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Right to Return

‘We Left Everything Behind’ — The Nakba At 75

Between 750,000 and a million Palestinians were forcibly displaced by Zionist militias in 1947-49, never to be allowed back. Hundreds of villages and towns were destroyed, thousands were killed, many of them in massacres that terrorized Palestine’s native population. Seventy-five years later, many of that first generation have died. But some are still alive to tell stories of the Nakba – Arabic for catastrophe. Fatima Abu Dayya, 82, was 7 when her family was forced to flee their village of Yibna, which was seized by Zionists in 1948. Yibna is 15 km southwest of Ramla. “My father took the key of our house along with some clothes and then we traveled on a donkey-drawn cart.

UC Townhomes Residents Demand ‘Right To Return’

Philadelphia - Leading chants of “we saved the peoples townhomes” and “housing is a human right1” activist Krystal Strong opened a press conference and rally attended by University City Townhomes residents and supporters at 40th and Market streets on April 21. After a two-year struggle to stop the demolition and displacement of one of the few remaining predominantly Black and Brown affordable housing developments in Philadelphia, a tentative agreement was reached April 19 between the city and site owner IBID Associates, for the development of 70 new units of affordable housing on one-fifth of the 2.7-acre property.
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