Right Wing Israeli Lobby Protested In Washington, DC

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The annual meeting of the extremist Zionist lobby, AIPAC, was held this weekend in Washington, DC. The event did not go without the notice of people opposed to Israel's apartheid state and their [...]

Israel Destroys Homes And History Of Palestine’s Indigenous Bedouin

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News -

The NaqBab region is assumed to be an integral part of the apartheid state of Israel. However, like all other parts of historic Palestine, it was taken by force and occupied since 1948, when the [...]

Relentless Resistance: Why Palestinian Narrative Must Be Embraced

By Ramzy Baroud, Towardfreedom.com -

As soon as Virgin Atlantic Airlines introduced a couscous-style salad “inspired by the flavors of Palestine,” a controversy ensued. Israel’s supporters ignited a social media storm and sent many [...]

Meet The Spies Injecting Israeli Propaganda Into The News

By Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada. -

When Sima Vaknin-Gil took over as director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs at the start of 2016, a crucial fact went largely unnoticed. For years, she had been a high-ranking [...]

Palestinian ‘Beaten To Death’ In Custody By 20 Israeli Troops

By Staff, Telesurtv.net -

Security camera footage shared online and picked up by local media showed the soldiers hitting the 33-year-old repeatedly in the head, stomach and back. A Palestinian man died Thursday after a [...]

Former President Of Association Resigns Over BDS

By Margaret Ferguson, Mondoweiss. -

I write with great regret to tell you that I have decided to resign from the MLA. My decision was long and hard in the making. No other past president has taken such a step, to the best of my [...]

Examining ‘Ten Myths About Israel’

By Allan C. Brownfeld, Mondoweiss. -

The Middle East remains a subject of increasing examination and debate.  The prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians seem to be receding.  Early in 2018, Israel’s ruling Likud Party [...]

Take Action To Free Ahed Tamimi And All Palestinian Prisoners

By Staff, Samidoun.net -

People around the world are mobilizing for the Days of Action to Free Ahed Tamimi and all Palestinian Prisoners as Ahed herself approaches her 17th birthday behind Israeli bars. Ahed, 16, will [...]

Palestinian Suffering Is Caused by Very Existence of Israel

By Miko Peled, American Herald Tribune -

This brings up a crucial point that is often overlooked in the discussion on Palestine. The sought-after peace for the people who live in Palestine will only be possible once there is a political [...]

I Am American, Jewish And Banned From Israel For Activism

By Medea Benjamin, The Guardian. -

This month, the Israeli government announced that activists affiliated with 20 organizations, including my organization Codepink, would be banned from entering Israel and the occupied Palestinian [...]

Fauda: An Israeli Netflix Series That Makes Oppression Sexy

By Miko Peled, Mint Press News. -

Jerusalem - Palestinian resistance is legitimate and sanctioned by the inalienable right that all oppressed people have to resist their oppressors and occupiers, even with the use of arms. [...]

Resistance Festival In Nabi Saleh

By Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular Resistance. -

Hundreds of us had a resistance festival in Nebi Saleh yesterday even as the apartheid forces blocked village entrances. We visited with the injured, and we rallied with families of the kidnapped [...]

Israel Fast-Tracks Expulsions Of Palestinian Communities

By Tamara Nassar, Electronicintifada.net -

Israel forcibly displaced more than 650 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in 2017 by demolishing their homes. In total, occupation forces destroyed 400 structures in the West [...]

Slap This! New Yorkers Rally In Support Of Ahed Tamimi

By Jesse Rubin, Indypendent.org -

During rush hour Friday, more than 100 people gathered under the hallowed arches of Grand Central Terminal’s Main Concourse to protest the detention and likely conviction of 16-year-old [...]

Israel Indicts Palestinian Teen Activist Ahed Tamimi

By Jaclynn Ashly, Aljazeera.com -

Bethlehem, occupied West Bank - Israeli authorities are seeking 12 charges against Ahed Tamimi, a prominent 16-year-old Palestinian activist filmed slapping and kicking two Israeli soldiers in [...]