who we are. Let’s swallow the yes buts and just listen.

  • Anthony Cappello

    As a white person, allow me to also remind other white people that “white privilege” doesn’t just mean that white people are more financially secure. I’ve heard white people say things like, “I don’t have white privilege. I’m poor and struggling to make ends meet, where’s my privilege?” There’s much more to it than that. Even though many white people (including myself) have financial challenges, we still enjoy “perks” that black people don’t enjoy…simply being able to go out into the world without preconceived notions that we are “criminals”.

    Instead of it being a “privilege”, it should just be common human decency to treat everyone with kindness and respect. And white people getting “ultra liberal” and self righteous in their attempts to help black people can have a tendency to backfire. I’ve heard black friends say things like, “While I appreciate the good-hearted intentions of white liberals, many of them tend to get too extreme and actually victimize our people more than help them.” In a sense, those white liberals are being discriminatory themselves without even realizing it….they are treating black people like victims more than human beings. Where is the proper balance? There are no easy answers, I suppose.

  • KingAdrock

    It’s incredible how avoiding generalities and simply saying things like “Too *many* white people are racist today.” or “A lot of white people in X area of the world are racist, it’s hard to handle.” somehow requires too much work.

    When and where did speaking *accurately* suddenly require just too much effort? Should we all just make a half-assed attempt to explain ourselves, and then throw a fit if the rest of the world gets us wrong? Is that how it works now?

  • mike

    WHEW! This “discussion” is exhausting. Okay. Let all us who are considered Caucasian be labelled “racist.” CAUCASIAN (see RACIST). Amen. Now, beyond the simplification “listen to black people,” what EXACTLY should Caucasians do to eradicate racism in the US? Seriously.
    In this discussion, please respect one another’s views enough to cease the 4th grade level name calling. It completely destroys my ability to take whatever you say seriously. Thanks, folks!

  • Ambaa

    Thank you for this article. The first step that I, as a white person, have been working on is not getting defensive, being able to see and acknowledge when I am being racist or contributing to the racism in our culture.

  • annoyed_by_your_stupidity

    You’ve got some real issues with how you deal with people regardless of color. No one is asking anyone to “make nice” but have a respectful conversation. Just as you don’t want people to belittle you or put you down, you should treat people similarly. You are right about many of the issues we face in society, but your methods to move beyond them, if you could call them that, are fatally flawed.

  • annoyed_by_your_stupidity

    You are a racist, pure and simple and no better than the KKK and their ilk. There’s no excuse for racism no matter the source. Why do you think it is okay for you to be so racist against white people you don’t know? It’s disgusting.

  • annoyed_by_your_stupidity

    Living my Black Ass life? What kind of justification is that to be a reactionary racist? You sound as bad as the crackers in the backwoods in Alabama justifying lynching and necktie parties because that’s what they always did. You’re a disgusting human being, and the color of your skin has nothing to do with it. I pity you.

  • annoyed_by_your_stupidity

    That’s the best you can say? How do you know who anyone here even voted for without asking? Pathetic.

  • annoyed_by_your_stupidity

    You’re a horrible person with twisted logic.

  • jeff y

    Got to disagree completely. If you love something, when it is threatened, you’re going to get angry. It is a natural and HEALTHY response. An unhealthy one would be apathy. Anger is not bad, it’s a great motivator in the right context, but it’s what you do with anger that can make it bad.

  • AuraLynne

    I have to admit, I do take this personally. Not having thought about the world or rather the examples given as being racist, I myself am part of the issue. I have always wanted to be a part of the solution but I never understood what the problem was. The only thing I myself can do is begin by asking selfishly of everyone how do I or we even begin to correct this.

  • paulraphael

    Someone should teach seminars on how to talk to white people. I’m white, and I have a hard time talking to white people about race. Everything the author says is true. I understand the author’s hesitancy, and applaud her deciding to keep talking. Who else can speak authentically and authoritatively about what racism does to people? And who else has a serious stake in fixing it?

    The author’s going a little far by blaming her own silence for the existence of racism, but I get her point … if she doesn’t the people who cause the problem (as near-impossible a task as it must seem) who will?

  • Abe Markman

    ProjectImplicit has done extensive research to show that most whites have subconsciuos bias against blacks — and even blacks have these hidden biases against other blacks. Everyone should take the ProjectImplicit test to determine their own biases — we are all biased against some group. Once you know and acknowledge your bias to yourself you are on the road to gaining control over it. Once you become conscious of it in particular instances— dismiss it as unwanted. It takes courage to look within ourselves, acknowledge it and control it. You do not have to be ashamed of having an implicit bias. But you should be ashamed if you act on it to hurt someone unnecessarily.

  • Geneva

    This is the most articulate thing I’ve seen written on the subject. It’s true that Atlanta is more socially integrated than NYC – I’ve lived in both. But as you say, it’s a very complex issue. In my Southern home state, I sometimes see Black people wearing Confederate flag T-shirts. The neo-Confederate league hosts a Black harmonica player during their music jamborees between business meetings. Their first martyr was a Black Iraq vet who gave an inflammatory anti-government rant as guest speaker at one of their rallies and was assassinated on his way home. They gave him a hero’s funeral. That never made the news.
    When I mentioned the SC church massacre, a League member replied, “But I heard that preacher was a … a *radical*!” That last word was spoken in a lowered voice with such horror that I can’t even think of a printable forbidden act to compare it to!
    Last summer, a White youth who made the mistake of attending a Black Lives Matter event wearing an “ALL Lives Matter” T-shirt was beaten to death in the parking lot afterward – and the next day, the sole witness was also attacked and left with too much brain damage to testify. Local Whites aren’t up in arms about it, luckily, because they believe the villains were from out of town. That last murder never received much news coverage either – and just as well, considering how volatile feelings currents are already running.

  • pmz

    Thanks so much for writing this article. I don’t consider myself racist. See, what I just wrote seems to support what you write–why do I feel compelled to immediately say I do not consider myself racist? Reading what you write has made me wonder whether I have blind spots and I know I need to study those blind spots. Your article has caused me to rethink how I benefit in life in ways of which I am not very aware.

  • Russell Todd

    Dylann Storm Roof should have been decapitated – end of story.
    white terrorism flourishes in the United States to this day, and no one calls it out.
    an endless barrage of BLaMe does little or nothing to change anything.
    everyone must be accountable, until then, racism, in all its ugly forms
    will continue.

  • Todd Bandrowsky

    You know, I wonder if black leadership ever thought that it might be worthwhile to sell black america for its successes and not as its victimization. I say this because, I get the core critique of the article, that white people don’t want to culturally bend to admit blacks in their culture, and yet, white people do this all the time with business partners around the world. American shops are filled with stuff made in China, after all, because a white guy decided he could be friends with a Chinese guy enough. Yet, if you roll the numbers, black america by itself has a GDP of something like a few trillion dollars, and every one of those dollars is a good reason for change, from my white perspective, because I want to trade in those. There’s black success in the arts, sciences, sports, pretty much every field, and there’s political and leadership success in cities. Every time I hear “cities are all filled with starving black people”, I cringe, and I think jeez, Mayor Don Nutter lead the city of Philadelphia to having a higher GDP than many red states, and then he gets nowhere with his own Democratic Party for his efforts. Like, what’s up with that? There’s enough of a continued track record of success to sell black america on the global stage, such that, if whites won’t invest in it, then surely, some other investor on the planet will.

  • Debby

    This article really helped me understand, thank you. I am white and just ⅛ Muscogee/Creek while my grandmother, who raised me, was half. There was a strong Indian culture in our family and I had the unique advantage of spending my childhood growing up in three different towns with starkly contrasting socioeconomics: Edmond, OK; Porum, OK; Moore, OK; and again in Edmond, OK.

    Porum, OK is a very poor rural, primarily White and Native American town of about 700. The racial tension within the school was difficult for me who had blond hair and blue eyes but truly identified with the rest of the low blood quantum (¼; ⅛; 1/16) kids and many were less Native American than me but my nickname was paleface. There were only about 1/3 Native American and the rest was white. It was a tight knit town with roots running several generations deep. Thankfully, we lived on a little farm where I had more friends than I could count.

    Edmond, OK is known for their snotty, spoiled white kids and unless you spent the summer going from camp to camp, went skiing during Christmas Break, to the ocean during Spring Break, had all the right clothes and a nice newish car with a heafty allowance to blow…you were nobody.

    Moore, OK was a very middle class town that was fairly diverse I was only there for two years but as a 7th grader on my first day I made lots of friends (of various races) and nobody seemed to care about my clothes, nobody probed to learn what my parents did for a living, nobody asked if I was “on the Roll” (FYI, the answer is yes), nobody called me anything other than my name.

    That said, it wasn’t long before I realized when my teachers introduced me on my first day half way through the school year as being from Edmond, it was like I got a free pass to popularity. I didn’t know the term existed back then but that was definable “white privalage”. I have often thought about how different each of these towns were in every way imaginable and I agree racism needs to be discussed and will likely always be a sensitive topic. I also believe the angle lessons were taught from in school, church, and home in these three towns was partially the problem. You know how history is all a matter of perspective, well It would have been more accurately taught with a history teacher from each of these towns and maybe a few more working together to relay the message in an unbiased fashion. How do we teach from an unbiased perspective?

  • Valerie Feria Isacks

    It goes away not by TALKING or DISCUSSING but by DOING. Workable solutions have already been discussed and proposed both by POC’s and by scientists/social-scientists of all ethnics trained in the appropriate fields. Stop talking and start helping DO those things.

  • Dez

    Hi, I’m in a nation with issues that while different are very similar, New Zealand. I know people who were in the cast of LOTR and so have to make this point (although very minor in the context of the wider issues discussed in your article): the cast of LOTR was a long way from being ‘all white’, there were many fine Maori actors in the movies and not only as orcs. Many Maori I know would identify as ‘black’, though not all. There were also actors of (various kinds of) Asian heritage. And of course as the movies were made in (and by) New Zealand they drew mostly on NZ, Australia and UK for actors, but that certainly doesn’t explain why there are no ‘non-white’ actors at all in lead roles.

  • Sherry Nelson

    People that can say racism doesn’t exist baffle me. I learned what racism was (and was horrified by the concept) before I even went to kindergarten. I also learned that day that my white family didn’t want to talk about it at all. It still weighs heavy on my heart to know that I tried to encourage love of others, and every time I felt like I failed.

  • Gloria Pittman

    But I’m caught in the perfect Catch 22, because when I start pointing out racism, I become the Angry Black Person, and the discussion shuts down again. So I’m stuck. ”

    Does the author realize that is exactly the frustration that white people feel ?
    We become the angry white person who (in the author’s version) are the privileged people who get yelled down for being so. So, stuck is where
    it remains.

  • Wardemon

    Every now and then I get a notification from this thread and see some of the new comments that were added.

    Justified definition
    having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason.
    “the doctors were justified in treating her”
    I do believe Libra_Lady has legitimate reasons to be angry just I believe she is venting it on some of the wrong people and certainly at the wrong time/place.
    You yourself seem fairly angry at unfairly generalized remarks coming from Libra_Lady.
    If you get this angry at what you perceive as racism toward your ethnicity from one person online I could only imagine how angry you would be were the roles to be reversed and you were a black person seeing real world racism with dire consequences in real life and knowing that more likely than not much
    of the public at large will support the killing of this person and there will be no legal ramifications. (even if its a 12 year old child) Then at the same time turn around and deny there is any issue at all and dismiss or minimize the issue.
    At the same time you call this article itself racist and seem to dismiss or minimize the racism this article talks about.

  • Heather Davis

    Thank you. Great article. Articulated a lot that helps me to understand and act.

  • Iceneedle

    Agreed. Say to a white person “You have white privilege.” If they react such as they work hard for all they got etc. no one handed them anything, you know your answer right away.

  • Heather Heilman

    Listening to what one another has to say is the first step in attempting to mend the ills of this country’s history. Try not to attack each other (online or face to face) when one is initially speaking and sharing feelings, and do not go on the defensive for just now coming to the table to work on this issue with others. Educate yourself deeply on American history by reading perspectives from all Americans, and never forget that for most of our history education and politics was the privilege of the white, land owning male, therefore be critical of whose history you’re reading. Though I really appreciate what the author’s feelings are about not engaging white people in the topic, there are people in this country open to the discussion and ready to face the truth and literally and figuratively hold hands with our black brothers and sisters to secure equal opportunities for them, for all of US, WE as it should be and should have always been. My opinion.

  • DaLlea Ism

    “You will never get the support of white prople by insulting them” because their white feelings are more important than doing what is right–ensuring justice for all. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t ya’ll see the irony here!!!!!!!

  • madisontruth

    The increasing polarization of the country regarding most issues involving a “value spectrum” has created a default and normative cognitive bias response by a majority of people in mainstream culture. Put simply, people are too lazy to use facts when opinions laden with hubris are such easy pickings. Telling a racist that they are wrong to think that way is like telling a farmer that it’s wrong to grow vegetables. History has shown that only through a personal catharsis can people experience true empathy.

  • Lizzy Martinez

    Eloquent! Hope everyone who is moved takes it upon themselves to start with some action locally. How do you be inclusive in your own community, work place, school, or neighborhood? There are dozens of options!

  • Amma Sarfo

    EXACTLY! Susan is exactly who this article is about
    “To my aunt, the suggestion that “people in The North are racist” is an attack on her as a racist. She is unable to differentiate her participation within a racist system (upwardly mobile, not racially profiled, able to move to White suburbs, etc.) from an accusation that she, individually, is a racist. Without being able to make that differentiation, White people in general decide to vigorously defend their own personal non-racism, or point out that it doesn’t exist because they don’t see it.

    The result of this is an incessantly repeating argument where a Black person says “Racism still exists. It is real,” and a white person argues “You’re wrong, I’m not racist at all.”

  • Michelle Mauler

    You may not be a racist, but you are certainly a bigot. You want to define everything every white person does as negative, but you pretend you want a discussion about race. You don’t want a discussion. You just want to throw rocks at white people and be cheered for it. It IS pointless to talk to anyone about anything, if you are first going to frame anything they say, think, or do as wrong by definition. Then they are going to feel attacked. It’s not white fragility, it’s just normal human behavior. The same thing happens in discussions between men and women, or between conservatives and liberals, except that here, I’m wrong if I engage you, and I’m wrong if I walk away. I’m wrong if I perceive your anger, and I’m wrong if I don’t validate it. What’s left? I’m wrong if I ask questions because that’s asking to be educated for free. I’m wrong if I don’t ask because why didn’t I ask?

  • Amma Sarfo

    AND there it is in a nutshell!

  • Ed tessaro

    Great article…thx. As a card-carrying, progressive Democrat, I’m pushing back on a couple of your points. You feel white people only relate to personal experience on race. I’d submit black people do the same. I lived in Chicago for a long time. At no time during thunderous debates on disparate impact of incarceration, did any person of color I knew, want to talk about crime stats in minority neighborhoods, high school dropout rates, incidence of boys of color growing up with out male/father-figure influence, or the incomprehensible black-on-black murder rate. All of which have huge consequences on the outcomes you note. This is not new information, even though they may not be your experience. Consequently, many whites think blacks are EQUALLY dismissive of this equation, and won’t talk to you about it either.

    Racist police depts, biased justice systems, unspeakable violence on individuals are immediate issues to join hands and fight. They’re within our power to fix, even decades late. But start your next conversation with a white person, by acknowledging the other cultural reality first – then go to the the bigger argument. I predict you’ll get a different response. Ed T Atlanta
    Ed T

  • Missy Lieberman

    Jeeze lady. It’s the difference between empathy and sympathy. To claim you understand how someone feels is a bit much in most cases. We may sympathize with others while not having had the same experience. We are able to empathize only if we have had the same experience.

  • William Clement

    Your words…..”Both black and whites are responsible for the extermination of millions of people.”

  • William Clement

    Yet ALL Muslims are blamed for 9/11…..seems legit.

  • jimoppenheimer

    I remember when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright made his splash with his wonderful reaction to the sentiment “God bless America,” he stated the Black person’s reaction has to be “God damn America!” I thought for putting it so clear and bold, he is truly a prophet. And, just as this writer describes, everyone condemned him for being angry, to which I thought, “What is the MATTER with you people? You seriously think that a Black person in this country should NOT be angry? Are you frikin insane?”
    The writer obviously thinks that discussion is one of our few hopes, a hope for which he just can’t hold out much hope.
    I used to be very opposed to reparations. “We could never afford it.” Well, now I think serious discussion with all options on the table is the only real answer. The nation has a horrible maiming wound in it that will not heal until we resolve to treat it. Jefferson supposedly said, “I tremble for my country when I consider that God is just, and his justice cannot sleep forever,” or if you prefer, “Karma is a bitch.” It will probably not happen in my lifetime, but we live in hope. Meanwhile the nation is hobbled.
    I believe we will get to the mountaintop. And one reason I think that is that I know I’m a racist. I can hate it. I can condemn it. I can watch out for it and stop it before I do something we’ll all regret. But I will be racist til the day I die. Coming to terms with that is part of it. Telling folks younger than me, “Don’t make the same mistakes I did,” is part of it. I’m just one guy, but I think there are a lot of people — i know there are a lot of people — who feel very similarly. I have hope. And you know what Emily said about hope.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Cuz all whites are the same, right? I feel like NOT having the discussion means its never going to change. I’m getting strong pro-segregation vibes from this article… I wholeheartedly agree that racism still exists and blacks face extra adversity, without a doubt. But to refuse to have a conversation doesn’t convince anyone that you want this to change. White people should acknowledge their privilege for sure, but they should not feel guilty for crimes their ancestors may or may not have done, or accept that they are part of a large social issue simply because they exist. Discrimination based on race whether it is systematic or not is racism. Period. There can be a distinction but this is non-negotiable.
    I’m mixed, I am of European and aboriginal Canadian descent. Because I know some people will really care what my background is (if i was fully white my views would be thrown away because theres just absolutely no way i can ever “understand” racism. Its an effective silencing tactic. Im also male so my opinion in these discussions is even less valued.) So if you refuse to talk to white people about racism, do you really have a right to get upset at white people being racist? Youre choosing to bury your head in the sand. For shame.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Why are you lumping an entire race together? Sounds like you want segregation to return…

  • Dan Ladoucier

    I dont blame Muslims, I blame their religion.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    But like, what if you’re a poor white person?

  • Dan Ladoucier

    What? What study are you referring to? I call BS

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Being aboriginal in Canada is worse than being black in America.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Being aboriginal here in Canada is worse than being black in America.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    It really seems lie you want a “all whites vs all blacks” scenario, so yes you are racist. Or something along the lines of bringing back segregation.
    Most white people dont identify heavily with their race. Get over it. Youre not going to be able to “talk to all white people collectively”. Thats moronic.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Exactly. As I keep saying, being Aboriginal in Canada is worse than being black in America.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Because regardless of what is the truth, you can still act like a smelly cunt, which you are. People are agreeing with you more or less and you just can’t have it because he’s white, and according to you all white people are just sooo evil. And you keep dishing out racial ad hom attacks. But hey, youre black so you have a special magical shield that prevents you from being racist, right? Racism doesnt have to be systematic to be racist.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Nice compartmentalization, there

  • Dan Ladoucier

    You can be angry there’s nothing wrong with that. Its who your anger is directed at. You cant expect to be angry at an entire ethnicity of people and then get mad at said people when they want nothing to do with you after. Youre being vile simply for the sake of being vile at this point. You are angry and I think you should be. Blacks definitely have it rough. But could you honestly walk up to a small white child look them in the eye and tell them its their fault your life is so shitty? If anyone ever did that to my children they’d never see or hear the end of me. Thats abuse. Blame game is a lame game. If i could wave a magic wand and have inequality vanquished forever, I would. But this is real life and solidarity with allies is key. You are burning bridges out of hate. Makes you racist. You are getting all whiny about how white people don’t do enough, so what should white people do then? What do you think all white people should do? The only thing MOST of them can do is vocalize their support for equality and disdain for discrimination. Would you like them to just be silent, then?

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Geez man, if I were you id be pretty annoyed at everyone saying you sound white. People talk however they talk.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Not a bad analogy at all, couldnt agree more.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    I wouldnt say that anger is inherently wrong. Anger is justifiabe. Hate is inherently wrong, and Libra Lady embodies hate for sure.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    All very true. Race is nothing more than a social concept. We’re all African anyway.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    No it hasn’t. Read a real science book. Native Americans come from asiatic Siberians. Thats not saying other groups didnt have migrations into North America, but the ulk of the ones that survived were of asian descent.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Its not about feelings, stop repeating that you sound stupid. Its about integrity.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Why do you take every chance to chuck race in there. Yea hes white. His finger would be pasty, i guess? WTF is your point? Do you even know?

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Would you tell young white children they are part of the problem? Stick that in their heads and watch the self-loathing grow. So abusive.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    You’re wearing a tinfoil hat aren’t you?

  • Dan Ladoucier

    There hasnt been enough time for any real changes to occur. If we stayed isolated from each other for another few hundred thousand years then maybe there would be. But as it stands right now, an Inuit (Eskimos aren’t a thing) and someone from New York hypothetically would share just as much DNA with each other as they would with anyone else.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    People have been in the Americas closer to 18,000 – 20,000 years.

  • Krow Fischer

    You nailed it and nailed it and nailed it. I was raised in a family identified as white and have spent many years ‘checking my privilege’ with the help of non white friends and writers like you. In our household we are ‘thought monitoring’ at this time and my husband (very white, well educated professional) and I are finding so many thought processes hidden under the ‘normal’ within us. It is a journey finding all those random threads of racism and sexism that weave through our conscious constructs, but we are uncovering them. Thank you for pulling so many of those threads out into the obvious. Please, for the sake of future harmony, please speak loudly! We will continue to speak up from where we are at. Thank you, thank you, tank you.

  • Iceneedle

    Are you a poor white person answering about white privilege or are you a poor white person saying “you are working hard and you are not getting any privileges. You don’t get this or that free, I work hard for everything I get”
    And the follow-up question is, do you feel the police will stop you? Do you feel a clerk will ask you to leave a store or hover around you? When the news talks about the white man who killed the black church goers, do you blame the shooter or do you look at the white race to blame?

  • 55alive

    Silence on the part of us whites is way too easy and we almost always take the easy way out. Great article.

  • ecarG

    Hmmm. I guess so. However, having gone into non white areas, to live or visit, i have been told that i cannot live or be there because of my skin color. I think judgement knows no skin color. Race is such a convoluted thing anyways, i mean, are we talking genetics, outward appearance . . what? What about the black people that look white? I think the race thing is continued by an old program and belief. Oppression for power exists, but lets look more closely at the ‘games’. The ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy works . . . as evidenced by this article. I think its time to look at social class, akin to the old caste systems. Social Darwinism. The gender issue is a much more encompassing area to look at, as it includes everyone. I think we need to call out the things that creates division among people. Not that we all must be the same, think the same, etc., but many historical events serve to separate. Angela Davis, who is an amazing educator, talked about all of this stuff a long time back. We need to forgive and decide what or who the enemy is. As long as we hold tight to who is judging who we miss the boat. Corrupt politicians, policy, and business is the enemy. Not your white family and non family members. The majority of people are just trying to survive these days.

  • Richard Pozzuto

    I think we can discuss the myriad ways we fail to love one another in the here and now. I think we can talk about what the author talked about. We can talk about our black neighbors, friends and coworkers’ feelings of being part of society that marginalizes and abuses her in ways that white folks are unconscious to. I think we can talk about ways to remedy that within our individual relationships and families and then communities and nations. I think we can discuss how to organize and work together to stop the systemic destruction of the black psyche and the black population. Good talking leads to good agreements which lead to effective action.

  • Richard Pozzuto

    I prefer to engage in cooperation versus competition. All the points you made previously were good ones I think. What would it take for you to try again? Try one more time to create a nation where black and white can talk and agree as equals and brothers and sisters? I don’t blame you for wanting to give up and just live your life. I don’t blame you one bit. But someone with the depth of feeling you possess could be a powerful voice for peace…. or war. Which is it going to be?

  • Richard Pozzuto

    Really glad to share this article. Your “kindly and softly” voice was just heard by 400+ of my friends … at least the ones who cared enough to read it or the FB algorithm showed it to. The title can put white people off because it puts us on the defensive, but that ends up being a good thing I think. Negging sort of to gain interest. I really appreciate you sharing your personal stories. Like you said the black experience is getting whitewashed on TV and movies so this kind of sharing is very important. I’m 54 years old and it took me FAR too long to get what you’re saying. The one and only true love of my life is a black man I met when I was 16 years old. There were lots of practical reasons we didn’t last beyond 5 years, but the real reason I think is because of my whiteness. He wasn’t against it per se, but I just never really “got” his experience. I loved him passionately, but I never truly understood his world, and he never really tried to help me understand it either. We fought a lot. But we made up a lot. We didn’t have the words or concepts back then given where we were from and despite our high IQs. Staying together would have helped, but finding the words and patience and courage to express them as we grew to understand each other would have saved us.

  • lark1964

    My niece informed me and my siblings that our Mexican mother married our white father for his white protection, and that we, as descendants of this Mexican/Irish mix, because we will not admit our mother ran for help to a white supremacist (?) are racists because we are not black.

    It’s rather sad, our sister died, and her daughter… wow…

  • Louis partin

    Very knowledgeable, very true, very well written!

  • Angela Fobbs

    All the comments here illustrate why the author doesn’t talk about race. Many people are trapped in this racist system, some people like it, the only way to get out is through dialogue. It may not feel like you’re responsible as a white person but how will it ever change if everyone denies any part in the problem. The system will continue to function until enough people stand up and stop the gears of the machine from continuing to crush non white people. Once the system is stopped, maybe we can all be viewed as individuals.

  • There is a saying, “I don’t know what art is, but I know what I like”. By failing to define racism, many of us don’t know or won’t accept what constitutes racism. Derivatively the social construct of Race has been created as though it is biological or somehow scientific. Oppression, exploitation and the derivative benefits of the Atlantic slave trade is real, ongoing and spans 5 centuries. Todays attitudes, beliefs and institutionalized behaviors don’t exist in a vacuum. Blaming victims for the problem amounts to finger pointing that failing to analyze or even recognize the subject and object. How can we have a productive conversation with sentences which conflates subjects and objects? This condition of ignorance exist amongst so-called white and black peoples. Yet, the reality and effects of racism is alive and well. There is no difference between personal and intuitional racism. Racism by its very nature must be institutional. For this reason some will argue that black racism is an oxymoron. This line of thinking might conclude that white capitalism is redundant and black capitalism is an illusion. Surely there are many wealthy non-white folks and want-to-be’s who would take exception to this perspective. In short we can’t have a meaningful conversation which might lead to a useful plan of action without a mutual understanding of racism; its history and real existence. The majority of white people are equally as blind/miseducated as black folks. The main difference is where and how wealth is accumulated. Focusing on the effects of racism has feel good value. There will be no change without eliminating race, crony capitalism and Eurocentric bullying. All advocates of social justice need to listen more and speak less. Voices of liberation have been shouting for 500 years. Conversations between white and black or white and white or black and black folks who don’t have a clue as to the real form and function of racism in essence perpetuates the process/institution.

  • Penny Anonymous

    EFT helps with ptsd

  • Simone Yvonne Regan

    While I agree on the whole with this article (and I do), I feel like it is worth noting that although I am Native, I “look” white enough to benefit from aspects of the system described here. The thing that upsets me is that myself and several white people that I know *do* agree that systematic racism is present… and sometimes at a high cost to ourselves, we fight our asses off to demand change and make heartbreaking sacrifices in the process. Please do not think that you are alone in this fight, and please do not ostracize those of us who want to fight at your side to create a more fair world we can make a bigger impact together.

  • Simone Yvonne Regan

    ***I wish someone had told me this years and years ago… lol I am only now figuring it out as I enter middle age.

  • Simone Yvonne Regan

    So does Native culture, but I am learning that in some social situations it’s been helpful to learn the rules they are playing by.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    I dunno, I just feel lie if you walked up to a white homeless guy and went on to tell him how privileged he is you’d get a mouthful of fist.
    Yea I often get stopped by the police for no reason. Don’t get me wrong, I fully acknowledge police harassment is higher for blacks on average.
    Wait, whaat? You blame an entire race for a shooting?

  • Carla Denise

    This Black woman is listening. I must say tho, if you’re an American citizen and choose to live overseas, you’ve already abandoned your power to change things through political means – the greatest weapon in one’s arsenal.

  • Carla Denise

    No we cannot “get over it” until THIS GOV’T pays reparations to the DIRECT descendants of the people it allowed to be enslaved​ in order to create the wealthiest nation the the world has ever known within a span of 200 yrs! Not to mention the over 100 yrs of legally codified inequality in the form of Jim Crow. Then we can get over it.

  • Carla Denise

    If it means after hanging these rich white fuckers, we’ll all rifle their pockets for BLACK people’s billions of dollars in reparations due our families from generations of rapacious exploitation by this group including our GOV’T for which we were specifically targeted (Jim Crow, etc.) then yes. Otherwise, you ain’t talking nothing but fresh bullshit! This is the litmus test for all “righteous” white people who claim to truly want justice for all. I of

  • CanofSand

    Yeah, except *they aren’t*. Not by anything remotely close to the majority. But you’ll just believe whatever you want so you can try to justify your bad positions, and you’ll bring them up as a shield even when they have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the topic at hand, since that’s how desperate you are to avoid confronting your bad bad bad horrible illogical immoral ridiculous position that it’s okay to blame people TODAY for things that happened BEFORE THEY WERE BORN.

  • CanofSand

    The article IS racist. Do you deny that? Libra_Lady IS racist. Do you deny it? This isn’t your “dog whistle” “racist” garbage, where the bad is hidden if even there at all. They straight up make explicitly racist arguments and rants. This isn’t a matter of opinion. There’s no special perspective to be considered. This isn’t a painting with different interpretations. They aren’t using words whose meaning is not defined. This is about objective fact. If you don’t think it’s racist: 1) Get a dictionary. 2) You’re probably racist, too.

  • CanofSand

    So their racism is motivated by love? I wish I could say this is a new twisted low coming from you guys, but it’s not.

  • CanofSand

    The article IS racist, so….

  • CanofSand

    Trump is a scumbag, but at least he’s not as racist as you are.

  • CanofSand

    So you support “Blaming people TODAY for things that happened BEFORE THEY WERE BORN”, then.

    Oh, of course you do, since you’re… wait for it…
    “white tears”

  • CanofSand

    The guy arguing for the banished-from-Western-culture-for-centuries GARBAGE that is “sins of the father visited upon the sons” is here lecturing ME about failing to grasp problems and history. What a joke.

  • Wardemon

    I don’t deny Libra_Lady’s racism but I didn’t feel like reading through all of her posts again at the time so I didn’t explicitly call her racist because I feel like if I say that I have to specifically point out the statement that is racist. So if you say she is I wont defend her.
    The article itself I don’t believe is racist and you would have to point out to me your logic in making that assessment. What specific statement in the article do you see as racist?

  • Xandaira

    POC experience racism and constantly face roadblocks and other issues white people do not. It is not fair. It should not be happening. A lot of white people (more than anyone realizes, I think) understand this, but DO NOT want to get involved in public-facing discussions, actions, etc. on the subject because it is usually a no-win situation. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told to shut up and not contribute my viewpoint or opinion by people who do not know me, been told I’m a intrinsically racist because I’m white and then that I’m a sensitive, fragile cracker for objecting to being labeled racist. But in the next sentence, what are you doing, what change are you making?

    The answer is: nothing will ever be good enough to satisfy an angry person who sees every [fill in the blank] person as the embodiment of all the system’s wrongs, and attack individuals as though they are responsible and should by holy grace know all about everything. So, for similar reasons POC say they don’t approach white people, a lot of white people don’t speak up and tell POC that we really care, or try to seek greater understanding, etc. One person can’t change an entire system. (It doesn’t mean those of us who want change won’t try.) But to funnel all the anger of a f***ed up system on any well-intentioned person because we happen to open our ignorant mouth is not only unfair, but unproductive.

    As a white person, I have these difficult discussions All The Time. Because “white fragility” isn’t exclusive to POC, and is also impacted by issues with sexuality and classism and politics. People don’t like to be told they are wrong, and people don’t like to be insulted. The constant struggle is to provide information in a way that inspires change. It might not sink in the first time, or the fifth time. The woman who has known my family for years and upset that many of her daughter’s friends were angry because her family supported Trump, is part Mexican, but refuses to see how supporting Trump is hurtful to Mexicans. The guy who I went to high school with and has advanced MS and will leave his family with huge medical bills if the administration he voted for takes away provisions for preexisting conditions and it seems completely lost on him, yet he proceeds to troll me and my like-minded friends every time I post anything suggesting that conservative voters have propped up issues like racism in America. Another high school friend who PM’d me to inform he had experienced discrimination as a Mormon for supporting Prop 8 (the California amendment to prevent same-sex couples from getting married), and could not understand why people would get upset about his “right” to prevent others from having equal access (the conversation ended by my telling him that when the amendment preventing Mormons from getting married came on the ballot, I would advocate for him, too). I am as patient as possible with these folks, and often feel the chasm is too wide, but we don’t have these difficult discussions (and hopefully change their viewpoint a little at a time), who else will?

    If it’s “not your job” to educate someone “for free,” then don’t do it. Realize that you are expanding the same tar pit that we are all stuck in and that your anger, exasperation or insecurity is more important than working toward a solution.

    I’ll approach anyone in a spirit of peace, goodwill and unity who does the same for me, and I think most people will as well. My goal is to do what good I can, but you’d never know that if you shut me down before you learn what kind of friend I can be.

  • Iceneedle

    Well if you went up to a white homeless guy, the prevailing thought would be to beat him up.
    So let’s look at this homeless guy, who is white, you sure he can get a fist, is he high, is he drunk or perhaps he is panhandling to get cash. A lot to consider right. Or how about the following, he figures he would punch you because he knows he screwed up, not that he admits it, it must be someone else.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    What are you going on about?

  • Amy Walchak

    I understand your position. And I admit that the society we live in is racist in general. Babies prefer their own “look” from a very early age, it is inborn. The preference exists in black babies too. That being said, we need to talk each other. Our brains ought to be able to get past evolutionary quirks that were made for reasons left in the past. I am a really white, southern woman who was raised with the “N” word and segregation. I am not unable to see and address the problem. It does border on insult to think that all white people are the same. No two people are the same, regardless of color.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    …. So you think all white homeless people deserve to be homeless?

  • Angiers

    How do you expect to dismantle a system of institutional racism without a culture of cooperation? Alienating those who WANT to be your allies only hurts you.

  • Iceneedle

    In today’s climate, the reason he is homeless is because he has nto found God, has sinned or his family committed a sin, is lazy or …
    Should we go on? Since the current society doesn’t see a reason why to help a homeless person, unless a person can get a massive tax write off.

  • Dan Ladoucier

    Yea God is immoral. Is that the point of your post? I’m sorry it’s hard to tell what you’re arguing for at this point.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    So does CBD oil, which also addresses a nutritional deficiency.

  • Iceneedle

    You brought up he homeless person

  • spiralight8

    Thank you for this, it is really eye-opening. My question right now is…as a white woman with no real power or influence in government, policy, etc, what are some of the actions I can take to help this situation? I am truly all ears I would love to see this change in America but I need some guidance here. What are some of the practical actions I can take now in my daily life to help change all of this?

  • kat karsecs

    America, we, will never ‘fix’ this. The problem is not that it’s not talked about openly and often, b/c it is and has been for decades and decades. American society will always be scarred by racism, it’s in the very earth we walk upon. Literally in the earth, where all the bodies are buried. We should keep talking about it but there’s no fixing it unless ‘America’ is razed to the ground and repopulated from scratch. Pretty tragic.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Yeah, let’s claim racism because you. like so many white people, have zero grasp of your own history, or..possibly, CHOOSE to have zero grasp of it…for obvious reasons.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    I gave you a very simple and concrete example of how past injustices carry over to the present day. Do you choose to not understand it, or are you really that dense?

  • Antago Dynamaur

    Um, everyone is racist if you mean identifying differences in blacks vs. whites both culturally, biologically, and psychologically.
    The only big difference between many blacks is that they think they own race, they try to turn a recognition of reality into a labeling platform to crusade and destroy others for power, they can see the differences in blacks and whites both good and bad but it is “never racist” but if a white person sees good and bad in any race they can only do so in their own or else they are “racist ignorant mofos who need to be stopped”.

    Grow up—and you can address race without obsessing over it, because it is an EXTREMELY personal topic to discuss such intimate reflections about a person in any context. If people don’t want you discussing their bodies, it’s probably because no means no.

  • Carla Denise

    French thought they had “absolute power” over Black Haitians when they got their asses handed to them in a bloody war. No one has power absolutely. We’re even witnessing the decline of the West now in our lifetime…

  • Juan Sebastián

    We’re chasing ghosts again. Adichie throws around the standard accusations of a “racist system” and “institutional racism,” but he never identifies a specific racist law, agency, or large organization that we can fight together. He also paints all white people as someway, somehow racist, but that’s the very definition of racism.

    More importantly, Adichie never owns up to the cultural breakdown plaguing working class blacks, who drop out of high school and have babies out of wedlock at alarmingly higher rates than other ethnic groups. This, in turn, leads to more drug use, higher incarceration rates, and even a shameless celebration of “thug culture.”

    Is it any wonder that all groups, blacks included, don’t want to live in areas where social decay and criminality are the norm? No white person encourages black teenagers to have babies, take drugs, and drop out of high school, and if America is still such a rabidly racist country, explain to me why it elected Obama not once, but twice?

    It’s time to stop blaming whitey for all our problems. We only need to look in the mirror. If we avoid substance abuse, graduate from high school, get a job, and get married before having kids, we’ll prosper. We live in a great country. Discrimination is illegal. It’s time for the decadent civil rights movement to put itself out of business.

  • Jo Green

    Susan you have exactly proved the point of this article. Your feelings are hurt because you don’t lump yourself into the rest of white people. I am white and I see that it is a white people problem. Stop being defensive and admit we are ALL part of the problem. ALL white people are part of the problem.

  • United_Dreamer

    Love you Libra Lady. Keep hitting them home runs out the park. Never stop.

  • United_Dreamer

    “our point”

    Lol. You sound like the Borg. I thought you guys hated Communism.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Phrase the sentence better. “There are a lot of people in the North who are racist, and this is a problem”. “People in the North are racist” literally means that people in the North, in general, as a rule, are racist. If you are a person in the North who does not hold racist views, why wouldn’t you feel defensive in response to that?

    When people say “Racism exists, it’s real”. People tend to respond with “What do we do about it? I don’t see it anywhere”.

    How do you expect people to do something about a problem that they can’t even see? You can’t. That’s why you need to teach them.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Every race has exterminated millions of people. For Black people, the Mfecane comes to mind.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    The context was in terms of killing the Native Americans. I know you’re really, really old, but try to keep up, Mr. Eastwood.

  • CanofSand

    > “our point”
    > Lol. You sound like the Borg. I thought you guys hated Communism.

    That’s got to be one of the stupidest comebacks I’ve ever seen.

    … Do I really have to explain what’s wrong with it? I guess so, if you’re dense enough that you’d post that drivel in the first place. For starters, multiple people making a point, therefore “our point”. That doesn’t even imply a formal association or even being an acquaintance, let alone a type of government or mind collective. And even a total moron would be hard pressed to think otherwise. In fact, I doubt YOU think there’s anything to that at all, but you were desperate to post some insult, ANY insult — which is incredibly sad, as it’s a step below the typical zombie attitude of being desperate to post anything that looks like an argument, no matter how bad it is, but you know in your heart that you’re even below the level of that kind of zombie.

  • CanofSand

    You gave nothing even remotely close to a logically satisfactory example, one that excuses your personal racism or your calls for institutionalized racism against whites. This isn’t about me choosing or not understanding, it’s about YOU. You are pushing “sins of the father visited upon the sons” garbage AND racism. Period. Just admit it. Not admitting it is like saying “there is no deity” and then refusing to admit that you’re an atheist.

  • CanofSand

    So “history” means it’s okay for you to be a BY-DEFINITION racist but not get called a racist? Funny, I don’t see that special exception in any dictionary or encyclopedia, nor does any non-racist person of ANY race agree with that garbage. And yet here you are, CHOOSING to contradict reality, actual history (despite claiming to care about it), true moral principles, and the very meaning of words… for obvious reasons.

  • CanofSand

    “A study showed that White millenials are just as racist as their Boomer parents.”
    Not that you care about the facts, but no, it didn’t. At least, not one that some racist like you didn’t just make up; not a scientific one. Well, unless maybe it’s considering only CURRENT attitudes, which means we’d find that their “Boomer parents” aren’t all that racist, either – but that’s not a detail a racist perpetual victim like you would advertise.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    By whose definition? Please explain how slavery and other aspects of U.S. history made YOU the victim of my supposed racism.

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    You are either being obtuse or really are that stupid. Please go back and read what I wrote earlier and explain how that somehow victimizes you or any other white people. If you had kids and decided to withhold child support what would that make you?

  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Hey Bag of Rocks, you do realize that wealth was generated by slavery? You do realize that family fortunes were built on it that EXIST TODAY. You do realize that the black children of slave owners were excluded from that money? You do realize that their descendants exist TODAY and that money EXISTS TODAY. Don’t worry, I am not advocating that your trailer be seized and re-appropriated. I really doubt you own anything that anyone would want. So you’re safe, unless you are a descendent of a slave owner that had children with his slaves. In that case, what your ancestors did should still have repercussions for you. If you think that’s somehow racist, well tough dookie.

  • Paul Wend

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  • Vanessa Benoit

    I’m a little confused on several points.
    1. while the group-think vs individual perspectives between white and black culture is interesting to ponder..
    several of these points don’t really hit if you happen to be a white MINORITY somewhere.
    I think what people think of as white privilege is really just social privileges of being a majority.
    also what about poor white people that DON’T have upward mobility?
    I’m unconvinced that it’s always a color thing but it is a class thing and it is a wealth thing and it is a minority thing.
    sometimes i think im the only one capable of seeing this because ive actually experienced being a WHITE MINORITY.

    my “beauty” wasnt sought after i was considered ugly. and stupid. and in some jobs around town that had a majority of filipino managers and occupants…GOOD LUCK getting hired as a white person. Tribalism is real and can take root literally anywhere.

    2. yes white washing in hollywood is a problem. but i want someone to prove “systemic” racism to me? hollywood is a small part of the country. but i am glad that they have made efforts to include more diverse stories lately.
    some films anyway.
    is it the police brutality? well then yes i’d say we also have a police militarization problem and cops who then, with the militarization, let their racial biases run ammuck.
    there is also something to be said though for statistics about black crime. and technically whites get killed by cops more often than black people. if stats are true…that is. maybe they’re not.
    but even so, it doesnt mean that racism isn’t real for black people. I’m just wondering how this equals “systemic” if white people are being killed by cops also. where’s the systemic part?

    3. if im complicit in a racist system…what am i supposed to actually DO about it? i’m a pragmatist. i like to help people. but i dont see an outline of what a white person is expected to actually DO about any of it?

    4. It’s evident in the school to prison pipeline and the fact that there are close to 20 people of color in prison for every white person.

    this disparity is quoted a lot. but ive read a bit on the disparity and a lot of it can be explained by socioeconomics and rate of repeat offenses, rate of crime…etc. but there is still room for racism in there absolutely. i just dont like when people don’t notice the nuance.

    5. um. dont lump black people with muslims please. just because ‘muslims’ are ‘brown’ it doesnt mean people’s issues with islam has anything to do with their color. it’s a false equivalency.

  • Vanessa Benoit

    so i should shut up even though I was bullied for my race as a child too? told to “go back to where I came from” even though I was standing right where I came from?

  • Vanessa Benoit

    i actually am waiting to hear someone actually prove the “institutionalized racism” part….
    so far it seems to be a bit of a bogeyman like “the patriarchy”.

    what IS my white privilege really? my ancestors didn’t own slaves. I got picked on and told to go back to where i came from, growing up. I don’t feel completely calm when i see a cop.
    I dont get to wear my “natural hair” to a job–shit still takes effort everyday.
    I’ve had certain socioeconomic privileges but i dont see how it ties into the color of my skin ….
    my ancestors were hard-working immigrants. some of my ancestors were native american.

    so what am i supposed to speak up about? i sincerely wanna know!

  • Carla Denise

    Reparations. That is all.

  • Lauren

    The only problem with your theory is that you assume that all white people are more privileged, in your Aunts case it sounds like she was based on her race, income education but does that mean that all white people are more privileged, are never the minority and always have the same economical, educational and quality of life standards that exceed minorities, no. There are homeless, transgender, deformed, mentally ill and even just people who don’t have the family or support systems. When you assume all white people are more privileged than the average minority you are being racist yourself. Just as if you wouldn’t want someone to assume that you are underprivileged because you are black someone doesn’t want to assume they have more privilege than a minority because they are white. It simply is not always the case. This is why we shouldn’t make judgement of privilege based on race only. No one wants to be considered a percentage and so this is why you may face resistance, if you were to consider each persons circumstance and the fact that you do not have to be a minority to be underprivileged you may receive less resistance.

  • sophie

    And some (easily-fooled) think we are in a better time. Not really. Millennials are replicating behaviors of their parents and ancestors, but with shiny and flashy startup jargon and slogans. The same disparities exist, and even more so with the dangerous combo of tech and capitalism.

  • sophie

    You and Suzanne wrote heartfelt messages and I honestly believe you want things to be better. Thank you for being allies in this fight. At this point in civilization, we have NO excuses for not effecting change. (And I mean alllllll of us.) RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH how to reverse the unfair situations in our country. Schools, for instance. Are you near a district that has dilapidated schools? Contact the Superintendent, Principals, local officials and rally your community into fixing, re-building, and MAKING your county/parish/township etc do WHAT YOU ELECTED THEM TO DO. We are not helpless. We have computers–most of us–therefore, we literally have the power to do anything at our FINGERTIPS.

    No longer do we have to walk down to our council member’s office or picket downtown, though that physical presence does help with optics and drawing attention. Let’s work smartER, not hard. Those in the know realize that we spend a lot of time talking, while THEY ARE DOING. DeVos keeps parroting on and on about school choice, which is another “FUCK YOU” to families of color, whom often have choices between trash and trash. And even if they have other choices, the reality of transporting their child crosstown to a great school presents a lot of challenges for Mom and Dad, who may not be able to afford the fare to get their child/ren to said school. This was just one example.

    We are all busy and frustrated, but when I ask myself:
    1) What are the issues affecting my community (close vicinity, direct impact can be faster and a bit more simple) and country (nationwide, potentially more effort and time to fix..)
    2) Whom can I reach out to in order to make this situation better or end?
    3)What can I do personally? Even if I am juggling three kids, hubs, work, etc…… (send emails to my local neighborhood council member, call the mayor’s office, email school board/execs/etc.)

    Just keep at it. There is plenty of money and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Our schools should NOT be failing our children for any reason whatsoever. (Schools are just an example, but a major one. If children start off on the wrong foot, their futures are toast. Those in the know KNOW THIS.) We can do so much more–if we just believe we can and get moving.

  • Kcat10

    Thank you for your courage and clarity. It means so much.